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  1. Okay, got Sid's profile set up. Anyone looking for character ties?
  2. Still here, just braindead from some rough nights with baby.
  3. Amy then will be visiting Pensacola to look into the Naval Academy.
  4. Malachite here, with Amaryllis, "Please, for the love of God and minor hatred of flowers, call me Amy. My mother was obsessed."
  5. Davian Layton - PL 10 ,, Strength 2, Stamina 2, Agility 2, Dexterity 3, Fighting 2, Intellect 4, Awareness 3, Presence 4 ,, Advantages Animal Empathy, Assessment, Eidetic Memory, Speed of Thought ,, Skills Acrobatics 1 (+3), Athletics 1 (+3), Deception 1 (+5), Investigation 1 (+5), Sleight of Hand 1 (+4), Technology 6 (+10), Treatment 6 (+10), Vehicles 1 (+4) ,, Powers DC/AC: Energy Control 5 (DC 20; Accurate 2: +4) (Array) . . Damage: Damage 10 (Alternate; DC 25; Accurate 2: +4) . . Nullify: Burst Area Nullify 5 (Alternate; technological, Counters: Electronics, DC 15; Accurate 2: +4, Burst Area: 30 feet radius sphere) ,, Mollecular Realignment (Multiple Effects) . . Flight: Flight 1 (Speed: 4 miles/hour, 60 feet/round; Aquatic) . . Insubstantial: Insubstantial 2 (Gaseous) . . Invisibility: Invisibility 4 (Total concealment from all visual senses) . . Morph: Morph 4 (+20 Deception checks to disguise; Any form) . . Senses: Senses 4 (Microscopic Vision 4: atom-size) . . Transform: Transform 5 (Affects: Anything, Transforms: 25 lbs., DC 15; Precise; Permanent, Don't Be A Dick Rule) . . . . Healing: Healing 6 (Alternate; Persistent, Restorative, Resurrection, Stabilize) ,, Offense Initiative +4 Damage: Damage 10, +6 (DC 25) DC/AC: Energy Control 5, +7 (DC 20) Grab, +2 (DC Spec 12) Nullify: Burst Area Nullify 5 (DC Will 15) Throw, +3 (DC 17) Transform: Transform 5, +2 (DC Dog 15) Unarmed, +2 (DC 17) Complications Enemy - Dr. Solace: After the car accident that killed his parents, Davian and Alexis Layton were both hospital-bound. Davian suffered injuries to his entire body and contracted a virus in the hospital that compromised his immune system. Alexis' heart was injured in the crash and she slipped into a coma shortly after arriving at the hospital. The twins had spent nearly three years and all of the money their parents had left to them, including their life insurances, when Dr. Solace came to visit Davian. She told him that she had an experimental medication that might be able to help him, and in turn let him help his sister. She would give it to him, so long as he agreed to come with her to her private labs to be studied after the treatment took and Davian had seen to his sister. He agreed, even knowing there was something off about the situation and suspecting Dr. Solace was not quite the angel of mercy she tried to pretend to be. The treament ended up being an injections of nanites that took Davian apart on a molecular level and then reassembled themselves as his new body. Dr. Solace was elated and explained to Davian how he could fix Alexis' heart and the damage to her brain that was keeping her in a coma. Once he'd healed his sister, in the few moments she was awake before the nurses came, he promised her he'd look out for her and be back when he could. He left with Dr. Solace and was gone for two years. Alexis was put in foster care for those two years. Davian reappeared in the Slums, near Bakersfield on their 18th birthday; he told the police that there was a secret place, in the Mojave, where a woman was doing biotech experiments on anyone she could trick there and on the local environment and population. He knew he sounded insane, but after revealing his own inhuman nature, the police confirmed his identity and informed the City government of the threat brewing in the desert. Prototype: Davian's 'cure' was an untested nano technology that had severe and unexpected side-effects. Although he survived, the technology is still prone to glitches, some merely embarrassing while others can be life-threatening if they occur at the wrong place or time. Davian was able to steal some of Dr. Solace's notes just before his escape, that