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  1. Ryan seemed almost taken aback by the gratitude he received from Lucia, and perhaps even more so when Ms. Dorn echoed that sentiment. For a moment he bore an expression that the teacher recognized from classes when she had called on him to answer a question. ,, Ryan blinked several times and then quipped, "Umm, Ah'm thinkin' that me an' trouble already made our greetin's. Soon as Bitchard finds me tha jig iz gonna be up, if ya know whut I mean." He shrugged and offered his best "I swear I'm innocent" smile. "Lucia, 'less you don' want me ta come with, Ah think Ah'm best off stayin' away from Dalton. Which iz ta say I'd like ta go with ... 'less ya object."
  2. Ryan glanced at the security guards, their shoes, the less than confident looks they had on their faces. He sighed and shook his head. "If'n I wuz you, I'd stay put. This 'ere coppa roofin' ken get pretty slipp'ry if ya don' got tha right type a shoe." He lit another firecracker, and flung it over his shoulder at their feet. He smirked as the two men shied away from the little pop. ,, His senses found what they were looking for, a single figure has ascended to the attic of Lancaster house and opened the door. The opened passageway to Mantherland was like a flaw in a pane of glass twisting his sense of spatial perception as a glass dimple would twist the light. One by one people popped out of that twist in space. It's about time. ,, "Know whut, neveh mind, I'm gettin' bored here anyways." Ryan climbed to his feet, tottering at the edge of the thirty foot drop to the group. He lit the main fuse on the pack he had just opened, and dropped it over the edge. A few seconds later the staccato of small explosions rang out in front of Pritchard's window. Ryan pivoted on his heel and waved a nonchalant goodbye to the guards, "Tell Bitchard I said 'Hi,' m'kay? Thanks." ,, Shoving his hands into his pockets he walked the narrow edge of the roof away from the guards until he got to the corner of the building. "Bye now!" he called as he stepped off the building's roof and dropped from sight. I really hope this works! Ryan thought as he folded space around him and slid out of the world and then slid back in three hundred yards away inside Lancaster's attic. ,, Ryan landed with a thud behind some boxes. His fall had been less than six feet and he easily rolled with it. I should really figure out if I can change my movement when I do that, he though as he stood up. "Hey guys, let's not dawdle 'kay? Dunno how long we got, Bitchard didn' take tha bait all personal like. She sent ah couple ah toadies afta me instead. C'mon!" ,, Rolls Spatial Sense: [jameson] 12:20 pm: Wits 3 + Composure 2 + Apotheosis 3 = 8 dice jameson *rolls* 8d10: 3+1+8+3+10+6+9+5: 45 [jameson] 12:20 pm: pop 10 jameson *rolls* 1d10: 10: 10 jameson *rolls* 1d10: 8: 8 [Moira Morley] 12:20 pm: there is a way to roll WoD die [jameson] 12:20 pm: nice! 6 sux ,, Teleport: ,, [jameson] 12:22 pm: Resolve 3 + Apotheosis 3 + Teleport 3 = 9 dice jameson *rolls* 9d10: 9+1+5+5+3+5+10+7+8: 53 jameson *rolls* 1d10: 7: 7 [jameson] 12:23 pm: 3 sux good enough for: Intimate / 1 success Known / 2 successes Acquainted / 3 successes -1 point of juice (no clue what my total is ATM)
  3. Ryan sat atop the administration building, legs swinging over the edge of the rooftop wall, and lit another firecracker. He dropped then hissing object and it fell, tumbling, before popping loudly outside Bitchard's window. If this didn't garner a reaction Ryan was going to have to try really hard. He had no Earthly idea what he could do to be even more aggressive in getting Bitchard's attention while Micah rescued the others on his behalf but it might require popping directly into her office and dropping his pants or something else that even he had to admit was just plain foolish. ,, His vaguely blank gaze swiveled out toward Lancaster as he lit another firework and let it fall. Micah had bounded up those steps a bit ago, and Ryan had lost track of him among the other students. He waited for one to break away from the others and enter the attic, then he'd start with the rockets. ,, Ryan smiled. It was good to be home.
