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  1. "Marion are you sure it is wise to agree to this deal? You may know this man, but I don't, and he seems to eager to seek it's knowledge."
  2. "I think that you'll find out that we are more than capable of finding the library. Our unique abilities should prove invaluable during our trip." Arch's hand grasps the urn slightly harder as he noticed Fazil's eyes linger on the urn. "What type of agreement are you suggesting?"
  3. Arch settled in the shop and allowed Janos to survey the street. Just as I would have pictured it. Arch turns to Marion "Is this the guy were here to see?"
  4. I'm only able to post a few times during the day sometimes less (work related), that why I've slowed down. Most of my posts will be in the evening times.
  5. Arch looks at the poor beggar and shrugs, as if to say 'tough luck'. "I suggest you speak now, cause my friend here will surely make you wish that you had died."
  6. "Quite an interesting story Mia. I have to say that I'm quite intrigued by it. Maybe you could take us their someday, after we deal with this shard of course."
  7. Arch lowered his bow after watching Marion take care of the beggar. He thought about letting off a shot as he left, but decided that after her blow that would be humiliating enough. "Good shot Marion! That was rather an amusing sight to see. And Mia nice move to. That even had me a bit surprised."
  8. In the blink of eye, Archibald had his crossbow pulled and aimed straight at the beggar. Originally Posted By: Count Janos Rakozi Janos says in a voice straight from the grave,"You are all going to die." Archibald echoed Janos statement. "Rest assured, you have made your last mistake in this life!" (OCC Archibald base Init is 14)
  9. Archibald frowned when the group stopped. Mindful of the possibility of an ambush, Arch's sharp eyes scanned the area of just that possibility.
  10. The city was a total wonder to Archibald. He had only read about cities like this in books that Bannister had given during his school days. He watched everything with amazement from the vendors to the common folk they were weaving themselves through. The only thing that bothered him was that there was to many people in the street and with that came a the danger of an ambush. Shaking his head, Archibald's face takes on a stern look as he follows Marion and Ben.
  11. "Catori is right. We need to come up with a plan in the case we run into more of those creepy thugs. It doesn't seems that we can kill them by any normal means, so how do we go about solving that little mystery?"
  12. Arch was glad to hear the news that they'd be landing soon. He watched as the reporter lady took some practice swings with the staff. He couldn't help but muster a laugh at the sight, which for a change took his mind off his uneasiness of flying. I may need to have Janos give me a few lessons to. I'll talk to him about that after we land though." Spot's arrival interrupted his thoughts. The demon dog was a curious member of their party. He wondered what was in store for it once they landed. Surely he couldn't walk about the city with them. "Daphne, Archibald calls out, you given any thought about what Spot's going to do once we reach the city?"
  13. Archibald keep his focus on Janos and Daphne during the flight. This being his first trip on a Zeppelin, didn't quite agree with his body. While the view was tremendous, Arch couldn't shake the feeling that if things went wrong he would be as helpless as a child. He is concentrating so hard that he barely hears Ben announcing that tea is being served. slowly he joins the others, his face a little flush. "How much longer before we land Ben?" he asks while sipping on his tea.
  14. "Ben, could it be possible that the bowl is causing a reaction from the shard?" Arch asks rather quickly.
  15. Arch briefly entertained the thought of taking the police car to aid in their escape, before more rational thinking took it's place in his head. "All right, you two the coast is clear, the plan is to re group at the hotel, so in case we get separated." Arch heads out quickly and with a purposeful stride away from the house and off towards the hotel.
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