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  1. A few things about the game, where woudl you like the game to start off as, and what type..utopiea/trats..and what not..ANyone who want sto play can join in here .. Just post your character,and name of the citiy you want stuff..
  2. Next opic.. as this one is geting long..I am sorry if I seem liek i am takigna l ong to to post..I am thinking about playing...and well thinking abit to muhc..Um I am making anew thread
  3. A: Utopia seeks the Good, and therefore Teragen is Evil B: Teragen seeks the Good, and therefore Utopia is Evil C: Niether Utopia or Teragen seeks the Good and therefore are both Evil. D: THe ideals of good are not always the same.Like the ideals of evil, not all ideals of good are the same level.. THe rights one the preson, over the rigths of the natoin. They both are sicking what is good, but they ar edoing on diffrent levels. ANother thing that may eb thought of as good and evil, is letting the little criminalls go frree, in order to catch the buig ones.Well, this could be seen in two lights, one to do a crime is to do a crime,and should be punished as such, another is that it dosen no good to bust the foot men,as ther are always more. Using crime we could walk a finer grey line.Let's take drug dealers.Well, we could look at this way.. Wwe shoudl send a message out to them that no one should dela,and bust them all..Witch in most light is the beest thing,, the good thing to do.But then aggainyou could always keep track of drug dealers,and make them play by a set of rules, as wile ther are always going to be drug dealers..there is only going to be a set number of them in an area. THe idea of making sure you drugs dealers woork within the rules you set up make for a more stable area..No one wins,w hen your street starts to look like gaza strip. So the trats,and uppies, coudl be seen as both good, just not on the same level.I think that the Trats are evil, not becuase of the goals, but becuase of the means.
  4. Well, seeing as I onlt have one character with a sheet now.. not to late a all.Um private messages or mail to fluppy@collegeclub.com would work,my hot mail box is always flooded...
  5. Well, I think I lost them?I am sorry I have been having a bit of a heckit time.....
  6. Well, I am still waiting for character sheets!And stuff!
  7. Well, for a long time I have been working on home brew rules for a game like Aberrant.The world would be set in a realistic world.there wouldd be a few type of super powered people.. the main two could be awakened,and assended. the players would be awakened.. about as powerful as psaid maybe a little more so.. Assended would be like devis mal. the game starts in 2013.. at witch point there are roughtly 60,000 awakened and 30 assended. Just go over it term awakened are liek spider man, assended are liek silver suffer. the way the power levels work is that where the best of the humans end the awakened start,and where those end the assended asssend. Well sorry if this off topic,I want there to be liek a alternate time line from say unaverse making...
  8. Peoples, you missed the funniest thing about Minerva's post. She said "Dear God" and "I am a goddess" in the same sentence. A reference to THE God with a capital G would sort of deny the existence of the second... The bibble refers to other gods. It in fact refers to other god in the frist law of it's faith..I know I am not quoting it just right but, you shall place no gods,ideals, or icions before me.You will warship me above all other gods,ideals,and icoins. then again those christ folks don't really fallow that rule, you knwo the son of mary and alll. Now to the popic at hand, are ther good guys?Yes,there are, in fact I would say there are just a many goods as there are int eh real world,and just a many bad guys, or at least eh same ratio. One thing peopel forget, is that there is more thna one type of good,and they do nto always look eye to eye. T2M,pu,and even PPare doing what ehy think is best for the world,and for the most part are doing what is best for the world. Tarats are fight a nobble coase but they means they use are wrong.If you are an end justafie the means then yes these people are good guys...What I am saying is that all sides are good,and alll are evil.
  9. Let's start off by the limits, they can only buy some power and only too level two,and no powers that need psi over five.Well, that is the rules ofor a starting level charatcers. Nowfor experinced charatcers, such as ones not starting level.They could get power like this. for any power with a psi min less than 5 he could start the game with two dots in it. With experince points he could raise power like novas but they would need a psi equal of one higher for each dot after the 2nd.Treat mega stats as having a psi min of 3.Those are mental,and social. Now powers with a psi min of 5 can't be bought at character gen. but with experince points they can buy them, but must have the min pci,plus the level of the power. for megaphysical stats, they are alos only to be bought with experince points.And only by psaids with a psi of 4 + the stat level,they must also have a five in that stat. Or they could have stats higher than 5..from 6-10.No rule needed for this way. So in numbers if the power has a min less than four. It is a psiad can get levels of a power- psi min + 2.But only if they meet the psi min to buy the frist dot.Take magnetic mastery with a psi min of 4.If the psiad has a psi of 3 he could not get it, a psi of 4 he could get 2 dots,a psi of 5 he could 3 dots,a psi of 6, he could get 4..and so on. a power with a psi min of 5 or more,they could buy the power.THey could get dot in the power of the have a psi= the psi men = the dots int he power-1.If you some how get 10 psi you could get level six powers,but only one dot..ohh well.Treat mega physical has having a psi min of 5. Even with these added powers psaids are no were neer as powerful,and a power psaid is an avrage nova.I have no problems with that.
  10. just use the stats for the whip sword, make it's own litlte back ground with each point letting you add a point of mega str to it..so and one dot of dmage so something like like starting off at +10d10 L with max meg str of one at level one at level five it would be 15d10 with max of mega five..added bit novas using this offtent get made fun of,and called newbies,and other such things... So on avarage it add five level of l dagame..witch is pretty spiffy but that wouldn't be to powerfl..a good q-bolt would almost always prefered,and it is destoryed it well gone...but hey if you have players that wana be jedis i say this show them the most feared weapon that Lukas has..lawyers..and bind them up in red tape.
  11. Here is one for ya, honestly who would want to play a jedi? In the aberrant world yoda the most powerful jedi would not draw a secound glance over people like Pax,mal,or even their lackies...there laser swords would no do agravated damage...but mor importaly a strong jedi would maybe be a weak nova..I am not trying to be rude but it is just the way you ask this sound like you either have a hard on for jedis so big that forget the fact that Lightsaber is a hard teck weapon,or a speacil effect of a power so..If treated as an item then you can bloody well make the rules you want..If it is part of a power then the rule are already made for it andyou do not have wory about. Now let us say it is claw power..withc most people think it is then you have your rules.. claws are a level one power that do level/l damage+ str preaty simple,eh?If you want to get fancy you add bonuss to the power such aap, or make it do ag damage..If you want to make damage poeple who tuch it get a limited immolate and have it only effect you "claws. But I would never do this,but that is just me
  12. the problem is not in saving the blank file but saving the changes to it...I do not have a printer and do not need a solid form of the sheet but rather a character sheeet for on line games..witch printing dosen't do...
  13. Tree three I need to ask.How do you save them so that can be posted.How/where do I get a good flash player.And would it be best to save it as some sort of pdf or image file after editating?
  14. Wet work. 1. to kill someone, or a group of people. Wet noise. 1to kill more than your target to throw off investigators. Ie. To kill the low level paper pusher in a hail a q-bolt wile killing the CEO at the same time. Painting fences.(colors) White :often refers to white color crimes, or taking actions that would not harm people. Yellow:means to scare. This dosen't mean to threaten with force.but to scare.. Red:To pain the fence red means to kill everything and leave no trail to what you target was..also known as wet noise. 5 by 5. Evrything is alright. [ 10-15-2002: Message edited by: Paradise ]
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