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  1. Hey, updated character creation rules to try to balance things out a bit to offer more interesting options and better guidelines. Lemme know if you like/dislike anything in particular or have an idea you think would work better or need a specific question answered.
  2. Okay. I'll go with things being exactly our Earth until the start of game. Then it can get weird and evolve away.
  3. He watched her run, and not for the first time either. He wasn’t a creep but he was an observer. The first time he had seen her had been back at the beginning of the summer, the Canadian had been running with her then. Then both of them fell off his radar, but she had stuck in the back of his mind and when she showed up, alone, on the trail again last week after a two-month absence he took note. She was a good runner, spare movements, good foot placement on the uneven ground, good situational awareness. It was when he recognized that he noted the change from then to now. She was alert. She didn’t just watch the trail ahead; she kept a total look out as is she were waiting for something. And he recognized that sort of wait. The girl was waiting for an attack. He watched her run two more times that week, she was pushing herself, but toward what? There was something about this kid. He snapped some photos the last time he watched her run. He wanted to know her story, luckily this was Shelly Montana, she wouldn’t be hard to find. Clara had never even known she was being watched. Monday Morning, the first week of August Clara was amending the Plan when her computer notified her of an email. She clicked the mouse and saw the little Air Force Icon and smiled. It was from Major Angelas: Good Afternoon Clara, I hope this message finds you well. I am going to be in Shelly this afternoon and was wondering if you would care to join me for a late lunch on the base? Major Virgil Angelas There was no pause; Clara clicked the reply and answered in the affirmative. Major Angelas replied soon after with instructions for meet up at the base. She had been to the base several times but never on it. Ever since it had been converted to a Special Forces Training Base for the ParaRescue no civilians without security clearances were allowed on the base. Even the few families of the troops stationed lived in housing off the base built specifically for them. This was special. It must have something to do with the inquires she had sent about preparatory training that she had sent to the Major. She made sure she was early to the base. She'd gone to a space camp for a few years as a kid and remembered one of the guest astronauts saying "In life, you have to show up. If you want to be the person picked for things, you have to show up better than everyone else. On time is too late; fifteen minutes early is barely on time. Thirty minutes early is how you come out on first and on top." Ever since she'd put the Plan together and seen just how much she had to do to have what she wanted, she'd never been less than fifteen minutes early any time she was given a deadline, and was always more than that to anywhere important. Even that early, Major Angelas was still waiting for her at the gate, smiling warmly in amusement at her obsessive punctuality. He gave her a Visitor's Badge with colored bars on it that she assumed let the base personnel know where she was allowed to be, and led her through the grounds to the Officer's Club. Clara watched everything, taking in as much of the base as she could lay eyes on during their walk. After the waiter had brought them drinks and taken their lunch order, Clara finally ventured a curious, "Thank you for meeting with me, Major. I wasn't expecting to get to see the base." Virgil took a sip from his iced water, "Normally you wouldn't, but in light of your questions about training and sudden interest in the combat specialties offered by the Air Force," he set his water down and held his hands up palms towards her asking a silent question before voicing it. "Why the change in emphasis? Did something occur?" "I had a close call out running one night. Not an attack by a person," she assured Angelas to forestall any suggestions of filing a police report. "An animal. I froze and one of my running buddies nearly got mauled getting it to leave us alone. I don't want that to happen again. I want to be ready and capable of keeping myself and those around me safe. That could wait until after graduation, but why wait when I can be learning now?" She wasn't a skilled liar, she knew, so she was fitting a story that was true enough for what she was asking for from the recruiter. Angelas looked thoughtful. "OK. The reason I'm in town today is you. Another officer has expressed interest in your recruitment and would like to meet with you. This is highly unusual but I thought I would let you decide." Clara raised her brow in surprise, clearly pleased have been noticed by someone. "Another officer? What do you know about them? About why they're interested in me?" Virgil shook his head, "Other than