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  1. This thread is a place holder for a 'story' I am writing using Elspeth. The world described within is a fantasy world that I have been working on for a very long time and I recently decided to get back to writing something in it. What follows is me putting Elspeth within this setting in order to look at the world with fresh eyes. By writing about her within the setting it is forcing me to think more deeply about the setting itself. As I said this is not a real story, as it does not contain all the elements of a story like conflict, etc... it's just me putting her in the setting and seeing what happens and what ideas it gives me. That said, if you just want to read about the setting itself and find it interesting, then more power to you. If you read it for 'story' you'll probably be disappointed. If anyone is interested in reading it, just let me know... I certainly wouldn't mind suggestions and opinions on the setting. It is much like the World Building project, in that a friend and I worked on building the world for several years as a campaign world. Because of that, it has a depth that many fantasy worlds lack, but it's been years since I really did anything with it. As I said above, by putting Elspeth into the setting (a non-fantasy character), it is making me look at the setting from a different perspective and ask questions that I never dug into in the past. Hopefully the result will make the world not only unique, but also give it even greater verisimilitude. (ooh, big word!) As for Elspeth, she has Crosstime travel so from the her perspective she has just traveled to a very far divergent 'Earth'. Because I intend to eventually try to get stories within this fantasy world published, I'm not exactly eager to put it out here on the net where ideas could be stolen. Unfortuneately, it's not possible to make threads Private and restrict access, so instead I will put them in PM. If anyone really wants to read what's being written I'll be happy to shoot it to you in PM provided you agree not to share details with anyone else or use my ideas without permission.
  2. The four teens lay cuddled together in Steph's bed for hours enjoying the afterglow of their shared first sexual experience and the warmth and comfort of their shared emotional bond, something new to them all. For Elspeth however, it was a bittersweet feeling. She was very glad she had helped these three bond and not at all sorry she had allowed them to pull her into their fun, but sad because this was not something she could ever have back home. Even disguised there would be too much possibility of discovery and the consequences of negative media attention. It disgusted her as she lay there thinking about it, that she should be denied such pleasure as she had just found, all because a hostile 'do-gooder' organization would take any slightest chance to smear her in the press. Bastards! She took a deep breath and snuggled closer into Jeremy's arms, forcing herself to relax and just enjoy the moment. It felt great to experience such closeness even if it was in a stolen moment. Maybe it was all the sweeter for that. That's it girl, look at the brightside. It's not like you can't ever come back here, or find others on other Earth's with whom to get close? Those thoughts led her back to the fact that time was growing short. She could stay until the morning, but then she absolutely had to go. Her Clones would dissipate within the next 12 hours and she had to return before then in order to experience their memories, otherwise she would never know what had happened in her absence. Her vacation was ending. "Pets, we need to talk before I leave." Her words made the teens stir and begin to sit up. Their nakedness covered by sheets for warmth, but certainly not modesty. Elspeth felt the cold, but it didn't effect her and soon these kids would realize the same thing. They were changed although they didn't know it. "Let's take a swim before I go and I'll explain everything you need to know about the Gift I've given you." "Swim?" Diana blinked in surprise, "It's freezing outside..." She pulled the sheets tighter around herself unconsciously. Elspeth laughed and put an arm around the wafe of a girl. "I mean a swim in the ocean, I know this little deserted island in the South Pacific and it should be just about mid afternoon there and very warm." She gestured and a gateway opened in the air over the foot of the bed. The bright afternoon sunlight that streamed through the gateway made the teens cover their eyes and look away for a moment. When they adjusted they could see the ocean and a white sand beach not far away. "Come on, last one in has to gather coconuts" She dived straight through the opening and into the water with a splash. The other three teens hesitated only a moment before following and hitting the water almost as one. The water was clear and warm and wonderful on their bare skin. Elspeth floated, waiting for the kids to surface and when they did she laughed and dove under them. She knew what these kids had not yet discovered, that with the Gift it was possible to survive without breathing. The water was only twenty feet deep or so, but so clear that the bottom was easily visible and the three could see Elspeth swim beneath them. She reached up and grabbed Jeremy's ankle and pulled him under. He tried to take a breath when he felt himself being pulled down, but managed to get a mouthful of sea water instead. He coughed and spluttered and took in more water as Mistress relentlessly pulled him under. He began to panic but it was far too late, he'd already expended his air in the first seconds. He flailed and tried to pull to the surface but was held down by a strength far greater than his own even with the adrenaline and panic. It took Elspeth a moment to move up to face him and get his hands in her own grip and more seconds to get his attention which she did by making direct contact with his mind. Relax, you are not drowning. I know it's disconcerting the first time, but you don't need air now. She repeated it several times before the panic receded enough for Jeremy to realize that he wasn't dying. Once he calmed down he still wasn't comfortable with having his lungs full of water, it was somewhat painful, but it wasn't life threatening. Jeremy looked around amazed at being near the bottom of the lagoon with fifteen feet of ocean above him. A coloful tropical fish with a flat body and a long snout swam up to investigate the intruders. He reached out to touch it and it shot away from him with a grace that his monkey form could never match in water. Elspeth grinned seeing that he was ok now and swam up to get the other victims. On the surface Diana and Steph were getting nervous, Jeremy and Mistress had been down for a long time and they could easily see their friend and lover panicking through the crystal clear water. "Is he ok?" Diana asked, sounding uncertain. Steph frowned but looked thoughtful, "Mistress did something to us while we were having sex. You felt it too right? There was a moment that seemed to last forever that I think was beyond an orgasm. Maybe she did somehow make us into vampires?" "I thought it was just me, but yeah, something happened. I don't know about the Vampire thing though, I've never heard of vampires being able to travel all the way across the world like this, and look." She pointed to the sun above shining brightly. "It's bright daylight out here and we're not being burnt. At least not yet. That's not very vampire-like." Just then both girls were pulled beneath the waves and began their own short panic. Knowing that Jeremy and Mistress were still alive after two or three minutes without surfacing, they more easily took hold of themselves and pushed down the instinctive panic of not being able to breath. Now pets, you realize you don't need to breath. Enjoy the swim and when you are ready we'll head to the beach to talk. Elspeth enjoyed the relaxing swim with her three companions. There was a certain amount of play involved as the teens brushed past each other rubbing their bodies together in a sensual way, enjoying the feeling of the warm water on their skin. Together they slowly moved toward shore playing all the while and coming together in pairs to twine bodies and kiss and caress each other. The teens were warm from more than just the water and sun by the time they walked out naked onto the beach. Elspeth pointed to Diana, "You were last in the water, go find us some coconuts." Diana grinned and obeyed returning with one for each of them after a few moments. By then Elspeth had dragged a pair of logs over and pushed them into the sand to make benches to sit on. Taking a coconut from the smaller teen she simply rapped on it with a knuckle, leaving a two inch hole in it's hard shell. She repeated the process until each one had a coconut to drink from. She raised it in salute and then took a drink. It was sweet and satisfying and really hit the spot after the night she had had. The others seemed to feel the same way from their expressions. "So my pets, it's time to tell you some things you need to know." She grinned and pointed at the sun. "In case you haven't figured it out yet, I'm not a vampire. I'm something else, and I don't come from this Earth." She knew it was overly dramatic, but it was true and there wasn't really a better way than just dive right into the explanation. "Let me start by giving you my name, I'm not your mistress any longer, you're my friends. My name is Elspeth." The three teens sat patiently expecting more so she continued, "When I say that I don't come from this Earth, I don't mean that I'm an alien from Krypton or something. I mean that I'm from a parallel Earth." She started drawing in the sand to give a visual to what she was explaining. "Scientists theorize that for each decision or turning point, made consciously or not, a new universe splits off. That's something you can look up in the science books if you want, I'm not going to try and explain string theory to you. To make a long story short, on the Earth where I'm from the human race has branched, there are no longer just Homo Sapiens Sapiens, there is now a new group, Homo Sapiens Novus. Or Novas for short. Somewhere back in the dark past on my world humans developed a genetic quirk, or rather some humans did. Not everyone has the gene, it's rare in fact, there aren't more than a few thousand novas in the world, but each one devolops different abilities; some can fly, some are super strong, and so on. Second and third generation novas are more powerful than the first. I'm of the third generation, my parents were born novas, and all four of my grand parents were novas as well. Maybe it's that, or maybe I just pushed myself too hard because of things that happened to me when I was younger, but I'm in the top 5 or 10 percent of the most powerful on my Earth. I tell you this not to brag, but so that you'll understand. I'm able to travel between alternate universes, but that ability is extremely rare, I doubt there are more than a handful who can. That's how I came to your world." She could see her friends were engrossed in her story, simple as it was and without embellishment. "I tell you that so you'll understand; the ability to make others into Novas, that's completely unheard of. I suspect there is one other who has the ability besides me, but I didn't even realize I could do it until I met you three and decided to help you. I was pretending about the Vampire thing because it was something you were familiar with and could latch onto. I knew I couldn't make you into vampires, but the more I pondered the idea the more certain I became that there was something I could do for you. The Gift. I figured out how to make you like me." "So we're... novas?" Steph spoke the unfamiliar word with some confusion. "Yes. It's not magic or something, there's solid science behind it even if it's pretty deep stuff. The genetic trait that allows some people to become novas triggers the growth of a group of cells in the brain that allows the person to manipulate quantum energies instinctively. So, I started thinking, I can alter my own body, and by attuning you to my quantum signature I can manipulate yours as well and that's what I did. When I changed your hair color the other day I tweaked your genetics to add the nova gene, but the gene by itself isn't enough, lots of people have the gene and never 'erupt'; that's what we call it when someone goes from being a normal person to manifesting their abilities. In the case of people who erupt, something happens, usually traumatic or profoundly life changing, that activates the node of cells in their brain charging them with quantum energies. I thought, 'well why can't I just charge your nodes myself using my own energy'? You have to realize, I've become very adept at manipulating the energy so I was sure I could do it." Diana paled a little, "Uh, so we're the first people you've given the Gift? Are you sure everything is ok? I mean we're not going to turn blue and sprout wings or something are we?" Elspeth chuckled, "No you're fine, I can tell." She got serious quickly and added, "I do have to warn you. You can become tainted if you aren't careful. If you abuse your powers or push yourselves you can develop side effects, that could include things like turning colors, or having your skin turn to liquid metal, or having glowing eyes, and those are some of the cool side effects, although they can be much worse; mental problems are the most tragic in my opinion." She could see the fear and apprehension in their eyes so she gave them a reassuring smile, "Don't worry, just take things easy and don't push your abilities, let them grow at a nice slow pace. You'll live to be around 150 barring accident or violence, or even longer depending on what abilities you develop so you don't have any need to rush." They did look relieved but also curious and Jeremy spoke what they were all wondering, "So what abilities will we have? Not that living to 150 isn't pretty cool all by itself!" He hastened to add a bit of his old geeky self peaking through the new ‘cool’ façade. Elspeth grinned, "It's kinda like Christmas morning isn't it?" They laughed, but nodded enthusiastically. "There are no other novas on this world, since no one has the gene, so I didn't want you to suddenly go nuts with new abilities and get yourselves noticed by the wrong kind of people. Understand that being different will automatically earn you enemies who will either want to use you or destroy you, so until you grow into your abilities I want you to keep a low profile. For that reason I only gave you three things each. You are all stronger than the best Olympic weight lifter, and you have increased coordination, and finally you are tougher and more resistant to damage and disease. Each of those gifts manifests a special ability, so I chose them for you. You already experienced one, you are able to adapt to any environment, just be careful and try not to stress your bodies with quick changes. You could survive in the heart of a raging inferno if your body has time to adapt, but if someone suddenly hit's you with a flame thrower, you’re toast." She let that sink in then went on, "Thanks to your enhanced reflexes and coordination you will be able to complete mundane tasks much faster than would otherwise be possible. You could clean your entire house in a few minutes for instance." "Lastly, I've made sure your strength doesn't get out of control. Imagine having the strength to deadlift an SUV... but now shake hands with a normal person. If you weren't careful you could crush the bones in their hand. So I made sure you've got the precision to avoid those kind of mistakes." Jeremy nodded seriously obviously imagining it. "I've had my hand crunched by some of the jocks at school trying to show off how strong they are. It would be nice to give a little payback, but yeah, I wouldn't want to accidently hurt someone." He stood up and looked around for something heavy to try lifting. There was a good sized boulder on the beach that might have come from some past volcanic eruption and he quickly walked over to it. He bent and tried to lift it and was disappointed when he couldn't get it more than a few inches off the ground and that was with considerable straining. The girls looked impressed, but Elspeth just laughed. "Try to put it in perspective, yesterday you would have laughed at anyone who said you'd be able to even move that an inch, now you can actually pick it up if only barely. That rock probably weighs several hundred pounds." He stepped back and considered and then broke out into a big smile. "Yeah, that's true. I didn't think of it that way. I was picturing being like Superman or something, throwing trucks around and stuff." Steph spoke up, "Jer, I doubt Ted Gurmman could have even rolled that thing over and he placed second in State in weight lifting. "You'll find that your abilities are like anything else, the more you use them the better you'll get. Weight lifting is a good analogy. The more you lift the stronger you'll get and the more you'll be able to lift." Elspeth continued to explain things, knowing time was growing short. "You'll eventually develop other abilities that go beyond the simple physical things I've given you, but let it come in it's own time. Remember, you don't want do grow a third eye or something." She winked at them. Diana broke in, "Mistress..., uh, I mean Elspeth, you talk like we won't see you again. Aren't you going to at least come back and visit us? I don't want you to go." There was a tear in her eye. Elspeth was touched, the girl really meant it. "Thanks, but you are right, I have to go very soon, but I didn't want to leave without making sure you at least have a basic idea of what is going on with you." She added, "One more thing you should know. Just like air, you don't have to have food, but your bodies will crave food like you wouldn't believe. Your new condition has caused your metabolisms to kick into super high gear and you'll burn calories faster than you can take them in. You'll eat two to three times what you would normally eat just to feel satisfied." She smiled at Steph, "In a few days there won't be an ounce of fat on your body, not that you were ever unattractive and you better remember that; but you'll be as skinny as you could ever wish, and still eat like every day was Thanksgiving. I'm afraid it'll actually be an annoyance to you more than a blessing, just remember that you won't starve even if it feels that way." Diana had been wanting to ask one particular question ever since Elspeth began her explanation. "There's one thing I don't understand? Why did you force us to do all these sexual things?" Elspeth laughed, "I didn't force you to do anything. I merely provided you with the excuse you needed to do the things you really wanted to do but were too afraid to try." The girl started to open her mouth to argue, but the more she considered Elspeth's words the more she realized she was right. Finally she just said, "Thank you Mistress." There was a definite twinkle of mischief in her eyes. Elspeth would have loved to stay and find out what the girl had in mind, but she was running out of time so she stood up and opened another gateway back to Steph's livingroom where all their clothes were abandoned in piles. "Let's go back, I'm sure you are getting hungry already and I have one more present for you." She led the way, holding the gate opened until they were all through. They had tracked sand into the living room and Elspeth noted with amusement that none of the teens even noticed their nudity any more. "Don't forget to avoid the notice of Mrs. Grundy. Keep your fun behind closed doors and don't flaunt your unconventional relationship, or your powers." They looked confused so she added, "Mrs. Grundy, was a ficitional character that Robert Heinlien referred to in one of his books. The nosey neighbor that makes everyone else’s business her own. Just remember that not everyone would be pleased by what you three have together and avoid the negative attention. Now, I have something for you." She bent to retrieve her own clothing and let it flow over her in a liquid fashion until it formed into a gown appropriate to the palace at home. She willed her eufiber to divide itself and reform in to four pieces, three smaller ones for her friends and one larger one that reformed the dress again. The other teens stood in awe as much over this one thing as all the other powers she had displayed. "It's called eufiber and it can form into any clothing you can imagine. It will take time and practice to make more than the most basic outfits, so don't dispair if all you can manage at first is a plain one piece jumpsuit." She offered them each a glob of the silky material. "It won't work for anyone but a nova, but it is very handy stuff." She smiled sadly, "I had wanted to go shopping with you all and buy you some nice clothes to fit your new bodies, but I can't stay that long. I will try to come back in a week or two and do that if I can, and I'll visit from time to time, but even aside from the fact that my own life is vastly complicated and busy, I don't want you three to rely on me. I want you to live your own lives and make your own path." They were amazed at the eufiber as it flowed over their skin, but they were also sad that Elspeth was leaving. Jeremy reached out and squeezed her in a bear hug. "We'll miss you Elspeth. Please come back to us when you can." Diana joined the hug next and added, "You are a part of us now and we love you." Steph added her strength and emotion to the pile, "Thank you so much for everything. The gifts are beyond anything we could have imagined, but more important than any of that is what you've taught us." All of the teens were sobbing a little by the time the hug broke up. Elspeth dabbed at an eye. "I won't forget you and I'll try to visit soon, but thank you all too. You taught me that my life doesn't have to be so solitary and lonely. You've all got a special place in my heart now." Without more fanfare she faded out like a ghost and back to her own world and the fate of a nation settled back on her shoulders, but it seemed a little lighter and less burdensome knowing that somewhere there was a different life waiting should she ever want to get away. More importantly, there were people who cared for her, not for her position or her power, but just because she was Elspeth!
