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  1. Absolutely. When players are having an in character moral argument/fight whatever - you've definitely done something right. -Knave
  2. My game - when it starts up again - will be getting into 2123... and the Legionnaire is spending downtime helping to develop the new Sonokinetic mode. This is what I came up with. Just wondering if anyone else has done anything along the same lines? Knave btw - it should really be called Phonokinesis or Auralkinesis at a push - if they are to keep up the naming standard that they're currently using... I'm using a heavily tweaked Freeform system - so I don't have 'proper' effects to show you - but this should give you the basic ideas. Sonokinesis · Siren: Generate Basic Sound ·· Crowd Control: Generate POWERFUL Basic Sound or Amplify detection of these. (Max +3 Difficulty / ++1 Indoors) (Shatter Glass) ··· Invisible Hammer / Ventriliquism / Sound Tracking: Generate FOCUSSED PRECISE (voices) or POWERFUL (hammerlike) sounds or NEGATE these. Also POWERFULLY detect sounds. (Shatter Plate Glass) ···· Parabolic Microphone / The Fear Response: Generate FOCUSSED POWERFUL sounds EXACTLY and with PRECISION. Also POWERFULLY detect sounds with PRECISION ····· Sonic Dynamics / Sonic Scalpel: Generate FOCUSSED POWERFUL sounds EXACTLY and with PRECISION and PROGRAMMABILITY. SONOKINETICS and DAMAGE Sonokinetics up to and including level 3 always inflicts disability modifiers first. After 4 levels of disability it inflicts bashing damage. After 4 levels of bashing damage it inflicts lethal damage. After 2 levels of lethal damage the target bursts his eardrums. No further damage or effects are possible with Sonokinetics vs that target. Any and all non-damaging Sonokinetic effects wear off almost immediately the target leaves the area of effect. Sonokinetics level 4 and up can cut or plane crystalline structures (stone or metal) along planes (by using force like a martial artist). It can also be tuned to subconscious frequencies to affect people like a ‘blunt’ version of Mentasis 2. Sonokinetics level 5 can cut soft substances like wood and skin (very slowly) or shape metal and stone like a slow laser. Any sound studio producible effect can be created and left on a timer. Once it activates the sound can move around within the area of effect.
  3. That's a possibility - except that canon has the Norca owning quite a lot of the Quantakinetic chamber. The Legion Noetic techs are also ahead of pretty much everyone else in studying their tank (because it is breaking so badly) - so much so that other order techs ask the Legions for help whenever they have a problem (AuAu) - so they have no reason to think that the biokens could do a better job. Also - Larssen thinks del Fuego is a 'misogynist #######' and wouldn't be terribly happy to hand over her most valuabe possession to him. Losing the PK tank also has more ramifications on the whole series than just losing the Quanta tank - which was in pieces anyway. The Legions going pooof would massively change the game world... Something along those lines is coming I'm sure - but I don't want to go there quite yet. Knave
  4. Yeah... In my game continuum Process 418 is caused by the Musicians of Truth (Norca BioTechies) attempting to repair the Chib chamber. What they effectively did (in my game world at least) is blow a psionic hole in this reality. Psi from outside (from the doyen dimension - or something very similar) starts to be exchanged with Psi from inside. Think of this universe as a full bottle of Cola floating in a swimming pool. The plastic part of the bottle is made of Quanta. The cola in the bottle is psion particles from this universe. Everything in the universe is suspended in the particles... The pool water is Psi from outside this universe. The Brazilian explosion made a pinhole in the Cola bottle and caused the Cola to slowly mix with the pool water. This causes the cola to taste different (urg)... but maybe the pool water was sprite or Something less chloriney. ::bigsmile so it isn't quite so bad.... but why a bottle of cola would be floating in a pool of sprite is hard to visualise... I digress... The actual pseudo mechanic of the pinhole is simply this - A Large PSI vacuum causes reality to warp beyond breaking point. Quantakinetics in my game operate under the same principles - obviously at much lower levels of power. This means that they can also cause directed backlash by throwing Psi waves about. My players REALLY REALLY HATE quantakinetics. Anyway - in my game continuum the hole is plugged (by Divis Mal as it turns out... but then my characters were at a point where they needed to see how insignificant their vaunted abilities actually were... the game has been running since the setting came out - so they're basically covert celebrities) So - at this point - post 418 there is a situation where the area immediately surrounding Earth consists of mixed psion particles - some natural, some alien. This is my explanation on why Clear sight is affected (both psi medium waves caused by the exchange AND a change in the medium - Herzog's vision is of the MEDIUM flowing OUT - but he couldn't see the extra dimensional Psi flowing in) Because the alien Psion particles have slightly different properties they affect people in different ways... The alien psi should eventually spread to an even consistency throughout the universe. Anyway - this has possibilities in my game - because as the Psi hole was being closed - one of my characters - the Ductran (can't take them anywhere ??? ) blew all his Psi and most of his willpower to push his perceptions through the hole on the outflowing Psi wave. He came into brief contact with a Zeplike being - but made entirely of Psi. (they haven't met Zep's yet - but they've met a Doyen on Chrome Prime). I'm expecting the penney to drop