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  1. Honestly, I added a few more in to make the combat last more than one round. *shrugs* You guys can crush these things pretty easily, so it's a chance to show off and throw out witty one-liners.
  2. The miners in the main camp relaxed as they listened to Claire's words of inspiration; some went so far as to grab dinner and some wine while they waited for the two different groups at either end of the tunnel to finish up with their respective bad guys. A very few sat around Claire like children at Sunday school, hanging on her words and occasionally crossing themselves. Near the Hellbore, some of the bugs turned on the shooters, though several more still tapped impatiently on the metal.
  3. How does this look? Allison Hart - PL 7 Strength 2, Stamina 3, Agility 3, Dexterity 2, Fighting 2, Intellect 1, Awareness 2, Presence 0 Advantages Agile Feint, Animal Empathy, Benefit, Athletics Based on Agility, Chokehold, Close Attack 9, Equipment 3, Fast Grab, Favored Environment: Midwest Wilderness, Grabbing Finesse, Great Endurance, Improved Disarm, Improved Hold, Improved Trip, Improvised Tools, Move-by Action, Tracking Skills Acrobatics 7 (+10), Athletics 7 (+10), Expertise: Wilderness Guide 9 (+10), Insight 3 (+5), Intimidation 5 (+5), Perception 8 (+10), Ranged Combat: Shotgun 3 (+5), Stealth 2 (+5), Treatment 4 (+5) Equipment Binoculars, Knife, Multi-tool, Shotgun, Targeting Scope Offense Initiative +3 Grab, +11 (DC Spec 12) Knife, +11 (DC 18) Shotgun, +2 (DC 20 ) Throw, +2 (DC 17) Unarmed, +11 (DC 17) Complications Honor Motivation: Doing Good Languages Enlgish Defense Dodge 5, Parry 5, Fortitude 5, Toughness 3, Will 5 Power Points Abilities 30 + Powers 0 + Advantages 26 + Skills 24 (48 ranks) + Defenses 10 = 90
  4. That's a good point. I forgot to look up the examples of what they have for just people in the book. I'm not great at making characters in M&M. *goes back to revise*
  5. Those who followed the directions of the frantic miner soon found themselves near the digging machine, which has been swarmed by a throng of strange and frighteningly large insectoid creatures. The dog sized centipede-like creatures are massed around the machine, their front mandibles trying to gouge out pieces of the metal siding. Inside the machine, Doc Haggity can just be heard swearing a storm at the creatures and promising utter destruction upon them if they mess up the calibration of the Hellbore.
  6. The group settles in as they please, some talking quietly amongst each other while others get together with Charley Bill to start work. Several hours passed pleasantly enough; the call for shift change had just gone out when Buckner gathered up Becca, Tabitha, and Hadicall and took them back to the main camp where the others were waiting. "I've word of some disruption behind us," he said, nodding to one of Hellstromme's guards on the caboose. "Dave says trouble's brewin' and he's a sense about such things." As if to accentuate his point, everyone could hear the sound of the guardian automaton's Gatling gun go off in the distance. Charley Bill frowned and motioned to the camp guards, including the two on the caboose, to gather up with him and head out. "Y'all stay put here. Guard the crew and the train if anything gets by us." Satisfied they would, he and the others set off back east down the tunnel. A minute or so later, workers from the west where the grinding sounds had been coming from flood into the main camp. The grinding sound has halted, though there's a strange scraping sound emenating from the west now. One of the miners yells at anyone who will listen, "Doc Haggerty! He's trapped in the machine! Them monsters is gonna eat 'im!"
  7. Lacy smiled kindly at Claire, the wrinkles around his eyes crinkling with bemusement. "Don't apologize for seeking enlightenment, miss." His expression darkened, though, as he considered the subject of their conversation. "Reverend Grimm is the leader of the city of Lost Angeles. He's a stern, pious man that leads the city with zealous iron hand and he does not welcome the thought Eastern intrusion on the purposely isolated city he helped found." He passed a glass a wine to Claire and asked with friendly ease, "May I ask what takes you out West, miss? More than a chance to educate yourself on the vagaries of Lost Angels, I think."
  8. Max, since the scene has moved on out of Dr. Hellstromme's presence, could you perhaps have Claire approach Lacy O'Malley about who Reverend Grimme is? Otherwise we end up in a strange split time scene or Claire gets fully ignored and I have to post yet again that you guys were ushered out of the caboose, which feels....repetitive.