  3. Elspeth sat in her chair and cried silently. She had witnessed the entire thing both the physical act and their thoughts. It was beautiful. More than she had hoped for even. The three were bonded now more deeply than most people would ever be, and their connection to each other was the perfect foil for her own loneliness. Knowing she would never have such a connection with anyone made this like salt in a wound. She closed her eyes tightly shut and let the tears flow. In her grief she had lost her grip on her invisibility, but she didn’t notice or realize until she felt that someone was stroking her hair and wiping the tears off her cheeks. “Mistress, what’s wrong?” Steph’s voice cut through the grief enough for her to focus on her surroundings again. She had never lost it this way before, never in her life had she done more than shed a single tear, even when her parents died because so much was expected of her. Witnessing the connection between these three as they gave their virginity to each other had caused something in her to break. All the soul deep tiredness and loneliness was like a dam bursting and drowning her in self-pity and pain. She had been a Queen for three years now, had been on the run from Elite assassins for three years before that, and nothing had dented her iron self control until this moment. And here she was crying her eyes out feeling the weight of her total aloneness. A look passed between the three teens and almost as one they began stroking Elspeth, her hair, her face, her arms… “Mistress, we want to share our happiness with you, will you let us?” NO! She knew she couldn’t let those barriers down any further. It was too much, she had already broken down and lost control, she couldn’t allow them to do what they were asking. “Mistress?” Diana asked, not really wanting to proceed if their benefactor didn’t want it. Steph on the other hand seemed to understand more deeply what was going on inside Elspeth’s mind and heart. “We are going to please you Mistress. We know you could easily stop us if you really want to.” She nodded to Jeremy and Diana to continue. They began to undress her as she sat immobile and unresisting in the big comfy chair. One article of clothing at a time, slowly and deliberately, but also with infinite gentleness. NO… they can’t do this. Why can’t I just say no?!? The teens continued to caress her body as they removed her every stitch of clothing. Their fingers were like live wires of sensation. She had never been touched like this before. NO, it’s such a simple word… why can’t I make my mouth move, it’s only one syllable… Then she was completely naked and they began to kiss her everywhere and it felt so good. The kisses rained over her body as their hands continued to caress. Then one of the girls put their mouth on her right breast and began to lick and suck at it, and the other did the same on the left. No, I can’t do this, I am Elspeth, no one can be allowed to do this to me, it will make me weak! But she could already feel her body stirrining in response to their hands and mouths. Then Jeremy began kissing her belly and licking his way down toward her mound. That’s it, I have to stop this, if he touches me down there I will be lost… Still, she just couldn’t move as he spread her legs and bent to suck on her lips and clit. Her own moan of pleasure and the automatic response of her body surprised her. Her back arched and after a moment of attention from his tongue she began to press herself against his face. Meanwhile Steph and Diana each held one of her arms pressed to the chair as if they could restrain her, but the illusion of not being in control was enough. She finally allowed herself to just let go and enjoy what was happening. The girls kissed her, taking turns, each deeply and passionately. Steph with her full soft lips and Diana with her thin but shapely ones, each was a pleasure to be savored and enjoyed. After what seemed like ages of this foreplay when she thought it wouldn’t be long before she came, Jeremy moved up between her legs and pressed his manhood to her vagina. He pressed forward and she allowed him to enter her. Like he had done with Diana, he pressed in just a little, just enough to bump into her hymen. Then when he was sure she was ready and eager, he thrust past the obstruction tearing it. It was the first time Elspeth had felt any real pain in at least three years. It was astonishing how much it hurt, but he moved out and back in with a sureness that was wonderful. A corner of her mind was proud of what she had done for him, it had been her in his mind that first time giving him the confidence that had allowed him to so impress Diana. He didn’t realize it however, and now it appeared that it was just the natural state for him now. Wow, I did a great job!, but it was Jeremy that was doing a great job now on her body. His strong powerful strokes had already made her forget the pain and she was once again close to the edge. Then he really surprised her by reaching down with one hand and began stroking her clit with his thumb in time to his thrusts. The girls sensing that she was nearing the edge redoubled their own efforts, kissing her and biting her neck and sucking at her breasts. For the first time in her life she wasn’t sure how much time had passed, she just rode the wave after wave of pleasure as her orgasm seemed to continue on and on. When she finally did come fully back to her senses she realized that it really had gone on for a long time. The three teens lay exhausted against her and she realized that she was no longer in the chair, but was now in Steph’s bed. She looked at the clock on the bedside table and was shocked to see that more than an hour had passed. Had she really orgasmed for forty-five minutes continuously?!? By the state of the bed she must have. Well, at least being who I am is good for something.
  4. Diana couldn't help but laugh then said, "We're alone, naked, horny and we've got a large box of condoms... now all we need is a bed." She looked significantly at Steph as she mentioned bed. Steph smiled shyly, and looked down then spoke, "Uh, if it's ok, I'd kinda like to do it right here on the coffee table. I've got a sentimental attachment to it after what happened last night." She quickly added, "But we can do you in my bed if you want. You don't have to be uncomfortable." Diana laughed again, and it felt like she almost couldn't stop laughing, she was just so happy and excited. "I don't mind the table, but some pillows might be nice." Jeremy was looking at the table dubiously wondering how he was going to perform on it, but what he said was, "So who's first?" Diana pointed to Steph still sitting on the table. "It's Steph's house, only right that she should get to go first." Steph blushed again and looked around. "Pillows sound like a good idea, but I think some towels and paper towels might be smart for the blood." She got up and went to find the needed items. Diana moved over to Jeremy to whisper advice. "Not like I've done this before, but when we start, ease it in nice and slow and don't just ram it in. When you hit the resistance of her hymen back off and move in and out a few more times before you push deeper, but when you do break it don't hesitate ok, I think that would hurt more than if you just break through and keep going. Like ripping off a bandaid, better to do it cleanly than slow and painful." Jeremy thought Diana sounded sure, but she didn't look it. She was eyeing his junk apprehensively and he could tell she was scared. For a moment he tried to put himself in her place. He'd fantasized about having sex with her for years, but it was about to happen in reality and he was looking at her in a totally different light now. She was thin and at least a head shorter than him. He his thing must seem very large to her right now knowing it would soon be inside her. He thought his eight and a half inches might just go all the way in and up to her belly button considering their size difference. He wondered how far he could put it in and made a mental note to be careful not to hurt her. Steph wasn't much taller than Di, he'd have to be careful with them both. Steph brought in an arm full of towels and laid one out on the table then pulled the cushions off the couch and put them on the table, and finally placed two more towels on top. "I have no idea how much blood there will be, but I don't want my father to come home and find stains on anything." She smiled but there was some worry in it. She was just as afraid as Diana. Elspeth considered both girls brave and wondered how she would feel when her time eventually came. She could use her powers to make the experience painless, but somehow that just didn't feel right. In a metaphorical sense... She smiled to herself. She had to keep her sense of humor. She was glad for these three about to experience making love for the first time, but she was sad and just a little jealous all the same. She wanted to leave, but she couldn't, she had to stay there and oversee what was about to happen and make sure that the girls didn't feel much pain and that Jeremy could last long enough for their pleasure, it was the least she could do for them. When it was plain to the teens that there was nothing more that needed to be done to prepare, Diana opened the box of condoms and took one out but didn't tear open the package. For once in her life she didn't want to be in charge, but she knew Steph would need to be ready so she moved over next to her friend and put her arm around her. "Jeremy let's spend some time having some fun before things get serious." Steph looked instantly relieved. "Thanks." Jeremy looked a little hesitant and unsure if he should make a move. It was actually Steph who broke the ice. This is awkward, I should do something. She looked at her long time best friend and suddenly wondered what it would be like to kiss her on the lips. She has pretty thin lips, shapely. They look so soft. She turned to face her best friend and leaned in for a kiss that started out tentative and unsure, but quickly became much more. Diana had never kissed another girl before and now to be kissing Steph was all that she had ever hoped it would be. Her full warm lips were so soft and it only took a few seconds before her tongue was exploring her soon to be lover's mouth. She didn't know about Steph, but this kiss alone was enough to make her ready. Steph had never really kissed anyone before and the kiss became her whole world while it lasted. To her surprise she found that the feeling of Diana's tongue against hers sent shivers down her spine, and lower. The warm wetness couldn't help but bring to mind memories of the night before when she was between the smaller girl's legs. She rubbed her legs together feeling the pleasure it caused and moaned softly into Di's mouth. Jeremy just stood watching his hand going to his rigid dick. He didn't move to stroke himself but just held his hand on it. He was afraid he might lose it right then and there if he did. All he could do was watch in absolute dumbfounded amazement. He spoke in a low voice to himself, but the girls heard it easily, "That is sooo hot. Holy crap!" Diana and Steph weren't acting, but both had a mischievious streak and with only a meaningful look passing between them decided to tease their boy a bit more. What started as a slight moan grew as the two pressed their naked bodies against each other. Di's right leg was a little forward and as they moved silently together Steph rubbed her self against the smaller girl's thigh sending waves of pleasure through her middle. She was embarrased by how wet she was and knew Di must feel it on her leg. The small girl grinned evilly and started moving her leg back and forth in time with Steph. Jeremy could hardly think... When the girls started moving against each other and he saw the effect it was having he just couldn't wait any longer. He had to get involved, but first he needed that condom! He was a little awkward putting it on, having never done it before but it only took the one try and when it was rolled on it fit like a glove. Steph had forgotten their game and the fact that they were teasing Jeremy. She was completely focused on what was happening between her legs when she felt his arms go around her body from behind and begin to caress her breasts fingers coming to rest on her nipples after a moment. When he begin to roll them between his fingertips she couldn't help herself, the volume of her moan could have easily been heard two rooms over. Instead of feeling embarrassed as instinct told her, she just leaned back into the arms of the boy she loved and let go of all concerns. Let them do whatever they want to me. Aloud she said in a husky voice, "I'm yours, both of you. You can do whatever you want, I love you both." She felt Jeremy press forward his penis sliding between her legs and making contact with her very wet lips. It was wonderful. She felt a hunger inside that wanted to be filled by what he could give her. She moved forward letting him slide between her nether lips coating him with her juices. They moved together like that for a bit. Meanwhile, Diana removed her leg to give Jeremy full access but replaced her thigh with a hand and began to slowly rub her lover’s clit. With the other hand she began to stroke her own. Feeling Jeremy's hard but slippery penis slide forward and displace her fingers on each stroke was so hot. She knew it wouldn't be long before her best friend was inside her love friend and now lover. As if her thought were a command, Steph could no longer stand it. There was no thought left in her mind for towels or consequences, or coffee tables. She shifted her hips just a bit on the next stroke and welcomed her lover into her. It wasn't up to Jeremy whether to hesitate or not, she pressed backward not hesitating an instant and as wet and as eager to have him all the way inside her as she was, she barely felt any pain at all. In one swift motion she was no longer a virgin and it was the most wonderful thing in the world. Better than I could ever have imagined... She held him there for one long glorious moment feeling complete for the first time in her life and then she began to move. She came after only a dozen strokes with Jeremy pumping in and out and Diana now kneeling in front of her, stroking her clit. The orgasm was powerful and it seemed to go on forever. Her whole world was a rushing red haze of sensation focused between her legs and in her belly. She lost awareness of anything beyond that for what seemed like a bliss filled eternity. When she came back to herself she was on her hand and knees on the floor panting her belly still occasionally spasming with the aftershocks of her climax. Both of her lovers were stroking her hair and back and looking at her with just a bit of awe in their faces. When she had a voice again she asked, "What?" Jeremy was still coming down from his own first 'real' cum. He reached for a couple of towels and handed one to Steph, he used the other to remove the now full condom and wipe himself off. He spoke as he did, "That was incredible. I was so afraid I would hurt you, but you just went for it and you were nearly screaming, but it wasn't pain that's for sure! It only lasted a few seconds..." He sounded sad or maybe a little embarrased about that, but continued, "Then you started clinching your muscles down there over and over and pushing me deeper and deeper into you and that was it. I couldn't take it any longer." He grinned. "It was incredible!" He furrowed his brows for a second, "I said that already didn't I? But it's true!" Diana stayed silent during the exchange, both of her best friends in the whole world were no longer virgins and she still was. It was only right and proper for Steph to go first, but she intended to make the encore happen as quickly as could be arranged. She was still rubbing herself with her free hand, as she said "Steph, I've never seen anyone look more sexy than that in my life; not on the internet, and not in Hollywood. Watching you too have your first was amazing. I just hope it is as good with me as it seemed for you two." Jeremy grinned, "Just give me a minute to recover and I'll make sure it is." He was surprised to realize he was already getting hard again. Seeing the girl he'd been infatuated with for all of his adolescent years rubbing herself while his beautiful best friend panted on hands and knees, her breasts swinging beneath her with each breath. He gestured at the two girls and then down at himself, "Well, is it any wonder?" Both girls laughed and Diana