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  1. My apologies everyone. I found out about this game about a week or so ago, but before anything else I figured it was best to PM BT and see if there was still room. And when he said there was, I started focusing on the character I'd make so much I forgot to say hi and inform you all I would be joining you. So....hi! I'll be joining in two. ::happy The character I'm working on is basically an 'air elemental', with the ability to bodymorph into air, and of course some elemental mastery in air, ect. Full details will likely be sent out when I get everything approved with BT. The name I'm presently considering is 'Shaok', taking BTs advice and taking the Greek goddess of airs name, Khaos, and switching a few letters around. But any suggestions would be welcome, Im horrible when it comes to thinking up names. Something else I've considered, though wasn't sure about so I wanted to get everyones opinion on, is making the character female. I'm mostly unsure about it because I haven't really played a female character before and not sure how great I would do. But on the other hand, I think if anything, being female would better suit the characters general personality, much like the air itself, typically being rather quiet, gentle, and calm. Most of the time. Anyway, looking forward to joining the game, as well as any opinions and suggestions you all might have.
  2. Hey there BT, good to have you back. Just got word from Cottus that you were back and considering either restarting the Prometheans game or starting a new one. Either way I'm interested and chances are I'll join in. Just have to make sure to check in often and see which its going to be.
  3. Rick comes running into the living room and almost immediately starts to yell. "Hey! What in the heck are you........" But this is cut off as he starts to take in the situation, and more specifically the man that had just broke in, a little closer. And for the few moments that the man would just stare at him, Rick would stare back with a look that pretty clearly says 'What on earth?'. But then when the guy lunges at him, Rick would quickly back away, and noting Sam and Sierra lunging at him, Rick would wait until they pull him to the ground, being fairly sure that would be the result of their attack. Then assuming they do bring him down, Rick would step forward to swing his pipe at the guys head. However he wouldnt do so full force, not wanting to kill the guy (not realizing he was already dead) but instead just attempting to knock him out. On the other hand if Sam and Sierra dont bring the guy down and he kept coming, Rick would quickly bring up his pipe to try and guard himself and hold the guy back with it.
  4. Rick Keene groans as he wakes, the hand that wasn't being licked slowly moving up to rub his forehead before an eye opens and he slowly glances over at the dog licking his hand. "Sierra? What are you doing in here girl?" He then slowly pushes himself up, trying to think. What was going on? Oh yeah, thats right. It started about a week ago. He saw reports on the news how alot of people were getting sick. He wasnt that worried at first, figuring it was just a bad bug going around and it would eventually pass. Even when he started to feel sick himself, he still wasnt to worried. It wasnt until he heard people had started dieing that he did become worried, but by that time the hospitals were already practically overflowing. He didnt see what else he could do so he just locked up the scrapyard he owned, made sure his dogs had lots of food and water, and then spent much of his time in bed trying his best to fight off whatever it was he had. After that, things were a blur, randomly falling in and out of consciousness. But now........he was better? ........Yes, aside from the headache and otherwise his head just feeling......weird, he felt much better. He even felt rather........good. All these thoughts cease however when he registers the barking in the other room. His dogs didnt usually go on like that unless something was wrong, so Rick slowly starts to push himself out of bed. "Sam! What are you going on ab......" His question is stopped however by the sound of shattering glass, causing Rick to lunge out of bed and toward the door. *Darn it, this better not be more stupid teenagers* Rick would think as he races toward the door, having had problems more than once with kids trying to hang out in or steal stuff from his yard. And before leaving his room he grabs a metal rod that he found in his yard a while back and kept by his door just for such occations, and then rushes out and into the living room.
  5. Marcus was a little distracted looking up into the tree, but eventually he would respond to this. "Oh, yeah. Everything has been documented and photographed right? If so, I dont think theres anything more we can learn from the body where it is." In the mean time, Marcus did his best to judge the direction whatever made those prints he was seeing jumped in, and then he would start to walk in that direction, looking up into the trees along the way to see if he could spot the creature landed, essentually seeing if he couldnt find a 'trail' whatever this thing was made through the trees.
  6. Marcus would continue silently looking over the body and surrounding area until he hears the snap and quickly looks up to see Adam falling. However he then also spots Odo sprinting over to Catch Adam, and Marcus would give a light sigh of relief when Adam is caught. "You both alright?" Marcus then makes sure to call over, but assuming they both confirm this, Marcus nods once again and starts to look around the scene again. "Well, from the looks of things, whatever or whoever did this was very large. Looks like we need to be careful tracking this one down." Marcus would then look up into the tree Adam was climbing, examining it himself, though from the ground of course. He had no desire to take a fall like Adam did himself.
  7. Heya Everyone, sorry about my own absance. Back now, catching up, and then I'll post. Then I'll try and get that info into the signature characters thread as well.
