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  1. "Well, you've tolerated my ranting and raving long enough, young Kensie," She lowered her head and he gently patted the tough bristles along her cheek. "Let's have some fun. All work and no play, as they say..." She lowered herself and the Dark Knight mounted the back of her neck, near her shoulders. She stood and roared loudly, back away all those who found bravery enough to gather around her. She beat her wings and the dist kicked up furiously. Within moments they were aloft. The Red Rambler tore from Prince's Landing, hugging the turns and revving through the terrain with little to know effort towards the rising threat. With a small army loaded up inside and hanging off the sides and back. They broke the crest of a hill as Kensie and Adam soared overhead just above them. Whatever these creatures were... they in for a real bad day... The citizens of Prince's Landing looked on with equal parts fear and confusion as complete strangers set off to save their lively hood... and a dragon. One of the gate guards looked to his partner and shrugged. "This is, without a doubt, the single most weirdest day of my life, and that's sayin' something."
  2. "Not necessary." He looked at the Rambler. "Kensie and I will meet you there." He turned and marched back towards where Kensie was waiting. He paused for only a moment to flex and tense, biting back the control the sword was trying to gain on him. "Are you ready?" He asked his charge.
  3. "This matter does not concern us," Adam said plainly. He turned to Simon, the visor on her helmet narrowed, signifying a stern glare. "You have our order, yes? Get it and we will be on our way." He collected the satchel Simon had prepared and dropped the credits on the counter, hesitant to pay full price in an establishment that pulled guns on their patrons. He turned towards the door and walked straight into Kensie, who, despite Adam's bulk, didn't budge an inch as he collided with her. She was mountain. "You can't be serious." She glared at him, her fists planted sternly on her hips. "I am," he said coldly. "Now let us be off. You're almost out of time and we have a sage to find." He attempted to walk around her but she stiff armed him back to his starting spot right in front of her. "Do those things look like they're going to wait for us to talk to him? 'Oh, sorry, to interrupt, but can we get some ancient secrets from him before you eat him? Kaythanks!'" She continued to glare at him. "You're a Knight. You help people. That's what the stories say. Knights. Help. People." "These are not people, they are vermin. Carrion with souls and a swift death is the very best could hope for in their ignorant, meager lives-" A loud thump echoed through the air as Adam, for all his size and bulk fell to one knee as Kensie's fist crashed into his helmet. Withone blow she dropped the knight to attention. Her strength was unimaginable. Her fists at her sides, clenched in rage her breath came slow and shallow. "Adam, that's that sword talking, and you know it. People need you, these people need you. They need a knight. I need a knight. If the sword needs souls... feed it those souls," she pointed out to the horizon. "But please, don't give in to the curse yet. We'll find the old man, just holdout a little longer..." The Black Knight stood to the sounds on his armor hissing as servos whirred and howled a dark incantation that would drive a man to war. The thin red lines of his armor swelled with greater intensity as Aggabeddon was drawn from its scabbard with a hellish cry that pierced the ears of those near him. Its dark aura was palpable, hanging thick in the air like a deep invisible, confining fog had set in. Its mere presence made it obvious that the sword itself was more evil than any of the darkest sins mortal minds could conjure. Adam wielded a cursed blade of ultimate evil. <Freedom! Yesss... yesss... blood... souls... feed me your enemies Adam, feed me their souls, and make yours ever closer to being mine...> The voice was something akin to the screaming agony of nails down a chalkboard... if one was leaving their nails embedded in it as the raked it's surface. The eyes of the skull lit up into a fiery crimson as a blackish-green flame ignighted down the blade. <Drown this realm in blood and death!> "Silence demon," Adam said calmly as his grip tightened on the handle of the blade. "My soul is not yet your, creature. Until such a time has come to pass, you will obey me." The Black Knight stomped toward Pidge... or Squish... or whatever her name was, he didn't care. Dark thoughts were clouding his mind as Aggabeddon demanded death and sacrifice for the power he offered Adam. "These creatures are unknown to me," he said simply. Phere was ready to kill him without a thought as he approached looking like her was ready to battle them instead. "Tell me what you need of me, for now, my blade is service to these people." He looked to Kensie. "If this my last, remember, do as I have asked." She knew what he spoke of, the bitter black moment where the blade would finally attempt to claim his soul, he's asked Kensie to end his life swiftly in some final attempt to save him from damnation. Neither knew if it would work, but if it came to that, what was left to lose? "I am your knight, child, and I shall serve you in all things." He hugged her tightly and stepped away. "Now, go. Everything I have taught you, use it now. No lessons, no griping. You have my full blessing to rain down all that you are upon these creatures if it is to help them survive the day." "For real?" "For real." She could almost see his smile through the helmet. "Be glorious." They could all see the sword putting a strain on him. For those that knew of such things and magic as dark as when he was dealing in, such power would consume him if he tried to control it for too long... and it seemed he'd been trying to control it for quite some time.