indicated she'd been watching hospitals for patients in desperate need of whole-body healing and with certain genetic markers, as her previous attempts to create something like him had failed miserably, to quote "complete failure of the nanites to reassemble, resulting in an unusable organic mass from which the nanites could not be seperated out from." Relationship: Davian's twin sister Alexis is alive, thanks to him, but their situation is still far from perfect. What money there was from their parents' life insurance was long ago eaten up in medical bills and Alexis' coma meant that she missed high school. She earned her GED while in the foster care program, but at 18 she was released with little prospects beyond "would you like fries with that?" Davian feels responsible for her and is trying to find a way to provide a good life, and good opportunities for her, while also balancing his relationship with Darrik and all the strange new facets of his life since his change. Weakness: Davian's "body" is comprised of a cloud of nanites directed, mostly subconciously, by the electrical impulses from Davian's....brain? He's not sure if he's really Davian anymore or some machine ghost of the human that was ripped apart by the microscopic machines. Either way, if the machines are disabled, Davian becomes a dust-like pile of inert nanites until he is "jump-started" again by an electrical pulse. Languages English Defense Dodge 2, Parry 2, Fortitude 2, Toughness 2, Will 10 Power Points Abilities 44 + Powers 83 + Advantages 5 + Skills 11 (22 ranks) + Defenses 7 = 150 ,,
  6. Sounds like we have an ST consensus. Might I suggest a soft reboot of the setting to let people rearrange background points to fit into the new paradigm? ,, For example, if we set the megacity to be the L.A.-San Francisco Megalopolis, then Davian's archnemesis Dr. Solace will now be mucking about and creating choas in the Mojave Desert instead of the Sahara. Likewise, if we decided to go for Chicago Dominion (surrounding all of Lake Michigan), then she could have an underwater base in the lake. New location, new twist, same basic storyline. ,, Thoughts?
  7. Davian might go if enticed enough or to try to to get some scientists to help him with Solas, so I'm in if there's room.
  8. Davian pulled Darrik close, once again marveling at the pull his boyfriend had over him. He'd never been attracted to men and he still didn't look at other men the way he did with women. But Darrik, he was just....Darrik. It had taken some getting used to, being attracted to him and then admitting being attracted to him and then dealing with being with a man in a country that was mostly several centuries behind the US on sexual issues, and the US wasn't exactly stellar on those issues itself. But it was also worth it. More than worth it, he mused as he kissed his paramour, letting Darrik thoroughly distract him from annoying DOD scientists and the growing anxiety of what might happen with his sister later that night. ,, They spent the day in a pleasant haze of sensuality and sleep, with the ringer on the phone turned off just in case Dr. Westin or any of his cohorts were dim enough not to get Darrik's blatant 'hint'. The sun was making lances of light across the room, motes dancing in the afternoon heat, when the two men finally roused again. They showered and dressed for an evening out, somewhere between business casual and club-going for Davian, and he set the phone back to its proper noise level. No new messages, which was a good sign all around. He pulled up Alexis' phone number on his cell and typed in a quick text to her. ,, In NY for the day, would like to give you a b-day present and go to dinner. OK? ,, He knew that she already knew he'd be in the country for their birthday, but it was better to come off sounding casual than needy when it came to trying to convince his sister to spend any time with him. Adding that he had a present for her might actually tip the odds in his favor. He sat down on the bed, leaning his head on Darrik's shoulder and watching the phone nervously for a response.
