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  1. A Quantum of Hope Lothian and Borders Home Guard Office; Edinburgh; July 3rd, 2122 “Ah. Uh’ve been wunderin’ when yoo lot wud arrive,” meaty, carrot-topped Sergeant Feargan MacDonald unashamedly closes down an OpNet dating site page to haul himself out of his cheap office chair and shake each of your hands with a giant, sweaty and yet strangely careful hand. “FEER-gan Mac Dohn-uld, Pleased t’meet ya” He’s the sort of man that can rumple a morning suit by looking at it, and his black Home Guard uniform hasn’t fared any better - and you’d guess he was a size or two smaller around the middle when it was issued. Feargan nods respectfully as you introduce yourselves - apparently committing your names to memory. “Senior Operative Alistair Reynalds” your immaculately suited ‘Evaluator’ replies in the polished tones that they seem to hand out at Eton for a small fortune in tuition. “Can I ohffer you gentlemen a wee cup of tea, or a cohffee?” “We were well catered for on the MagLev from London, Sergeant, so please, let’s dispense with the pleasantries,” Reynalds says as he brushes an imagined bit of lint from his tailored suit jacket. “We’ve reviewed the salient points of the files en route, but it might be helpful if you can talk us through events from your perspective.” The sergeant nods slowly and scratches at the side of his mouth. “Aye, Right. We can well do that for you.” He waves a fleshy hand at the plastic chairs in front of his cluttered desk and sits back down himself. “We’ve seen a bit of a rise in our missing perrsons over the last few months. Nothing, massive you understand... just a bit above the normal. Mostly down in the Frehnch Quarter, sorry - I mean down by the sewage worrks where we have quite a few Europeans housed. That sort of thing doesn’t show up on our radar much... but in context of thus. Well, it bohthers me.” “Oh-K, So, last Thurrsday a Mr Wulliam Logan, a contractor from Abernathy and Finlay Waste Management, was doing maintenance on some natural waste recyclers over at the university. He found thrree bohdies in the machine’s hohpper – all of them in prutty much the sayme staite. The skin of their faces and hands had been removed leaving their flehsh exposed. The thing is, right, the machine wud have been running that afternoon if the maintenance hadn’t happened, and that was overdue by more than a month. Mr Logan also found that the machine’s safety sensor had been deactivated – quite expertly he says. So we haven’t got any idea how many more bohdies there might have been. We’ve got some people over there now having a look at it and suchlike.” “Anyway, that in itsehlf might be enough for the Captain to call London, but there’s even more. We bring the bohdies back here to the Station for examination by Doc Fraser, right, when one of our forreign Psion guests, here to update his papers, starts wailing a madman… He says we have an aberrant in the station. So we break out the heavy wehpons and line everyone up and everyone takes the test. Eventually we figure out it’s not anyone… but this mad Swiss goes ‘Noo, I can still feel it’ and wanders about the building and finally gets to the corpses, and ‘e says ‘These are aberrants!’. That was when we booked the daftie for time wasting. Course, that meahnt he’s still here for you to interview. His name is Marcel Vogel, and he’s one of those Ayesculaypiuhns. Says he’s going to be mussed if he’s not back in Basel at the end of the week, but I says he stull has two months worth of holding without charge to go and that shut him right up.” “We’ve identified the bohdies from the DNA rehgustry, though Doc Fraser had some trouble - said there’d been some odd cellular degeneration. All three of them are foreigners. One German exchange student, one Irish bartender and one Spanish sex worker. All around the university at one time or another. Other than that there’s no tie between them that I can see.” “Let me know if and whehn you want to talk to Mr Vogel – we had to isolate him from the others in lockup after he broke a drunk’s arm and made himself unpohpular.” “So, my remit is pretty clear, if we hear anything that might suhggest an aberrant we call yourselves. I’m noht sure thus quahlifies, but we might have a serial killer on our hands at the very least.” Reynalds steeples his fingers and considers – clearly deciding to fall back into his ‘Evaluator’ role.