crawled over to where he was leaning back against the coffee table and put one hand behind his head running her fingers into his curly hair and kissed him solidly on the mouth and there was definite passion in it, something that surprised them both. Diana wondered when she had decided Jeremy was no longer in the 'friend zone'. With everything that had happened it was not really unexpected, but she was still surprised by how little it mattered any more. She was absolutely sure that what had happened and what was about to happen would not mean losing his friendship. If anything, she knew the three of them would be closer than ever now. She leaned forward and whispered in his ear, "I want you." She felt hot and sexy and very very horny. Plus, having seen her best friend so confident and strong as he made love to Steph... well, she would never look at him the same way again, that was for sure. How had she once thought his chin was too weak? It was fine, and his smile and the way he was looking at her right now... it made her tingle inside. There wasn't anything particular about the inflection in her words, but somehow Jeremy knew in his bones that she really meant it. She wasn't just going to fuck him because he was her only option, she honestly wanted him. "Thank you." He didn't want to appear all emotional at this particular moment with Di looking at him that way, but those three words and that look on her face was the thing he had really craved all these years. He knew it now, it was like a gaping void inside of his chest had suddenly and unexpectedly been filled up. A tear escaped and rolled down his cheek. He was embarrassed by it but wasn't going to let that ruin that look in her eyes. He moved forward with a confidence he had never felt before and took her in his arms and kissed her. They were both still on their knees but he felt strong and Di felt so light in his arms as she melted into his embrace. Steph was recovered now and had cleaned herself up and sat watching the two with satisfaction. A week ago she would have been horribly crushed and intensely jealous if she had seen what she was seeing now, but she could not begrudge Di anything. She wanted the smaller girl's happiness just as much as she wanted Jeremy's or her own. She loved them both now. It was a few minutes before the kiss ended and she was able to move forward to join the fun. It was a great kiss. In the history of the world, if there was a hall of fame for the greatest kisses of all time, this one would be in it! Diana knew she it was outrageous hyperbole, but the thought just made her smile all the more as Jeremy moved her onto the pillows that Steph had apparently pulled off the coffee table and arranged while Di had been preoccupied. Her body was on fire she felt so hot, but instead of taking charge and humping Jeremy's brains out she let him lead in this dance. He place her gently on the pillows and spread her legs not waiting for permission. His hands and mouth were on her body exploring and lighting new fires everywhere they touched. What happened to timid Jeremy? Who is this man that has replaced my boy.... Wow! Touch me again there!!! Touch me there!!! Oh fuck yeah! Her eyes rolled back in her head for a moment, her hands clenched in fists and her toes curled as he found her clit with his tongue. She found herself pawing at the air. Oh shit that feels good! That's way better than masturbation. Holy crap! She was scooting backwards on the pillows trying to get away from his tongue, the feelings were too intense. Suddenly her wrists were grasped and pulled up over her head and held down to the floor with more force than she could muster. When she opened her eyes she saw that Steph was holding her down using her greater weight to keep Di in place. Of fuck that's it! Hold me down and don't let me get away. Steph had an evil glint in her eyes and her grin as she looked down at Di said that she knew exactly what effect that was having on her. That bitch! She knows exactly what it's doing to me. "Aaaaahhhhh!!!" The sound escaped her lips as Jeremy's long finger slid into her as his tongue continued it's merciless assault on her sex. That is sooo good, damn Jeremy, I never knew what it could be like! Her inner monologue continued as the boy moved up her body, his curly hair tickling her belly and breasts. He was face to face with her now looking into her eyes with an intensity and confidence that she could barely believe. And it's making me cream myself. Do me! Do it!!! Take me!!! He smiled down into her eyes as if he could read her mind and he sat up on his knees between her legs. He ran his hands down to her knees and spread them further apart. He never said a word just kept looking at her with those laser eyes, and a smile of confidence on his face. It was driving her nuts, but she wouldn't open her own mouth to say anything either. She wanted him in charge, she wanted to be controlled right now. She saw him reach down between their legs and place his cock between her lips. He rubbed it against her up and down her slit a few times to make sure it was good and wet then he pressed it in. That's it... just a little further and you are in! Her thoughts stilled for a moment just experiencing and luxuriating in the feeling of his big thing moving just barely in and out of her. It feels so big. Wow. And so soft and hard at the same time. Then there was pain, but the feeling of him stretching her as he moved deeper into her and then back out and in again. That fucking hurt... But the pain very quickly turned into sensations that went beyond her inner voice to catalog. Somewhere in the middle of sex after they had begun to move in harmony with each other she realized that her mind was still active and that she was analyzing the whole thing. This feels so good, much better than I imagined. Damn my brain, even during this I can't let go the way Steph can. Despite the thought, she wasn't upset, she knew it was just the difference between them, Steph was all about feeling the moment and she couldn't stop thinking. Not even when my arms are pinned down and I'm being fucked by Jeremy's big beautiful cock. I love you Steph for knowing what I needed... and you too Jeremy. Unlike the first pairing that lasted only seconds, Di and Jeremy kept going for more than half an hour. What finally pushed the pair over the edge was when Steph had flipped Di onto her belly and then Jeremy pulled her butt up into the air and started pounding her from behind. Steph moved Di's hands up behind her back and Jeremy held them and used them as handles. Her face and chest pressed down into the pillow she could feel Stephs hand slide under her belly and begin stroking her clit while Jeremy continued to fill her up. "Yeeesssssssss!!!!!" She came and it was wonderful. It wasn't Earth shattering like Steph, but it was liquid fulfillment. Letting go was something she had never been able to do and the orgasm was the ultimate letting go and she had achieved it with the help of her two best friends. It left behind a sense of peace and contentment she'd never known before. Jeremy came only a few seconds later. Like Di the sex left him feeling like everything was now right with the world. All of the old wounds and scars on his soul were closed and healing. They might never fully disappear, but they were no longer raw painful. He admired Di's ass and slender body as she lay on her belly on the pillows. What a night!
  5. When they finished the hug fest Diana took charge as usual, "Let's do this tonight, ok? Mistress will be back tomorrow and I don't want to be a virgin for all eternity." There was a twinkle in her eye as she added, "Besides, I have to admit I'm pretty damned horny after what happened last night, and I was hoping Mistress would force us to do more tonight!" She giggled and the other two joined in the laugh. "I know what you mean. I kept having to think of baseball and football to keep from getting a boner in school, and you know how much I hate those sports." Jeremy crossed his legs and pretended to hide what was there. The girls both laughed again. Steph, always the worrier of the group spoke hesitantly, "I want to, but uh, what about protection....? I don't want to get pregnant and Mistress hasn't said yet that she would Embrace us, only that we would be tested." Jeremy looked like a sailing ship that had suddenly lost the wind. The fallen expression on his face was almost comical, but Elspeth had had the foresight to prepare for this. There was a full box of condoms in Diana's backpack. The smaller girl reached for her bag and unzipped it while she spoke, "I've got some money in here, we'll just go..." She trailed off as she discovered the box, it was gift-wrapped and had a card attached. "Uh, ok..." She held it up for the others to see and opened the card reading it aloud. "Pets, I wasn't sure if you would decide to 'avoid the consequences' or not, but just in case I got you a little present." Jeremy took the box and tore into it, a massive grin on his face as he held it out for them to see. "Just what we needed! Man, she's good!" Elspeth had to suppress another laugh from her position on the comfy chair. The boy was actually kinda cute in a very geeky way.
  6. "So now the cat's out of the bag." Elspeth was infinitely amused by how surprised each of the teens had been when they found out the other was infatuated with them. Unfortunately, the next bit was something of which she couldn't predict the outcome and it was the final piece of the equation without which this whole thing would fall apart. They had made incredible progress so far, but they had to take the final step if they were going to move forward. It was a Vision she had, down the one branch they would break apart and go their separate ways, their lives would be better for what they had learned but it would only be average lives. Down the other branch they formed bonds between them that could never be broken and together they would climb to great heights of achievement. ,,She put on a serious but compassionate face, "There is one thing I will not order you to do. I draw the line at commanding you bunch of virgins to fuck each other. That has to be a choice that you make on your own." She could see the confusion in their eyes, if she had made them do all of these other things why draw the line at that? ,,"I want you to consider one thing however. The gift I will give you means that you will heal unnaturally quickly. That doesn't mean you can't die or that bullet wounds will close while you watch, or even that you could survive being shot, but it does mean that you will heal far faster than normal." ,,Diana seemed to be the one getting the clue and spoke a question before Mistress could say more. "You are telling us that we would be virgins forever? Physically, I mean. Everytime we have sex it will heal and we'll have to go through the pain and blood every damned time?!?" Her two companions paled at the idea, Steph in horror and Jeremy in sympathy for the two girls he cared about. ,,The smile on Elspeth's face grew but was full of sympathy. "It's worse than that even. Because you'll be 'tougher' than a normal mortal, it will be more painful each time and harder for your man to break through. I haven't decided if you are all worthy or not yet, and I won't make my decision based on what you decide to do, but I thought you might want to consider the consequences of receiving my Gift as virgins." Elspeth faded into invisibility as they watched but said, "I'm a big believer in the idea that your first time ought to be with someone you love so if you are going to 'avoid the consequences' do it with someone special to you. I will see you tomorrow night." By the final word she appeared to be gone having faded into invisibility. ,,The three teens were stunned and sat speechless for a moment before Jeremy stood and started to pace. He wisely was keeping his mouth shut. He wanted Diana very badly, but he knew now that she loved Steph, and he was still getting used to the idea that Steph loved him. What a mess. ,,Steph was obviously afraid to make the request that everyone knew she wanted to make and just moved to sit on the coffee table that had been such a big source of both shame and pleasure. Somehow, after everything that had happened it just didn't bother her so much anymore. Who would have thought that her two best friends thought she was beautiful. She never would have believed it even if they had said it a thousand times, but Mistress had shown her their thoughts and amazingly, wonderfully, she really did believe now. She blushed again at the knowledge that Diana wanted her physically and emotionally, she'd never been attracted to girls before, but she did love her as a friend and it hadn't been so bad giving her pleasure. Ok, it was actually kinda hot. But would Jeremy be willing to make love to her when he really wanted Diana? ,,Diana was going through her own internal struggle as she stood looking between the two people she cared for most in the world. She so wanted to be the one to give Steph her first, but her friend wanted Jeremy, and Diana knew it. Jeremy wanted to be her first, but she'd never looked at him that way until now and she was still confused about that. ,,The confusion, uncertainty, and tension went on for a few minutes of uncomfortable silence as the three pondered the dilemma. There was only one solution really when Diana thought about it. She loved Steph, and her happiness is more important than my own. She would just have to ask Jeremy to make love to Steph and offer herself as a reward even though she was still uncomfortable with getting physical with the boy who had been her best friend for years. ,,At the same time Steph was thinking that she should offer herself to Diana instead of imposing on Jeremy. If she wants me that bad then why should I be selfish, besides it's not like Jeremy wants me. ,,All three teens tried to speak at once, "I'd be honored to...", "You can have me if you...", "I'll give myself if you..." The all stopped at once and laughed. Elspeth sitting invisible on the chair had to put a hand over her mouth to not laugh aloud. ,,Diana was the one to speak first, "Jeremy, I have to admit I'm still a little uncomfortable with things being physical between us since you've been my best friend for years, but if you want me you can have me. I love you as a friend as much as I desire Steph. Just please take Steph too, she's wanted you as much as you've wanted me." ,,Steph frowned, "I was going to offer myself to you Diana for the same reason, but I don't want Jeremy if it's a pity thing. I'd rather not have anyone and suffer than be someone's pity fuck." She blushed at the crudity and looked at Jeremy hoping not to see rejection on his face. ,,Jeremy was a little annoyed, he looked to Diana first, "I feel the same way as Steph, I don't want you if you don't want me back, I've loved you for a long time, but it's all or nothing. If it's not real between us then I won't do it." He walked over and sat beside Steph on the coffee table and took her hand. "Steph, I'm a guy, and you are a beautiful girl, even if I didn't love you as a friend, I'd still want you as a man wants any beautiful woman. I would be honored to be your first if you will have me." ,,Tears started in Steph's eyes and she threw her arms around Jeremy and sobbed into his shoulder for a minute before she sniffed and sat back up. "Thank you." ,,Diana had moved over in front of the two and knelt down and stroked Steph's back as she sobbed. When she finished she looked at Jeremy and said affectionately, "I love you, you idiot, and I'm not a total lesbian. I can't help it that I fell for Steph, but I am still attracted to guys and you have a very nice... um, yeah. So yeah, I'd be honored to have you take my virginity, and it's not pity, it's just that I hadn't thought of you sexually because you were a friend." ,,A big ear to ear grin spread across Jeremy's face, "Does this mean I'm lucky enough to have you both?" ,,Steph swatted his arm with her free hand, "Only if you share. If Diana want's me she gets to help, and I get to help when you take her virginity too." ,,Diana hugged them both then took Steph's free hand with one of hers and Jeremy's with the other, compeleting the circle. ,,Elspeth sat in the chair watching, invisible to the three teens. She wanted to say, 'You three of you are stupid perfect for each other.', but she didn't want to ruin their moment. She felt a tear rolling down her face, There's an angel somewhere getting it's wings...an unconventional angel perhaps, but definitely an angel.
