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  1. You all do your thing. Have fun.
  2. People talked and they drank and the mingled as Bastion snaked his way through the crowds to a small cabana where he could change into his swim trunks. A few minutes later Bastion was on the beach in a pair of black shorts that reached his knees with a red stripe down the sides. He set his pack near a tree and withdrew a few frisbees and football. The moment he'd heard 'tropical island' it practically demanded a football for the beach and water. He'd been partially inaccurate about his quantum transformation, however, but people are always they're own harshest critics. Maybe he didn't notice it, but his eruption had toned him slightly more than he was a few months ago. 'Comic book bod' wasn't quite accurate, but the boy was cut and looking good, no doubt about that. He gripped the ball at one end and tossed it up a few times time, letting it spin a few times and drop back into his palm. The view over the ocean was amazing. He gazed out at the crystal blue waters and took in the fresh, clean air. Maybe he needed some fun to keep his mind off the madness that was his life at the moment. "Steve," he nodded to the large pirate. "Y'got an arm on ya?" He tossed the ball up and down and a few times.
  3. "Well, I'm suppos'n you're right right Miss Thompson," Bastion said, rolling his shoulders as Emily kneaded dense cording of his muscles. "An I know all of you didn't come here to listen to me gripe. I apologize y'all, I'm just jes so mad about it, it's all I can think about, y'know?" He sighed and looked out at the ocean. "Y'know, it's hotter than cheerleader try outs out here and I think Miss Klata has the right of it. I'mna go on ahead and get my swimming trunks on and try out that ocean. I ain't never swam in the ocean and I kinda wanna see how long I can hold my breath for. Why are we all on land when there is a perfectly good ocean waiting to be swam in... swum... swam... whatever, I'm getting changed and getting some sun."
  4. "Careful Miss Thompson," Bastion supported his companion rather easily, if not a bit awkwardly. Super strength didn't mean everything was easier, it was just not as heavy and people were notoriously squirmy critters. He slithered an arm around her waist and held her close to him. "I got ya. Just, hold on and quit squirmin'." "An, no ma'am," he replied to her question. "I was this big 'fore the storm. In fact, the storm didn't give me muscles, it just let me lift heavier things." "An the government relocated us, so there isn't any real way to get our property back. Clear as I understand it, when they move people the land they own become the property of the government, like a kid becoming a ward of the state. No point in letting us relocate and go into a relocation program if we're just going to keep our old house. Even if we had it, all our houses are gone, so we got no way of makin' a living." He shrugged. "Papers were signed, that means it's all legal and whatnot. Ain't much to be done, which is why I need work and I don't need anyone's permission. Child labor laws are for human children written by humans for humans. Like that old guy said in those movies... 'we're gods among insects'. Human's can't tell gods what to do, they're too stupid, they just run around in the name of gods and beat up and degrade homosexuals, cut off people's heads and mutilate women. Frankly, between us and the trees, humanity isn't the most creditable source when it comes to setting a good example of how people should act, let alone rules and guidelines for decision making. If I wanna work, I'll work. Way I see it, as long as I'm not destroying things willy-nilly then ain't nobody need be concerned with what I'm doing." "I want to use my abilities to help people, good people. The governments and companies of the world have no right to tell me whether I can or can't do that. If I want to help, I will. They don't like it, well, they can go cry about it." He said sternly. "It's about time this world had someone looking out for it that wasn't owned by a corporation or crooked or just looking to make a profit on other people's misfortune. I plan to be that guy. The guy who helps the world and if that bothers the people in power, well, chances are they're part of the problem, and we don't need em' anyway."
  5. "Things change, sir, one person at a time. One act of kindness, one act of decency and one act charity is like a pebble in a pond. Wars are won by one person saying 'if not me, than who' and then other minds change, people start to self reflect and understand that they are, and always will be the change they're trying to create. We're just to dang selfish to realize it." He looked at the two of them. "But there's not profit in one person at a time, is there? There's no profit in charity. You don't need a pebble in a pond, you want a current to sweep through, corner the market, and make you rich. Any other way and you what? Violate monopoly laws, destabilize economies? Can't have free in a world where everyone is trying to get rich, can we?" Once again Bastion demonstrated his down home, Montana, corn fed lack of a filter. He extended his hand to Davian, which seemed like a completely fake name one would find in a trashy romance novel written or read by desperate housewives. Probably contained vampires and werewolves or something. "Bastion, sir. Heard you were hiring, and I find myself needing work. I'm not super smart, but I'm strong, so if you're needing someone for construction or wreckage, I suppose I could do that. I'm only sixteen, but I can work for less and get it under the table, that's not a problem. I'm trying to help my folks out, after I got all this," he motioned down his body to imply his powers after the Storm. "We've sorta lost everything. Is there an office I come to to fill out an application?"