  4. The Black Knight's first instinct was, of course, to jump in the way of Kensie and defend his charge, or yank her away with a properly prepared scolding or life lesson about getting shot. With visible sigh, his shoulders heaved as his armor expanded and contracted in resignation that Kensie was gonna do what Kensie wanted to do. She may have looked like an attractive adolescent female, but she was still a six month old dragon with little in the way of worldly experience. "Yes, Simon," he said softly. He made no motion to pull Kensie from the predicament she found herself in. If he shot her, she'd certainly live, albeit in pain. She would them proceed to transform into her true draconic form and everyone would die while he enjoyed a free drink in the bar. His voice was calm and relaxed. Simon held no cards, despite the pistol in his hand. "Put down the gun. Should you pull that trigger and harm Kensie, she will kill you. After all, she did say 'please'."
  5. Adam looked at his adopted daughter. For the briefest moment his modulator made his voice sound almost remorseful. "Kenzie, we must. We do not belong here. Were we to stay to long, we could cause more harm than good to the time stream. The era in which we find ourselves will not bring your life happiness. Happiness in life is in how you live it, and when we get home, we will find a place where you can live in peace. Fear not, child." He gently ran his gauntleted hand through her hair, comforting her.
  6. The evil knight turned his attention to the stranger. "Praytell, Stranger, what's the purpose of all this? Were we summoned? Is our arrival just some accident of the time stream? If there is no purpose to our being here, then by all means, send us on our way. However, if there is purpose, then out with it, tell us what is required of us."
  7. "Your ill preparedness is none of our concern," said the Black Knight. She knew that 'our' meant him and the red head, no one else. "I'm loathe to turn my back on strangers, considering your innocence in all of this, while certainly proclaimed, has yet to be proven." "However," he gripped the hilt of his sword readying himself while he placed a loving arm across the shoulders of young woman. "If the answers are outside, then none in here are of any use to us. Come, Kenzie. Let us investigate this person who claims to have answers." "And if they don't?" she asked, reluctantly turning her back to the patrons of the bar. "Then I weep for their future." He replied coldly.
  8. "Do forgive me if I am not accepting all this creature says as the truth out of hand. Believe everything she spews at you like some bored, hungry reader being thrown morsels of some obscure plot twist. Frankly, if she has no answers, then she is of no use to us, leave her to her curse." He waved off Tamika like she was nothing more than a house pet. "I'll not deny there is strength in numbers, those who wish to search for a means of being rid of this place, let's be off and do so." Adam glared at Tamika and then Squidge. "As for the missed appointment, that's more your problem, than ours."
  9. "That's a whole lot about you, Mageling, yet you've failed to recognize the fact that whatever curse has befallen you, it seems to have drug us along for the ride. You've glossed over that portion because you either one; don't care. Or two, enjoy sharing your life story with strangers so much, you haven't noticed yet that a majority of us, don't care. You're a stranger to this lot. My charge and I are on a deadline, we have duties and tasks to tend to elsewhere." At the mention of 'deadline' Kensie casually lifted the Dark Knight's gauntlet and read the digital countdown ticking away on the inside of his wrist. Her lips tightened and she looked a bit concerned. They'd been in tighter spots in the last couple of months... but still, no sense in tempting fate. "Now," his modulated voice was nothing short of terrifying. "Start addressing the topics that are useful to us and how we, six strangers whose journeys you've interrupted, can begin getting our lives back on track. Be useful, mutant. I assure you, I have ways coaxing less boring and more pertinent information from you, Tamika." The way the man tightened his grip on his menacing looking sword did not go noticed by those assembled.