  7. Their lessons the next day weren't limited to what Mistress could teach, and they began before school. The trio met up at the park at 7:30 to talk and hang out, each of them still feeling as if they might have dreamed it all the night before; it seemed so unreal. But Steph's new wardrobe was real and everyone who saw her stared. Only some of the students realized who she was by the fact that she was hanging with Jeremy and Diana. She wasn't the only one to get attention, but the change was most obvious in Steph. Despite the positve change, teens are cruel by nature and most of the attention they received was negative. ,,"You guys trying to be normal humans now, or did the fire department hose you off?," and other equally pointless comments were flung at them throughout the day. Despite the ugliness and without even realizing it, they shrugged off the hurtful jabs, too occupied with their excitement and too strong in their friendship to care what the other kids thought. ,,They had already changed without even realizing it yet, but not all the attention was negative. Steph was asked out by five different guys who had never given her the time of day before. Diana received quite a few compliments on how nice she looked with her natural hair color. Even Jeremy found that he wasn't picked on as much, but didn't realize why even if his two friends did. When he commented about it at lunch they just giggled and pointed out that his posture was different. He was sitting up straight and not hunching his shoulders anymore and it made him look bigger and more confident. Diana even teased that he'd better not accept any offers for dates. ,,"Get real. Like anyone would ask me out. Girl's don't do that except in movies." ,,"Oh yeah? I'll bet you a blow job from both Steph and I that by the end of the day someone asks you out." There was a wicked grin on her face. ,,"You're on. If you win, I'll go down on both of you." He had a shit-eating grin on his face knowing that he was a winner no matter what happened. ,,Before 5th period was over one of the girls in his math class scooted her desk over next to his and asked for help with the homework. He didn't think anything of it until Diana kicked his leg from the other side and he could tell by the smirk on her face that he had 'lost' that bet. ,,He laughed out loud at the situation which nearly offended the girl flirting with him, but his blush and apology was enough to make her believe he wasn't laughing at her. He did beg off helping her after he caught Diana's raised eyebrow and challenging expression. ,,Aside from the occasional confrontation or compliment the day seemed to drag on without end. Seventh period was the worst... Mrs. McCaffery finished the lecture on why Gettysburg was the turning point of the Civil War with fifteen minutes to go and the worksheet she gave the class was easily finished in five minutes. Those last ten minutes of silence and anticipation were almost unbearable. When the bell finally rang the three teens almost trampled other students in their rush to get out the door. ,,Fifteen minutes later saw them nearly breathless and sitting on the steps of Steph's house waiting for Mistress to arrive. ,,"What do you think she'll force us to do today?" Diana's grin made it clear that she was eager for whatever it might be despite her words. ,,Steph usually the last to speak said, "I hope it's more of what we did yesterday. That was Beyond!" ,,Jeremy just nodded emphatically, then pretending to look sad, "I have to pay you both for the bet I lost..." Both girls laughed. ,,From right behind them on the steps, Elspeth spoke, "What bet would that be?" She had dropped her invsibility and was standing above the teens looking down. ,,Jeremy flinched as if away from a blow while Diana and Steph nearly jumped out of their skin. ,,"Holy shit you scared us!" Diana wasn't angry, but her heart was beating a mile a minute. ,,Elspeth just looked at the teens expectantly. ,,Steph spoke again, "Jeremy bet us that no one would hit on him at school today and we said someone would. He owes us a... ", Steph went bright red in the face, but then finished the sentence, "He owes us oral sex." ,,El smirked, but didn't comment any further, she just turned and led the way into the house. "There's a note on the kitchen counter from your father saying that he won't be home until Sunday. He's asked me to watch you for the weekend. His boss asked him to fly to Chicago to oversee a server integration project." The smile on her face made it clear that Mistress had arranged things. ,,"So here it is, Friday night, and no parental supervision for the entire weekend." She chuckled and looked at Diana, "Your parents know you are staying over at Steph's for the weekend." She didn't bother telling Jeremy anything, his father wouldn't care one way or another that he didn't come home. He probably wouldn't even notice unless he got drunk and wanted someone to beat on. ,,She took her seat on the comfortable chair, and then looked imperiously at the teens, "Sit." ,,Instead of moving to the various chairs separately like they would have before they sat together on the couch hip to hip with Diana in the middle. ,,El hide her smile at the change in behavior, but then spoke, "Today might be more uncomfortable for you than yesterday. Are you sure you still want the Gift?" ,,Diana spoke for the group, "Yes Mistress. Thank you." ,,From her chair Elspeth nodded solemnly, "Very well, Diana you will be first. Stand before us and remove all of your clothes." When the teen had stripped fully and she looked both eager and nervous at the same time. "Now Diana tell Steph your big secret." ,,Suddenly Diana wasn't so eager any more. Instead of being asked to perform some new sex act she was being ordered to bare her soul to Steph and Jeremy. She paled and her breathing was shallow. She looked to Mistress and everyone could see that she wanted to beg not to be ordered to do it, but she remembered the warning that she must obey immediately or she would be found unworthy. She swallowed hard and turned to face her friends. Please don't let Steph hate me for this... please don't let Jeremy hate me... ,,"Steph, I have had a major crush on you for ages. I've been afraid to tell you. I hope that doesn't make you hate me. I'm not really a lesbian, I just can't help being attracted to you." ,,Jeremy sat on the couch still as stone, he couldn't have been more surprised. Steph however, just smiled warmly at Diana. "I know. Mistress showed me your thoughts and emotions yesterday when I was having my little break down. How you felt for me, you and Jeremy both, is what finally allowed me to accept that I'm not a hideous wretch." She said that last jokingly, but there was a certain amount of pain and uncertaintly still in her voice when she spoke of it. "You've been my best friend ever since junior high, I love you, and after yesterday, I'm pretty eager to see what else we can be to each other." She blushed as she said it, but added, "It feels weird to me, since I've never been attracted to girls, and I'm still not, but you're special." She stood up and gave her friend a hug then sat back down. ,,Elspeth was pleased, so far it was all going according to plan. "Now Diana, tell your biggest fear." The thin wafe of a girl, too skinny according to some, nearly laughed. "My biggest fear was that my friends would hate me if they knew how I felt. What else could compare to that?" ,,Elspeth gave a half smile and added, "Besides that, what else?" ,,Diana thought for few minutes then spoke, "I guess, the fact that I'm not really very much of a girl. My mother always tried to dress me up and make me into a proper little lady, but that just wasn't me, and after she died, and all I had around was my dad and brothers. Between being a tomboy and the fact that I've had this thing for Steph, I guess I was a little worried that there was something wrong with me." This time she looked not at Steph but at Jeremy. He hadn't said anything after her first confession. She hoped he wasn't too hurt. She knew he had a crush on her the way she had on Steph. Would he nod and agree that she was flawed, or would he accept her? ,,Jeremy saw the attention that was focused on him, but didn't understand why. Finally Steph elbowed him in the ribs and gave him a look, but he just didn't understand was was being asked of him. ,,Diana started to tear up fearing the worst. ,,"What? I don't understand." He felt bad, he could see that his confusion was causing Diana pain, but he was clueless as to what he should do about it. ,,Elspeth sighed and spoke, "Foolish boy, she's looking for understanding and reassurance that there's nothing wrong with her." ,,Understanding finally dawned on him and then he really did feel foolish. "I'm sorry. Of course there's nothing wrong with you." He stood and took her in his arms for a hug and spoke down into her hair which he realized smelled very good; like strawberries. "I like you just the way you are. If anything I think it's totally hot that you are into Steph. I just can't believe I how blind I was that I never saw it." ,,She sniffed and wiped at her eyes, "Thanks. It's silly I know. I was just insecure I guess." ,,He laughed, "Everyone is insecure about something. I have to confess, I've felt the same way about you that you've felt about Steph." ,,Diana grinned, "I know, I've always known." ,,Jeremy frowned, "You've known?!? WTF! I'm the only one that's clueless here?" He wasn't terribly happy about the revelation and was about to say more when Mistress interrupted. ,,She sounded a bit cross. "Boy. You're confessing out of turn. Strip. Now." She looked at Diana, "You're done. Sit" ,,Diana scooted over to the couch quickly and took Stephs hand, totally comfortable with the fact that she was completely naked, something that would have been unthinkable only the day before. ,,Jeremy became instantly nervous, he was afraid he might have displeased Mistress. He began stripping as fast as he could then realized that might displease her and slowed down. When he was finally naked he stood waiting to be commanded. ,,Elspeth wasn't immuned to the effect of the situation. She grew up in an age of Opnet and images of naked people weren't exactly rare, but having a boy, or the girls for that matter, strip in front of her was hot, and even if she weren't particpating in their reindeer games, it still made her more than a little aroused. The difference was that she wouldn't allow herself to show it, she was too much in control of her outward appearance. He does have a nice package... Despite the arousal, it also made her more than a little lonely as well. She could never indulge herself or even have a boyfriend for fear of what the media would make of it. ,,Focusing on the task at hand she commanded, "Now, you've spoiled the fun of making you confess YOUR big secret, but you can still tell us your biggest fear." ,,Jeremy had to think for a long time to figure out what to say, when he finally did he was quiet and subdued, "I have two. They say that abuse is hereditary, that the kids of abusive parents are much more likely to be the same way with their kids, and I am afraid of becoming like my father." He paused for a minute afraid to look at his friends, but continued, "Second, I am afraid all the time, not of anything specific, just afraid. Afraid of getting beat up, afraid of rejection, afraid of getting embarrased, just..." He looked up at Diana and Steph, "I'm tired of being afraid, that's why I really wanted to be a vampire." ,,Elspeth spoke gently, "My gift won't stop you from being afraid. If anything the more you have to lose sometimes the more afraid you are. Only people with absolutely nothing to lose who don't care what happens to themselves are capable of living without fear, and that's no life to have. Learning to live without fear isn't something that can be given, that's something you'll have to discover how to do on your own." She smiled and there was compasion and caring in it, "You just took the first step by admiting your fear and deciding you want to do something about it. You'll get there." She felt her advice was horribly cliched, but it was true. ,,She looked to Steph, "Your turn. Get naked and tell us your big secret." ,,Jeremy replaced her on the couch, and Diana gave him a reassuring smile and took his hand. ,,Steph, removed her clothes slowly and although she was a bit awkward in her movements, she managed to make the act sexy. She couldn't help but be nervous however. When her own clothes were finally added to the pile of Jeremy and Diana's she took a deep breath and looked at the boy she'd been infatuated with. "Jeremy, I've wanted you the same way you've wanted Diana. I've loved you for... well, for a long time." ,,Jeremy was stunned for a second then burst out, "Seriously?!? How the fuck did I not know all this shit!" As soon as he saw Steph flinch he regretted the outburst and jumped off the couch and went to his knees at her feet and took her hands. "I'm sorry. I didn't mean it like that. It's just that I feel so stupid that I didn't realize. You and Diana knew I had a thing for her, but I didn't have a clue that she liked you, or that you liked me." He said the last bit with wonder in his voice. "You like me? Really?" ,,After getting over the initial shock of his reaction she was amused now. "Yes, I want your hot body." She grinned. ,,"Wow. I totally didn't see that." He stood up and hugged her. "That's...uh." He wasn't sure how to react, he was pleased about it,and flattered, but she was his best friend, but given the new situation between them... and the lack of anything else... He settled for a big massive grin, and looked to Diana, "I know you want her, but would you be willing to share Steph?" ,,Elspeth was pleased with his reaction, but she didn't want them to start talking about sharing just yet. She had one more bombshell for them to consider first, so she interrupted, "Boy, you are interrupting again. Steph still has to tell her fear." She got a wicked look on her face and added, "Don't make me punish you, your friends might just like it." ,,His grin faded a little, but he was almost tempted to see what the punishment would be. "Yes Mistress!" ,,When he had sat back down Steph shrugged, but didn't hesitate, "I think everyone saw my fear yesterday. My biggest fear was that I was ugly and that no one would like me." ,,Elspeth frowned, "Yes, we did. The question is WHY, when you are so pretty, did you have such an unreasonable fear?" ,,That stopped Steph in her tracks, she had been so sure the answer to her biggest fear had been obvious. "Uh, I've always felt that way. I don't know." She saw Mistress' frown of displeasure, and hastened to add, "I really don't know. I don't remember a time when I didn't feel that way." ,,Elspeth considered. Something traumatic or bad must have happened to the girl as a small child, but what had it been and would dredging it up be good or bad? ,,"Steph, I can scan through your memories if you allow me and find out what caused it, but I have to warn you that it might be painful." ,,To the girl's credit, she didn't hesitate long before answering, "Please Mistress." ,,El nodded, "Very well, sit on the couch and get comfortable. This may take a few minutes." ,,Elspeth delved into the girl's mind and scanned backwards looking for any memories related to how she looked. It was buried deeply, but she eventually found it. Steph had been seven years old and her mother and father had been figthing again. They had fought almost daily for at least a couple years, and Steph remembered hearing them at night as she lay in bed and hiding under the covers. One night her father had come in to say good night and her mother had stormed in ranting about something that should have been trivial. Her father had chastised his wife for arguing in front of their daughter. Marlene, Steph's mother, looked with utter disdain at her daughter and laughed harshly, "The little bitch needs to learn that life isn't fair, and now is as good a time as any. Besides, the ugly little shit ruined my body when she was born, it would serve her right if she grows up to be a hideous little monster, so ugly no one will have her. Then maybe she won't be stuck with a dickless piece of shit like you for a husband." The look of hurt and rage on her father's face was terrible and he forceably shoved Marlene out of the room and then slammed the door shut. The rest of the fight had taken place out of Steph's hearing, but that had been the end of their marriage. The next morning when Steph woke up her mother was gone and the divorce had followed weeks later. Her mother had never contested custody and had never even returned to see her daughter. ,,When Elspeth sat back she had sympathy in her face and voice, "I'm so sorry Steph, but I hope you see that you are not ugly. It was your mother's anger and your loss of her that broke your spirit back then. Who you are now is all that matters and I say you are beautiful, and these two people who love you very much say you are beautiful." ,,She moved back to the comfortable chair and gave the girl some time to come to grips with the terrible memory. She had projected what she saw into the minds of Diana and Jeremy and they both had looks of horror on their faces, but Elspeth noted that Jeremy had a light of empathy in his eyes that spoke of smiliar experiences. Elspeth hadn't snooped much into his home life, but she knew it was pretty bad and she was impressed with how well adjusted he was inspite of it. ,,After a while Steph, visibly pushed away the memories and looked at her friends. "Now that I know where it comes from I hope I can remember to stop feeling that way." ,,Diana queezed her hand, "Don't worry, we'll remind you every day of how beautiful you are."
