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  1. ,, Rachel raised an eyebrow at Naomi but smiled nonetheless and nodded friendly at her. "At least we're at the same disadvantage. I know next to nothing about this department. I just recently came to this... new condition, if I may say so.", she added a bit nervously. It didn't feel right to tell them just how excited and thrilled she was to finally get some action. ,, ,, Taking Val's offered hand Rachel briefly shook it and remained friendly as ever. "Rachel... Rachel Fiore, Dr. Fiore some may say but I don't insist. I think I don't have an uniform... yet? Are there any specifics? Team Colors? Tights?" ,, ,, "Thank you" - Rachel was literally bombarded by everyone but they all seemed friendly and open. She couldn't sense any open hostility or other oddities with maybe the exception of the overrepresentation of women in the Special Team. ,, "I'm really flattered to be here. I just don't have the slightest clue what to do next. I was transferred here and asked to meet Agent Kolanski... that's basically it.", Rachel wiped a lose strand back behind her ear and double checked if her hair was still ok, an obvious nervous reaction. She was so looking forward to the next days and couldn't hide her excitement.
  2. It had taken her far too long to get to the building. Her stuff was supposed to be hauled over by now but she wasn't sure about that. Actually given the little time she had she wondered how she ended up accepting the transfer. But then again it made perfectly sense to her after what had happened a few weeks ago. The tall black-haired woman dressed in business dress held in anthracite colors with a white blouse entered the building on reasonably heeled pumps, not too high to be uncomfortable by 8pm and still high enough to add that little extra length to her legs. ,, She had to admit, she was thrilled being here. It was a welcomed change to her old job which was predominated by waiting and examination of corpses and acquiring forensic evidence. It was interesting to determine how someone died or was killed but... well, it was very passive most of the time. This was about to change now, though. ,, Taking a deep breath to gather her courage Rachel approached the office putting on a her friendliest smile and looking at her smartphone as she quickly double checked on the name of the person she was supposed to meet her. ,, "I'm looking for a Mr. Kolanski...?", she asked suddenly very aware that she had no idea if he was a Captian, or Lieutenant... or were they called Agents here? That must be it. "Agent Kolanski?", she repeated a bit more assured now that she had chosen the right 'title'. ,, "I'm supposed to join this new Team of... ahm... Special Forces?", she didn't sound much experienced and didn't look as if she was the superpowered kind probably just another of the 'regulars'.
  3. Sorry for my forum-absence, I've been dealing with a serious case of stomach flu and lost nearly 10 pounds. Today is the first day I can actually eat something without feeling the urge to spread it all over the bathroom again (I spare you the details). Anyway - I'm recovering and will post as soon as I can spent more time at the screen - currently that is very little followed by exhaustion. I need some more rest.
  4. NAME: Rachel Fiore (aka Red Fury) ORIGIN: Biochemical Accident POWERS: Superstrength, Supertoughness and fast Metabolism THEME: Unstoppable Force of Nature. Physical Prowess TITLE: none yet. GENDER: Female AGE: 28 (Age indeterminable as Red Fury, but probably a very healthy mid-twenties PERSONALITY: Rachel has a somewhat dual nature ever since the accident. Her unpowered side remains the curious scientists mind and she abides by the rules and oaths she has taken. She can be even considered mousy at times, when she is deeply involved with her work. As Red Fury she is far more outgoing and direct. She revels in her powers and likes to show it off. The strength she possess makes her prone to powertrips and she has difficulties holding back when is is wiser to remain calm. POWER LEVEL: 8 APPEARANCE: Rachel is a dark-brownhaired attractive woman of half italian and half irish heritage. She has the good looks of her mother and a somewhat shrewd and sarcastic sense of humor inherited by her father. She seems to be somewhat oblivious of her looks, though. She seldom wears clothes that go beyond her usual business or work attire and her last date was when she was at college... Background: Rachel is the daughter of District Attorney Giovanni Fiore and Detective Siobhan Fiore. Both her parents have a strong sense of Justice and could be considered as good people as far as their personal backgrounds and taxpaying history is concerned. DA Fiore has the questionable reputation of being a hot-headed and stubborn DA who literally hunts