  4. Ryan shrugged, "I dunno." He scratched his nose, a frown of concentration spreading over his face. After a moment he sighed dramatically, "I think maybe I'ma gonna hafta do tha distraction. Bitchard prolly don't know ya got tapped fer tha game, right? Sos, I'll give ya a bit ta get over ta Lancasta House an' then I'll raise a ruckus. Tha'll let ya sneak up ta tha attic an' open tha door fer tha others." The scraggly youth paused, scrunching his face up as he thought. "I hope," he added finally. "Here, yer gonna need these," he said digging out the door key components from his bag. "Toss 'em through ta open tha door. Maybe you wanna grab a rock or sumthin' an' write Sean an' them a note sos they know it's safe an' all that. Don' go through unless ya hafta cause who knows if tha door'll stay open, ya know?"
  5. Ryan rolled his eyes, "Like ev'rybuddy. Whole buncha us got weird shit goin' down, an' freaky powers comin' up." "Anyways, them all are prolly still talkin' 'bout how ta best wait fer me ta save their bacon frum tha fire." He shrugged, "Still, I ain't Cliff, you'll hafta get a rundown from sumbody who wuz payin' more 'tention than I wuz. Alls I know is tha door is blocked on this end so I popped over ta oper 'er up again. Prolly it was Bitchard, so we's gotta lay low an' avoid trouble. Tha's where you come in, I need a distraction."
  6. "Shit, ma and dad's money makes itself useful. Who'da thunk it?" Ryan said to himself as he walked away shaking his head. He stopped short when somebody called his name and he spun around, and his jaw dropped. "Blah blah blah ....can you tell me what's going on as we walk to my room so I can get dressed? " "Ain't you dead?" Ryan asked, as he scanned the hall behind him and the nearby rooms for other students. He found nobody else, it was the middle of the afternoon, so hardly all that shocking. "I mean, didn' you kill yerself? Tha whole sword in da chest an' all?" Ryan scratched his head, continuing on without really giving Micha a chance to reply. "I mean, yeah, I didn' stick 'round fer the gory aftamath, but I ain't dumb, I know what yer gonna get when ya ram a couple feet of steel through yer ribcage." Ryan's eyes narrowed. "Wait ... yer a freak too ain't ya? Shit." Ryan shooed the other boy toward his room, "Come on, move it, yer drippin' on the rug and way too starkers for my taste. You got some splainin' to do an' then we gotta rescue a bunch of self righteous prigs from India."
  7. "Sortez d'ici! Vous pervers malade!" "Ooohhhh crap!" Ryan was almost immediately inundated with shouts, all directed at him, from the half dozen women in the room with him. Ryan ducked as a shoe was thrown at him and frantically searched for an exit. Instead of his dorm room he had apparently arrived in a ladies room. Pale pastel tiles lined the floor and walls and a long mirrored counter with sinks ran along one wall opposite a row of divided stalls. Thankfully the exit was easy to locate thank in part to the simple layout of the room and the spatial map in his head. Ducking physical objects and foreign language swears Ryan hit the door running, and found himself bursting out into a crowded concourse area. "Where tha heck?" Ryan realized people were staring at him, and he quickly picked a direction and ambled off quickly, trying to figure out where he had ended up. The signs were not in English but he was about to intuit that this was an airport, and probably a French one based on the sounds of the people talking around him. "I assume that this is not where you meant to arrive?" Becor asked him quietly from behind. Ryan detected a hint of amusement in the alien's voice. "No," Ryan replied glumly. "Guess I messed up. This is a airport, so ... there, men's room, follow me." Ryan was glad that the men's room had the expected man shaped symbol on the door and he moved into it and located the handicapped stall in the very back, and moved in after letting Becor precede him. "This, this is no' somethin' I eva' expected to do." Ryan whispered as he pulled the door closed and held it. "You should not be ashamed to make a mistake so early. We have traveled nearly a third of the way around your world, this is impressive for a first try." "Not what I meant ..." Ryan said. "Nevermind. Ok, here goes." Ryan crossed his fingers as he once again wrapped a sphere of the void around himself. He