  8. Elspeth gave them a moment to recover before the final act of the evening. Once Diana was on her feet again despite a little weakness in the knees, she commanded, "Now, it's time for the other girl to be tested." She stood and moved over to stand in front of the raven-haired teen. She frowned, "You are a bit unkempt. I don't approve." She brushed her hand over the girls mound and performed the same trick as earlier in the afternoon, but this time she caused all the hair on the girl's body that wasn't on her head to fall out. The hair floated to the floor leaving Steph's body completely bare and a thin cloud of black covering the wood floor. Steph shuddered at the feeling of her skin crawling far more intensely than it had earlier. She repeated the process on Diana then moved in front of Jeremy and raised a hand. A look of fear and apprehension crossed his face and she just laughed. "Don't worry, I won't make you hairless, an man needs hair, but you will be trimmed down there when we finish with Steph. An almost comic look of relief bloomed on his face, which did make the girls giggle. ,,"Now, Steph, you will take your place, lie on the coffee table and spread yourself for everyone to see." As the girl complied meekly, Elspeth stooped to pick up the girl's baggy black jeans. She casually ripped them into strips with no effort at all and handed the strips to the other two teens. Tie her ankles to the table legs with her knees wide apart, and her wrists above her head." She calmly and with much grace walked back to her seat and resumed her position to watch. This whole thing made her feel like a voyeur, but it was for a good cause, she was fixing their lives. ,,Diana took one side of Steph's body and began tying her down while Jeremy tied the other side. When they were done Elspeth smiled. "Good pets. Now, I want to speak with Steph." She gestured theatrically with her hand while reaching out with her Telekinesis and removed the large wood framed mirror from the wall above the couch and positioned it over the bound teen. ,,"You've spent your entire life feeling inadequate. You've never looked at yourself in the mirror. While your virgin friends here have been sensible enough to occasionally masturbate to relieve the tension, or daily in the case of the boy, you've never even touched yourself. You admire Diana's form for it's slenderness and elfin beauty, but you don't even know what you look like." Elspeth made herself sound stern, "You already admire Diana so I won't have you look at her while you are being pleasured, instead I command that you look at yourself and appreciate your own beauty. You are the opposite of your friend, but you are beautiful, and look at you now, tied helpless, exposed and vulnerable. Both of these others desire you, can you not see what they see?" ,,She looked at the other two, "You will give her a moment to really look at herself, and then you will work together to pleasure her. Boy, you will be above the waist, but do not block her view, I want her to see just how hot she is." ,,Steph was stunned by what was happening to her and by what the Mistress said. Could it really be possible that she was desirable? She looked in the mirror and had to admit that the girl she saw there bound to this table didn't seem so ugly. She wasn't so heavy as she thought, maybe the Mistress had done something... she had made all the hair except on her head fall out, maybe she caused her to be skinnier. She wasn't and never could be thin like Diana, but this girl she saw in the mirror was not the girl she imagined herself to be. The scene she saw was very hot even if she didn't think she herself was. The differences between herself and her friend weren't just in how heavy she was, she blushed again to see her hairless vagina. Her clit and lips were puffy and full and exposed for everyone to see, she was so ashamed of that, she had had no idea how gross she was down there until now. ,,Elspeth growled in her throat. "That's enough of that. I will not forceably alter your mind, but I am getting dangerously close to finding you unworthy, not because of your body which is beautiful in every aspect, but because of your self-loathing. You do not believe what is right before your eyes, so perhaps you will believe this...." She reached out and touched each of the other teens drawing forth their thoughts and emotions and then placed her hand on Steph's head. "If you do not believe what I say and what your eyes tell you then perhaps you will believe your friends and if you do not accept their love and the truth of their very thoughts and hearts then truly you won't deserve my gift." ,,Steph was almost in tears. She wanted to believe what Mistress was saying so badly, but she just couldn't. She had been ugly all her life... and then her mind was flooded with images and feelings. She was seeing herself from a different angle staring at her body through someone elses eyes. What she saw wasn't a fat girl, what these eyes saw was a very hot girl tied helpless to a table. It was more than the images, she was feeling what Jeremy felt. She suddenly realized she was in his mind. He cared deeply and he hurt for her that she didn't believe she was beautiful. He loved her as a friend, but there was something new that he was still struggling with, that something was intense and OMG, he's raging hard... and from looking at me!!! A series of memories sped past her mind's eye... a sudden realization that Steph had a very pretty face and gorgeous hair when the Mistress removed her makeup and dye... shock at discovering the incredible curves and fantastic large breasts that had hidden under Steph's baggy concealing clothes when she had been made to strip... the intense desire Jeremy had felt seeing her in such a lewd position between Diana's legs and how he'd almost cum without even touching himself at the incredible sight and the feelings of how he loved both of these girls so much... and the confusion at the fact that what had been a safe friendship was changing and he now desired her almost as much as he did Diana... and finally back to the present and his feeling of heartbreak that she could be so down on herself when she was clearly so incredibly gorgeous if in different but no less desirable way from Diana. ,,She felt disoriented as the vision ended and she realized she was weeping silently the tears running down into her hair, but then she was seeing herself from yet another angle. The sight was the same as what Jeremy saw only from a foot to the right, but the feelings were different. There was desire so deep it hurt. Love and not the love of a friend either, but he kind of feeling she had felt for Jeremy for so long...Holy crap, how could I have not known that, I must have been blind!!!.... but that wasn't all, along with the desire and love there was also a certain amount of envy that Steph had so much better of a body than Diana did...How could she think I'm better looking than her?!?...[/]but it was true, she could feel the thought's and emotions of the girl whom she had condisered only a friend for years. Then the series of memories started,... A spike of triumph and justification when Mistress removed Steph's makeup and dye, Diana had known she was far prettier than she presented herself to be... desire as she watched Steph strip, the tingling in the pit of her belly as she watched, then the shame and regret that she had to perform oral sex on Jeremy when she knew Steph wanted him and not her and the pain that caused... the bliss and then shock and total ecstasy when Steph knelt naked between her legs and did things to her she'd never imagined and underlying that the dull hurt that it was only because Mistress ordered it... and finally back to the present and the heart full of love and total desire as Diana looked down at the bound girl that she'd wanted for so long.... ,,The disorientation came again as the vision ended and she looked out of her own eyes and felt only her own emotions. It hurt, it hurt beyond words and explanation to suddenly be without that outpouring of her friend's love, but her eyes were drawn up the image of herself in the mirror and for the first time in her life she looked not with the biased eyes of self-loathing, but with the memories of how Jeremy and Diana had viewed her. She did look hot lying there tied up like this. Elspeth nodded to the waiting teens, "Make her believe." Jeremy moved up to her side and began wiping away the tears from her face then he kissed her and inexperienced as they both were there was heat in the kiss, but he remembered Mistresses command and moved down so that Steph could see herself in the mirror. He stroked her breasts and fondled them while he kissed her neck and nibbled on her ears. He really wished he could be were Diana was, but he was happy just showing her he cared... and she did have great breasts... Diana was beyond words with the excitement of the moment, she had wanted to be able to do this for ages and had only dreamed about it and now she was kneeling down seeing Steph's pussy. The lips were engorged with blood and a bead of fluid was balanced in the opening of her vagina. She could tell that Steph was excited by the scene despite herself. She gently traced her fingers around her friends formerly private area, now bare and exposed, not touching the sensitive parts yet. She let the tension build for a few minutes getting closer and closer to lips and clit but not touching until the bound girl was whimpering, and pushing her hips toward Diana's fingers as she got closer and whimpering just a little louder when she didn't get the touch she wanted now very badly. Finally Di allowed contact to be made and stroked the puffy lips gently and with both her hands. She let that go one for another minute, with Steph starting to whimper more loudly before she licked her thumbs and started to slowly stroke the girls large clit with both thumbs at once, one from each side. Steph was thoroughly wet now to the point that there was a small puddle forming on the coffee table. There was one thing Diana wasn't completely happy with, and that was how Steph was laying on the table... there was no way to pay her friend back for that very sneaky and very very hot finger in her nether hole. She wanted some pleasant revenge for that, it had driven her nuts after all. She looked up, "Jeremy loosen her bonds enough that she can scoot further down some then come down here." She hadn't stopped what she was doing, but Steph was already so worked up that she didn't think she'd get much time to exact her revenge so she made a point of starting with two fingers, but still slowly so as not to drive her friend over the edge too soon. She would wait to the last minute to put her mouth on that beautiful clit. When Jeremy had done as Diana asked and knelt beside her he was treated to a fantastic sight, but that wasn't all, Diana reached over and grabbed his hand and stuck his third finger in her mouth and began to lick it and push it in and out like it was his cock. He nearly came again, but then she whispered in his ear and he got a big grin on his face before looking up at Steph. Steph was just about out of her mind, the feelings and sensations were so new to her and she had to admit this whole situation was the hottest thing ever and she was finally really believing that she was beautiful. It was simply amazing. And then it did go over the top. Her eyes nearly bugged out of her head as Diana leaned in a put her oh so warm and wet mouth on her clit and sucked and licked. At the same time she began to press her fingers inside deeper and moved them faster... then the ultimate happened and Jeremy put his big finger to her ass and pressed it inside slowly but inevitably. She knew from looking at those long fingers that she had day dreamed about them being in side her before, but she'd never imagined them going in there! And it's so long.... She was restrained but she pushed her hips back and forth trying to get all of their fingers deeper inside her and... and... she didn't care that she was whimpering like a dog in heat, she didn't care what anyone thought about her body any more, she just wanted that electric explosion in her belly to go on forever... When she came back to herself Mistress was leaning over her and patting her on the cheek. "Very good pet. Very good indeed." Steph was amazed when the beautiful vampire leaned in farther and kissed her on the lips and sucked her lower lip into her mouth and bit it with her fang. It wasn't enough to draw blood but it was a sharp pain, but sweet at the same time. She found herself wishing that Mistress would join in. Elspeth was amazed at herself, at what she did. Kissing one of them had not been part of the plan, but then it had seemed so very right, and she wasn't displeased with herself, just surprised. She supposed it was only natural, she was very wet herself after witnessing all the play the others had been doing. She had chided Steph about not ever self-pleasuring when the tension was too much, but truthfully she was a hypocrite. She had never once in her own life done so for fear of others somehow witnessing and putting it on the opnet. In nova-land there was no such thing as privacy. But she wasn't in her world now and there wasn't anyone in this one spying on her.... She looked the teens over, they were very much glowing in the aftermath of their first sexual experience, and what a doozy it had been. Most people never experienced anything like that in their lives much less as their first time. Now it was time to let them begin the bonding. Despite everything that had happened, only a couple hours had passed. She grinned, and pointed toward the upstairs, "Steph, take your friends upstairs and all of you get cleaned up and put this place back like it was. When you are done go buy Steph some new clothes and eat. I will be back tomorrow evening to continue your testing." She paused and turned back, "Oh and don't forget to trim the boy." Elspeth didn't actually leave, but turned invisible and to stick around and watch the rest of what they got up to. The teens looked very eager to obey and to see what tomorrow had in store.