  9. The airport was, thankfully, only the usual number of gauntlets to run: finding their luggage in the mass of waiting people as it trundled along the moving strips of metal, then juggling the bags until they could make it out into the already hot New York morning to try to hail a cab. They let three go to other wayfarers finally sticking to their guns in the face a pushy, red-faced business that tried to trample over the two young men while he yelled at someone over the phone. He had a native's accent and Davian hated when people shoved their way around like bullies on a playground just because they were too self-absorbed in whatever they were doing to even notice that they were shoving people around. He motioned for Darrik to go around the cab and start loading up their luggage, then reached out pulled the phone from the man's ear. ,, "Excuse me, but the gentleman will have to call you back. He needs to hail his own cab and is distracted by this phone conversation." He hung up without waiting for whoever was on the other end to respond and slipped the bit of plastic and circuits back in the large man's suit's breast pocket without really acknowledging his existence. The businessman's face went from angry red to livid purple; his shoulders hunched up and he squeezed his hands into small boulder-fists, leaning towards Davian in an effort to loom over him. ,, Davian was less than impressed. The younger man, slim and delicate enough that most people just nodded in smug assumption when they saw him walking with his arm around Darrik, glanced up at the irate businessman. They both paused for a moment in time, bright blue eyes meeting muddy hazel eyes and winning in less than a second the contest of wills that declared Davian instantly higher on the food chain than bulkier male. The purple faded to a startled ashen and the businessman stumbled back a step; Davian smiled. "Cabs are in and out every few minutes, sir. Shouldn't be a long wait, okay?" ,, "Uh, yeah," the cowed man mumbled, seeming to have shrunk several sizes in the space of a few heartbeats. He patted his pocket and tapped nervously on the top of the cellphone's plastic, like touching a lucky charm. "Uh, thanks." ,, "No problem," Davian's cheer wasn't entirely false, but he was happy to hear Darrik and the cabby slam the trunk set and head towards their seats. He opened the door behind himself and slipped into the back seat of the cab, already tired of the city and they were still at the airport. He leaned his head on Darrik's shoulder and told the cabby, "The Edison Hotel, please." ,, The trip to the Times Square hotel was long enough for Davian to shake off his irritation at rude people on cellphones and about three times longer than it would have been in any other large American city. Apparently traffic was light this morning. The hotel itself was a pleasant surprise, nicer than Davian had thought their budget could afford in New York, but Darrik had some sort of sixth sense when it came to making the most out of their money and finding little ways to pamper Davian when he could. The lobby was beautifully decorated in Art Deco and their room was just spacious and plush enough to be inviting to the couple without overwhelming them with luxury they couldn't afford; the peeks Davian had gotten of the bar and restaurant while checking also seemed trendy enough that Alexis might deign to slum it with her brother for an evening there. ,, He noticed the blinking light on the phone in the room only after their luggage was safely stowed away in the closet and they'd taken a moment to just be still on the comfortable king-sized bed after nearly a full day of travelling. He figured it was just the welcome message from the front desk, but he was never one that could ignore impatient little bits of light. He sat up on the edge of the bed, cradled the headset of the phone against one shoulder, pushed the blue "messages" on the bottom left corner of the base; it rang twice, then flipped over to a voicemail service that informed him there were two waiting messages. The first was a brief welcome message detailing the amenities of the hotel and nearby attractions. The second was from a Dr. William Westin who was in New York for the week and would very much enjoy taking Davian and his boyfriend out to a birthday lunch, if there was a convenient time. Davian hung up before the smooth, professional voice could finish telling him the number he could be reached at. ,, He sighed and flopped back onto the bed next to his lover. "They left a message. Before we checked in. It's not even six in the morning yet!" He groaned and buried his face against Darrik's chest, muttering darkly and knowing he sounded whiny and petulant and not caring one bit at the moment. "If they try to ambush us tonight...." ,, There was no point trying to get together with Alexis any time before mid-afternoon - she wouldn't be awake and if she was she'd be grumpy and even more likely to just hang up on Davian. She knew they were coming, knew that they'd get in early in the morning, and he knew that he'd have to give her her space for the day or she'd just blow him off completely. Which meant DC and their scientists and politicians and "interested parties" had all day annoy the hell out of him. He cuddled in tightly against Darrik and groaned in frustration again.
