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  1. Surprised as he was by direct telepathic communication from Lilly, Abel didn't show it as he sat at a console in the command center, watching video of the Tokyo attacks, and he frowned. <Jeane, do you mind coming to the bridge, I'd like to see the rifle you recovered, and I'd like for you to brief me on went on in New York.> Of course she didn't need to be there for that, but all the same it gave Jeane a reason to leave that was valid.
  2. Abel for his part used a light touch on the bomber's mind, looking for anything regarding why he'd done this. It wasn't a deep scan, just enough to satisfy his curiosity, and of course his powers left no trace, He nodded to the others, and made his own way through Jaunt's portal, Emerging not too far from where the young man and his sister were standing. He quickly moved out of the way, and nodded. "Welcome to the Watchtower. I trust this is the first time you've been to space. We have artificial gravity here, so you cna move normally. There's nothing to worry about." Haruka was taken aback by Abel's appearance, and that yet another Irregular had spoken to them directly. Cade simply nodded. "Man, this day just gets wilder and wilder." The elder Key nodded. "You have no idea." Abel gave them a little smile. "i'm sure Jeane or Lilly will give you the grand tour. Just be mindful, two of the T'Tauri ambassadors live up here, so you may yet get to meet your first actual aliens today too." Haruka looked like she was about to shortcircuit from all the awesomeness of the day, and she managed to speak softly.. "My God, Cade, we're in space.." Cade simply shrugged. "We are, and we might get to meet aliens.." His sister smirked back at him, "And you thought today was just gonna be boring.." Abel chuckled. "Sounds exactly like my own sisters and I."
  3. Abel nodded once, and produced a business card which the Chief took. They exchanged polite bows, and Abel turned away, returning to where the Irregulars were. Sorry Lilly, I didn't mean to sound like I was ordering anything. It is moot, as they do not want our help. As they've effectively said no to us helping now, we should all be going, The media circus is going into overdrive. He answered Lilly via Guildchat. Privately he sent t Sean. Tell me you have a sample, They are going to take the case and pretty much told us to shove off. I'm hoping we have a sample to examine. She heard him pause, as if steeling himself to ask his next question. Do you think I should scan the bomber's mind before we go? Essentially he was asking permission to sift the man's memories and learn what he could, in the event that something happened and they couldn't speak to him for whatever reason.
  4. Abel didn't say no to Lilly helping him up, It was probably fairly surprising to see anyone actually hit Abel, and without his personal shield up no less. After Devin and Lilly had their little reunion, and Jaunt's apology, Abel looked at Jaunt's hand, and then took it in his own and shook it. "Apology accepted." He smiled again and it was the same smile he'd had before he became a Key. "Seriously, I'm glad you're back and that you're alright too. When we head back, are you going to come along, or do you have somewhere else to be?" The invitation was there. He did want to have a conversation with Jaunt, alone, and likely everyone else wanted to talk to him, but this wasn't the time or place, especially with the double whammy revelation from Sean and Jeane. "We need to get permission from the police to do the testing, of course we'll have to share the results, and I know they'll want to take him for questioning. We should have General Pryor offer our services to help with that as well, as Japan is a national ally." He wasn't prepared to play on their celebrity, let alone what had just happened to simply take the would be terrorist and his payload. "I think due to the potential yield, they'll let us have it to dispose of properly. Either way, we can get the wheels in motion, and make it happen so we don't have this happen again." "I'm going to go and offer our expertise in helping with this Investigation. Once they say yes or no, we'll proceed form there. We can regroup at home, and play this by ear after that. With that he released Jaunt's hand and turned to head towards where the security detail was. admittedly he used his telepathy to find the Chief of Police, and walked over to him. Bowing respectfully, Abel nodded. "Chief Hirota Watani, I am Sage of the Irregulars. We wish to offer our assistance in the Investigation of this heinous incident. While it was averted, there are some most distressing facts that have come to light. My colleagues and I have discovered some things that are best discussed privately. Perhaps, we could talk privately, and then if you're amenable, we can work together to ensure this does not happen again." Abel's Japanese was absolutely perfect, spoken as one who'd known it from birth. In Guild Chat, Abel sent to Lilly I want one of your duplicates to remain with him at all times. If something happens I know you can shield him, or heal him as needed. I don't trust that they won't try to silence him before we can talk. They knew he didn't need to talk that he could just take the information from his mind, but this was Abel trying not to be the Monster Devin thought he could be. In Guildchat proper, he spoke. I agree with Jeane, we do need to regroup, decide where, and I'll join you once I get done here with Chief Watani.