concentrated on his room, holding the image and making every effort to recall the very least detail, and to not think about anything else. Once again he used the image in his head as he merged the void with the world. Ryan breathed a relieved sigh, "Thank god." His room was as he had left it. He was back. Now came the hard part, getting the door open. better rolls [jameson] 9:42 am: Teleport take 2 - 9 dice jameson *rolls* 9d10t8: 3,5,9,7,3,1,5,10,6. Successes = 2. The target number was changed to 8. [jameson] 9:42 am: YAY! [jameson] 9:42 am: oh, pop the 10 jameson *rolls* 1d10t8: 1. Successes = 0. The target number was changed to 8. [Carver-working] 9:43 am: Hah. Willpower 4/5 Power Points 8/10
  8. took longer than expected to get what I needed to make this post so I will follow up with another when I next have a window to write
  9. Ryan bristled, "No, I'm no' gonna sit 'round wit' mah thumb up mah ass while y'all decide wha' y'all wanna do. Ah can git tha door open, an' all y'all kin thank me afta'." He looked at Lucia, his expression daring her to try and stop him. Student body president or not, nobody in four years had managed to do more than coerce Ryan do something he was already willing to do, or didn't have an opinion about one way or the other. Still he removed a small notebook from his backpack and wrote the Key information into it, apparently at least willing to take the offered help. He conversed quietly with Sean and Ravi for a moment and then said, "Aight, Ah'm outtie, back inna coupl'a hours or so, y'all prolly wanna make up yer minds a'fore then. Doubt Bitchard will leave tha door 'lone fer long." Without waiting for an answer he turned and left, followed by Ravi. Outside the other student took a few moments to help him acquire the needed Key components. Ryan tucked them into a pocket, "Thanks, I'll be back soonish." His usual goofy grin split his face before he turned and headed back into the forest, apparently wanting some degree of privacy. "OK, I know yer ou' there. Anythin' you wanna suggest?" Ryan asked his invisible shadow, the alien appearing once he was out of sight of the house. "I'm gonna go to Dalton an' open tha door from that end. I figger I oughtta be able ta find my room easy enough, right?" "Just concentrate, picture where you want to be, and you will be there." Becor's voice was quiet, and he seemed to be willing to see how Ryan's first real attempt would fare. "I will follow you." "Kay ..." Ryan seemed doubtful, but he did as Becor suggested and concentrated. First he formed a sphere of nothing around himself. This took only a double handful of seconds, it was getting easier to push away the world, and doing so with himself in the center seemed almost easier. Almost. The bubble of Void wobbled and he tried to visualize his bedroom at Dalton. It hadn't changed much in four years, and thankfully he had a single, and thus no roommates to change things while he was away. He was already merging the balloon with the world again when he realized he had to pee. "I shoulda gone before I left," he said jokingly before realizing he wasn't in his room. "Aw, crapsauce." rolls ... terrible, terrible, rolls [jameson] 10:17 am: 9 dice jameson *rolls* 9d10t8: 5,7,3,6,1,7,4,3,4. Successes = 0. The target number was changed to 8. [jameson] 10:17 am: [Asarasa] 10:17 am: [jameson] 10:18 am: mutherfucker [Carver-working] 10:18 am: Oops! That's awkward... Willpower: 4/5 Power Points: 9/10
  10. "Mebbe 'cause Ah didn' know how? Eva think 'bout that? Mebbe 'cause we wuz in Cimmeria an' not here on Earth? Mebbe 'cause Ah didn' wanna?" Ryan jabbed a finger at Renata, "An' mebbe Ah should jus' go on back an' not open tha door for ya. Mebbe Ah should make ya haff ta 'splain to yer 'rents an' beg fer help. Yer only stuck 'cross the world withou' ah passport, shouldn' be too difficult ta get back. Meantimes mebbe Ah'll just take ah few days off an' kick it Dalton style." He took a breath, "Ah'm off'rin' ta help get ev'ryone home, but mebbe y'all don' want help from tha likes o' tha class goof. So, yea', ifn all y'all wan' ma help Ah'll be ou'side fer a few in case sumbuddy 'members how ta open tha door back 'ere." Ryan turned on the balls of his feet and ambled for the door, fed up and sick of dealing with people who didn't appreciate him. "Othawise, laterz," he tossed back over his shoulder as he left.
