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  1. There was only static over the com followed by a sickening silence as Callisto saw what happened. The Hercules got hit by both Warheads and broke apart in the middle like it was made of paper Mache. She could see escape pods and Raptors floating out of control through space and for a moment the firing ceased altogether as Pilots from both sides had to adjust to the blinding flash. A beeping sound brought her back to reality and she looked down at her console. A message was relayed on her screen. “Voice-Communication impossible atm – proceed with your mission – Hercules got destroyed – Emergency Rescue enroute” This was madness…
  2. Armistice Line They say no one hears you scream in space and every one dies alone. Today both sayings didn’t seem to apply. Vipers and Raptors were chasing in deadly dogfights while the Valiant pressured on with the attack. Space was literally on fire and communications were difficult to maintain. Fate was dependent on quick decisions… Bedrock instinctively ducked with each explosion that rocked the Raptor while Wade tried to dodge most of the flak directed at them. “How much longer?”, Callisto barked through the comms as she gave off another deadly salvo of rounds that tore a Viper into shreds. “On it…”, Bedrock answered still hacking his way into the Valiants network while he quietly prayed to the gods. Scarface was flying close escort and concentrated mainly on keeping missiles away from the Raptor and its strikeforce. The Valiant was slowly turning around facing the Valkyrie from its bow preparing to launch its nuke to settle this conflict once and for all. “The frakkers are arming their nukes!”, Callisto bellowed into the tactical frequency. “Bedrock – we need the codes!” For a moment the battle raged and no side got an advantage to turn the tides but then the Valiant had managed to get into a perfect firing position and launched 2 of its nukes. On board the Valkyrie the alarms went off. “Tactical warheads detected, eta 2 minutes – they are armed!” The Comm-Officer removed his headset and yelled over the CIC – “Someone removed the save mechanism – those warheads can’t be disarmed, Sir!” Admiral Kerrington sighed briefly and ordered the Valkryie to turn presenting the Warheads their most armoured side and hoped the ship would hold – which was a foolish thought. A single Warhead was sufficient to destroy the Battlestar – everbody knew that. “Got it!”, Bedrock cheered successfully and instantly relayed the information to his taskforce. All enemie blips turned friendly and Callisto issued the order to close into the Valiant. Their pointdefense turrets shouldn’t open fire on them and with some luck they could try to make a dry landing on one of the flightdecks. The timer on board the Valkyrie reached the 60 seconds mark and Admiral Kerrington still had no better options presented to him when suddenly the Hercules manoeuvred dangerously close to them. The Vipers and Raptors could see how the crew of the Hercules made emergency drops using their escape pods – the Hercules was on direct interception course with the Warheads! A bright flash blinded Callisto just before Bedrock managed to touchdown on the Valiants flightdeck. The Hangars were empty except for the deckhands who wordlessly stared at the new arrivals. Callisto and Scarface hit the afterburners re-entering the combat zone in one fluid motion leaving Bedrock and the Marines behind to accomplish their mission. -- Battlestar Valkyrie, Medbay “Affirmative”, answered Hudson over the phone. “One portable Gennie – I’ll take care of it personally, Chief.” The ship got rocked by another salvo of missiles. Alarms went off on all stations and people started to get nervous. The Nurse who assisted Doc Hamal looked worried to the Chief but said nothing. Everyone knew that these could be their last minutes. “Attention all crewmembers – Nuclear Warheads detected. Prepare for impact. Attention all crewmembers – Nuclear Warheads detected. Prepare for impact.” They were supposed to follow their training which ordered them to very specific evacuation points on board the Valkyrie in case of immediate destruction but no one moved in Lorenzo’s room – they just stared at eachother in disbelief. (ooc:I’d like to keep this mass-combat in Story-mode and not switch to combat rounds. I’m ok with you guys editing as you wish when detailing how many ships you take down – just keep it real . Should you try to pull off any stunts remember to use Plotpoints to your favour. I’ll get back to you if I think a roll is necessary.)
  3. CIC, Battlestar Valkyrie „Good“, Admiral Kerrington briefly acknowledged. The CIC was in full alert mode. People were reporting from their stations and the DRADIS was constantly updating their situation. From the short impression she got, Callisto could tell that the IFF-Transponders showed Colonial markers which meant they were under attack by their own people. “The Battlestar Valiant just jumped into the system and opened fire on us without a warning. They caught us by surprise with our pants down – I need you to coordinate our defence and get a team of Marines on board the Valiant and take the CIC. Make sure that Raptor makes it to the Valiant, Captain.”, the Admiral was studying the map and was considering his next move. He didn’t dismiss her which left her with the option to just leave or ask questions. Time was running out, though. Starboard Flightdeck, Battlestar Valkyrie At the flight deck Scarface and Bedrock found themselves in the middle of scrambling Pilots and Marines. The XO waved them over as soon as he saw them, behind him a Colonial Marines Captain with his Platoon ready in full montage. “Lt. Bedrock – I need you to take this boarding team over to the Valiant – we need to capture that ship.”, the XO flatly stated. Looking at Scarface he just nodded towards the planes. “Make sure he makes it in one piece. The CAG should be here any minute. She has the final say in how you pull off this stunt. May the Gods of Kobol be with us.” “So say we all!”, the Marines answered in unison. Medbay Battlestar Valkyrie Chief Solas and Doc Hamal were outside Lorenzo’s room. One of the Nurses just left the room and put both up to date on his condition. He was still stable but dependent on the machines to keep him alive. If the ship got crucially damaged this could change of course in the matter of seconds – but then they would have other trouble to take care of. The Marines looked nervously at each other obviously being on their first mission and now under fire. “Sir?”, one of the young men addressed the Major. “Are the Cylons attacking?”