  5. He'd been about to congratulate everyone on a job well done, Even Jaunt. He'd protected people, and that had made the Psychic Key smile. Then Jaunt decked him, harder than he'd been hit in some time, without his normal defenses up. As he rose from the ground, his face became a neutral mask. "You have no idea what you're talking about Jaunt. All I did was make it so Tracuese and the Emperor could speak to them all. They calmed them down, all I did was provide the medium, and some translation on Tracuese's part." "I was actually happy to see you, helping the crowd, protecting people, Jaunt. It made me glad that I saved you from falling into the Void, that I kept you shielded while still trying to engage Pandora. I still am, but now's not the time or place to have such discussions. We've saved the people, thwarted the terrorists, and maybe, for one moment, brought the whole nation just a little closer. Those are things we should celebrate, After we question the surviving Terrorist."
  6. There was a part of him that hated this. Always subsuming his desires for the greater good. He didn't have to read her mind to know this was just reinforcing her decision, that This was his life, and no longer hers. As he rose to leave, she could see the sadness in his smile, and then the emotion drained away, much like the smile itself, his face a neutral mask as he shunt away his emotions. The crisis would demand cold rational thought, not his pain and sorrow. He left the diner and true to his word, Gatekeeper had a portal there straight to Tokyo. Walking through the portal which closed behind him, he immediately took stock of the situation. The Crowd was about to riot, that much was clear. With limited options, Abel moved to erect A barrier field around the entire plaza, keeping everyone there within and the riot from spreading further. Even as he did so he saw the telltale flashes of Jaunt's presence, but he wasn't concerned. He knew if Devin was the problem, she'd have said so, so he was likely here on his own. The crowd is contained, we need to find a way to calm them all down quickly. He sent into guildchat. Keep in mind this is all still being televised. He counted at least four film crews still recording, and sighed. Even as he spoke in guildchat, he put a contingency plan into action. He reached out to the only normal mind there who knew of his powers. Suddenly General Pryor heard his voice speaking directly into his mind. I'm sorry for the unsolicited intrusion General Pryor, But this was the easiest way to aprise you of things, and run my idea by you.. Vanguard has stopped the bombs, Jaunt is handling the small arms attackers. I have used my barriers to keep the crowd from rioting throughout the city. We need someone to calm them down, Do you think you can get the Emperor or someone to whom the crowd might listen to, to Speak again? I'll leave what's said to you and whoever speaks, but we need to hurry before they panic at being forced to remain here by my barrier.
  7. Those words were the ones Abel had feared somewhere in his mind that he'd hear. He could read her body language, hell everything she'd said up until now, it was leading here, and a not insignificant part railed against it. Of course it didn't have to go this way, but that would just make him everything Tease had said he was, and there was flash of shame that he'd even have such a thought. He was going to reply, and then Guildchat crackled to life in a way that was horribly inopportune. Lilly was calling for help, of All people. Abel had largely found her able to handle nearly anything alone, but feeling the full compliment of her copies become part of guildchat perfectly demonstrated how badly things had gone. As if to reinforce that, Gatekeeper's voice spoke up in Guildchat. "It's hitting the news as we speak everyone. I can gate you all there who's first?" On a private channel Abel requested more information and James provided it showing what he'd seen on TV already. "I have to go." He looked at Kia, and took her hands in his. "Not because of this Conversation, I won't run from that. I need you to wait a little while though, until I come back." In her mind Kia heard his voice, as he didn't want to alarm everyone there. There has been a Terrorist attack in Tokyo. Lilly is on-scene, but requesting help to keep the crowd from a full-on riot. She stopped the attack she thinks, but she's asking for us to help. I will come back, and we'll continue this, I promise Kia Even as he spoke he was showing her the images and memories James had shown him, and privately sighing. This was not how he'd wanted the day to go.