  10. Adam's armor shuffled with the faint sounds of cerametal plates shifting as purpose suddenly filled his stride. "Kensie!" He called out for his charge, swiftly exiting the Trading Post with one hand on the hilt of his blade. It was only just now that he'd noticed she'd ran off on her own and a pang of regret, guilt and shame flooded his emotions. She was his responsibility, h was supposed to be protecting her! How could she have slipped away? How could he have been so irresponsible? He may had gone a bit easier on himself had the strange occurance not suddenly got him agitated and concerned. "Kensie?!" He saw her standing outside, not far from the Trading Post and with long determined strides met up with her, clutching her like a concerned parent might after losing their child. With one hand on the hilt of his blade his other arm cloaked her in the mantle of his concern of worry. "I told you not to wander off." He said softly, his modulated tone was filled with more relief than anger. "What's going on," she asked, returning his concerned hug before gently pushing away from him. She looked up into his crimson lit visor. "What happened?" "I do not know," he replied. They scanned the area together, a bit to confused and weirded out to wander too far from where they stood. "We will look others, perhaps more have survived this, or been pulled through... or, whatever has happened." "I see movement, in the bar." Kensie pointed to where people where barely visible. "Then let us investigate. Perhaps they are responsible for this, or know who is," he drew Aggabedon half way from it's scabbard and looked down at the blade. A dark aura seemed to waft off from it and it Kensie knew it was mutter dark whispers to Adam that only he could hear. She hated that sword, it creeped her out. "Be on guard, and stay close to me. Defend yourself if you must, but remember, do no-" "...not reveal what I am unless it's absolutely necessary... yeah, I got it." Adam and Kensie walked into the bar, Adams heavy foot falls and the sound of his armor gave their presence away almost immediately. They could all see the small, pretty red head standing behind him just off to his right (his shield arm, like they'd practiced), his visor focused in and out, the gleam of crimson widening and shrinking as it collected data. His head swiveled slightly to take them all in, and had they not seen him moments ago out in the streets they could easily had mistaken him for an adversary or the one responsible for what was occurring. "It appears we are not the not the only ones unaffected by this phenomena. Are any of you responsible for this? Or know who or what might be?" "Or, y'know... what exactly is going on?" Kensie said in that flat charm of a teenager. Adam looked back, his helmet cocking slightly to acknowledge her. "Yes, that too."
  11. I'm not going to post with Adam for awhile. I'm holding off while Kensie has her exchange with the locals and I don't want to be 'hovering' over the PCs shoulder. For the time being, just assume he's in the store waiting patiently. That way, if you're waiting on me to post for some reason, you know why I'm not. He'll go back to being over-protective of Kensie once he realizes she's slipped away. Just wanted to supply a heads up.
  12. Adam's foot falls were like thousand pound weights on the floor with each step. His armor made little noise, but the seams all throbbed with a soft reddish glow beneath his black mantle that draped over his body. He produced a list from beneath the cascading cloth. "We require these items," he said in his cold, modulated tone. "As well as the location of Winston Cambridge's home." "Winston?" Simon asked, a bit confused. Sure, Adam scared the hell out of Simon, but he'd seen all kinds come though his place at some point or another. Some people ere intimidating in appearance only while others were trouble from the onset. Whatever these two were up to, he'd decided that as long as Adam's sword remained in it's scabbard, there was no reason to press issues of social propriety. However, bein in a small town he possessed the same flaw everyone else did: he was always asking about everyone else's business. "What do you want with him?" "I believe that is between us and Mr. Cambridge." Adam replied flatly, looking down on the old man. "Look, son, I don't mean to mean to pry-" "If your intent was not to pry, then you would not have pried." The Black Knight shot back with all the Imperial badassery of Darth Vader in his A New Hope prime. "Fair point," Simon replied, his tone betting a bit belligerent. If he was going to die today it sure as hell wasn't going to be cowering to this metal headed degenerate getting smarmy with him in his store. "But fact and fairness of my point is, sir, that we're a small community and we look our for each other. Ol' Winston's a good man, keeps to himself, and don't bother no one. If you came here looking for trouble, sure as hell you'll find it," his tone shifted to what a southern woman sounds like what she says 'have a blessed day' when she really means 'go fuck yourself'. "That's all