  10. The drone of the plane had lulled Davian into a sleepy stupor even though he'd been sleeping for most of the flight anyways. Darrik had managed to get them bumped up to first-class seats by flirting with the flight attendants the evening before and the larger, plush seats were doing the best to pull Davian into full slumber. They'd put the armrest between the seats up last night and Davian had leaned against his boyfriend, snuggling under the blanket they were sharing and trying not to worry about the reception most likely waiting for them in New York. ,, It wasn't just Alexis, even though she was the reason they were flying halfway around the world. The US Ambassador to Algeria had been trying to get him to go back to the States for over a year - something about an R&D military think tank that wanted to meet him. ​More like dissect me, he grumbled to himself, if that's even really possible anymore. It was based just outside of DC and Davian had little doubt that there wouldn't be some "amazing coincidence" of some of the scientists being in New York while he was visiting his sister. Hell, they were about as subtle as bricks through windows, if the Ambassador was anything to go by; he wouldn't be surprised if they were camped out at the airport, just waiting for him to land so they could "accidentally" bump into him before he even had a chance to get his luggage. ,, He debated changing his appearance before they got off, but Darrik couldn't do that and they knew who he was travelling with. Besides, he grumbled more in his head, his apprehension making him unusually surly, I shouldn't have to sneak around like some criminal just to visit my sister on our birthday. His eyes flicked down to the backpack at his feet, the only contents being his identification and the velvet box with Alexis' presents in it. He wasn't a rich man, though he could probably make himself so easily enough if he wanted to, so long as he didn't mind either counter-fitting money, flooding the market with rare items like gems or precious metals, selling his soul to the US (or most other countries') military industrial complexes, even less scrupulous corporations, or charging people for his ability to heal. None of those options made him feel anything above greedy and corrupt, so for right now he and Darrik lived modestly and he only splurged on making expensive things when it was necessary. And bribing his sister with expensive jewelry to be at least somewhat nice to him on their birthday was, after some prodding from Darrik and the memory of the last time he'd spoken (fought) with Alexis, sadly probably pretty necessary. ,, The sunrise had been chasing them across the Atlantic for hours now and the ding of the seat-belt sign finally went off, signalling the first step in their descent back to earth. Davian reluctantly sat up enough to buckle himself in and put down the armrest. It wasn't worth the argument with the stewards about his ability to fly on his own and dematerialize off the plane if it started to crash. Nobody like to talk about plane crashes and it just sounded crass to say that it wouldn't really bother you. The blanket and it's stored warmth from the two men stayed put, though. He wasn't ready to give up on the comfort and perceived shield it and his lover provided against the worry of what would happen after they touched down. His eyes tracked passed Darrik and out the window, staring out at the clouds and the ocean beneath them. ,, Twenty years ago today he'd been born. Seven years ago today he'd lost almost everything in the car crash on the way to their birthday dinner. Four years ago today he'd become something else, something not quite human anymore, saved his sister's life, and abandoned her all on the same day. Two years ago today he'd finally made it to the US Embassy in Algiers after escaping from Dr. Solace and met Darrik for the first time. Everything about his family, past and future, seemed to sit on this day. He glanced down at the backpack again and sighed. Please let this work, he prayed to the universe, hoping someone or Someone was listening.
  11. Still trying to get the first one sorted out, personally.
  12. Mechanics Guh, sorry about the long wait! Initiative: Malachite *rolls* 3d6: 1+2+1+1: 5 Perception: Malachite *rolls* 3d6: 2+2+6+1: 11
  13. Shiral'ven let out an oath when Heln took off after the scream - but his feet were already moving in the same direction. Let it be some unlucky bandit at the hands of Ser Blaker, and not one of the children. Or more darkspawn. He shuddered. I can go the rest of my life without ever seeing another genlock, personally.
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