  9. "We've got a crew patchin' that hole already," Charley Bill interjected to Dr. Hellstromme. The doctor nodded, but seemed more interested in Claire's question than the report; Hadi's swift answer had either been lost in the conversation or simply ignored. "Perhaps you’ve heard Wasatch dropped out of the so called ‘Great Rail Wars?’ I believe Mr. O’Malley here reported as much last year. The truth is we’ve been working on a revolutionary way to avoid these treacherous mountains. After your experience with those buffoons at Smith & Robards, I assume you can see why. Ahead of us, beneath approximately a half-mile of earth and stone, is a new machine of such staggering complexity that I alone can service it. That is why I am here." By my estimations, we should be emerging in California in a few days’ time. From there we will link with my existing line and roll into the City of Lost Angels by high noon in two days. There we will confront the Reverend Grimme with the inevitable approach of progress, and end these damnable and expensive Rail Wars forever. You will accompany us on this historic occasion and witness an epic moment in history as our guests. Mr. Buckner, please see that our visitors are fed and shown around the camp—particularly those areas where they could be harmed." "As you say, Boss," Charley Bill rumbled and escorted the group firmly out of the rail-car again. Lacy O'Malley followed along, curiosity lighting his eyes. "Wènhòu, wǒ de nǚshì. Qǐng yuánliàng wǒ de kǒuyīn. Qǐngwèn nǐ zěnme fāxiàn zìjǐ zài dōngfāng?" Greetings, my lady. Please forgive my accent. May I ask how you found yourself out East? While Lacy interviewed the foreign woman, Bill pointed out the dangerous places near the camp. Mostly this was anywhere there wasn't light to see and up towards the omnipresent grinding sound. When queried on what exactly was up there, he responded laconically, "Diggin' machine." Once the brief tour was up, Charley Bill deposited them back at the main campfire. "Unless you're up for joinin' the smoothin' crew, there's not much to be done 'til we make it to Lost Angels. Iffin' yer wantin' to join, the Boss'll pay you well and expect your best work. Jus' lemme know. Otherwise, there's some dinner waitin' and even some wine, if that's your drink."
  10. A large barrel of a man stepped out into the light of the central fire pit, a shotgun casually cradled in one arm. He squinted at Claire, then nodded. "We heard a hell of a clatter a few hours ago. Tha' must've been you an' the Injuns. Glad to see some of you survived and we'll take you to the next stop on the rail. I'm Charley Bill Buckner, foreman here. Call me Charley Bill, ladies." The other men laid aside weapons, though they kept them close, and returned to the work of smoothing the cave walls with pick axes. Somewhere ahead of them, something was making a God-awful grinding noise, keeping the noise at a mid-range pitch no matter how loud or quiet the workers are. He took a deep breath and continued with a contrite half-smile. "I’m afraid I have to keep you in our protective custody until we get to Lost Angels, which is the next stop on the rail. It shouldn’t take but another week with any luck. We just can’t let word get out that we’re almost there or we’ll have every rival rail gang in the West descending on us like flies on cow patties." "Don’t worry though. You’re safe. We’ve got a couple of celebrities with us so you can bet we’re well-armed. Who? Well, that fella from the Tombstone Epitaph. Lacy O’Malley. Writes all them weird tales? Let me introduce you to the other," he waved them over to the fire and motioned to a second train ahead of the supply train. A fancy caboose was viewable in the glow of the carbite lanterns around the work end of the tunnel. Buckner nods to two grim guards at the rear of the caboose — both armed with Gatling shotguns — and one of them knocks some sort of code on the caboose door. Nothing could be heard from inside for all the noise in the tunnel ahead, but someone must have answered, for the guard nods the group on in. The group steps up onto the rear platform and into the most luxurious rail car any of you have ever seen. The walls are carpeted with rich red velvet panels inset into cherry wood. Brass fixtures and handrails add contrast, and a short dining table is set with what looks like more silver than came out of Virginia City. But what really captures the attention are the two figures seated in plush chairs at the other end of the car. One is no doubt the famous Lacy O’Malley. He wears his trademark white suit and hat, though even from here and by the flickering candles you can tell it’s seen better days. He smiles amiably and tips his hat. The other figure sits back in his chair with a clipboard in his hand. He wears a scarlet smoking jacket and puffs on a pipe. His face is hidden in shadows, but as he leans forward and his piercing gray eyes emerge from the darkness, there can be no doubt this is the famous Dr. Darius Hellstromme. "Well, Mr. Buckner, it seems we have some visitors. Introduce yourselves and please tell, what brings you all to our little expedition?"
  11. Claire, please put your character sheet in your signature.
  12. Those that took the time to look at the pot-bellied "stove" were able to identify it as one of the Dr. Hellstromme's amazing automatons; such a device was a thinking machine that could be given simple orders to follow and could also well use the Gatling gun welded on to it! Whatever orders it had been given, thankfully, did not seem to include shooting brash young women or quieter holy women, as the machine stayed still and silent while Becca and Claire marched (or moused) into the camp. The men of the camp were less charitable. Hammers and spikes, or flats of supplies for those that had started to unload the resupply train, were hastily dropped in favor of shotguns and handguns; nearly two dozen were pointed at the pair before they made their way past the light break of the lanterns. The steam in the camp made everyone just a bit hazy to everyone else, but across the light of the campfire a strong voice with a Midwest accent called out, "Who goes there? Make yourselves known!"
