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  1. I'll be honest. I'm sincerely divided. I have had a tough time getting a bead on Mia - I have her personality down, but she's not terribly useful in a fight since I didn't want to make another kung-fu superhuman, yet surviving a fight is what she's best at other than research. And most of the time, with research, I wind up just repeating what the GM tells me. I'll take the blame on this one, since I built her that way. I am not sure what the solution to it is, though. With low Dex and the high cost of attributes, it would take quite a lot of XP to turn her into a decent fighter - and I'm not that happy with her other role in research.
  2. "The Congo? Ha. I laugh in the face of cannibalistic ape men. Well, I haven't met any yet but I'll laugh when I do. Thanks for the tip. Congo it is."
  3. "Eh, it's Marion's book and her choice, Archie. And if it gets us where we gotta go, then I say yeah."
  4. Mia quietly stoppers the pot and replaces it. "Naw, I've had enough of getting dipped in funny liquid. Fazil, who else has gone looking for the library? We can follow in their footsteps. See where they lead."
  5. Mia coughs a bit at the thick haze inside of the shop. She lets Marion handle the talking while she pokes around at the various trinkets.
  6. "Yeah. We're not gonna get anything out of him, we're gonna cheese off the local cops something fierce, and Ben's right. Faster is better for what we came to do."
  7. "Someone wrote to the paper about some underground river he'd discovered out in the heartland. I leapt at it because all I'd been covering was flower shows and broken fire hydrants and I was gonna die of boredom if I didn't get something juicier. I met him, we traded sharp words an' he knocked me in the drink. Woke up, cave was bone dry and I was bulletproof, though I didn't know that until I ran afoul of some racketeers. We getting lunch or what?"
  8. "Oh, I shoulda mentioned, I'm pretty sure I'm invulnerable. At least I haven't met anything that'll kill me." She picks up the pistol and puts it away. "You know how it is, you investigate some kook's story and wind up falling into the River Stix, wind up invulnerable. Helps in my line of work. So who wants lunch?"
  9. "You betcha. And you really don't wanna know what'll happen if you try to hurt her." Mia points at Marion. "Just drop the knife and run. You're not gonna win, but you don't have to die."
  10. "Oh, now - hold on a second here. It's just money, right? No one needs to get hurt - " No, I think these guys'll hurt us anyways. They have the look. So maybe I ought to convince 'em it'll be a bad idea. Knew this would come up eventually... "Okay, hold on." She reaches slowly into her purse, and carefully withdraws a small Derringer pistol. "Now, before everyone starts wavin' their knives around I wanna show you all something." She puts the pistol two inches from her head, and before anyone can say anything, she fires. The retort of the pistol cracks out. There's a smell of gunpowder and a flash. Mia wiggles her head a bit. She looks down at where the bullet fell after it hit her and bounced off. "But we can hurt you." Quote:Intimidate check. Appearance of 2, no Intimidate skill, not sure what a situational bonus would be. Gonna use an Inspiration to double it.
  11. Mia leans over to whisper in Janos' ear. "Yeah, I think he's pulling the wool over. He's nervous. Keeps shifting around. I'd pass."
  12. Mia sizes the man up appraisingly, trying to get a bead on the sincerity of his offer. (Rapport skill is 2, Wits is 3 and Cha is 4.)
  13. "I swear. Civic planner for this city ought to be strung up by his what-not." Mia had her notepad out, scribbling furiously in shorthand. "It's like they didn't put any thought into this at all - no, no figs for me, thanks." She waves off a passing hawker.
  14. Mia hefts the staff, nodding. "Pretty basic." She then takes her swings. (Dex 2, no melee skill.)
  15. "I like a gun, you know? But I figure that's not gonna do too well with us strapped to a big balloon and all. So you pick what you think I'll be good with."
  16. Mia looks at the duel playing out between Janos and Daphne, thinks for a moment, then gets up. She walks over, clearing her throat gently. "S'cuse me, but that looks like a lotta fun. Mind if I cut in after one of you's done?"
  17. "Oh, I gotta. I just gotta." Mia flips a coin over the railing, watching it fall. Wonder if I could survive that. "Food looks great." She sits on the table, propping her feet up and rolling an orange out of the basket, peeling it with her thumb.
  18. Mia will spend time alternating between researching the owners of the building and trying to get a lead on the metal-skeleton-man, researching the artifact, and working up the rough draft of the story so far.
  19. "Maybe the shard's supposed to go into the pot." Mia shrugs. "Or maybe it's not supposed to go into the pot. Who knows any more."
  20. Mia gives Janos a frosty look. "Yeah, not a chance, buster. I can take care of myself, thank you." Mia sets off to retrieve the box. "So what kinda guy goes 'clang, clang' when you hit him in the head?"
  21. Mia slowly stands back up after being tossed aside. "Well, that wasn't nice." She levels her pistol. "So I'm done being nice too. Reach for the sky, you big palooka."
  22. "Hmmm, didn't know there was anyone home. So sorry - " Mia turns around at Daphne and Marion's words. "Thing won't stay dead, will it?" She drops the tools of her trade and goes to pull out her pistol again.
  23. (Mia uses her camera to take a picture of the corpse.) "Breaking and entering? Ha. Gimmie a sec." Mia slides a bobby pin out of her hair and a screwdriver out of her purse, and kneels in front of the lock. (Making a Legerdemain roll. Base skill 4; usually matched to Dex which is 2.)
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