  9. "That's enough of that. All three on your feet again." ,,The three teens complied immediately and Elspeth considered which one to test next. She looked at Diana, "Strip." ,,Without hesitation the skinny girl with the boyish figure began removing her clothes. She was rushing through it like she did with most things, too eager to get through it. "Slow down girl. Give your friends time to take it all in." ,,Diana slowed down. She was nervous, she knew Jeremy liked her and he was a guy so she figured he would want to see her naked whether she was pretty or not, but compared to Steph she was very plain and that worried her to be compared to the beautiful raven haired girl with all the right curves. More than that, she hoped Steph liked what she saw. Since I can't avoid doing this I might as well make show of it and have some fun. She began to sway her hips from side to side as if slow dancing. Her shirt was already unbuttoned all the way down to the last button so she undid it slowly and pulled the shirt together and turned her back to her friends pulling the shirt down off her shoulders exposing her back to them. She wore no bra so when she turned back around with her fists holding the shirt together over her breasts it was a serious tease for her audience. She was blushing fiercely, but as embarrased as she was she was also very turned on. She'd wanted Steph for a long time even if she hadn't conciously admitted it until recently and there she was watching and standing there butt naked with all her magnifcent curves. ,,She pulled her fists full of shirt down slowly turning even more red as she did so, but starting to feel wet as the tingling began down below. Her breasts were small, no more than A cups, but the pale pink nipples were alert and hard from more than just the cool air. She let the shirt fall from her arms to the floor and turned slowly around for her friends to see. OMG this is hot. She began slowly unbuttoning her black tight jeans and unzipping them. She turned her back to them again and backed up against Jeremy and rubbed her bare back against her friend continuing to move her hips as she pulled her jeans down over her ass and off. She almost jumped when she felt the hardness of Jeremy's penis as she pressed her ass against him. Holy shit, he's hard again already! ,,She quickly moved away and finished removing her pants. The crotch of her panties were soaked, both from watching Steph strip earlier and now from this, but she couldn't blush any brighter than she already was. She stuck her thumbs into her panties and pulled them down a little then slid the thumbs to the back and pulled them off her ass which displayed her backside to Mistress but teased her friends who couldn't see the sight. She pulled them back up again and moved over to Steph and pressed herself breasts to breasts against her friend and whispered, "I'm sorry if this makes you uncomfortable", then rotated so her back was against her friend. She closed her eyes imagining that this was more than it was as she pulled her panties down and bent from the waist wiggling her but against her briends furry patch of pubic hair. It tickled her in a way that almost drove her over the edge, but then she was fully naked and so she moved away and stood before them and rotated so they could get a good view from every angle. Unlike Steph, she was neatly trimmed and only had a small patch of dark ash blonde hair which left more exposed. When her back was to them again she closed her eyes and bent over at the waist, exposing everything especially the obvious fact that she was quite turned on. Tears were leaking from her eyes by the time she stood up, but she couldn't have said why. ,,Mistress smiled as she sat on her comfortable throne seemingly untouched by the proceedings. "Very nice, girl. Now sit on that chair there and spread your legs." She turned to Steph, "On your knees and please your friend." Finally she turned to Jeremy, "Boy, strip and let Diana have something to look at while she gets her turn." The irony was not lost on Elspeth that these teens were actually a year older than she was and yet she was calling them boy and girl and kids. More importantly, as of this moment these 'kids' had more sexual experience than she herself did. She sighed. Maybe someday I can have some fun of my own... if I can ever find someone to care about like they care about each other. ,,Steph was a little uncomfortable doing this, she had never been attracted to girls at all, but she also wasn't repulsed either. Then there was the fact that Diana was her best friend which made this awkward. On the other hand, she had always admired Diana's body wishing that her own body was more like her friend's. It was attractive, she has such nice perky small breasts; a little small perhaps but perfectly formed, and her legs were so toned and muscular, and her waist was so slim and stomach so flat. She sighed, as she pushed down the envy that threatened to spoil this moment. It was unworthy to feel envy of your best friend.... She tried instead to concentrate on the postive things; she did like the way the other girl had such small pink lips, when she reached foward and spread her friend open. She's so wet! I wish I could be more like her, she's enjoying this so much. Here I am, the boy I want just watched me get naked and now I'm kneeling in front of him indecently exposing myself like this between Diana's legs and all I can feel is shame, that I'm not more attractive instead of enjoying it. ,,She leaned in close and touched her tongue to Diana's clit tentatively. She was suprised that there wasn't much of a flavor to the other girl's juices. She moved down and licked from the bottom of her clit up to the top. Diana moaned softly and pushed her hips forward. Steph smiled and did it again with the same result. This isn't so bad, in fact it might be kinda fun. She sat back a little and used her fingers to explore the Diana's pussy, tracing her lips with her finger tips from the top down to where they came together. Diana continued to moan softly in pleasure with each touch. Mischeviously Steph let her finger continue down to the girl's other pink hole and made circles around the puckered flesh. That elicited a deeper moan and a shudder. Wow, this is fun, who knew! Realizing she had two hands as well as a tongue she decided to see just how far she should push her friend. I don't have a choice anyway, I might as well go for it. Feeling a wicked sense of abandon she began teasing one finger into her friends vagina opening as she leaned back in to start licking her clit again. At the same time she let her other index finger tease circles around Diana's anus. ,,Diana was in heaven. This was the absolute hotest thing she could possibly imagine, it went far beyond any of the tame fantasy's she had ever masturbated to. Steph is going down on me, Steph!!! The first touches turned up the heat in her belly to a low fire and she couldn't help but moan and squirm a little. Even though she had gone out with boys, she had never even let them touch her below the waist. ...and speaking of boys... As if the sensations of having the girl she had desired giving her oral sex wasn't enough, Jeremy was stripping naked. He was her best friend and she hated to think of him sexually, but she did still like boys and there he was.... He was skinny and not very buff, but he hadn't reached his mature growth yet, his shoulders would get broader and if he exercised he could be pretty hot. Damn he's big, it's got to be eight or nine inches... He was trying to be sexy about his stripping, it was actually comical, but with what was happening down below she wasn't in a laughing mood. He was standing prouder, maybe it was the situation, maybe because she had gone down on him, she didn't know but he looked good with his shoulders back and not slouching. If he weren't her best friend.... ,,And then Steph was getting serious and touching in three places at once, and Diana's world exploded in pleasure. She writhed under the triple assault and her moans were no longer quiet or calm. ,,Jeremy turned around for Diana as the Mistress commanded, but the view, the VIEW!!! Diana was getting off and Steph was on her knees between her friend's legs. He had a view of Steph he'd never considered wanting but now that he saw it he wished he could be between her legs while she was between Diana's. No, I'd rather be IN Diana, but damn! What a choice. Unfortunately, he didn't have a choice, he couldn't do anything without Mistress telling him. This was so tempting, he could almost consider 'failing' if it meant he could join the two girls right that minute. And then Diana started writhing and moaning so loud he was afraid the neighbors might hear. Even without touching himself he almost came. He couldn't see what Steph was doing to her, but it must be something impressive, Diana pulled her knees up and put her feet ont he seat and spread herself wider. ,,Steph was amazed at the effect she was having on her friend. Wow, this really is hot. She could feel herself starting to lubricate and for the first time in her life she was tempted to touch herself, but that would mean taking one of her hands away from what she was doing and she didn't think Mistress would like that. Her finger was now fulling inside Diana's vagina and stroking in and out slowly while she kept licking. It was really having an effect, the girl was writhing now and spreading her knees apart and holding them open to give more access. She took her mouth off of Diana's clit and looked up at her. She was feeling completely brazen now and gave her friend a wicked smile. She took the well lubricated finger out of her friend's vagina and moved it down to her anus and used her other hand to start working two fingers into her pussy. Then she began to press with the index finger pushing it into the Diana's butt. At first there was resistance and a utterly shocked expression on the blond girl's face, then the finger was in past the first knuckle twisting slowly and moving in and out a little deeper with each stroke. ,,It was more than Diana could handle, she was a virgin and had never been touched before and here she was being invaded in two holes at once and having her clit licked all by the girl she had crushed on for so long. Her legs were shaking like she was having a siezure and the pleasure that had been building exploded though her in stomach clenching spasams that seemed to go on forever. She didn't realize it but she was screaming in pleasure in time with the waves of pleasure rolling through her. ,,When it was all over finally, Steph just sat back and said, "Wow. That was incredible." Jeremy could only nod mutely, the powers of speech having fled in light of what he'd just witnessed. ,,Panting heavily still, Diana's response was, "If you think that was incredbile you should have felt it! Holy fuck, I love you!!!" It was an admission that she wished she could make under more normal circumstances, but maybe saying like that wouldn't freak Steph out. ,,Elspeth felt envy. These teens, so compeletely messed up as their lives were, were getting to experience things that she with all her wealth and power and privelge couldn't allow herself to have. Just one hint of her ever doing something like they were doing and it would be all over every media outlet in the world in under an hour. She took a few breaths and closed her eyes for a moment to regain her inner balance. It would be well, and it would happen for her some day. It would.
  10. Click to reveal.. Ok, I don't write much along the mature line, but the subject matter will be mature so stop reading now if you are easily offended. When the group arrived at Steph's house, Elspeth didn't hesitate, but took the lead and walked right through the door and into the kitchen where she could hear the girl's father. He looked up startled at the sight of the extrememly beautiful dark haired girl. Steph bustled into the room hot on Elspeth's heels afraid of what her father might say, but stopped in her tracks as she saw the nearly blank look on his face. After a moment he reached into his wallet and pulled out a $20 and put it ont he counter. He smiled and kissed his daughter on the forehead, something he hadn't done in years. "I'm going to head out to a movie sweetie and get a bite to eat. I won't be back until late so make sure your study session is over early enough for you to be in bed by 11:00. I'll check in on you when I get home." He turned back at the door and swept the group with a stern look, "You kids be good. I don't want to come home to a mess." Steph and her friends were stunned. More than anything else, even the sudden loss of Black No. 1, from their hair, this proved that 'Mistress' had supernatural powers. Elspeth just smiled smugly and raised a challenging eyebrow. The teens didn't say a word. She knew what they were thinking, but it hadn't exactly been mind control in the sense they believed, she had not overridden the man's will, he simply remembered sitting down with Elspeth and having several very long very satisfying conversations about responsibility and how his daughter's life needed to turn in a different direction and because of those conversations he was very comfortable with leaving his daughter and her friends in Elspeth's very mature and responsible company. She was the ultimate babysitter as far as he was concerned. Lately, she had been worrying about the ethical nature of using her telepathy to do things like this, but she was in a hurry and now wasn't the time to split hairs over it. Let the kids think what they would. "After we are finished you can order some pizza, but for now lets go into the family room and begin." She was in charge and they would do what she wanted, it was that simple. It wasn't mind control, she just projected an air of authority and power, and they would instinctively want to obey. It was very important however, that she not do anything to alter their minds, they had to see that the changes they made were real and not imposed. The family room was right next to the kitchen but stepped down and it had an actual hardwood floor and a warm feeling to it. It hadn't changed since Steph's mother had passed away, and it also hadn't been much used since then by her father, it was Steph's comforting place. So that's where Elspeth wanted to begin this. She was going to take the girl so far out of her comfort zone she would need a space suit to breath. Elspeth looked around the room skeptically then chose the most comfortable looking chair and sat, not inviting the teens to do so. "Move that coffee table back against the wall and clear a space here." She gestured to the area in front of the big old fashioned 3D LED TV, it was a good 15 years old at least. They did so then stood in a line waiting for Elspeth to command them again. She didn't waste any time, pointing to Steph she ordered. "Stand right there and face your friends and remove your clothing. All of it." The girl went pale then red with embarrassment, but she didn't hesitate more than a few seconds before she started unbuttoning her shirt. Diana and Jeremy's jaws both dropped as they watched their friend begin to strip naked before them. For Diana it was a fantasy come true, and for Jeremy a surprise. He had never considered his friend as an object of desire, she was Steph, his oldest childhood friend and she just wasn't someone he would ever have considered. That opinion quickly changed. As the raven haired girl removed first one item then another it quickly became apparent to the boy that she was far more beautiful naked than clothed. She had worn baggy and unflattering things and he had no idea what had been hiding beneath them all this time. "Wow!" It was all he could say, but he couldn't help but feel uncomfortable that he was getting a boner for his friend and in front of Diana too. Diana on the other hand was a fraction more eloquent, "Holy crap Steph, you are beautiful, why do you hide that body under those baggy clothes?" She blushed almost as deeply as her naked friend at having said something so obvious. Elspeth chuckled then looked at Steph, "They are right, you will no longer dress in those ugly clothes. After we are done here you will go shopping and buy a new wardrobe with their help. In fact, they will pick your clothes for you. Use your father's credit card, he won't mind." She turned to Diana with an evil glint in her eye, "Now you will go to your knees in front of the boy and pleasure him. When he climaxes, which shouldn't take long under the circumstances, you will not allow a single drop to be spilled." It was just about the most difficult thing she could have asked of the tomboy. Diana hadn't admitted it to herself yet, but she was more lesbian than straight and very much infatuated with Steph. To be asked to perform oral sex on Jeremy with Steph watching was the ultimate humiliation. To Steph she ordered, "Rotate slowly and give Jeremy a good view of your body to inspire him." She did her best to hide the amusement she felt... the idiots were stupid infatuated with each other, and would make the perfect relationship if only they could just see it. She would make them see it. Diana, who had only mildly been interested in boys, found herself just a little in awe of the silky but rock hard penis staring her in the face. She knew Jeremy liked her, but had always made a point not to do more than be a friend, what she hadn't expected from this skinny geek of a boy was that he would have such a large.... Her mind shied away from thinking about it. She failed. It was right in her face and she had to take it in her mouth if she wanted to become a vampire like Mistress. She took it in her hand and guided it into her mouth and she found that she just couldn't pretend it was a banana or something... it was a dick, and it filled up her mouth and she couldn't get more than a third of it in without it gagging her. She was just thankful it wasn't very thick. She couldn't believe she was doing this. It wasn't that she was a prude, or that she was a hard core lesbian, she didn't really like girls, just Steph; hell she had had a few boy friends and made out and stuff, but this was Jeremy, he was a friend... her best friend! Things would never be the same between them again. All of that was going through her mind as she moved her mouth up and down sucking on Jeremy's cock. She took her mouth off for a moment, and said to him, "I'm sorry." Sorry, that this will make things awkward between us, sorry I'm doing it, just sorry... Mistress spoke coldly, "You should be, you're terrible at that. You should be ashamed, but luckily I think Jeremy is overlooking your sorry lack of skill." Tears began to roll down Diana's face. She wasn't sure why exactly, she knew Mistress was right, she wasn't very good, but then she'd never done this before and she didn't exactly want to give Jeremy this kind of pleasure, it broke down a wall that she'd built up over the years and opened a door that she didn't want open, but at the same time it was kind of a relief. But also at the same time she felt so ashamed to have Steph see her going down on a boy, especially Jeremy, knowing that Steph liked him, it felt like she was betraying something. Meanwhile Jeremy was in bliss. The girl he'd been chasing for years was giving him head, she had his junk in her mouth and it felt sooo good. The bliss wasn't without it's own shame and confused feelings however. He knew deep down that she wasn't doing it because she wanted to, but because she was being forced. He felt like he was betraying her friendship by not refusing to allow this, but he couldn't because the beautiful vampire had demanded it and he wanted more than anything else in the world to be powerful and strong like she was. Then there was the fact that Steph, his best friend, was watching him get off and his stuff was out for her and the vampire to see. And Steph!!! She was beautiful and he'd never seen it before.... how had he never noticed how perfect her body was!!!! Sure she was just a little heavy but her stomach was flat and perfect and she had such great curves! Damn, I'm never going to forget this moment...I hope I never forget this... Why is Steph crying? She can't be embarrased can she?... she's so beautiful! Can't she see how I'm reacting to seeing her naked? Or is that the problem, is she hurt because her best friend got a raging hardon looking at her? I hope I haven't hurt her. Steph was crying silently, but the tears were streaming down her flaming red cheeks, she was sure her whole body was blushing. Not just from the embarrasement, but for the fact that Diana was the one being allowed to please the man she wanted so desperately. Jeremy was getting pleasure not just from another girl, but from her best friend. How could the Mistress be so cruel? She has exposed me like this before the boy I want and my best friend and they can see how fat I am... he'll never want me now...and I'm not just naked, but I'm having to show him everything turning around and around like this. Her self-pity stopped mid thought for a moment as she saw the look of hunger and exctasy on Jeremy's face as he came in shuddering convulsions. Diana lost his penis for a moment after the first spasm hit her in the back of the throat startling her, and causing the second spurt to hit her in the face, but she desperately grabbed it back and sucked so that she wouldn't miss any. Mistress had said that not a drop could be lost and she hoped that the splatter on her face would not mean she failed. After the third or fourth spasm Jeremy tried to pull away, but she reached out and grabbed him by the butt and pull him back so that she wouldn't lose any. Jeremy couldn't stand it, it was too intense and she just kept sucking... it was like being hit with tazer set to "pleasure" and he just wanted to pull away but she wouldn't let him. He finally collapsed to his knees, but even then Diana, the girl he'd wanted for so long and whom he had so many fantasies about, followed him down keeping her mouth on him. He wanted to scream it felt so good and so bad at the same time. He was completely limp by the time she stopped, both physically and emotionally. Steph couldn't stand watching, but she couldn't help herself either. She wanted to be where Diana was so badly, but she had been afraid that if she ever made her feelings known to Jeremy he would reject her and she couldn't stand risk that. When one blast had splattered on Diana's face instead of in her mouth she thought, Maybe she'll fail and that will leave Jeremy and I together! She was instantly ashamed of herself for thinking such a thing, she loved Diana too; she was her best friend. She was like deer in the headlights watching the scene... When Jeremy collapsed with such a look of pleasure on his face she wanted to scream, but she remained silent and when Diana finally released him and pulled away lying on the floor panting, Steph rushed forward. She didn't want her best friend to fail, but if she was being honest with herself she really wanted a piece of Jeremy too, so she went to her knees and leaned over Diana and licked the siemen from her face and kissed it off and whispered very quietly so only the other girl could hear, "Just to be safe, so Mistress can't say that any was wasted..." Diana reached up and put her arms around Steph and hugged her fiercely. Elspeth was touched, but not quite ready for the teens to start bonding. She needed to break them down a bit more first before she started building them up.