once they find out about Zep's... Anyway - that particular little adventure was gutsy and weird enough that I ruled his Psi template was reconfigured - consisting of alien and human psi. Currently he is the only Clear that can see the future of Earth (the best thing about that is that he doesn't have enough Psychometry to be good at it). He has also found that he is able to increase his Teleportation auxillery mode (The character was built around the concept of a natural teleporter - who happened to be a ULPF policeman - who was activated by ISRA during the jumper's absence... He really didn't count on The Visions being such a big deal... he figured that they'd help with his work). Now he has pretty much figured out that although it now requires a lot more effort - he can improve any aptitude. (Ok - it may be a bit cheesy - but the Ductran was the character who invested least in Psi powers and most in role playing related stuff... The rest of the Team are pushing 9 Psi and have at least one mode at 5. The Legionnaire is even using his downtime to help define the new Sonokinetic mode so the psychmorph is not going to overshadow anyone. Also - I need them to have a quick way to get around so I can use more of the setting!!! :>) btw - Sonokinetics is something that I think the Legions really need. PK is a lot less versatile that pretty much any other aptitude going. I have a write up in the works... Anyway - that's what I did - as usual YMMV Knave
  5. Yeah - agreed - In cases where there is sudden and extreme Psi or Quantum usage the area immediately around the epicenter will be drained a bit for quite a while. I don't see this being common with Psi though - since you'd need many many many active Psions to generate a serious effect. Or just one promethius tank exploding I guess Knave
  6. Thinking about what I just said and replying to myself... fnar... This means that the baselines of Eden are potentially at great risk of taint disease... But they aren't because the Novas there don't tend to go on massive Quantum burning sprees... They're environmentally friendly novas It is also mentioned in SF that the Novas there have a way of dealing with taint diseases. My take on this is that they have developed a crude method to absorb the quantum particles messing with the baselines. Also - what you really need for the triggering of an aberrant is the sudden shrugging off of a lot of psi energy - in the form of emotional stress... I get the impression that the kept baselines of Eden really have little cause for any kind of worry much less stress. Any real problem that they have is taken care of by their Gods. So Eden seems to be the Caring Terat's ideal... Heh heh. Of course if there was say, a war on Eden then there would be ample opportunity for half the populace to erupt. Knave
  7. First - Thanks for the welcome gang! Well Yes... sort of. I assume that in no case can energy be created or destoryed - only manipulated. As per the laws of thermodynamics. And that all energy tries to move into a state of equilibrium - an equal strength at all points. So the way I see it - the real question is - How 'viscous' is the energy? How quickly or slowly does it flow - and what impedes its flow? So - Yes - I believe that certain areas will have stronger psion particle flow than others. In those other areas - it will be more likely that Novas will erupt - BUT - it will also be more likely that those Novas will fall to taint because there is less free psi to balance them. Remember that even neutrals radiate at least some psion particles - since they're going about with a psi of 1 or 2. Consequently the baselines of Eden are probably what is keeping the Novas there sane. I believe that in the Trinity era the whole of Earth Space has ever so slightly stronger than normal Psion concentrations - with higher concentrations in areas with a lot of life - and much higher concentrations in areas with a lot of human / sentient life (for whatever reason - but it seems pseudo logical). The uppermost Psi concentration is around the Order bases. I also think that Psion particles are fairly viscous. I think that the increase in Psi levels at an Order base is a gradual enough process that it doesn't just grab Psion particles from the immediate surroundings and hang onto them - but instead works like a weak magnet with a very large electrical field or a pressure system. The whole area surrounding the base increases in psion levels - effectively drawing psi away from those areas that are weakest in psi levels. (I like to think that stellar phenomenon like stars and black holes are the areas where Psi is weakest and Quantum is strongest) There are plenty of examples of areas where the Psi flow is messed up. These are usually places where aberrants have used their powers or have hung about for a long time. In this case the abundence of free quanta in these areas cause psi particles to stick to them... decreasing the taint slightly but also messing up psi use. These areas are also places in which taint disease is more likely because of the lack of balancing psi particles. Other examples include Nyata spaceport. My theory there is that Orgotek laid down Psi disruptors. The Psi particles aren't neutralised - but rather are drawn away from base or alternatively stirred about by the bioware - this shouldn't be a major problem for most psions - but delicate operations like Teleports and Clear sensing will be blocked. Ok - essay mode off ::sleeping Knave