his name and that he is stationed here at Bulwark, both of which he told me and I did verify before even considering informing you, I don't know anything. I haven't even met him beyond talking on the telephone. Apparently he was researching you and came across your USAFA pre-submissions which led him to me. He called and asked if I would introduce you." As he was finishing the waiter delivered their food. Virgil seasoned his burger with salt after removing the pickles and then , still holding the bun and salt shaker, leaned forward toward her, "I thought pretty hard before texting you. But those questions you were asking last week and then this Major calling out of the blue. as unusual as all this is to me, I have to admit I am curious." He puts the burger back together, picks it up, "I wasn't scheduled to come up until the week after your school starts, to give the yearly recruitment speech. But a little voice in the back of my head kept saying don't wait. So here we are. Do you want to meet him?" He took a bite of his hamburger and waited. She tucked into her own sandwich, brows now drawn together in concern. She used the food as an excuse to think, mulling over what Major Angelas had said, the weirdness over the summer, and how it might intersect. She managed to finish off two thirds of the meal before finally asking, "Major, why was he researching me before he knew I was looking to join?" Virgil wiped his mouth with a napkin, "I really don't know, Clara, I got the impression that he had maybe encountered you somewhere. Shelly is a pretty small place after all. He went through channels to make his request and when my boss called and told me he was going to call me about one of my prospects, my boss told me to cooperate fully.” He took a sip of water to let that sink in. "When he called he was straight forward; it was obvious he had the pertinent information from our system about you because you are a prospective academy recruit. That kind of information, while not classified per se, is confidential and need to know. But while he was seeking information he wasn't really handing any out. He did say that his interest was professional, if that helps. His name is John Taggert and he is a Major in the PJs, that is the ParaRescue. Why don't we finish lunch and you think on it. After we finish, I'll take you one a little tour of the base here - at least the parts I'm allowed too. After that if you want to meet with him I'll call him, if you want to wait we can do that, and if you don't want anything to do with him that is alright too. What do you say?" She took a drink and pushed her plate back, showing she was done with the meal. "Oh, I want to meet him," she said with only a slightly forced smile, "I was just a little startled that someone was looking into me. It's odd. A tour would be interesting, too." Her mind was still ticking through what little information she had, memorizing the name and sticking a mental post-it note to dig back, while also acknowledging that she likely wasn't going to come up with more than pretty banal public information on Major Taggert. Still, ParaRescue. The special forces unit on the base that made it off-limits to anyone without a security clearance. Interesting. 'Curiouser and curiouser', as Alice would say. Hrm. If we're in Wonderland, maybe we should start calling the disappearing creatures Jabberwocky. It certainly fits. "Shall we?" she asked, once the Major had made his way through his own lunch. They finished up and while Clara excused herself and visited the ladies room Maj. Angelas made a phone call. The tour was short but still Clara saw a lot that none of her peers had had a chance to see except for maybe Lilly and few other kids from school whose parents were active duty. And that was not many at all. They ended up on the west side of the base where the small airfield was located. The airfield was fenced off and consisted of a small tower with adjacent administration buildings, two large hangers which could house large aircraft such as a C-130, and five aircraft bunkers where two small helicopters where parked. The field had a single short runway and accompanying taxiways. It was only rated for short take-off and landings and aside from a single C-12, the only fixed wing aircraft assigned to the base, there were three rotor craft assigned - two UH-72s and one HH-60 Pavehawk. As they pulled up to the airfield gate and Maj. Angelas showed IDs, Clara looked around at the aircraft and the personnel that she could see. With only a few exceptions, the vast number of airmen she saw were male in their twenties. Most were either going about the duties in a quick manner or were do PT. A lot were doing PT. On the drive through the base she had seen groups of six men and the occasional woman running carrying what looked like very large logs. When asked Virgil laughed. “It’s a weird tradition the PJs have, and not the weirdest, by far.” The gate guard asked them to park in a nearby lot and as Angelas did as instructed Clara saw an open topped HUMVEE pull up to the Gate. Major John