I'm sayin'." The thin visor in his helm that displayed all his tactical readouts thinned with a slight whir and the band of red deepened as Adam's eyes narrowed. This man had fie to him, and Adam could respect that. "Mr. Cambridge will not come to any harm by our hand. If trouble is what we came her for I'd be picking out that list myself from a smouldering ruin, but no, he is a sage, a man of knowledge. I require that knowledge, we shall parley, that is all." With a dubious nod Simon told Adam where to find Winston Cambridge and told him his list would be ready in a half hour or so. Kensie barely heard his footsteps as she was lost in the pages of one Simon's books. His heavy gauntleted hand rested gently on her shoulder and she turned back to look up at him with an innocent smile that no one could believe would belong to a dragon. "Pick any four, child. Hastily, however, every moment is precious for you." "Really?" her smile grew wider and she wrapped her arms around him in a tight hug that creaked his armor as the cerametal plated ground together. "You're the best, thank you! I'll hurry, promise." The Black Knight loomed over her as she sifted through the titles like a twisted gargoyle poised to lash out at anyone who came close to her. "Heya, Adam?" She didn't wait for a response. "How come we need to find this Cambridge guy?" "Mister Cambridge, not 'Cambridge guy'," he corrected her, trying to instill some semblance of manners. It was a loosing battle, but he tried anyway. "He is a sage of things far older than you and I. Although not magically inclined himself, he is an expert on magic, most notably, curses," his modulator was down to a hushed whisper. "I believe he may have some answers as to my, condition. Perhaps a way to free me from the dark sword's control. Breaking a pact such as the one I made shant be easy, I'm sure." "But that's awesome!" she said happily. "Once you're okay we can... we can... well, do all kinds of stuff without you being all 'eat babies, kick puppies, Devil, Devil, evil, evil song! Arrrggghh.', so, that'll be cool. Hey, what do you look like under that armor anyway?" "I'm horribly scarred from head to foot, in dangerous need of a tan and wrapped in nothing but a 'Sloth love Chunk' tee shirt." He replied with uncaring sarcasm. It was Kensie's turn to narrow her eyes and she glared up at him and his wanton use of snarky replies today. "So you know... there are times when I really don't like you. This is one of those times." "Uh, Black Knight. Devil, Devil, evil, evil...," his helmet turned and looked down at her, expressionless. "Fine. I'm getting six books, and Twizlers. Keep being Captain Smarty Pants...," Adam's armor convulsed like he laughed but she heard nothing. Simon had seen some strange things in his day, but these two? These two were a piece of work.
  13. "It is as she says," came the hellish rasp of Adam's voice through the helm's modulator. "From the sight of things, this place could certainly use our credits. We are here for provisions and call upon one of your residents, Winston Cambridge. We'll be an hour, three at the most and we'll be on our way." "Ol' Cambridge? Wot you want wiv that ol' codger?" Asked one of the guards, forgetting his place amongst his betters. "That is our business. I'm telling you as a courtesy, us being strangers and all," The thin slits in his helmet were where the receptors for his vision were lit up in a hellish red light. Within the helmet it gave him readouts, recorded faces for future reference and delivered a H.U.D. in his field of view that came him a complete run down of his health and armor system functionality. His black armor was midevil only in appearance, everything else was straight out of Tony Stark's wettest dream. "Now, are we to spend our money here, or do we venture elsewhere? This place looks in bad shape, would be a shame if word of poor hospitality reached the outlying settlements." "Aye, go on," the leader guy said, thumbing over his shoulder. "But we'll have no trouble out of ye', y'got that?" Adam nodded and the servos in his armor didn't whir, they silently hissed in a devilish sigh. "If, ye don't mind me askin', sir. I'm a bit of an enthusiast when it comes to armors... is that a composite duraplast chassis?" Adam stopped and turned to face the man, towering over the gate guard every this line within his armor lit aglow with a pulsing red light that streamed through it's workings. "Duraplast? No. My armor is is forged from the calcified screams of the nightmares of innocent children. Hammered by the weight of regret, tempered in the infernal balefire of whorish lust, and cooled in the tears of a wailing unicorn." He looked down, leaning into the man who reflexively leaned away, now a bit (more) intimidated. "It's vintage." The man only swallowed hard and Kensie and Adam were on their way. The pair had made it maybe thirty steps when Kensie had to ask. "You're armor... is it, really...?" "Nah," she could almost imagine a smile on his face. "It's a layered cerametal with a composite gel weave to absorb impacts. But he doesn't know that..."