  2. ::happybirthday ::happybirthday ::happybirthday
  3. A Quantum of Hope Character Creation: Characters will be newly recruited to the I.I.S as Field Agents or Field Capable Analysts and will have been drawn from outside organizations (as per Bert’s book). Characters should be created as starting characters, but with 25xp to spend representing the experienced gained in these other professions. (See the Trinity UK Sourcebook for ability groups) Given that the IIS employs a number of psychological profiling tests characters will not be admitted unless they are: -reasonably intelligent -prepared to make certain sacrifices of conscience for the greater good of the country -without ties to any foreign powers or organizations The I.I.S. is not in the habit of employing thrill seekers. What they’re looking for are extremely controlled individuals who either operate with a high level of precision, or with a focussed intensity. Men and women willing to get the job done without causing embarrassment. Inspired One of the starting characters may be an active psion - although this may be an NPC if no-one wants it. If you don’t get to be the psion, assume that your character will manifest at very least strong latency quite soon.
  4. Lol - thought I was off the hook there for a second. ::tongue Cool. Former Royal Space Marine Commando it is.
  5. Hey Gang, Bertjammin's stuff and the lack of activity on this board has lit a bit of a torch under me (owie - etc ) What I'm trying to say is that I have a reasonably decent concept for an IIS game that I'm prepared to give a go. However, I don't mean to steal Bert's thunder and should he wish to run something along these lines consider this post a figment of your imagination... ::unsure Clearly I'm an old eonite and my free time and (these post Warcraft days) my attention span is limited so if it gets off the ground it'll be a short story arc - to be followed by another arc if the inclination is there. By short, I mean say 3 - 4 narrator posts a week for maybe a couple of months. Additionally I only want 3-4 players so it doesn't blow my fragile leetle mind if everyone goes off on their own. The tone of the first arc will be grit and horror and xenophobia. The characters will all work for the IIS - at least one of them being a 00. At most one of the characters will start as a dunked psion (Clear, Electro, Psychoken or Vita) Behind the scenes I will be using my own version of the freeform system allowing anything possible for a particular aptitude to be attempted - with varying results based on mode level. However I will be doing my utmost to avoid putting things in game terms - rather describing everything on the basis of how characters feel in a given moment. Non-active characters are guaranteed to become something cool if the game lasts through the first arc - although you'll have to trust me as to exactly what. The game will start shortly before certain events South of the Thames ::tongue so it could even be an OMGomorph! Ok - based on that - is anyone interested? ::wink
  6. Actually, if I was a mega intelligent Nova killer I get Pax by framing him for Slider's death.
  7. lol - well, yeah - if you want to be state of the badass art about it ::tongue
  8. I think the point of Elites is that they're hardened killers. T would find a way. Stick him when he's sleeping. Gas him. Poison his food. Whatever.
  9. Cool ideas ::biggrin I'm not sure you need a secret Britannia. The Brits are a funny lot - both fatalist and doing things because 'that's just what you bloody do' - running around and confounding everyone and them/ourselves since time immemorial. They're interesting enough without a secret benefactor. Or... maybe the benefactor was a seer / oracle type who left behind a body of lore - a roadmap for the salvation of humanity - and the Brits trust no-one else to implement it but themselves. To position themselves to do that they need to ride high again. Regardless, it would be pretty cool to have a number of 00s running about, flashing their licenses at cops, drinking vodka martinis and capping baddies before, or possibly after spouting pithy comments.
  10. Because Britain bloody well Requires a Flagship. That's bloody why. ::tongue
  11. With players having some sort of psionic resonance with the clones... or finding out that they are the clones - very 6th day ::biggrin
  12. Initially I thought - sucks to D&D 4th - it's Wow. If I want to play wow I'll play wow. However, a good friend of mine tried it and has come to the conclusion that it's actually quite good. It's just not a role playing game any more - it's a tabletop wargame with role playing elements. For D&D that means its going back to its roots. I shan't be buying it, but I thought the opinion worth sharing.
  13. It's certainly worth exploring in a story or 2. ::biggrin
  14. I'm sure he does. And you are completely right - the man is a genius who doesn't know his own limits. I remember how much running one game for a few months took out of me. The effort Prof put in could probably have translanted into a novel or 10...