Taggart was every inch the American soldier and after introductions were made he turned to Maj Angels, “Major we are likely to awhile. If it’s alright with Ms. Wright, I’ll make sure she gets back to her car and home safe when we are done.” It was an obvious dismissal and it was just as obvious that it was up to Clara how it was taken, as both men fixed their gaze upon her. Clara nodded, her body language at ease even if she was having to do that by conscious effort. She turned to her recruiter and offered a handshake in goodbye. "Thank you for the lunch, Major." Once Angelas actually left, Clara turned to Major Taggart, standing in a half ‘at ease’ posture without really meaning to. "You asked to meet with me, Major Taggert?" She was hoping he would take the opening to explain why he'd been looking into her the way he had, but either way, it should get him talking about his interest in her. As he led her inside the fenced in area he talked. "You run in an area we do a lot of training in as well. It's not easy to find good wooded terrain up here. I saw you running regularly with a young man. Then you both stopped." He shrugged as they climbed into the HUMVEE, "When I saw you again a couple weeks ago you were alone and something had changed. That piqued my interest. I know this may come across as creepy and stalkerish, but observing you was also training for me. Anyway, I watched you run a few time by yourself. You were a good runner before, consistent even over non ideal terrain, but now you were also alert, cautious, aware of your surroundings. Some of my people don't have the situational awareness I was seeing when I watched you run. So I figured out who you were. It's a small town, not that hard to do. And then I saw that you were looking at the Academy. Decided I wanted to meet you. So here we are." As he said that the HUMVEE came to a stop about twenty yards from the big Pavehawk helicopter. Clara could see several men and one woman working on the aircraft and what she guessed was a fuel truck from the hoses connecting it to the helicopter. Taggart’s explanation eased some of her worry and she was even grinning by the end of it; she did love to run. She pinked a little at the mention of Etienne - there were other reasons they'd run there as well. "I like that area. It makes you pay attention to where you're putting your feet and to not run yourself into a tree branch. Tracks are fine if you're just looking for a quick workout or trying to break a time count, but cross-country is what challenges you." She glanced at the 'copter, curious about the work being done but more focused on the conversation. "And for your people, jump out at them a few times or paintball them while they're running. Arthur used to do that to me. It opens your eyes and keeps your head on a swivel." She muttered mostly to herself, "Or drop a cat on them." Louder, she continued with a devilish grin, "And the bruises keep reminding you for a few days after, too. Cold paintball balls hurt." The Major made no move to exit the vehicle, just watched the troops go about their work. He chuckled at the paintball remark. "You know Clara - I hope I can call you Clara - after reading up on your files and talking with Angelas, I'm really not sure what I was expecting. But I am pleased with what I am seeing. What is it your looking to get out of the Air Force?" She didn't say anything anything for a moment, still watching the soldiers and mulling the thought over. That was a secret of her Plan - she'd hadn't actually figured out the whole job part of it. How to have the best transcript to get into the most exclusive schools? Sure. A multi-tax bracket budget for after college? Check. A social networking plan generic enough to fit any life and still provide meaningful signposting so she'd know she was on track? In the purple section towards the back. Which career she wanted? Still a blank page that had been mocking her for years. She was driven - she just had no idea where she was going. "Focus. Structure," she said finally, forcing the words out as she pushed past her reluctance to step anywhere near a vulnerability. She turned back to Taggart, a frown still tugging at her lips from her thoughts. "I'm good at a lot of things, for a teenager. I'm smart, athletic, musically proficient, but...." She frowned more deeply, then shrugged. "I'm not any one particular thing. I'm not a passionate artist or a nerd in need of a lab or a jock that's going to peak in high school and spend the rest of my life trying to get back my 'glory days'. I'm just....good at stuff and organized about it. I’m useful and I want to be useful in some meaningful way." Making no comment on what Clara had just said Taggart pointed out the window back toward the tower. "About every four weeks we get a new flight of trainees straight out of Lackland. These are kids, for the most part, not much older than you, fresh out of basic and initial PJ training. They come up here for three weeks for a basic survival course before going back to complete PJ school and get their badge. One of the first