  6. "Oh, not thank you ma'am," Bastion raised a hand at the offered counter. "I don't drink." Bastion looked at the armor, then the booze, then back to Deezy. "Miss Klatta, ma'am, pardon my asking, and I hope I'm not crossing a line here, but," he shook a lazy finger at the armor. "If you can make anything you want, why are you wasting your time with gawdy suits or armor and super booze? Seems like a waste of talent when you could be providing homes for the homeless, making free medication for people who have no insurance and companies are charging a thousand dollars a pill. Blankets to those who need them, clothes, plasma for hospitals, presents under a tree, a new roof, or redo someone's old pluming, heck, I don't know... it just seems people could benefit a lot more from your gift than what you're doing with it." His cheeks flushed, "My apologies, I didn't mean it like that, that came out sounded rude."
  7. "Why not just increase the percentage of alcohol by volume, if we burn it faster then a higher ABV will have a lesser effect, but we'd burn it slower, 'an according to the science people, we all have enhanced metabo-thingies." Everyone kind of looked at the 'dumb' country boy. "What? Buddy of mine's paw make moonshine. I never said I was an angel, I'm just better than average..." He shrugged, considering his personal appraisal. "Okay... I'm fair t'midland." "Unless it's made from like, pure jet fuel or something, I guess."
  8. "It's awfully loud." Bastion said, looking at it like it like he didn't care for it at all. "And big. You're easily getting in people's way and interrupting conversations as you thunder about while they're are trying to enjoy themselves. I mean dang, Ms. Klatta, why invite everyone to your barn for a party if you're just gonna ride a bull on the dance floor? Don't make a lick of sense to me, ma'am." He looked to Emily and back at Deezy. "She's not listening, is she?" "Nope." Emily smiled and took another shot.
  9. "I won't say you've changed my mind," he said calmly, showing the typical defiance teenagers were known for. "But it's something to think about. I guess I can go meet people, although most of them I know already. The crazy lady is Ms. Deezy, she's a few fries short of a Happy Meal, but good people. The water lady, that's Ms. Emily. She's a peach. The portal guy is Mr. Hawk, he talks funny. Don't know the red lady. The other guy, young, like me, he's some rich kid. Colonel asked him to show what he could do, so he danced on a wall... I guess the storm gave him dancing powers." He stood up and brushed the sand aside, giving Steve a look at the red Kryptonian 'S' on his black t-shirt. "C'mon, I'll introduce you to the people you don't know." They met with Emily after but a few steps and Steve saw Bastion smile for the first time. ""Miss. Emily, you're welcome to join. We were just going to do some hob nobbin' with the others, an I'd never consider you a witch, ma'am, yer far to lovely." That simple hint of an accent came back to the surface as Emily added a small ray of sunshine to his bleak depression. "This is Steve." He gestured to... well, Steve. "He's the Weather Man."
  10. "That's kinda what I was thinking, Mr. Steve." He tipped his bottle up and took another swig. "Too many societies. To many rules. Too many people in power abusing their power with no one to keep them in line. If there was just on society. One set of rules, and one person to keep them in check, the world would be a far more fairer place." "Been thinking a lot about my condition. On how the storm evolved us. We're not human anymore. Humans, they're destructive, wasteful, they're don't contribute anything to the ecosystems they dwell in. They consume, destroy, and consume. They're parasites and Earth is their host." His joyless eyes looked out over the horizon as he shrugged. "A stronger species could do the world a favor by removing them, but weren't any, until now. Just a thought."
  11. "Sure did." He tipped his bottle up. "Media frenzy, 'it's in everyone's best interest', 'think about his future'. The Colonel already didn't like me, I kinda carried a large boulders and set them infront of and behind his car so he couldn't leave. Figured it was only fair. If he was gonna hold me like a prisoner, no harm in him hanging out too. It's amazing how angry people get when you treat them the same way they're treating you." He shrugged. "Anyway, yeah. He had them prey on the paranoia and knowing I was a minor, that I had no say of my own anyway." He sighed, looking out over the horizon. "Don't really make no sense to me though. Human laws are for humans. No human can do what I can do, so I ain't human no more, so why do they think their laws apply to me?"
  12. "The government hasn't gotten around to officially changing my name yet, so, Bastion is all I care to be. Since nothing can hurt me, it fit." Had Steve met him not long ago he would have seen, like Emily, a boy with all manner of innocence and joy in his eyes. Today, there was nothing. Hate wafted from the boy like... a fog, thick and heavy. "My family raised horses, Mr. Steve. Six generations. For four of those generations we owned our own ranch. Been raising horses their whole life, my parents have, don't know know nothing else. Not any more. Suits came and collected us us, made my ma and pa so worried and scared over my new abilities that they signed our lives over for protection and a new life." "Six generations." He said again, sipping his Coke. "I was going to the seventh, teach my kids how to raise fine stallions and beautiful mares. So now, there's a whole company of us. Gonna go make a lot of money whoring ourselves out for popularity and profits. I have to make the money now, Mr. Steve. Ma and Pa don't know nothing else but raising horses." "You was kind enough to bring a drink, Mr. Steve. Least I can do is offer you my company, or what little of it I have to offer."