  11. Elspeth had a final task to perform before she finished her vacation, she just hoped it would not take too long. Her clones were hardy and tough, but they wouldn't last forever, in a week or so they would dissipate and Elspeth would need to return before that happened. I'll need to push these kids along fast if I'm going to accomplish anything before I go.... The three kids in question were the ones who had helped her pick up her books that first day when Cindy, aka. Smurfette, had purposefully knocked them out of Elspeth's arms. They had seemed about as typical and average as American teens came and so she'd kept and eye on them to see what their lives were really like. What she found was a steaming pile of angst and borederline neurosis wrapped up in an triangle of unrequited sexual tension and bound by a crippling fear of rejection. The three were about as messed up as teens got and Elspeth was going to do something about it and truth be told, she was looking forward to rattling their cages. ----- Everything goes in cycles... it was no wonder that some cultures viewed time as a Wheel instead of linear. It had taken over twenty years, but Vampires and dark clothing and all things goth were coming back into fashion. Naturally, Steph, Diana, and Jeremy thought they were being different and rebellious by dressing all in black and wishing they were undead. Elspeth supressed a laugh looking at the three of them hanging out at the park across the street from the high school. Unlike Diana and Jeremy, Steph had beautiful natural blue-black hair, but like her companions it was greesy and none to well kept. All three teens could use an afternoon at a salon in Elspeth's opinion, but only after a good long hot shower. That alone would make their self-esteem soar, which wasn't saying much since they didn't appear to have any to begin with. You could see it in their body language and posture. Jeremy constantly slouched with his shoulders slumped and hunched like he was expecting a blow across the back and depsite his nearly six foot height he seemed much smaller and it didn't help that he had the classic geek body, thin arms and legs and no muscle tone at all. She suspected that even if he were not hunched and slumping his shoulders he still would have a nearly concave chest. The other distinctive feature about him was that he hardly moved, as if he was afraid to draw any attention to himself. Diana, on the other hand, couldn't remain still if her life depended on it, she was always in motion and looked like she would flee if someone said 'boo', like a small bird pacing back and forth on it's perch; and like a small bird she was slight and thin and fae looking, but thanks to her nearly flat chest and tom-boy mannerisms she seemed more of a man than Jeremy. Steph was the opposite, she was one of those girls that all the teen movies portray, the 'ugly duckling' that gets the makeover and is suddenly one of the prettiest girls in school. Only this duckling had not had the makeover yet. Her face was her best feature with it's large dark eyes and full shapely lips, but the caked on goth makup did an excellent job of hiding her beauty. The only fault with her body, if it could be called a fault was that she was just a little plump. Elspeth didn't think the weight mattered one bit, but obviously Steph did, she stood with arms folded over her breasts as if hiding them and her body language screamed that she believed she was completely and totally unactrative. With her hearing Elspeth could follow the conversation without approaching too close. Diana who seemed the leader by virtue of the fact that she was active and moving spoke with authority, "I would become a vampire if they were real. Not the Buffy kind or the Twilight kind you know, but the Anne Rice type, or the White-wolf ones would be cool. Get to live forever, and have cool powers and you can even be awake during the day if you want, you just can't go out in direct sun." Jeremy shook his head, "No, not the Anne Rice ones, they're impotent. I mean sure the Thirst is the big thing for Vamps and feeding is supposed to be better than sex, but I'd still want to have it, the sex I mean. I mean really, if you've got all the powers to hypnotize anyone you want and have your way with them then..." He trailed off seeing the look Diana gave and wilted under her stare. Elspeth could read the three like a book, Jeremy had a major thing for Diana and her displeasure at his comment made him instantly retract his opinion. "I mean you know, not like rape, just like the one's that wanted to do it. You know?" He looked like he wished he had never opened his mouth. Diana didn't look too appeased, but Steph spoke up to defend Jeremy, she had a thing for him just as he had one for Di. "It wouldn't be rape, they would be willing, besides, they would never remember it and there wouldn't be any consequences since Vamps are immune to disease." Elspeth wanted to laugh so bad... Diana wouldn't admit it even to herself, but she wanted Steph every bit as much as the other two sides of the trinangle wanted the one that didn't want them back and the result was that the leader of the little group backed down from her own opinion because her object of desire had defended the opposite view. "Ok, I guess that's not really so bad then, but what about virgins, they'd sill lose their cherry and that's a consequence." Jeremy grinned having obviously thought enough about Vampire/mortal sex to have his answer prepared, "Nope, Vamps can heal wounds with a lick." His grin was flush with victory and sexual innuendo. Steph piped up, not to be left out of the conversation and hoping to draw the boy's interest, "I'd willingly let a vampire do that to me even if he didn't lick me when he was done." She blushed at the mental image this brought up. "What if the Vamp was a girl? You wouldn't need to be healed then, she could feed from your thigh and lick you and have both pleasures." Diana was so obvious about her feelings, Elspeth couldn't understand how the other two teens could possibly miss the implication, but miss it they did, wrapped up in their own emotions as they were. Oh for heaven's sake, they are ridiculous! Elspeth thought to herself. It was time to put an end to their silliness. It was a cloudy overcast day so Elspeth faded into view as she walked up to the trio of angst ridden teens. They nearly jumped out of their skins. It was most satisfying. Elspeth smiled a wicked half smile. She had changed her shape to appear a bit older and with darker hair and features, but otherwise had remained the same. "I believe you all wanted to become vampires. Today is your lucky day then, I have need of minions." Her smile grew and showed teeth. Her canines extended into sharp fangs then retracted back to smaller points. The three teens stood speechless and Elspeth could tell that there was very nearly a loss of bladder control from one or two of them. Idle speculation about becoming a vampire was one thing after all, but being confronted by the reality appearing out of thin air was another entirely. "Well, yes or no? If you aren't interested I will find others." The teens were too stunned to speak so Elspeth began to turn as if to go. "No wait! I mean yes, I would like to be like you." Diana was the one to speak but the other two nodded emphatically. Elspeth turned back to face them and narrowed her eyes and let a sense of power and danger leak though her disguise. "I will test you then. You will do everything I say without question or I will reject you and you can continue your miserable little lives. Understand that I could make you into mindless slaves if I chose, but I don't want slaves, I want obedient servants who choose loyalty." Diana again spoke for the trio, "Will we spend immortal lives just as your servants or would be be free to be independant some day? I want to be like you, but I wouldn't want to be a slave." Elspeth laughed, "You have courage, but you are a foolish child. I don't want slaves. For a time you will serve me and you will do all I ask or I will not give you the Embrace. Once Embraced you will be free to stay or go. Now, no more questions. I want to hear your answers, each of you." The teens looked at each other for a moment as if having an unspoken conversation then turned back to Elspeth and answered. Diana stuck her chest out and nodded sharply and decisively, "Yes." Jeremy swallowed hard and noddd. "Yes." He had a bit of a weak chin and a too prominent nose, but neither feature was so pronounced as to make him completely unattractive. Steph was the last to speak and seemed the most hesitant, "Yes." "Then question none of the orders I will give you and do them immediately, I am not one of your teachers at school or your parents who will give you chance after chance. If you fail, then you fail and that will be it. You must prove to me that you are worthy of my trust." Elspeth hid a grin, they had no idea how uncomfortable this was about to get, but it was the only way to fix their pathetic lives in the time she had. Well, that was not exactly true, she could use her telepathy to rewrite their very personalities one memory at a time, but then they would be no better than mindless zombies created by her. In order for their change to mean anything they had to be free to make choices. When she was satisfied that they wouldn't bolt she reached forward and touched Diana on the forehead with her index finger, letting her quantum aura surround the girl and infuse her, "First thing first, that dye job is terrible and makes you look ridiculous. Be yourself and be proud of what nature gave you." Elspeth focused her will on changing the girl's hair just as she would change her own. There was some resistance, but it melted away. After a few seconds the dye in the girl's hair flaked off and the black dust slid off as if being washed away. She did the same with the girl's skin and pores causing all dirt and foreign matter to be push away from her body. From Diana's perspective she felt an intense tingling and it was almost as if her flesh was crawling but then it passed. She wasn't sure what had happened, not being able to see her own hair, but she quickly understood when the beautiful vampire repeated the process on her two friends. Elspeth wouldn't have done it this way except that she was in a hurry and every day counted. She didn't make any actual changes to their bodies since nothing she did would be permanent once she withdrew her quantum aura, but the dye and dirt and makeup and grease on their bodies and in their hair were not part of them so making them go away would last until they got dirty again, or dyed their hair. She smiled at the results. Steph had lustrous naturally blue-black hair that fell almost to her waist and her skin was beautiful. Now that it was free of the dirt and grease it was spectacular, some of the best hair El had ever seen on a baseline. Diana was revealed to have sandy blonde hair short and almost boyish in cut. Jeremy's was a nice auburn and curly, but the big improvement was the lack of pimples and pimple scars thanks to the clensing she had given them. She nodded in appreciation, "That's better. Now, Steph, we're going to your house, lead the way." The girl was full of apprehension, her father was grumpy at the best of times, but he hated when she brought friends over and wouldn't leave them alone but watched and listened to everything. He claimed he was just protecting her, but it creeped her friends out and made them very uncomfortable. She knew it was just that he was afraid of loosing her like he'd lost her mother, but it still sucked. Diana and Jeremy gave her worried looks, but she didn't question... she realized they had not been told the vampire's name. "If you don't mind, what is your name?" It took a good deal of courage for the self-effacing girl to ask. "You may call me Mistress. There is power in names and you do not need to know mine yet. Perhaps after the embrace if you prove worthy..." Elspeth shamelessly played up the mysterious nature of her appearance even though there was nothing wrong with giving these kids her real name. Steph nodded, "Uh, Mistress. Thanks." She led the way to her home.
  12. It had been nearly two weeks and the truth was that Elspeth was growning bored. Being normal just wasn't all it was cracked up to be. True, she had learned some things, and experienced what it was like not to have people instantly either fawning over her or her sworn enemy just because of who your parents were, but she had also learned that these teens were probably more stressed out than she ever was. That wasn't to say that she was not stressed, she was taking this vacation exactly because she needed to get away from the constant turmoil that her life was in, but she just didn't have the same kind of the world is going to end if this doesn't happen urgency that many of these high school kids had. Her parents had been murdered in a political coup, she'd been hunted by nova Elite assassins, she'd been captured and nearly forced to marry the man responsible for her parent's murder, she had pulled the trigger herself of the gun he had shot her with, killing him when she was only 13, and since then she'd faced political manueverings by Project Utopia aimed at ruining her and the people she was responsible all because born to nova parents who espoused the Teragen philosophy. So sure, she had some serious stress in her life, but it was over 'real' issues and even amidst the crazyness that her life was, she still managed to remain at least somewhat serene. Or at least I haven't gone batshit crazy and attacked my enemies and crushed them under my heel. She chuckled quietly as much at her own thought as at the fleeing blue cheerleader. It made her think, Perhaps that's the secret. I know that I can always flee. No matter what else happens, I could always escape to some other planet, or some other version of Earth, or to a vacation like this. I don't explode because I have an escape and I know it. These kids, the ones that are so wound up, think that their petty issues are the whole world, they just don't know they can escape, or that there is something outside of their little piece of it. She was looking at three of the kids in particular as she thought this. The three that had stopped to help her pick up her books and papers that first day when Smurfette had intentionally bumped her and made her spill them on the floor. Those three were a time bomb waiting to happen, she could see it in their faces. It was time to do something useful with this vacation, she was going to teach those three that life was bigger than their little problems. ***** The next day was Friday and the last day that Elspeth was planning to be here for her vacation and she had to wrap things up. She was on her way to turn in her books when Cindy grabbed her shoulder from behind and spun her around and hissed, "I know it was you! I saw you sitting in the stands all by yourself laughing. Your going to regret what you did!" Her instinct was to grab the little tramp with her mind and slam her through the nearest wall, but she controlled the urge and just asked calmly, "Why would you think I had anything to do with it?" "Because you've been giving me nasty looks every time I see you ever since I accidently bumped into you." Elspeth laughed, "Of all the people you've hurt, and you think something as small as that would cause someone to get revenge on you?" Her smile was scornful and dismissive as she replied, "I have better things to do than plot revenge against smurfs." She turned to go but the engraged cheerleader tried to hit her. Elspeth saw the punch coming out of the corner of her eye and to her nova level reflexes and mental quickness it seemed to be coming in slow motion. If this where a real opponent she would have grabbed the hand with telekinesis and guided it to one side and grabbed it with her hand and used the girls momentum and her strength to fling her bodily down the hall. This wasn't a fight however, and the worst thing she could do to this girl wasn't beat her up, the real worst thing would be to ignore her. She ducked just a little to one side letting the fist sail through the air where her head had been and just frowned at the other girl, "I said I have better things to do, now go away Smurfette or you might actually annoy me." She turned to go again knowing the girl would take another shot, but she was ready for it. Cindy screeched in fury and charged hands extended like claws reaching for Elspeth's hair and clothes. El just stepped sideways far enough that the girl wouldn't collide with her and gently tugged on the girl's wrist with just enough force to make the other girl loose her balance. Cindy when sprawling on her face on the hallway floor. By this time there was a full crowd forming, students were piling out of classrooms and there were shouts of 'cat fight', and 'fight' echoing down the hall. Sighing at the scene that had been created, Elspeth stepped foward and offered her hand to the other girl, "That was a nasty fall, you should be more careful." Cindy growled in her throat and slapped the hand away and scrambled to her feet. Elspeth only stepped back a pace to open up some room between the two of them. She could already hear at least two teachers struggling to push thru the crowd to get to them. The infuriated cheerleader tried twice more to attack which only served to make her look more foolish. Just before the first teacher could push make it past the wall of spectators, and while Cindy was panting and deciding whether to make another attack, El spoke one last time, "You blamed me for the prank because you were embarrassed and thought it made you look foolish, but I tell you that a little blue sweat never could make you look as foolish as you've just made yourself look in front of all these people." This last statement pushed the other girl past all reason and she screamed, "You fucking cunt! I'll see you thrown out of this school and I'll sue you for everything you've got. My father will make you pay you bitch!!!" Mr. Collins was just in time to see the outburst and he stepped forward, and asserted his authority. "That will be enough of that! You two will come to the office with me at once!" Turning to the crowd, "All of you get to class now, or I'll have you in the office as well." The crowd melted away almost as quickly as it formed except for a handful of students that the teacher had pointed out. "You lot will come with me as well." Cindy immediately burst into crocidile tears appealing to Mr. Collins to protect her from the vicious attacks that Elspeth had been launching on her. The other kids just rolled their eyes. The group made it to the office in short order and the Assistant Principal took testimony from the students one at a time. When it was all done, they were dismissed except for the two combatants, who were sitting in the two chairs before his desk. Mark Sherman was an impossing man with biceps the size of most men's thighs and depsite the slight grey in his hair, he hadn't lost any of his strength since the days he was a coach and a player instead of an administrator. Most of the boys who had gotten whipped by the paddle the big man kept in his filing cabinet chose never to repeat the experience. Elspeth had kept of a constant reading of his mind since being ushered into the office and she was impressed depsite herself. The man's mind was as sharp as his muscles were large, but she didn't envy the man's position. He was worried that anything he did to punish Cindy would mean reprisal from her father who had been known to hold grudges and use his position to get people fired, and he knew the girl was clearly in the wrong and deserved to be expelled. Finally, he stood and spoke to Elspeth. "I am sorry you are leaving us so soon, and sorrier still that you will be leaving on such a bad note, but I wish you luck at your next school. Just make sure you mother contacts us to have your records transferred when you get settled in at your new home. You may go, but I'll want to speak with your mother when she comes to sign you out." Elspeth was clearly dismissed and so she smiled politely and left the room, but lingered in the outer office listening to what he would say to the other girl. "Cindy, I hope you aren't hurt. From what the other students say, you were the one that attacked Elspeth. I understand that you were upset especially after the incident yesterday afternoon. By all rights I should be expelling you for three days, but that would go on your permanent record and it would disqualify you from all extra cirricular activities for the next three weeks." Cindy started to protest, but the big man must have held up a hand or something to forestall her, "In light of the fact you were provoked, and because you've been a model student until now, I will let this go with a warning this one time. However, I want you to know that no matter what someone may say to you that is never grounds for physical violence. If someone attacks you or bullies you in any way you come to me and let me deal with it, that's what I'm here for." He paused and then the Cindy did speak and there was a nasty tone in her voice, "What about Elspeth? What about punishing her for what she did to me?" El could tell from his thoughts that he was being very diplomatic in trying not to make an enemy of the girl's father. "We have a strict no tolerance policy for bullying and I could have expelled the girl if you had come to me with proof, but as it is now, I've got several witnesses that say you tried to assault her. I would have punished her and even gone so far as to call her new school to insist they follow up on it, but now my hands are tied. I'm sorry. I've had the secretary call your mother and she's on her way. You can wait in the outer office." Elspeth was out the door before the other girl came out. Her 'mother' would arrive later to sign the paperwork removing her from the school. For now she had work to do before she went home to Sierra Leone and the people who depended on her. There were three very messed up good samaritans that she wanted to fix first...
