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  1. *sighs* I've been dragged in, if the ST is okay with it.
  2. "We go Congo now?" Daphne asked, looking up from the mask she'd been examining. She glanced back at it suddenly - had it moved? So long as she looked at it, it was still, but she could see it moving out of the corner of her eye when she looked away.
  3. Incubus Daphne - Zinhi - was happy. She was always comfortable, never too hot or cold. There was always enough to eat. Her two owners doted on her, and the things they did for love of her made her flesh sing with delight. She was in love, or as close as one came in Hell. But even the fabricated emotions of goodness such as true, unquestioning love, could not be allowed long in Damnation. Whether the world itself sought to undo any hint of goodness, or if denizens themselves were responsible for their over damnation was unknown. But it was this atmosphere in which Daphne tried to thrive, and was only partially successful. The end came without warning. Ilkhi came into the room, her wide eyes falling on her pet. "Zinhi!" she cried. "Get up, get dressed. Your outside clothing, hurry!" Scared by the panic in her keeper's voice, Zinhi jumped to obey. "What's wrong?" she cried, pulling on the heavy pants she wore when they went walking in the Wildlands outside the city. "You have to go, before-" The door slammed open, and a man stood there. Not a man, Zinhi realized. A daemon, but one that looked man-like. He stared at her oddly, and she felt like she should be wearing a shirt. She knelt and reached for one, and he smiled. "A real woman," he said, his voice deep and thick with a dark possessiveness. "Come here." He held out a hand. Zinhi started forward, drawn by that voice, when Ilkhi stepped between them. "No," she said, "Zinhi is our pet!" "You cannot stop me, soul-drinker," the incubus said. He pushed Ilkhi away, making her stumble into a wall. "Don't hurt her!" Zinhi cried, leaping to her feet. She was young and small still, but she had defended herself for long enough that she was able to kick him hard in the leg. Chillingly, he just laughed. "Come here," he commanded to Zinhi, turning to glare at Ilkhi, who watched helplessly. In a daze she came to him... and knew no more. "Zinhi, darling, please wake up." The sentence came from so far away, but Ilkhi's voice was one of two that could draw her out of this sinking darkness. A moment later, she realized that the sobbing she heard was Grikla and she 'moved' faster, awakening into pain. Her body hurt curiously, inside, and she ached all over. "Did he take too much?" Grikla asked, her voice racked with sobs. "Almost," Ilkha said, cradling Zinhi so that she could kiss her forehead. "Almost." She silent, then said, "She has to leave, before he comes back." Zinhi realized they meant her. She didn't want to go, but was too tired to protest. Grikla shook her head, but she said, "I know." She started to cry harder but she began to move around the room, gathering Zinhi's things for her. "Can she walk?" "She has to," Ilkha said, her voice hard. Tears were rolling down her face as she kissed Zinhi again. "She has to." "We can carry her for a while," Grikla said. "We can get her away from here." "Yes," Ilkha said. "We can get her well out into the Wildlands. She can disappear out there." The two demonesses were silent. They were going to lose their pet one way or another, and if it was a choice between letting another consume her or returning her to the wild, there was no question which they preferred. "I have her clothes," Grikla said. "Let's get some food for her," Ilkha said, picking Zinhi up and cradling her close. Hurrying, the two succubi left their home, leaving to dump their favorite pet in the wilderness to save her life.
  4. Daphne sauntered into the shop, Spot skulking at her heels. Realizing that Marion was dealing with the man who demanded things for taking his things, she began to poke around the piles of things. There were some very interesting smells in here... Click to reveal.. Abuse me, Jim. C'mon... you know you want to.
  5. Daphne rolled to her feet and came up, prepared to attack, only to find that there was nothing for her to react to anymore. Scowling, she climbed to her feet. "Just leave?" she asked, confused. Why would they do that?
  6. "Then you are a half-dead beggar," Daphne said, turning to Spot. She growled in guttural Daemon, asking the hellhound to come and give the man's hand a good sniff - and a lick, if he liked.
  7. "I do worse than he," Daphne promised, freshly returned from her pursuit of his compatriot. She grabbed his hand and flattened it against the ground, then stepped on his wrist. "Spot has taste for living meat. Talk or I feed my dog." Her brown eyes were utterly remorseless as she stared down at him.
  8. Daphne yipped, a noise not unlike a jackal's. The men started a bit at the noise, but they started a lot more when the girl and her dog broke in opposite directions, each heading for a man. Spot's snarl was enough to freeze blood. Daphne wasn't armed, but she didn't hesitate to close on her man. Click to reveal.. Daphne's Str+Brawl is 9. Spot's is 7. Jim, let me know if you want to roll.
  9. Daphne peered over Janos' shoulder; he could feel her feather-light touch on his coat as she used him for a bit of support. "That a begger?" she said, her dark eyes sparkling with the adventure. "He dirty." She tilted her head. "But not smell strong." Daphne rarely encountered a smell that she called 'bad;' usually, she described them as strong. And to be honest, she probably had smelled something worse than a begger's funk at some point in her youth.
  10. Laughing at the bright clothing and merchandise, Daphne snatched a fig out of a basket. Remembering at the last moment that she was supposed to exchange money for items not owned by Ben or Marion, she quickly handed over one of those rectangles of paper for the piece of fruit. She didn't expect to get anything back, and the wise vendor realized it, taking the American dollar for a fig worth maybe a penny. "Best lost ever!" Daphne laughed, popping her expensive food in her mouth and chewing vigorously.
  11. "Burn," Daphne suggested, her voice normal. She grabbed some ham and split it with Spot, who whined with pleasure. "Anything bad should be burn. Burned. Burnt?"
  12. Daphne looked to her pet, then called to him in the rough Daemon language. Slightly sulkily, the big hellhound moved away from the railing and came to sit next to her. "<Soon enough,>" she murmured to him in the choking nether language. Her hand stroked his head gently.
  13. Originally Posted By: SalmonMax[Marion] leans over to nudge Daphne gently with her shoulder and asks, "Where's Spot?" Daphne pointed up and to the right, where the hellhound could be seen tearing through a cloud. "He happy," she said with a smile. She was glad that his wing had healed. Dashing to the table, mindless of the drama occurring between Ben and Catori, Daphne grabbed a piece of ham. Running back to the railing, she tossed it into the air and whistled. Spot twisted in midair and then shoot down after the piece of meat, disappearing for a moment before arching back up, chewing happily.
  14. Daphne giggled with delight and threw her arms around Janos in an exuberant expression of joy. After a brief hug, she bounded to the railing, to lean over next to Marion. She loved being this high in the air, without wings.
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