things we schedule for them is an orientation flight. Let them see the base form the air and the surrounding area." As Clara listened and watched the young men and women the Major is pointing at, the group, nine of them, started jogging toward the big helicopter parked in front of them. She glanced at the ‘copter and notices that the hoses have been detached and the tanker truck is driving away, leaving just the birds flight crew and them. She looks at the major and finds him looking at her, "You ever been up in a helicopter, Clara?" "Only over Versailles and Paris during a Christmas vacation," she said, grinning in anticipation. "Never in anything like this, though." The teen was fairly vibrating with anticipation, but hadn't moved on inch yet towards the 'copter. Self-control was not the issue with Clara that it usually was with the young, maybe to the point that it was a problem in the other direction. Taggart laughed and told her to leave her stuff in the truck. After introducing her to a Sgt Carmel Reyes and getting her a flight suit and Helmet, Clara was off on a, to her, harrowing helicopter ride. Taggart stayed behind and Reyes was the one in charge and gave the tour. They flew out over the base climbing to about 400 feet then headed northwest and climbed to 1200 feet. They flew a wide circle to the border where the Res touches the river then followed the river south actually flying almost over the ridge were the secret trailer lay hidden in the trees, then back around toward and past the town onto the east side. While the copter didn't do any acrobatics their altitude and orientation change a lot and with the doors off staring out into open space at the ground 500-1000 feet below was kinda scary. Reyes kept up a running dialog detailing points of interest just like a tour guide. All in all they were in the air for about an hour and a half and when they touched down Clara was the first one let off, Taggart was there waiting. After getting out of the flight suit they headed back toward the gate of the base and her car. "I hope you enjoyed the flight and I hope you are serious about wanting to join up. We are doing something different this year as a trial. We are going to begin a Junior ROTC program at Shelly High. It will consist of some classroom teaching and basic drill and some filed training. I would like you to sign up for it. It will only be open this year for 10th and 11th grades since it's a two year program for credit. Think you would be interested?" Clara was a little unsteady on her feet after that long in a 'copter and constantly trying to keep her balance (and her lunch, honestly), but once the adrenaline had kicked several times, she was just buzzed. She was grinning like it was Christmas, New Years, and her birthday all rolled into one and it only got wider when Taggart told her that Shelly was finally getting the ROTC program it deserved. "Where do I sign up? At the school? Is there any summer part to the program?" So, maybe she did have some typical teen impatience when it was something she really wanted. He put the HUMVEE in park after they pulled up at the gate. "No, it's too close to the start of school for this summer, if it works out maybe next summer. I'll have the proper forms delivered to you before school registration. I'm very glad your taking this opportunity. I have a good feeling about this, and about you Clara." "Thank you, Major," she said with sincerity. "I'm looking forward to it." She left the base, her mind still buzzing from the experience of the day. Balancing ROTC among her other activities was going to be...well, frankly impossible. Especially with the mystery of the trailer thrown in and spending time with Etienne and....She sighed and started mentally rearranging her schedule, trying to decide what would end up abandoned on the side of her life.
  4. Nope, no preference. I'll probably make a danger rating system for plot threads, so people can gauge if they want to put their PC in that particular thread. With the gamut between Talent, Psion, and Nova anyways, characters are going to be all over the map. It being Play By Post, that's easier to manage.
  5. So, I have a question for those interested in the game. I'm debating having this be an analogue to our Earth with different political figures and a slightly different world state - mostly to avoid acrimonious issues cropping up in regards to politics. Much as I think any of us might like to punch certain politicians or have our PCs make various situations around the globe "right", it leave actual people far too heated for something that's meant to be a fun game. Am I overthinking this? Do people want to run as just our Earth and then diverge once game starts? Or go with the analogues and have creative freedom to make the game world a little different from the start? Oh, also, I'm pretty sick right now. I'm working on things, but the brain is trying to boil itself. So, work is proceeding but if there's something you need/want to be able to submit a character background or whatever, say so here or poke me in Discord.