down organised crime as if he was on a personal vendetta. His wife is a faithful Detective and while not as hot-headed at least as stubborn as her husband. Rachel could be considered the perfect combination of both their good traits but deep inside she also faces her inner demons which she very rarely is confronted with. Her dedication to her work and also the very passive nature of being a medical doctor who mostly deals with corpses is rather beneficial for staying out of trouble. At least the trouble of the physical/aggresive kind. This all changed a few months ago when Rachel had a rather lifechanging episode of the biochemically-induced accident kind. She was doing her old College Professor a favor who was no longer at University but following a project for the government which he could not speak of to her, but she could help him with some experiments without risking giving away what he was working on. As things turn out with these kinds of stories those experiments weren't as harmless as presumed and Rachel found herself exposed to a variety of chemical substances that altered her bodychemistry down to the DNA-level. Instead of dying (which all the rodents and rats did in their cages), the chemical compound changed Rachel, rebuilding her DNA and making some extreme alterations to her genetic code. The result was Red Fury - a hulking two and a half meters tall female juggernaut packed with muscles and bright red skin with fiendish looking yellowish glowing eyes. As Red Fury Rachel was capable of incredible feats of strength and could withstand all kinds of weapons up to Assault Rifle Calibre without even flinching. Fortunately she retained her intelligence and didn't devolve to a mad monster but the change still had an considerable effect on her personality. Soon Rachel found herself attracted to danger. She got more active in her research and tried to accompany her colleagues to the sites of crime, hoping to get another chance of unleashing the Red Fury and have a more active role in stopping crime. This had to draw some attention sooner or later and she was quickly contacted by the superhuman division to join their special forces Squad. At first reluctant, Rachel agreed to join the team, waiting for her first real encounter with criminals or villains who would challenge her unbelievable prowess and might.
  5. alright, I added my stats in my signature. I hope you can work with this Heritage. I simply made two sheets for easier reference.
  6. I'm sorry to tell you guys, but I've decided to bow out of this game. I'm having trouble connecting to the game world and setting of !Adventure which doesn't seem to be my cup of tea. I enjoyed playing Catori so far but I'm not having as much fun as I should which is part of the reason I post so little. I spoke with Jameson in chat - he knows about me leaving DT. *waves*
  7. It is not a question of time in my case. I got enough capacity but maybe I picked a wrong concept or it is not working out as I had in mind. I do have an interesting thing running now with Ben so in terms of goals and reasons to stay in the game I got my fair share. I don't know if it is my general unfamiliar/noobishness that keeps me from posting but most of the time I read posts and don't know what I should add to it.
  8. Catori watched warily what transpired but kept her discomfort to herself. Her eyes remained focused on Ben glad that no one got hurt. This event would sure cause after effects of some kind and she didn't like the idea of being swamped in this place. Without realizing it herself she remained closer to Ben than before feeling safer around him. Everything seemed to be fine for now and making a quick exit was critical now. "Lets go!", she hushed the others in an unusual display of action on her behalf.
  9. Catori didn’t understand what Ben was saying and it made her tense with anticipation. She didn’t know if she should hate or love his recklessness. He was brave and she admired that but this situation could easily get out of hand. Then a shot went off and she jumped forward shielding Ben with her body expecting to be hit by something… but nothing happened. Instead the men suddenly retreated. Everything went so fast that Catori barely caught up with the events. She almost tripped over Ben’s feet and struggled to keep her balance.
  10. Catori discreetly drew her dagger and moved closer to the group next to Ben. She wanted to make sure he was safe and be close to the others should someone get severely hurt. She wasn't really expecting to get into a fight but underestimating the situation was surely not a wise decision. Click to reveal.. Going into full defensive mode there. Catori doesn't want to attack but will defend herself as good as she can. If possible she'll have an eye on Ben.
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