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  1. I'm pretty sure he's okay. I recall it was much more of a gradual disappearance, not like one day he was posting ten times a day and then suddenly, nothing. (And hey, not like he was the only one. I feel like forums like this had a lot more attrition in the days before reddit).
  2. You betcha; I have a ton of favorite old moments from those games. Masters forcing Glacier to fight as a nova by beating the shit out of dormed-down John is probably the most classic of a huge repository of classic ProfPotts awesomeness. Warlords of Tellus was awesome too. One day I'll be able to tell stories like that.
  3. Hey, I haven't heard anything about this game for a couple weeks. I'm going to pull out in order to focus on other projects. I wish much fun to the players
  4. About ten years ago, the site that was absorbed into this one, EurOpNet, took up a very large chunk of my spare time (you know, before it was devoured by college)... I'm thinking of running an Adventure! game now, and I found my thoughts drifting back here to my old friends: ProfPotts, Ezekiel, Asbjorn, Sprocket, Arye el Kabeer, Cottus Centimane, Skylion, BlueNinja, Operations, Knave, Heritage, Bahamut810, Alex Green, you were all such incredible companions in the weird worlds that we explored together. I know we've all gone in our different directions, but I think of you all from time to time. Shoot me a PM or post in this thread if you would like to keep in touch. (I'll make sure it's set to PM me when I get a message, in case you see this after I leave).
  5. Rachel Morning Rachel is a recent graduate of a small liberal arts college in New England, graduating with a 3.95 GPA and a strong record as a varsity bowler. She now teaches Civics, History, and other Social Studies courses at the Trevor Dalton Academy, mostly to 9th grade students. She is physically fit and highly intelligent, and has developed a reputation for sharpness with students who fail to keep up. Still, she's a good teacher, and instills her students not only with historical or civic awareness, but an understanding of critical thinking, lateral thinking, and the myriad uses for both. I'd like her to be a RA or a head of house or something, if this is a possibility in this game.
  6. Quote:Guys, seriously, yer just bitchin for the sake of bitchin at this point. It looked like the bitches were almost done bitching so I had to come in here and bitch before the bitch-fest was all bitched out. :-P Quote:You know what would be sick is if you ever decided to pick up the scraps of ProfPotts' Warlord of tellus Adventure! game and run it for us. If you did that I would feel like it was my birthday too! Thank you for saying so -- but sometimes you just gotta let those dead games go. ;-)
  7. I <3 me some Aberrant, but I agree with Revenant that its system is not the best to simulate Bending powers. Elemental Anima and Mastery are the sketchiest powers in the game, partly because they were intended as a catch-all power to take care of the Pyros and Kataras and Pikachu all in one fell swoop. Having to drop the Mega-Attribute system alone should make you think twice about using Aberrant. Secondly, don't you think it's a bit of a cock tease to post a compelling game idea and a proposed rule set, but not offer to ST? And then when you get called on it, to threaten to drop the game you're currently running?
  8. Nice posts, everyone, especially Sky--where did you get that picture? Quote:...it is obvious to everyone around him that the Fool has grown exponentially in power.And by "exponentially," he means "by a factor of 4/3." :-P
  9. Sorry, that last post was me. Didn't realize you could post anonymously and that I wasn't signed in.
  10. Hey guys, any room left in here? I'll be PMing Dr. Bradford with my character concept in a minute. Just wanted to say hi here first.
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