  6. THIS IS IMPORTANT, PAY ATTENTION HERE If you have anything in a thread that would raise the content from a PG13 movie rating put a trigger/content warning in a spoiler at the top. Some examples: detailed intense personal violence/torture, sexual assault, gore, self-harm, the discussion of any of the already mentioned things in more than passing. Your ST is someone that has really bad triggers on child harm, specifically. Realistic violence in visual media, but that's not nearly as much of a problem in the written format. I'm not saying you can't tell those stories, but if I check over a thread and end up with panic attacks, I can end up avoiding the game or site for an unknown amount of time. Not good for the game. Or I could be fine. Mental health issues suck and are at times kinda random. If there's a spoiler warning, I can gauge my 'can deal with it meter' and either opt-out (probably tagging in Dawn or someone else to read the thread, summarize it for me, and suggest XP awards) or decide I'm up for it and read. And this allows others with trigger issues the same option as well. Tag the smut just because there are those that have no interest in reading it but are following along with your character. It's polite. Character Creation Basics Each player is allowed to have up to three PCs. PCs may be Talents, Psions, Novas, or if you really really want for some reason, a baseline human. Superiors will likely be opened up for play as the game progresses, so rules have been provided. Players are allowed three PCs at max, divided up as Low, Mid, and HIgh characters. Because of the wide desparity between templates, I'm listing out the template bumps for each individual type. All characters begin with two dots in one of their two paths since we're not doing Society Paths to begin with. Also, there expanded or altered rules for the three supers types in posts below this one. Please look them over before building your PC as the rules changes may affect the build. Baselines Low Baselines begin play with the base human template. +80 XP Mid Baselines begin play with the base human template. +150 XP High Baselines begin play with the base human template and two dots of Paths. +275 XP Note: Baseline characters can, through the course of play, become any of the three template characters. If this is intended from the start, it might be better to just build on the rules of the intended template and hold the supernatural abilities of character in reserve for the right moment in the story. However, if you intend to just play a baseline and maybe have something happen later on, build the baseline off these rules. You may bank XP for future expansion of the character, but you may not spend more XP on the baseline's eruption than would be allowed by their Low/Mid/High designation as if they were a new character. Talents If you don't take a Society Path, the Talent gets two Gifts of their choice in the starting 4 instead of just one. Low Talents Steps 5 & 6 as the template listed in the book. +45 XP Mid Talents Steps 5 & 6 as the template listed in the book. Add a Facet and two Gifts. +105 XP High Talents Steps 5 & 6 as the template listed in the book. Add two Path dots, three Facet dots, and five gifts. +190 XP Superiors Low Superiors Step 5: no extra dots in their non-Forte Attributes, only one extra Skill Trick, 3 Forte Powers, and 2 other Powers. Step 6 as normal. +25 XP Mid Superiors Step 5 & 6 as written in the book. +65 XP High Superiors Step 5 as the template in the book, add two Attribute dots, 2 more Skill Tricks, two Path dots, 5 more Forte Powers, and 5 more other Powers. Step 6 as normal. +125 XP Psions Low Psions Steps 5 & 6 as the template listed in the book. +30 XP Mid Psions Steps 5 & 6 as the template listed in the book. Add two primary Modes dots and one Mode dot in each of your of your Favored Aptitudes. +75 XP. Psi cannot exceed 4. High PsionsSteps 5 & 6 as the template listed in the book. Add two Path dots, five Primary Mode dots, three Mode dots in one Favored Aptitude and two in the other. Gain three dots of Psionic Edges. +155 XP. Psi may not exceed 5. Novas: Low Novas Step 5 as in book, but no free Edge dot. Ignore Step 6. +75 XP Quantum rating may not exceed 3. Mid Novas Step 5 as in book, but no free Edge dot. Ignore Step 6. +150 XP Quantum rating may not exceed 4. High Novas Step 5 as in book, but no free Edge dot. Ignore Step 6. Add two Path dots and two dots of Quantum. +250 XP Quantum rating may not exceed 5. These numbers actually equalize out the XP gains from various templates so all the options are running at the same XP level. Clearly not the same Tiers, but let's see how this plays out. If necessary, adjustments will be made and post will go up