  13. When she arrived in the stands after school there was already a group of thirty or so students gathered and milling about. She sat a little separately watching the football practice and the cheerleaders warm up. Except for the number of kids hanging out and watching the practice it was pretty normal. It was cool despite the cloudless sunny afternoon since it was already pretty late in the football season. Even Houston was cool by November, so Elspeth wore a jacket and pretended that the temperature mattered. That was one thing that bothered her about this 'vacation'. She wanted to see what life was like for supposedly normal teens and experience some of the carefree times that was the media made so much about. The problem was that she wasn't really experiencing it because she had these powers. She could only pretend to be cold, and as for life being carefree.... If there was one thing she had learned in her time so far, it was that most of these kids were stressed out over one thing or another. Hardly any of them had any real reason to worry about anything, but they did anyway. Elspeth snooped on their thoughts constantly trying to learn what they were like and it amazed her how petty their problems were and yet how important they seemed to them. Bobby Green had cowlicks in his hair and worried constantly that his hair wouldn't do the things that were fashionable. No matter how much gel or spray he used it just wouldn't lay right. And he really honestly thought it mattered. Elspeth wanted to smack him in the head and shout, 'No one cares about your stupid hair! Pretend you've got some self-confidence and no one will ever even look at your hair.' Then there was Selena Lopez, she was so wrapped up in whether or not to go all the way with her boyfriend or not. That was a little more understandable. Elspeth hadn't done anything with anyone yet, not even a kiss, but that wasn't so much by choice as because in her position, anything she did would be dragged into the political arena and the media. If the paparazzi photographed it, her first kiss would be all over every tabloid in the world within a week. She sighed. Selena's issues were so easy. Did she want to or not. It was that simple, and yet, the girl was gnawing at the decision like a dog would on an old bone. Suddenly Elspeth's attention was drawn to the track near the bleachers. Cindy had just finished her fourth lap had stopped to stretch. Despite the cool air, most of the cheerleaders were wearing shorts instead of sweats and for the snotty teen it had been a bad decision. She was already starting to take on a distinctly blue tint sheen. El glanced at the other students in the stands. They had noticed too and were starting snicker, but so far were keeping relatively quiet. The crowd and also grown to nearly fifty. Cindy and the other girls on the squad were oblivious still to the reason for the gathering and were preening under the attention. Looking back to the track El just waited and watched to see how it would all unfold. She smirked a little and tweaked the other cheerleader's thoughts just a touch so as not to give away the situation before Cindy could become more covered in her blue sweat. Another five minutes went by as students used their cell phones to video the practice. Finally, Cindy noticed the sweat, but by then she was pretty blue and really did look a little like Smurfette. She started by yelling at her fellow cheerleaders, then at the crowd, before finally storming off the field. Before she had even begun yelling they were roaring with laughter. Elspeth had to tune the girl's thoughts out, they were very loud. She was angry and embarrassed and there was quite a stream of profanity roaring through the girl's mind.
  14. She finally just decided to remember the affront for later wrath should the girl be rude again. There were after all, any number of ways Elspeth could make the girl's life miserable if she chose. To go out of her way to avenger herself on the girl would have been inappropriate and that was beneath her, even if she was pretending to be a regular teen. As she was picking up her dropped papers and books three teens bent to help. Elspeth was actually surprised enough to pause in her efforts. "Uh, thanks." One of the two girls grinned, and handed her a book, "Don't worry about it, Cindy is a total bitch, she thinks she owns the school just because her daddy is on the school board and the teachers are afraid to punish her." The girl held out a hand, "I'm Jade, and this is Tom and Julia." Elspeth juggled her stack of books and papers a moment to free up her right hand to shake the offered one. "I'm Elspeth. I just started here today. My mom just got transferred to Houston. And thanks for the help. I guess I'll see you guys around." She stood up and hurried off to class but not before taking a good look at her would be friends. All three were dressed all in black and dark colors and looked to be pretty average. Jade had bottle black hair with some auburn roots howing, dark eyes and a friendly smile. She also had a jade green t-shirt on under her black hoodie. Like Julia, Tom also had dyed black hair, but his eyes were a light brown and even as young as he was there were smile lines at the corners of his eyes. He just looked friendly, which pretty much blew any chance of pulling off the dark and brooding fashion statement he was trying for with his faux-leather trench coat. His nose was a little big and his chin was a little weak to ever be considered good looking, but Elspeth was pretty sure she would like him just based on the smile on his face. The third member of their trio was a different matter altogether, Julia had blue-black hair that was natural if a bit greasy. Her pale sky blue eyes were striking and she had a natural beauty to her features, but she was just a touch chubby and Elspeth could sense the girl had low self-esteem. She just projected an aura of 'I'm not worthy'. She hadn't turned the corner on her way to Math class and she had already decided to make these three a pet project. They were all dark and gothy and wanna-be vamps by the looks of them, but they had shown her kindness and while it might be beneath her to seek out a snotty teen girl for some retribution over a single petty act... it was definitely not beneath her to reward a single kindness. The rest of her day went by in a fog of teen 'normalcy' of classes and boredom and trying to fit in. This was a world without novas and she was using her abilities to disguise what she was, but that made it all the harder on the young Queen. See was used to people showing her deference and clearing the way for her and listening to her every word. Here she was a nobody and no one paid any attention to her more than a normal girl anyway. Even with her abilities cloaked she was still what others would consider pretty and so she received some attention from boys in the school and jealousy from some of the girls. By the end of the day she was becoming comfortable in her new role, but she avoided the Trio, since she had begun to formulate a plan to 'reward' them. They might not appreciate the reward however, and it wouldn't work if she were hanging out with them. She had to admit to herself that she was tempted, they were the only ones so far that she had met that were friendly just to be friendly and not because they wanted into her pants, or to use her or for some other selfish reason. --- By the end of the week Elspeth was starting to go a little stir crazy. Most of the teens around her were so petty and wrapped up in their own tiny worlds. People were starving, and all kinds of bad things were happening even on this world without novas. The pollution alone in this world without the benefits of the hyper-combustion engine made the young nova want to gag. How can they stand themselves? She sat at a lunch table by herself listening to a conversation between two girls. Angela, a big busted brunette in a tight sweater, slurped her milk and snarked, "That skanky bitch is going to regret what she did." Her redheaded table companion, Charli, nodded eagerly. "I know riight!" She smacked her gum which also annoyed Elspeth. "I can't believe Cindy. She knows I've had a crush on Jared since 5th grade and we were just hooking up when she took him from me. I'm sure she did it because she knows I like him. She doesn't even care about him, she was talking last week about how he wasn't her type." She actually growled... "That bitch!!!" Charli patted her friend on the back, but Angela didn't notice, she just gave a truly evil smile and looked at her friend. "She's going to regret it though. You remember Mr. Johnson's biology class last week? He was jabbering on about some procedure he had and they gave him a chemical to change his pee blue?" The redhead looked curious, "Methel-something? Why?" Angela giggled and opened her purse secretively, "Methylene Blue. I found some in the chemistry lab. I don't know why they had any in there, but check it out." She covertly picked up the bottle and shook it; it was half empty. "I slipped some into Cindy's coke. It doesn't just make your pee blue. It makes all your body fluids change, sweat too. Just wait till Cheer leading practice this afternoon and bring your phone to take some video. Mrs. Hennings makes the girls run four laps before they start practice to get them warmed up and the bitch sweats like the sow she is. Blue Bitch is going to look like Smurfette, and Jared will be there to see it since he'll be practicing football." Charli goggled at the evil plan. "That's sooo eviiillll. I love it!" I'm sooo going to tell everyone to be there." "You do that, just don't tell them why or we'll get in big trouble." Angela put the bottle back in her purse. "I've got to sneak this back into the lab next period before it's missed." Elspeth had to agree, it was a pretty devious plan and from what she had seen the snotty teen had it coming. As she finished her lunch she decided it might be worth watching. Even so, it amazed her how petty the kids were and not a day went by that she didn't spend at least a little of her time thinking about things she could do when she got back home to improve the lives of thousands of her people. Still, there was a part of her that looked forward to seeing the emotional meltdown of the girl that had so rudely and purposefully bumped into her that first day.
  15. Saturday and Sunday went by in an orgy of shopping and decorating the apartment. When she finally came home Saturday night the loft was filled with plastic covered furniture and appliances still cocooned in their cardboard boxes. There were also stacks of paint cans and supplies for painting. Luckily the very expensive contractors she had hired had already come and gone, having ripped out the old kitchen and bathroom and remodeled. "It must have been an absolute mad house in here today." She checked out the work and was impressed with the tile and drywall work as well as the fixtures that had been installed. There was still work to be done in the bathroom, but the contractors would be there Sunday for that. Elspeth rolled up here sleeves figuratively and got to work painting. In reality she reformed her eufiber into a pair of overalls and a painters cap. She looked in the mirror before getting started and was pleased with the look. Not that anyone would be watching while she painted, but it was possible that deliveries might still arrive. She was starting to really enjoy her vacation and thought she just might try flirting with the delivery man if he were young and hot. Not that she would do anything, but flirting would be fun. She was disappointed that no deliveries arrived that night, but she did get the entire apartment painted and it looked good. Elspeth was nothing if not artistic and her color choices were very harmonious. She wasn't entirely happy with the green, it had dried just a hair darker than the sample in the store, but it wasn't bad enough to be worth changing. She didn't bother unpacking the furniture since contractors would be in and out all the next day. She had just jumped back to the apartment after getting a quick shower in the palace when the first guy showed up. He was overweight and middle aged and had a serious crack problem when he knelt down to inspect the plumbing that had been installed the day before. Elspeth gave a quiet sigh and went back to hanging artwork on the walls. Evening rolled around and she still hadn't seen a single cute guy among the workers or delivery men. On the bright side the contractors finished in time for dinner and they had done a great job. She couldn't use the new walk-in full body shower because the grout still needed to dry, but the soaker tub was a different matter. The apartment was all done but for the little finishing touches. As she lay in the tub enjoying the bubble bath she came to the conscious realization that she really like this place. Somewhere over the last couple days of work she'd started to feel like it was really hers, and despite all the noise and confusion of all the workers coming and going, she realized that this was what she was missing, a quiet place away from all the pressure that she could go to get away from it all. Sunday evening in Texas was not the time for more shopping. Everything closed up by 6:00pm so she simply jumped to India where it was the middle of the day. Besides, what better place to buy fabrics and other little brick-a-brak than the Orient. By Monday morning Elspeth had a completed apartment fully updated and feeling like home. There were plants and artwork, and lighting and textures and fabric all mixing together to make something you would expect to see in Better Homes and Gardens. Since she was on the top floor she also had a roof that she planned to turn into a roof deck with a pool, but that would take time and some actual construction since the roof would need to be reinforced. She felt very satisfied as she placed the textbooks back in her locker at school that morning. It was funny, she'd been working her butt off getting the apartment set up but she felt more relaxed than she had in... well, in years, since her parents were alive. The only thing that was weird was not being beautiful. In order to blend in she was masking her true self and that was a shame, but the only way this would work. Someone bumped into her as she was kneeling in front of her locker and almost knocked her down. Three of her books dropped out of her hands and papers spilled out of her notebook all over the place. The girl that had done it didn't even look down, she just kept walking talking to the girl next to her. They both looked to be cheerleaders. It was an effort of will not to hang the rude girl upside down by her ankles and make her squeal with invisible swats delivered via telekinesis.
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