  13. The train blew past and those with quick eyes could see the Wasatch mark on the side. This was one of a great rail baron’s tracks, not just some lone mad scientists creation out in the desert. Keen ears could also hear the brakes kick in only a little farther down the tunnel from where it had passed them. As the group heads in the same direction an odd sight comes into view: what appears to be a pot-bellied stove with a Gatling gun attached to it off to the right. They can hear the sounds of workmen and machinery now, the clamor loud enough to mean yelling just to be heard by the others near you. It seems they’ve stumbled across a rail-laying camp underground!
  14. The tunnel grew dark almost immediately as the group made their way in. Rocks and uneven ground made the progress slow, but Claire's insectoid and impromptu arm of light bathed the area in an eerie, if useful glow. The collapse of the rail had left this gouge in the ground, but the tunnel it intersected was no creation of God. It was smooth and straight, wide as several train cars, and came complete with its own set of subterranean tracks. With only one direction left to go, the posse heads into the darkness, leading nervous horses by the reins for a half-hour or so before a faint trembling can be felt through the stone of the tunnel. A large sound reverberates down the corridor; an explosion of some sort! And faintly, but growing brighter, a second light is chasing behind them now.
  15. You're in rocky desert terrain, you're not entirely sure which state, and the last stop was a day and a half ago. The next stop was supposed to be in another day or so, and that's by train. You're stuck out in the middle of BFE for all intents and purposes.
  16. Becca was making her way through the wreckage when two braves suddenly appeared before her. Before she - or they - could react, two shots rang out from behind. The two braves shuddered and then crumpled to the ground, leaving Hadicall grinning at Becca. Nearby, another survivor, a flame-haired son of Ireland, looked over the remains of his kill, taking a moment to savor the victory or just process the moment - from a look, one couldn't tell which. Feng pulled herself from the train car just a few feet from Samuel; they could all hear and see the clatter as the remaining braves rallied together and veered off from the crash site. All of them save two: Black Stick would not let this day end with the uppity white woman killing his braves; the one after Claire was honestly just looking to get his tomahawk back before leaving when he ran smack into Black Stick's rearing steed. Black Stick snarled at the unnatural wind tunnel bearing down on him, but it seemed not to slow him any. He pulled himself up ran after Tabitha, war club raised for a killing blow, but the grit and dirt in his eyes from the wind has him whiffing the air next to her!
  17. The Indian brave grimaced at the unnatural rise of the winds and attempted to swing his tomahawk down on the pale woman’s yammering mouth. The dustdevil heeded the command of God however, and turned the blade aside. It stuck in the metal of the railcar, now useless to the brave! Samuel cleared the railcar just in time to feel an arrow’s fletching buzz by him as it embedded in the fabric of seat that had tumbled from the wreckage. The mounted brave pulled hard on his horse, turning them both before they came too close to the cursed metal boxes of the white invaders. Samuel could feel each strike of hoof to the ground as the brave resettled for another pass at the huckster. Black Stick snarled at the white woman with the temerity to attack him. No wonder the pale interlopers angered the spirits of the world so much! Not even their women knew their place! He set his horse on the righteous path and bore down on Tabitha with the fury of the Hunting Grounds behind him. His first strike tore through clothing and made the woman flinch, but the second flailed widely; he reared his horse in front of her ready for another attack! The brave was a better fighter. With a malicious grimace he steps towards Feng and almost casually sinks a tomahawk into her chest! For Rebecca Towne, lead flew. And flew. And flew. And flew. By the time the air cleared of the pellets, only an oozing mess of flesh was left at her feet. Unfortunately, the woman he’d been draggin’ had died of fright or injuries unseen before the brave had even gathered up her hair in the first place. Shovin’ down a shudder at the gruesome sight, Rebecca could still hear fightin’ in near every direction from her. The woman might have been shoutin’ a warning or just shoutin’ at Hadi’s mouth, but it didn’t matter: ‘afore any actual words could form, she joined her husband in the arrows department. Hopefully in Heaven, too, but Hadi was pretty certain he had little to say that St. Peter would pause hear out on matter. Either way, it was about to be one and two more little Injuns for Hadi to speak lead with, but a call rang out. The two braves opposite him holstered their bows in a clack of bone and wood and began to pick careful ways out of the debris, both metal and human. Whatever they were up to now, at least the natives weren’t shootin’ so directly at him anymore!
  18. Only cosmetic injuries, and whatever is the convenient distance. This is a fight to show how combat works and get everyone together, not to care overly much on ranges.
  19. Becca - I have your Evil Deeds: Those foreigners in Shan Fan, they be up to no good. They're not just settlin' the west from the west (which is messed up and backwards anyways - or at least sideways), but by God they've got to be why the Weird West is so dang weird! I mean, jus' listin' them funny words they use and look at the way they dress. Now, that's not to say all o' them are in on it, but how ya gonna tell one of the few good 'uns from all the bad 'uns?
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