on if or how to change already existent characters. Advancement - XP Costs Universal Talents Superiors Path 15 Gift 5 Forte Superior Power 4 Attribute 10 Path Gift 4 Other Superior Power 3 Skill 5 Facet 10 Skill Trick 3 Psions Novas Specialty 3 Psi Trait 10 Mega-Attribute 10 Edge 3 Psi Trait 6+ 20 Mega-Edge 5 Path Edge 2 Primary Mode 5 Power Tag 10 Enhanced Edge 10 Primary Mode 6+ 10 Quantum Edge 5 Fav. Approach Change 15 Favored Mode 7 Quantum Tech 10 Favored Mode 6 15 Quantum Trait 15 Standard Mode 10 Quantum Trait 6+ 30 Inferior Mode 15 Quantum Power 10 Character Submission Send The Story Guide account your character submission as DR Character Submission: [PC Name]. Once your character is approved, create a thread with DR Character: [PC's Name] as the thread title. Post up the character sheet and the log for there character there. You can put background there, but there will also be a thread specifically for public knowledge profiles of characters. Please put your character's mechanics in your character account signature for easy access when writing. Buyer's Remorse Our characters can surprise us, and the mechanics of a new game can end up not doing what we thought they would when we built the character. For these reasons, for the first three months of play with a character, I'm giving players pretty large leeway to change their character's mechanics or alter their backstory. This still needs to be run through with me in case it snarls up stuff already in play, but most of the time it should be little more than a 'hey, I wanna switch this around' and 'Okay! Update your sheet/backstory.' Also, don't forget the rules for tweaking the character. I'll allow tweaks once between plot threads and for the showing off using the tweaks to be done either in the plot thread or in non-plot threads. XP Gains There will be a standard monthly 2 XP award for all characters that have been posted with. XP will also be awarded for completed free-range threads and an award for participants at the end of plot threads. Code of Conduct This is meant to be fun. Try to make sure everyone is actually enjoying it or try to work around personalities you find you clash with. If that's not possible because of some situation out of your control, contact me and I'll arbitrate. My arbitration is the final word on the matter. I don't want to ban people from the game, but if a pattern of disruptive behavior emerges I do reserve the right to do so. Hopefully this will be the only time it ever comes up. Feel free to suggest other rules or ask questions here. I'll edit this post to keep the Rules up to date and easy to find. General Rules Expansion Society Path Edges Path Edges with prereq's of setting specific organizations might be available depending on the background of your PC. Talk with me about how to acquire them if you're interested. Skill Specialties and Tricks You get one free Skill Trick at character creation that you can place wherever you want. When a skill hits 3, you get one free Specialty and one free Skill Trick. At dots four and five you may purchase an additional Specialty and Skill Trick. Appearance There is no more Appearance stat in the game, which is good in general but can creation some disconnects. Here's my quick-and-dirty rules as a guideline for appearance: add your regular socials together and divide by three, round up. This is your effective Appearance rating. If you have Striking, that effectively raises the phantom appearance by 1, and can flavor the look as ugly or attractive or just noticeable. Mega-App 1 is like another 5 dots of Appearance. MApp 2 is like +15, MApp 3 is +35, MApp 4 is +75, and MApp 5 is like +135 dots of more Appearance. Appearance 5, btw, is a Perfect 10 on the appearance scale. Those with App 5 and Striking have a "more perfect than perfect" appeal as they're sitting on a 12 out of a scale of 10 - and that used to be as beautiful as people could get. If you want your (or another) character's rating on that 1-10 scale, just double the number of dots of Appearance. I know this won't matter to many people, but it's a useful rule of thumb for who gets stared at first when people walk in the room. Or who gets remembered first if someone's making a report. Examples in spoiler.
  7. Hey guys! This is the OOC. Feel free to kibitz!
  8. As I've received no communication or further character submissions for the game, I'm closing it down.
  9. I'm going out of town this Friday/Saturday and then Labor Day is Monday. I'd like to get the game kicked off on that Tuesday or Wednesday (Spetember 3rd or 4th). So, I need character submissions, including both mechanics and backgrounds, so I can get all the characters approved and hand out bennies as appropriate.