  14. Trust. It was a strange thing for a man like Adam. At one point in his life he was honorable, noble, willing to lay down his life for his lord and land and help those needed it. His people trusted him, he trusted his lord... now he looked upon what he'd become with disgust and revulsion. Kensie had no idea who he really was. She had no idea that the day she was hatched it was not simply happenstance that he was standing over her as her new born senses took a tight grasp on the reality she'd woken up to. She didn't see the man whose blade, Agabeddon, was poised at her neck ready to remove her head so that he could harvest her heart for a dark ritual. When she'd finally focused and saw him, he just couldn't do it. She lay there so innocent and confused. For once in his Adam's blade faltered and he failed to do as his lord instructed. Then the hunters came. Not quite awakened to the world the young dragon watched as the Black Knight faught valiantly to protect her (or protect what was his?), and the rest had been several months of eventful history... She'd never even seen his face. Sealed within his black armor all she ever heard of him was his modulated voice. He'd shown her much, and everyday he showed her something new. It was in those short months that he'd discovered that she was showing him so much more. The darkness within his was ceasing it's endless call for death and murder, but his soul was blackened and the longer he denied the darkness, eventually it would consume him. Pacts with evil were not so easily broken. Kensie watched as the large man tossed and turned in his sleep. The nightmares always assaulted him the worse right before dawn and she was left to wonder how long it had been since he actually slept peacefully. On cue, like every morning since she'd met him, he awoke with a start and thew himself upright with a shout. The first several nights, she'd tried to comfort him but that only led to yelling and him being evasive and surly (well, more surly than usual). Now, she just let it happen each morning, letting him stand and angrily pace back and forth mumbling to himself to kept the darkness and rage and desire for murder in check. Each time he kept his sword clenched tightly in his fist, as if he were making demands of it, telling it to be silent. Kensie hadn't transformed into a human yet as they made their way through the forest and hills leading to the small town. In her dragon form she was big, to be sure, but not so large that she couldn't use the nearby forest as cover until they'd gotten close. "Remember," his modulated voice making him sound dark and menacing. Well, not Kensie, but to others he could be down right scary. "Do not stray to far from my side. If soemthing goes wrong, I need to be near in order to protect you." "Uh, dragon." she said to him. "You are young, arrogant, and foolish," he scolded her, like he always did. "You have power, of that we're both certain. You lack skill, experience and the lessons in life that build upon the former two. Do not think that because you are a dragon, that all your problems will make life easier, if anything-" She rolled her big dragon eyes. "I was kidding, Adam, I know. Every time we get supplies you give me the same lecture. When are you going to let up?" "When you start listening." He said flatly. By now they were hidden well enough just a quarter of a mile or so away from Prince's Landing that she could change safely and not waste too much of her time. Adam waited, his frayed cloak fluttered fluttered in the morning breeze as his hand rested firmly on Agabeddon's hilt. He wasn't going to enjoy another supply run, people bothered him more and more these days, like he was losing touch with his ability to empathize with others. He sighed and waited for his companion. "And Kensie... we're here for supplies. Not fantasy or romance novels."
  15. 'Adam' The Black Knight Agility d4 | Smarts d4 | Spirit d8 | Strength d6 | Vigor d8 Skills: Fighting d10 Intimidation d6 Mysticism d8 Notice d6 Persuasion d6 Psionics d6 Riding d4 Shooting d4 Charisma: –; Pace: 6; Parry: 7 (8); Toughness: 6(7) Hindrances: Code of Honor, two Minor Enemies Edges: Arcance Background (Miracles), Arcane Background (Pisonics), Brawny, Champion, Common Bond, Improved Rapid Recharge, Killer Instinct, Sweep Equipment: SFD Huntsman Lightweight Personal Armor (+5 Armor, +1 Toughness), Long Sword (STR+d6), Medium Shield (+1 Parry, +2 Armor to ranged shots that hit) Mystic Powers: 20PPE / 10ISP Spells: Armor, Bolt (darkness), Fear, Healing (locked) Psionics: Succor Hero's Journey Enchanted Items & Mystic Gadgets 1 Made of a metal unknown to most of the world, your character’s elegant sword is a powerful weapon and tool for magic work. The blade has 10 PPE (which regenerate at the same rate as the caster), grants a +1 to all spellcasting rolls for AB: Magic and AB: Miracles, and contains two spells (powers) of your choice, which can come from any list. Finally, it’s a combat worthy sword (Str+d6) that even does Mega Damage