  4. alright - BSG will be updated later today/tonight. I should then be able to maintain regular posting again. Thank you for your patience.
  5. I'm on a motivational low for BSG atm and I try to work myself out of it. Until then I ask for patience. I don't want to quit this game - I just need some time to retackle it with more force. Next up will be a rather large battle which I need to playtest first (haven't used the rules before). Once I've managed to do that I'll update you all accordingly and hopefully move forward with the game. I'm really sorry about this but I thought it is better to leave a message instead of not saying anything at all about the situation. Thanks for holding on.
  6. The alarms went off – “All pilots to flight deck, man your planes. CAG needed in CIC. We’re under attack, this is not a drill. All pilots to flight deck, man your planes. CAG needed in CIC. We’re under attack, this is not a drill”. Just after the announcement finished something hit the Valkyrie rocking it wildly to the side. Those still sitting at the table stumbled and fell to the hard floor but no damage was done. Click to reveal.. Everyone roll Initiative – and post their action. Once we enter real combat we go by group initiative (i. e. highest roll). Until then post free until I say we enter combat.
  7. Battlestar Valkyrie - Brig 16 hours later The Corporal left to get some water. Interrogation hat reached a depressing low. Lt. Everette insisted on establishing communication with Caprica which would mean aborting the mission and jumping back to a relay point for direct communication. Something Admiral Kerrington ruled out from the beginning. The last hour Lt. Everette refused answering questions and resorted to threatening the present 'inquisitors' to end their careers once he has returned to Caprica. Captain Callisto and her assisstants retreated for a short break, trying to assess the situation and maybe change tactics. They had brought in the Chief and Doc Hamal as witnesses and during the whole process several nurses and deckhands had been invited to testify and leave again. Technically this was no trial but the Admiral said nothing about the procedure. He didn't seem to care as long as the job was done. It was clear that he had a zero tolerance policy in that matter. The Corporal came back with fresh water and glasses and set them on the table waiting for his superiors to resume the interrogation. Click to reveal.. You've spent the last 3 hours interrogating Lt. Everette. He refused to disclose any of his actions claiming that he was working for the CFOSI and that he'd would report only to the Admiral which at this point he had no desire to do so. The last hour his patience seemed to wear down and he threatened all present "interrogators" to suffer his wrath once he has returned to Caprica to file his report. It looks like much is dependent on Deckhand Lorenzos recovery.(ooc: This is how Lt. Everette looks like) Click to reveal..
  8. I'm sorry for the delays/neglect of posting. I am still fully entangled in setting up my new game Future Imperfect. Once that is running smoothly I will have enough time to update here again. I suppose latest by end of this week. I apologize for this break.
  9. Originally Posted By: Doc HamalThe Doc nodded, "I was trying to do just that when some other knuckle-dragger came in here with a sledge the size of my head, then you and the Commander showed up ... I swear, I need to start locking the frakking doors." He shook his head as he pinched the bridge of his nose. "Sorry, been a rough couple of days. Umm, I woke up and went to the galley, I only overheard the tail end of the conversation and didn't see either of them. I think it was Everette but I cannot be certain. Either way they said something like, 'Just make sure he doesn't make it. I don't care how.' After Everette's visit yesterday I just assumed the worst and made a beeline here. When the nurse informed me that there were already men at outside his room I called for confirmation from you Commander." Commander Jonsten nodded slowly and waved the nurse off. “Too much assumptions to little evidence. What I need is proof and the only thing I can right now without rousing too much suspicion is to interrogate those two Marines assigned by Lt. Everette. Lt. Davies – you are investigating the case, you come with me I want to be present when you ask your questions.” Commander Jonsten voice carried the confidence of a man that was used to give orders. Turning to the Doc his voice only changed slightly friendlier which seemed to be his etiquette mode. “Do you want me to put the Chief under arrest? I can call the Sergeant of the MP and have it done. I suppose there are enough witnesses that could put to protocol that she stormed right in here probably wanting to hurt somebody.”
  10. Originally Posted By: CIC BS: ValkyriePaging Col. Erasmus. I'll be running the show without you for the next week. Can you give us an update on your status? If I don't hear anything from you by next Sunday I'll effectively turn you into an NPC. Unfortunately Michael/Col. Erasmus didn't check back here. I will turn him into an NPC for the time being until I get an update on his status. Any interactions with him will be done by me.
  11. Originally Posted By: Doc HamalHamal listened as Thanatos explained the situation to Commander Jonsten. "Everette seemed most interested in Lorenzo's condition late yesterday. It was he that placed those two other marines in my sickbay, and I overheard him earlier this morning talking to somebody in the galley. He seemed concerned as to whether or not the young specialist would survive." Terry adjusted the facts slightly but what he spoke was the truth, just filtered to avoid making him sound like a paranoid. „Let me get that straight – Lt. Everette pulled two of my Marines to guard that assailed Deckhand Lorenzo? Am I missing something aside the fact that I was not informed about this?”, Commander Jonsten was trying to keep calm in the face of the situation. “Nurse, get me the CIC on line, I want to speak to the Admiral.” Commander Jonsten waited and looked at Scarface and Doc Hamal expecting answers.
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