  13. "Coke is fine, thank you." Sebastian said politely. He had no idea who this guy was, but the eyes were kinda cool. He'd seen him on television a few times, but his life was too busy getting up ended for him to concern himself with who the latest celebrities were. He had a vague recollection of some of the news feeds. "You're... Weather Man, right?" He flicked the cap of his coke with his thump like it was it was a movie prop bottle. "I'm Bastion. What brings you by? Party is over there." He nodded back the attractive women, the music and festivities.
  14. This was a dumb idea. Why would you have a costume party on the shores of a sunny, sandy beach in ninety degree tropical weather? He'd rather be swimming than dressed up. Rich people made no sense. Sebastian had been such a nice kid growing up in Shelby, Montana, until the storm came and imbued him with powers he never asked for. Since then he'd been imprisoned by the government, and essentially told that because he didn't stop to cover his face up before putting the lives of others before himself, that his options were essentially 'go into witness protection and up root your life', or 'eff off'. He was a minor and didn't have any real say, it fell to his parents who the government did a real number on with professional HUMINTers that preyed on their fears and worries and spun it all into an 'it's in the best interest of everybody' tear line that took Sebastian from his friends, his home... and that's how they lost the family Ranch that had been in their family for four generations. All because he didn't cover his face when saving lives? He'd never felt power like what he did when he smashed that pillar of stone. It was incredible. It opened his eyes to the reality of the world... it was a weak, frail place that needed guidance and stricter, less corruptible leadership. He was growing more powerful by the day and one day he would deliver a simple message to the world: join under his protection, or eff off. It would even come with a clean to read tear line on why it would be in the best interest of everybody. His costume was simple. Jeans, combat boots, and a black t-shirt with a red 'S' on it. Now all he had to do was mingle and learn how exactly this company was going to put all the super powered under one roof. As far as ideas went, it was a great one... it was the mingling he was having a problem with. He'd arrived through a portal like everyone else, something he still wasn't okay with traveling through, but he'd accepted the invite, and felt obligated to show up. He'd stepped through and didn't greet anybody, he just kept walking until he found a quiet spot on the beach and sat down under a tree and looked out over the ocean. It was arrivals time. Everyone had to show up and show out. He'd wait until later to see what this Davian guy could do to help him get his family's home back and help him topple all the people that had a hand in taking it away from him. There was no more Sebastian. He was pushed aside to make room for Bastion. Someone with power who could make people understand the basic principals of human decency and kindness. If people didn't want to act like human beings, then he would treat them like rabid animals. Like a certain Colonel that came to mind.
  15. "Wow," he chuckled. His voice deep and Emily noticed there seemed to be no trace of his usual accent. "That's really cool." While Sebastian had no water control powers of his own, he was able to take the orb and hold it himself, providing Emily continued concentrating on it. He didn't drink right away, instead deciding to hold it up and look at, and through it like it was the most interesting water he'd ever seen. That wasn't too far of a stretch, after all, not many people have the opportunity to hold a sphere of water and watch the world waver and shift in crystal clear liquid HD. It was amazing, and by proxy it made Emily amazing. He unceremoniously shoved his whole face into the sphere and simply inhaled like he was drinking from a hose like he did at home. He shook his head, like a dog shaking off the hose. "It tastes like water from the mountains back home." "That's because it's pure," she smiled. "Filtered by the stones, and the sand, and the air. Again he smiled and shook his head as he raised his hand and let the remainder of the orb drop in his head, cooling him off. Holding her orb in one hand, she offered him back his shirt with her free one. He pulled it over his body and now it became evident there were changes in him, slight, but there... like, his shirt was seriously tight (it was already a bit tight, he wasn't fooling anyone by wearing shirts one size too small). He'd gained a bit of mass along with what could only be considered 'comic book bod'. "We should get back," he expressed and it seemed weird that he no longer had his accent. "I'd leave, I would, but, we both know it will only cause problems for my parents. I'm a minor, they know they can't get to me, but they can get to them. I've a responsibility to look out for them now. To look out for everyone. I'd be honored if you'd join me, Ms. Thompson. I know it's not ideal, but dealing with it with a friend might make it more bearable. I'm free, in case you forgot to pack one... I know we all left our homes in a bit of hurry." He raised his hand in the direction of the S.H.E.I.L.D. Facility, offering to usher her back.
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