  8. Abel's eyes narrowed. "I'll admit I hadn't thought of it that way." He had been looking to see if he could not only unlock new keys, but "lock" them again with his power. He'd not really thought too much about it though, that power's one use seemed to have caused a fractured reality for them all. He wasn't all to gung-ho to risk that again. "it would have helped Kyle, back when his powers were killing him." He looked at her, and it was time for another hard question. "Have you decided what you're going to do from here? Of course, if you want my help, you've got it, but I do understand if you want to do something on your own." It was clear he was offering of himself, not the company. He smiled again, he was forcibly muting his own superhuman charm and attractiveness, like he always did with the Irregulars, "Of course the option to simply not do anything and rest and enjoy life is an option too. I'm happy and willing to help there too."
  9. Abel sighed. "You're not wrong. You can do anything you wish to do, no one will stop you, not among the Irregulars at any rate." He looked at her and smiled. "You chose this, and I understand that much, but just severing you connection to quantum like that, I really just don't understand how that worked, is it something everyone can do> Was it only something you could do? I have so many questions regarding it." There was a tone in her voice, something that hinted she was hiding something too, avoiding a subject she didn't want to discuss yet. "I just wish you would have actually told me you were feeling like this before you got to the point where you wanted this to happen and it did." There it was. "Maybe I could or couldn't have helped, but You and I, we're in this together, aren't we?"
  10. "Everything Kia. The potential that it could happen to any key, even if such a possibility is small. There's so much about it that we do not know yet, and I'm concerned by that." His words were all true. "I recognize that I'll never know everything, but I like to plan for as much as I can, and I want to keep everyone safe to the best of my abilities." "Does it bother you that it bothers me?" he asked quietly.
  11. The hyper-intelligent key thought for a moment. "I'm bothered by how it happened, yes. That you no longer wanted to be a Key, that you wanted a normal life, I'd never fault you for that. We did some awesome, terrifying things, and you of course, your powers were so very different from everyone else's. I can understand you no longer wanting to feel the way you were feeling. You're happy as you are now Kia, and that makes me happy. I am worried about "How" you came to no longer be a Key, because it just happened. We're still finding changes in Key Physiology after our trip to the Quantum realm, and that's something we truly need to understand." It was his honest answer, and he smiled. "When I thought I was the only one, there were times when I'd wished to not be a Key, but I got past that, and honestly, I love being a Key now. I think about how much good we've done, how much more we stand to do, just by being very intelligent, and that gives me hope."
  12. Abel nodded. "Sorry about that. There have definitely been some interesting goings-on in the last day or so, but nothing that won't keep really. Traceuse is in New York dealing with another New Key situation, and had asked for some information. I had Alexa get it for her, and after reporting to me, sent it on to her. Barring any big emergency, I can safely say now you've got my sole attention." It still baffled him how she'd just wished away her powers seemingly, and in no small part terrified him, if that was really all it took. He did understand the desire for normalcy, Hell after the things they'd all done, they all could understand just wanting to live a normal life. That wasn't for him though. He had too much he wanted to do going forward. He didn't for a second think that the Titans were the only threat out there, and the Irregulars needed to be ready. Part of that was certainly understanding what had happened with Kia. He gave her that award winning smile, and continued. "I spend so much time looking ahead or behind, I don't always see what's around me right now. I really want to change that." he knew the words were ironic considering his previous thoughts, but it was true.
  13. "Send the complete file to her, and contact me if any emergencies arise." He effectively signed off after that, Turning his attentions back to Kia. He forced himself to shut down some of his senses, and just be Abel, not Sage. He was out with his girlfriend and she deserved his full attention. More shopping followed, and finally once she had what she wanted and paid, It was time for Lunch. Abel smiled, and asked, "So where would you like to eat Lunch today, Kia?"