  15. Ah, but to do that you need to either 1) pass the responsibility for a people's wellbeing back to those people OR 2) you need to be seen to be capable of failure, or 3) you need to be really evil. Number 3) will inspire people to overcome you, but if they see you as a God they'll tend to toward despair rather than inspiration. Alternatively they'll be evil too and go out to follow your example. At this point you're not being a sentinel because you're encouraging people to put themselves into harm's way. Number 2) doesn't work well with the idea of Godness. You'd be a patron rather than a god. Option 1) only really works if you have a reasonable reason for withdrawing - i.e. your time on this Earth is past - so whilst your message is out there everything else you do is behind the scenes. If you don't withdraw people will come to count on you. If your power is absolute they will depend on you absolutely. This is a bit of a philosophical thing in my Trinity game: One of the races that my PCs encountered in their travels heard the story of Earth and became convinced that someone was trying to kill off humanity because their culture's belief was that a society's longevity was inversly proportional to the difference in power between an average member of a society and a sentinel for that society. Seeing as Earth had powerful protectors given to it again and again it seemed to them like repeated assassination attempts.
  16. Hmm.. cool ::biggrin My take on Max was always that he sullied his soul for the best possible outcome for humanity as a free people. That was his tragedy - that he knew that all the evil things he does/did/will do are necessary, so he keeps Whitley around for a conscience. Mal is a bit of a tragic figure also, but it's difficult to blame Max for him. You've got to remember the era that they grew up in. I remember my players' revulsion at seeing the happy, friendly humans of Eden; people who had surrendered their spirit to patrons who were so much more than them. It became something of a focus of my game - the difference between being a sentinel and being a patron and being a god.
  17. As far as I remember from canon, the difference for the future between Novas and Psions is that noetic science applies to all Psions wheres Novas tend to differ quite a lot in how they worked individually. So, depending on what the future holds for the Trinity timeline, noetic enhancement should improve as a body of knowledge at an ever increasing rate to the point at which it closes the gap with Nova power. fun idea added to the mix ::tongue
  18. Yeah, I lurk too... well, maybe lurk is the wrong word: I pop on every now and then to make sure Eon is still here, because it's good to know that it is. And, sure, I'd be back in a flash if Potts pitched up and wanted to run QZ again, because I still feel so invested in characters we all built up over years that I'd sacrifice time from my life's new priorities for them. But, doing that without the investment when I know I might have to pull out and wreck someone else's game in the process. That's more difficult. These days it's just comforting and inspiring to see people still treading these boards ::biggrin
  19. My game's meta-plot had the Breeders having Arkjacked the ship from it's original builders (the original sasqs) - and all the phyles were races they'd picked up, gene-raped and added to their collection in mentally reduced states over the years. So at least some of the Ark phyle races were still out there to be discovered anew.
  20. What I quite like about the otherwise pretty average book 'Soon I will be invincible' is that super intelligence very often goes hand in hand with a psychological disorder that causes people to A) Want to take over the world and Monologue about their plans and generally rant a lot. The real bad guys all have these affliction. I do agree that in many way aberrant beats out the competition by having characters so powerful that the null manifesto makes a certain kind of sense.
  21. *OK No problem!* Haunt flits ethereally (cause it's the only way he ever flits) across to the desired location and passes back the sensory impression of it to Bridger - before flitting back to the bomb at a few thousand miles per hour.
  22. Yeah, thanks it's ESP distant scan - his body stays still, but faded (taint effect) - but he can reverse the process too (teleport) - his real body fades out completely and astral body fills in. Can't take (all) the credit really. I came up with the concept and wrote his eruption story and asked prof if it was possible within the rules and he came up with the crunchy numbers. Haunt is not tough for a Nova, but it would be very hard to think up a better scout or spy concept.
  23. ::happybirthday ::happybirthday ::happybirthday
  24. Yup. ::tongue You've established the link and likely aren't resisting so it should be a piece of cake to give you the memory. Sorry, but you may have noticed that Pyotr is a complete geek and is by design intensely bad at expressing anything other than ise cracks. Sort of a Russian Hiro Nakamura. His powers sort of blend into one ability - he astrally projects and is able to speak (telepathy) and interact (TK) at a mundane level, but it's not a power suite, so I presume he can do things like attach astral cords to people and 'speak' to them even when they're not at his perceived location. Prof?
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