  8. Ok - I'm getting to this discussion a bit late. My 2p contribution is this: Remember the consequences. The players don't operate in a vacuum. For example - Level 5 algesis (freeform or otherwise) never looks like an accident. "Sorry officer. This guy tried to mug me but his head exploded as I was taking out my wallet" will not cut it for an excuse. That is grounds for both trouble with local authorities and a Black Company investigation. The players should come to realise that level 5 powers should never be used lightly. Being that good at something brings its own degree of fame or notoriety. Being in the spotlight means that you are held up to a higher standard of conduct than Joe Average - and that you are sent to do the impossible more often too. (Which is kinda the point of being more than normal I guess) My players are at the stage where they tend to collect bio specimens from things that they put the extreme kill on - and take statements from witnesses - just in case someone accuses them of acting outside their authority. Obviously that only applies in situations that aren't all out war. You can get away with a lot more if you can justify it in terms of pure warfare. No-one is going to blame you for frying an enemy squad in a big battle - but then there are plenty of enemies to fight and you only have so much Psi to use. In extreme cases - take extreme measures. For example - I had an unfortunate incident where one of the Rexes in my game ended up with Algesic dysfunction. He became totally dispassionate and just followed his orders to the letter. The rest of the PCs tried to bring him around - but to no avail. Eventually the Rex threw a grenade into a room in which the children of their (supposedly tainted) corporate CEO target were hiding. The children had 'seen too much' and his orders were that this mission wasn't to be exposed. Well - the legionnaire contained the explosion with TK - and there was a shouting match. So the Rex decided the Legionnaire was a liability. He gave the Legionnaire an aneurysm at the next available opportunity. Of course the rest of the group ratted him out. I took quite a bit of pride writing up the description of the famous 7th Legionnaire's funeral (with his coffin being fired off into the sun with 21 gun salute etc) interspersed with all the nasty things that were happening in the asylum where the Rex was screaming madly whilst getting a personality rewrite by the friendly people of Basil. I haven't had any player infighting after that. Some secret keeping - but they've never gone against one another again. Knave
  9. Thanks Harlequin ::smiley5 Yeah - I meant psion particles - except where I was talking about Psions and dysfunction (D'Oh) I assume that psion particles are more densely concentrated around Psion characters - especially when they use their powers. So - I think it would be safe to assume that the psion particle concentration in Earth Space is much higher in the Trinity setting than it has ever been - because of the dual effect of having more active Psion characters and having far fewer Novas - whereas in the aberrant era the opposite is true. I haven't managed to stretch the pseudo-theory thingy to Adventure! yet... but then I haven't run it yet (more's the pity) Confusion reigns and me without my brolly Knave
  10. I've definitely seen canon (not entirely sure where exactly though ::sleepy) to the effect that both M-R Node development and Psionic potential spring from the same (or nearly so) gene sequence - but that Psionic latency is much more common. Psi latency is also far more difficult to trigger than an Eruption - which figures considering the only proto-psion that is mentioned in the source books is Tamarika K in Shattered Europe. One badly documented case vs five thousand or so 'naturally' occuring abbies. As for the high Psi areas blocking nova eruption... I think of it like this - Psi and Quantum particles are attracted to each other - and like protons and electrons - they cancel each other out. For whatever reason the protons (quanta) are contained in 1 nucleus (the abbie) while the electrons are many. Ok - now the example isn't perfect - but - assume that a latent nova is a balanced atom. He or she becomes unbalanced by shedding some life energy (psions) for whatever reason. This would normally cause an eruption - but, if there are plenty of electrons (psions) floating about then replacement electrons can once again balance the nucleus. Alternatively psions can be shared with other molecules. However - if a sharing arrangement is set up there could be a tug'o'war. If there is - then the nucleus could be jostled about a bit - and possibly reconfigured (here we go with a basis for taint diseases) The bigger the nucleus - the more likely that there won't be sufficient 'free' psi floating about to balance it - it will either result in a taint disease (trying to share psions after gobbling up the free ones) or a fully erupted aberrant. I see Quanta as universal energy left over in the system. The M-R node is just life finding a way to tap into that energy - as it has found a way to use every other kind of energy. Unfortunately it's a bit like playing with fire. Psi on the other hand is simply life energy itself. Whereas most creatures have a limited and slowly renewing (albeit at a decreasing rate) supply of it, Psions are still connected to the source with the tap wide open. Psions gain dysfunctions from investing too much of their life energy in one aspect of themselves. They need to strive to balance their life energy within themselves to grow truly strong. Novas on the other hand - who don't balance their life energy with their other energy become things entirely of other energy - they lose their connection with life. So - Nova's need to limit how they use their powers with their 'strength in the force' as it were. It's easy to draw on the dark side. You don't need training... but the darkside will slowly consume you. MWhahahahahahahahahah! ... just my musings on the subject... Knave - Yes... my group has had game sessions involving two hour pseudo science arguments... This is what you get for allowing one of the players to have Noetics on 5... Sheesh.
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