if 2 PPE is channeled through it that round. (Powers left up to the ST) Experience & Wisdom 6 Some folks come to understand that lone wolves don’t make it in a world as dangerous as this one. Your hero has Common Bond. Magic & Mysticism 4-7 More PPE means more power to work with, and your character has it. He gains +5 PPE to his base. 11-13 Often, one crisis is quickly followed by another, and your caster needs to get his energy back quickly. He has the Rapid Recharge Edge, or Improved Rapid Recharge if he already has the former. Training 15-16 Constant battle, for cause or survival, means your hero knows a great deal about combat. Select one Combat Edge; you may ignore all requirements except other Edges (to take Improved Frenzy; your character must have Frenzy first). Combat Edge: Killer Instinct. *Bound in Darkness - The Dark Knight took up evil at the behest of his superiors to grant them an edge in defending their lands and winning the war. The atrocities he committed during that time haunt him and mar his soul. His dark blade, Agabeddon is bound to him, never far from him and always thirsting for blood, as long as his soul remains blackened he can never put the sword down (meaning he will always use it over anything else in combat). He battles the lure of the dark sword but with every passing battle he feels more and more of his sou slip away. Against any being of Evil or Darkness (GM decides how that's defined), Agabeddon recognizes it's own and refuses to let slip from this word a like agent of evil. The blade always inflicts the minimum possible damage to any Evil or Dark creature or person. Also, any other assorted evils the GM wants to set up (nightmares, haunting visions, whatever). Carrying Agabeddon should be like hefting the weight of The One Ring (spiritually). Game Start - With his [kingdom, lands, lords, state, city block] in ruins The Dark Knight has set out on his own to find some means of shattering the curse he willingly placed upon himself. Hindsight is 20/20, and somewhere within him is still a spark of light. While he may never be forgiven for the acts he's committed, he can strive towards redemption... Background: Unholy Mystic Knight Dude was once a renowned warrior in the lands of Tolkeen. When the walls Pratchettville were under siege, he was there to drive back the assaulting armies. When the 5 Brigand Lords rallied their forces against Adams Shire, he was there to protect the people and drive off the invading hordes. When the dorcs raided and pillaged the settlements at the base of the Riordan Mountains, it was he who led the charge to reclaim the stolen lands in the name of King and Country. When Tolkeen went to war Unholy Mystic Knight Dude fought bravely on every front line he was sent to, win or loss, it was always Unholy Knight Dude that came back alive. With so many near death escapes and an impressive body count languishing in his wake the Kings advisors, Weiss and Hickman bent the ear of King Sal Vitore' the III, informing him that if the war to be won, then drastic measure needed to be taken and Unholy Knight Dude was the perfect candidate. They sent him to the Hallowed Pits in Lovecraft, an ancient and foreboding place locked deep between the Swamps of Sadness and the Bogs of Eternal Stench. From this quest he returned with Agabeddon, the Sword of Sorrows, The Reaper of Regret, The Killer of Kindness, the Butcher of Beauty, The Liquidator of Love and the Slayer of Synonyms. At the behest of his great king, Unholy Mystical Dude set out mastering the dark blade and it, in turn, began blackening his soul. With every battle the blade savored the blood and life force of those U.K.D. put to death and he, in turn grew drunk on its power. For all the good it did. Tolkeen still lost. Wankers. Countryless, kingless, homeless and technically unemployed, Unholy Knight Dude was on the precipice of ending his life, quite literally, in fact, when Coalition Forces had the smarts to prod a dragon and spark a battle that would last far longer than he was planning staying on the planet anyway. He didn't though... after the long, heated battle (that he didn't bother getting involved in) Unholy Knight Dude searched the battlefield, mostly for loose change, a nip of booze and something he could hawk for a bowl of ramen or something. He came upon the CF numbers decimated, but their target didn't fare to well either. The dragon was mortally wounded and her heart stopped beating only moments after he arrived. The injured few of them that managed to survive were no match for the wrath of the blade when they decided to turn their efforts to exterminating Unholy Knight Dude. Convinced that there wasn't even a quiet spot for him to kill himself in peace, he went on his way. Not far from the battlefield he stumbled upon the dragons lair where there lay a single (really frickin' big) egg. The lair was good enough for escaping the elements for the evening so he bedded down. [Meeting with Kensie]
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