  14. Abel frowned. it wasn't so much that he didn't trust Jeane, but she was alone, and Sean seemed so utterly unconcerned. Alone the Irregulars were vulnerable. Pandora had already proven that once. Still, short of going there himself, which was akin to telling Jeane he didn't think she could handle it, his options were limited. So he fed the information Jeane sent him into Alexa's search parameters, and let the AI go to work, with notes to alert him, and Jeane when it was done. Having heard her question mentally, he sighed. There is tech that would allow them to make such a shot without being a key, though, an actual Key could. I know I could make such a shot, as could Sean. Done for now, he packed away everything and made his way topside, His Pam suit shifting to resemble a simple jeans and Tshirt like he used to wear so often. Though still relatively young, it was impossible to miss the looks he drew from some of the staff, heading out actually looking somewhat like a regular teenager. What seemed even more abnormal was that Abel still drove the same jeep he'd had before, unlike the custom monster Sean had. Some habits and preferences died hard. The drive to the Cedar Closet shop wasn't long, and sure enough, She'd already moved on. Parking in front of Jacobsen's Abel went inside, quickly finding his way to Kia, that warm friendly smile genuine. "Sure enough, you were right." Kia seemed smaller to him now, though she hadn't changed really. He'd grown used knowing there was so much more going on with her after that first hand look at her powers, and now, seeing her without them... The big thing he'd seen after she lost her powers, her very status as a Key, was that Kia was happy.
  15. Abel looked at Sean, and in one of the more growing rare moments, Abel opened his mind via guildchat, and set his memories of the entire incident to the forefront of his mind. Here, Sean, I'll show you my memories, maybe seeing them will help. Still, it looks like we have other things we need to attend to. She got to see the entire interaction between the two of them, how the different Abel looked, everything. Still it was a mystery to be unraveled later, now that they had a situation involving other Keys brewing. "Something for later, We should head up topside, in case we need to go back Jeane up."
  16. Abel nodded, forcing himself not to go down that path as he had so often before. Fearing his powers, what they could do, what they could make him do, had acted as a brake on his powers for a long time. Only after embracing what he could do, had he truly achieved mastery and control. "The little things can mean the most to us. The human touch of things, things we take for granted. It makes perfect sense Kia. Remember I did get a glimpse of the true nature of your powers, I've admired how you handled that as long as you have without losing yourself to them." He smiled again. "I won't lie and say your complete loss of powers, as well as any expressed quantum traits, doesn't concern me, that all concerns me greatly, for what it could mean for Keys on the whole. Still, You're happy, and if this is how you want to be, then i'm happy for you too."
  17. Abel's eyes narrowed, and he nodded. "I see." While most would have sounded cold with those words, Abel was still showing his concern. The fact she wanted this, well, it told him some things, and they weren't things he was all that fond of. Still, this was Kia, and he would do practically anything to help her. Since she wanted to wait to explain things to both of the resident members of the brain trust, he shrugged. "Well, i don't mind waiting, I get to spend some time with you." He smiled and it was genuine. "You look, well happy, about this Kia. I can say I don't sense anything that's out of the norm for a normal regular person, you're in great health." "I just can't feel any quantum energy or connection anymore, at all." Even when dormed, there'd been ways to detect a dormed Key, but with this, he couldn't feel any of that. She'd asked to no longer have powers, and now she didn't. Their Wills were connected directly to Quantum now, likely thanks to the trip to the quantum realm. But she severed the connection willfully. This was interesting, but also alarming, if that was all it took for a Key to no longer be a Key.
  18. Abel seemed quite tense. Still when she wrapped her arms around his neck, despite him having damped down his emotional responses, his arms moved almost as if out of reflex, hugging her back, and nodding. "Well unless she calls James or the Station, he won't be back tonight." He couldn't feel anything from her, not the psychic defenses, not the radiant quantum from an active node, hell no connection to quantum at all. She seemed totally normal, human. The part that seemed to be the biggest disconnect, at least for him, was that she wasn't worried,or concerned, she seemed well, happy. Which is pretty much the opposite of how he'd be, but then he knew well they didn't look at everything the same way. Abel allowed her to guide him to the couch, where he sat as she joined him picking up a platter of snacks from the coffee table and offering him some with a gesture, he just stared at the platter and processed how this could have happened. "How are you feeling Kia?" He'd known her long enough to have a general idea, and certainly his powers would just let him know, but he wanted to hear her voice, her own words. More of his emotions seemed to bleed through, showing that his concern trumped his own abilities this time. She could easily hear the concern in his voice. He was the only other person who'd seen the very nature of her powers, he knew how she'd felt before, and seeing her now, she seemed so relieved.