  11. Ryan rolled his eyes, exasperated. "Ya know, peeps say I'm stupid, but I a' leas' know not ta make 'ssumptions 'bout stuff Ah don't know nuthin' 'bout." He looked to the other students, to Sean and Ravi, and to Ms. Dorn, "I'm tellin' ya, Ah can open tha door. If'n ya don' wanna believe me fine, but a'least'aways answer my question. Mebbe y'all'll be surprised, an' if no ya can laugh at me fer bein' tha fool." He frowned sourly, "I'm use ta tha' at leas'."
  12. Ryan scowled at Renata for a moment before a wicked grin grew in its place, and that mischievous twinkle sparkled in the corner of his eye. He replied in a perfect Royal British accent, or near enough for it not to matter, "Right-o ol' dame! So sorry about the puddle. I merely need one of you fine chaps or birds to inform me on the proper pass-key for the local inter-spatial doorway. Then I shall shoot right off to see about opening the door to Dalton. Come on now, what's the skinny? Sooner said than sooner I'm off and pip-pip to you all!" Smiling like a Chesire cat Ryan waited for the key, glad he had paid attention to the Brits and Aussies he'd played soccer with during the prior summer. rolls [jameson] 1:55 pm: Presence 2 -1 for skill default +3 for Willpower [Jeremy] 1:56 pm: What are you rolling for? Dalton? jameson *rolls* 4d10t8r10: 8,3,1,1. Successes = 1. The target number was changed to 8. [jameson] 1:56 pm: under the wire
  13. "No worries, we don' hafta. I'll do it," Ryan said, pushing back from the table. "Umm ... wha' wuz tha key fer here? I wasn' payin' 'tention, when you all dialed out of Cimmeria." The young man located his backpack, tucked into a corner of the room, and retrieved it. "Fer cereal, sumbuddy jus' tell me wha' tha key thingy is again an' I'll open 'er up." He shrugged into the pack, setting the straps on his shoulders and waiting for somebody to speak up. "Anyone?"
  14. "Ifn we knew how ta open 'er up ... tha Dalton Door Ah mean ... well, mebbe sumbuddy could get 'er open frum tha' otha end ya know?" Ryan piped up. He was pretty sure he could probably get to Dalton now. He sniggered at that thought; he was pretty sure he might probably be able to do something. Last time he heard somebody say something like that it was him, and it was a quintuple inverted spin off the ski aerial jumps. He shrugged to himself, appearing to do so in response to his comment. "Course we don' know how Bitchard locked tha door ... "
  15. "I doubt my 'rents care one way or th'other. They sent me ta Dalton ta get rid o' me." Ryan shrugged, apparently unbothered by that fact. "I don' think we got a lotta choice. If tha door can't be shut fer good, then we gotta face tha Caramels eventually." Ryan pushed a hunk of something through spicy curry sauce before jamming it into his mouth, he was unlikely to stop eating just for conversation. "Everythin' is changin', not jus' us, but this whole thing." Ryan gestured with a fork full of rice and veggies, "Mebbe you wanna help us out?"
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