  8. Marcus would remain mostly silent during the flight, even getting a little sleep in, but was awake and ready to depart by the time the plane landed. Once they did land, Marcus would remain mostly silent as the sheriff talks, letting Adam do the talking as he seemed to be saying and asking everything Marcus would have. Marcus would sigh and shake his head however at the racist remarks, and was in fact about to suggest himself that the Sheriff keep a leash on the locals rather than asking them to keep one on Odo. Odo beats him to though, so Marcus just nods to his remark. To this however Marcus would move to lightly put a hand on Odo's shoulder to get his attention, and then tells him "As much as I hate to say it, we will probably be here for a while. Investigations like this are rarely solved quickly. Believe me I know, I've been an investigator for several years now. So while I can understand your desire to leave, you should still be prepaired to 'stay for an extended period. Just thought I should let you know." Marcus would once again fall silent during the trip, unless of course he was asked any questions. His eyes would narrow thoughtfully as the smells start to reach his nose, and then when they reach the sight Marcus jumps down off the cart he was riding in and starts toward the scene, perhaps surprisingly not taking one of the hankies, but reguardless moves right up to begin looking the area over.
  9. Marcus shrugs to this. "I never said there wasn't. Just said better safe than sorry. Believe me, I prefer to keep the violance to a minimum myself when possible." Marcus chuckles at her first comment. "Well thats the whole point of the question. Im not sure if I want to know or not. Or was that your way of saying I dont want to know?" Then when she remarks about not enjoying flying, his smile fades a little and he nods. "Well.......I can certainly understand why some people feel that way. But try not to worry. I've flown several times now, and as you can see, Im still just fine." Then when they get to Dr. Chase, Marcus listens with a slight bit of interest as she describes the goggles, and once she finishes, he would ask if he could try them out. And if allowed, he would activate the goggles and put them on before taking a moment to look around the room. When he takes them off though, he wouldnt really seem all that impressed, and puts themaway until Odo arrives, at which point he would describe their effect to him, if Dr. Chase doesnt do so first, and tells him he could take them, as it didnt seem like Nadya was very interested either. Then he would ask Dr. Chase if she had any decently portable camera equipment. If so, he would gather it and pack it up, and if not he would just head to the car that would take them to the air field. Once at the air field, Marcus gets out of the car, looking over and then entering the plane calmly. As he had already mentioned, he has flown a few times before, and hedidnt really mind it. He typically even rather enjoyed it. The bad weither was a light concern, but Marcus figures they might as well just trust the pilot. So he would just settle himself in one of the seats and sit himself back. Then he would simply listen to the conversation between Nadya and Ophidian, and eyes the copperhead that comes out of Ophidians Jacket. The guy was creepy, but Marcus figured he might as well do his best to get used to it, as it seemed they would be working together now.
  10. Marcus would quietly head out with everyone to the hanger, and then after they enter he looks about at the verious things there, obviously rather impressed. Still, he says little as Mr. Algreto gives his instructions, and then nods when he finishes before heaing over to look at the things available. First Marcus would look over the various firearms there, and if they had a better quality pistol than the one he already had, he would take one as well as get some ammunition and put it in the inner pockets of his coat. Marcus turns to Nadya when she says this, smiling lightly. "Well, better safe than sorry as the old saying goes. Best to be prepaired for anything, considering those pictures." Marcus then would head over to where the rifles were stored, picking one out and getting ammunition for it as well. As he just said, better safe than sorry. From the looks of things they may well need a little more firepower than just some pistols. After picking out a rifle, Marcus would turn his attention to Odo for a moment, but his attention is quickly pulled back to Nadya when the match she was holding seems to ignite all by itself. He'd pause a moment, just watching, then gradually smiles again as he starts to follow her over to where Dr. Chase was, simply saying "Should I even ask?" before also turning his attention to the things Dr. Chase had, and if he didnt see anything of the sort, he would ask if they had any portable camera equipment.
  11. Marcus was quiet during most of this time. He was obviously surprised himself when the Ophidian removed his glasses, but in the end says nothing to that either. He would again just stare a moment before bringing his attention to the conversations. He listens, and thinks, but seems to have little to add himself at the moment. Then when the contracts are offered, he would take one and make sure to read it over carefully, but eventually he signs it as well.
  12. Marcus would look over the pictures quietly for a while, and then sits back and fold his arms to think. He still wasn't 100% sure about this, but on the other hand he doubted the IDA would have sent him here if they didnt feel it was important. Not to mention he figured he could always go back to them. And it sounds like this position could turn out to be quite interesting. So finally he would nod. "Alright, Im in. I may have never gone big game hunting before, but I believe I can assist, in my own way."
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