  19. ***Irregular Solutions HQ, sublevel 8 Research lab 2. *** Abel frowned as his doppelganger vanished, the message via guildchat having clearly been heard by him. He checked the chat itself to make sure there were no residual traces, and downloaded the security footage. Sean I need to talk to you could you come down to sublevel 8, Lab 2. I definitely want a second opinion on this. To emphasize his point, he sent the recording to him and waited patiently. it was uncommon for Abel to request Sean's physical presence, If only because there were things Sean could do in person Abel couldn't, and he wanted to know what was going on. With the other Abel having been part of guildchat enough to hear Jeane, this was beyond odd, and now he was utterly gone. if not for the video, there'd be no real proof of his presence at all. "Somewhere, Christopher Walken is probably smiling, or laughing."
  20. ***Irregular Solutions HQ, sublevel 8 Research lab 2. *** The Abels closed their mouths and maintained eye contact, with the younger looking one (Abel sans glasses) staring back at him, even as Abel's fully sensory suite of abilities activated. "So I'm not detecting any sort of temporal flux, or dimensional rip, nor psychic anomaly. Who exactly are you, and where did you come from, and why are you wearing my form? I recognize the rudiments of the Irregular Solutions logo, but that's not the same as mine." He had wanted to to go relax, a day or three at the beach sounded like a great idea to him. Jeane, I'll be along when I can, I have a slight situation I need to resolve first. Keep me posted on when and where. Even mentally, his voice was tinged with some concern, which wasn't all that common for him anymore. ***The Watchtower*** Abel's phone beeped, and his ringtone for Kia, "Eye to Eye" which was an obscure song from his childhood, began to play, and he snatched it up. The Watchtower was one of two places Abel felt he could safely sleep, and truth be told he was concerned that he was becoming too distant from everyone. He always said it was for the greater good but that was a flimsy excuse. He had control of his power now, it wasn't so necessary. The first text didn't truly alarm him, he was used to others closing their links to guild chat, they were just always there, and like doors, could be knocked upon to signal an emergency. Those thoughts were contradicted when he read Kia's second text, and quickly moved to to the door. He'd turned off the gravity in this part of the station since he was practically alone, and had been floating there, in front of the observation window, Sleeping while dreaming of home. "Dammit, not again." He quickly reached out via guildchat, only to find that Kia's portion of the network was simply gone, as if it had never been there. This spurred him to action as he moved to the door, his PAM suit coming to resemble its combat form, reflecting his agitation. He briefly considered calling James, but didn't. He figured Kia sent he and Sean that second message, and it was best to not call everyone until they actually knew something. He moved through the station to the command deck, and the Teleportation pads there. The only other inhabitants at the time were the two Alien ambassadors, who'd come up to send a signal home. "I need you to transport me back to my home, immediately. There's a situation I need to be there for." Abel was texting Kia back. On my way back, Will be at your place shortly Both nodded, understanding that for it to have been something to have him agitated, it had to be big. Keystrokes were made, and Abel seemed to visibly shut part of himself down. Emotion would lead to problems, he needed to be calm and analytical, and so he was. They gave him a thumbs up and soon Abel was transported to his room in his family home, from which he opened the window and shot out towards Kia's home, not really caring who saw him do so.
  21. ***Irregular Solutions HQ, sublevel 8 Research lab 2. *** There'd been alot of construction going on since their return, and Abel left much of it to those he'd paid to oversee the work, above ground at least. Today he was in his own research lab, studying some data Alec had sent over, and comparing it to his own. It had to do largely with the new cybernetics they'd start manufacturing, designs based of the tech used for Blitz, who had elected to not "Go Downstairs" with him. Abel understood that he didn't like being underground and he chuckled. Few people could say they had an alien tech cybernetic doberman for a pet, and one that could speak on top of it. He didn't insist he come, he was just going to be bored in the lab anyway as Abel was just going over things. They'd stripped the tech of any quantum enhancements, instead opting to make it easy to reproduce, and the first prototypes had been given to volunteers, and Alec was the one helping him with this. The results were good, with no feedback errors, and Abel smiled. As he pored over the data he recognized this to be a simple stopgap. His real goal was to be able to actually regrow limbs or digits for people who'd lost them. While he knew Lilly and Alec could do this, there was just a limit to how many they could treat. In the mean-time, they'd developed the cybernetics, to give back a mostly full quality of life, with an eye towards keeping them from being easy to militarize. Mariah had also helped develop the materials for them, and of course her work patented. Abel wasn't out to cheat his comrades. He knew there were changes coming, he could feel something in the air, and even a certain distance from the others. There was a small part of him that still blamed himself for what they'd endured, He'd been fooled, both him and Sean, the two most intelligent Keys alive. His thoughts turned to the Quantum realm, and he sighed. He was getting off topic. Once he finished the reading and making his final evaluation, he sent his approval to begin the full scale production, and pushed back from the desk. "Well that's one project down, a few dozen more to go."
  22. They'd won, Undeniably, Utterly. The Titans were gone, Leaving the Irregulars victorious, though Devin would likely never recover from what Pandora had done to him. He had no way to fully assess the damage immediately, but with a little time, he could at least keep him alive, and work to help him come back to them. He moved to Kia's side, and casually slipped an arm around the petite shapeshifter, a smile on his face. He'd had a thousand different sappy romantic comments to make, but in an instant, Jeane snapped him from the reverie. "That sort of thing is really best done at home Jeane, just in case there's some sort of backlash. We should all get some rest, and then if any of you want me to do as you just asked, I will." He didn't care that he was admitting he could actually do something like that, They were his friends, and if anyone should know what he could potentially do, it should be them, as they'd have to stop him if he ever went too far. He planned to keep his own memories, now that he could process, sort, and store them all without going insane. There was a danger, but getting to experience so much, so many lifetimes, was something it would take him some time to ever duplicate. He looked to each of the other Irregulars, and smiled. Quietly, he opened his senses to the world, testing everything he knew about the real world against where he found himself, using every means and metasense at his disposal, reaching out and touching minds he knew well.
  23. Abel once again danced into close range with Pandora, energy sword ready to deflect anything that came his way, already planning to accelerate the weapon Jeane left for him previously, hoping a second round would have better effect. Still if it didn't he had another trick. With one blade he defended himself, the other he shifted out of material phase, and shoved his shield wrapped fist within pandora, and then released the lit energy sword, causing it to re-enter reality lit and within her body, even as he dashed back out from close range, knowing the shockwave from his TK railgun should be damn impressive. it was a brutal attack and impossibly fatal to pretty much anything else. While he didn't expect it to kill her, he did expect this attack to not be so painless as before. Even as he cleared the way, along with Jeane, The streak of light that was the telekineticlly accellerated energy spear left a burning crimson streak seared into the image of the quantum realm as the projectile continued to accellerate towards the trapped titan.
  24. Abel's mind was focused on the task at hand, even as he took in the reality of Pandora. All the designs he'd made and refined to near perfection the quantum overflowing from his fingertips as he brought forth the Dimensional lock from his own mind. There'd be no escape for her, and finally, they could end this so they could prepare for the other Titans, if they were even real. Motes of quantum became light, as the lock took shape in his hands, and then light became hard matter, all the components coming into being just as his mind willed it. The quantum dimensional matrix at the center radiated blue light, It was more intricate than the others he'd made, for it was meant to contain something more. This lock was targeted just for Pandora, to force all of her into one plane, to make her mortal, and give them a chance. As he felt the cool metal grips in his hands, he pushed them closed together, activating the device, and Doing all he could do to seal the Evil titan with them.
  25. Abel moved within her range and set about his own task. He'd have to be ready the instant they appeared in the quantum realm, Simply because Pandora would be at her strongest there, and if he couldn't cut her off from everywhere else it would be for nothing. using his tk to grab Devin to bring him along, he prepared to defend them both, hunkered behind his shield, as his own eyes blazed with blue light, as he began preparations to create dimensional locks powerful enough to isolate a God, and bring her down to their level. For that he also took from Kia, seeing the actual quantum signature of their foe in a way that made sense, So he could attune the locks to only effect her.
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