  10. Hello! As some of you are new to play-by-post (PBP) gaming, this is a primer to help understand how things work on the site, expectations, and a space to ask questions as needed. This information isn't in any particular order but is numbered for easy reference. Character Submissions - Please send character sheets (the mechanics) and character backgrounds (the fluff of what your character did before the game starts) to the ST account (Dirthera in this game). This allows the ST to have an easy way to read over submissions and approve them or PM you back with questions/concerns/directions for changes. STs may also use PMs or the submission PM to talk privately with you about the character, character advancement, or something going on in the game. An xp log on the character sheet is also a good idea, updated each time you gain/spend XP. OOC Thread - This is the public thread for discussion of game-related stuff that is not In Character (IC). It stands for Out Of Character, and is meant to still be focused on the specific game it's an OOC thread for. For general chatting/shenanigans, the Discord server is best. Plot Threads and Non-Plot Threads - For this game, plot threads will be marked with [War Table] at the beginning, with currently open plot threads stickied to to the top of the Topics tab. Non-plot threads should have a title and is tagged with the initial location and an in-game date (I will have a thread that is just a running calendar with links to threads). Tags are put together when a thread is started and have commas between them to separate the tags. Signatures - Go to the down-carrot to the right of your account name, then to Account Settings, then to Signature. You'll be able to make a spoiler within your signature to put your character's sheet. This is for easy reference of both you and the ST. All characters need their sheet in a spoiler in their signature. Many people also include a quote indicative of the character either before or after the spoiler. Time Commitments in Regular Posting - PBP games are slower than table-top games. It's the nature of the time it takes to write and the back-and-forth outside of immediate real time. That being said, responses and involvement still need to be timely. In a plot thread, I'd prefer not have more than a few days go by without a contribution from a player. In side threads, the pacing is more up to you guys, but a similar response time at a minimum is usually appreciated by the other players. Combat Posting - Combat situations (likely to primarily come up in plot threads) have a quicker pacing because the ST needs to know what everyone is doing in order to have the NPCs respond accordingly. So, in combat there will be a 24 hr rule: if your character hasn't acted within 24 hrs of a combat round being started, the ST will either choose an action for the PC or pass them. One way to avoid being passed is to give me a brief list of your character's general combat priorities and responses (think the AI list you could create in the game). This gives me a guidline and some incentive not to just have the character passed. For example, if I'm playing an Inquisition Archer, my priorities are probably: 1) Attack any enemies I can shoot at so long as no enemies are in melee range of me; 2) If there are melee'ers near me, drop the bow and pull out my daggers. 3) Retreat if I'm severely injured and call to the mages for help. That covers most circumstances for the character and gives the ST an easy reference list. Absences & Proxies - If you have to be away from the game for a length of time and you know beforehand, please drop me a note in either Discord or a site PM. If you have someone who's going to post for your PC while you're gone, let me know. If you have an emergency crop up and you're just gone for a while, that's okay. Real life is always more important. Drop me a PM when you get a chance or when you get back to let me know what happened that you are or will be back. I'll llama/fade your character for that time. If you're gone long enough that all the threads your character was involved in otherwise close up, I'll put your character on the inactive list and if/when you come back, we'll hash out what's been going on with them during that time. XP and Rewards - XP and other rewards will be granted when Threads and Chanter's Boards are completed. I'm going to really try to keep everyone at exactly the same spot. In PBP games, people come in and out of the game over time, so this is an experience in rolling with wherever you are and getting to see what mixed groups look like over time. That being said, War Table threads with generally hand out more XP than other threads, and Chanter's Boards won't necessarily hand out XP - they may give Connections or money or some other appropriate reward. Chanter's Boards will also be marked if they're OOC (say, putting together playlists for your PC and an overall theme for the game is a fairly standard one) or IC (write up a scene with an NPC around Skyhold that shows how the regular people of Skyhold interact with and view your character). That's all I can think of right now. Please post up questions as you have them: I can't help if I don't know help is needed!
  11. So, here's where you put up info on your character. I'd like stat blocks in people's signatures so we can all reference easily, so this space is more for what is known about your character in Thedas. Please mark anything that you want to share here that is not public knowledge and give an indication of what kind of people might know. Say if you're a Orlesian minor noble that has a penchant for illicit lyrium laced mushrooms, probably only your dealer and select foodie friends know about it. Certainly not your devout Chantry-following companions. For now. I'll also place NPCs of note here.
  12. Character Sheet Template (Thanks Dave!) Name: Concept: Class: Abilities (Focuses) # Communication # Constitution # Cunning # Dexterity # Magic # Perception # Strength # Willpower Combat Ratings- Speed: / Health: / Defense: / Armor Rating: (Type of Armor) Attacks- Weapon / Attack Roll / Damage / Range Powers- Spellpower: Mana Points: Talents: Weapon Groups: Spells: Equipment: Coins: Silver, Copper
  13. Character creation: you can do random rolling per the base rules in the book with me in Discord and you'll get some bennies from me on top of that for rolling with whatever you get. Elsewise, you can follow the point-buy system in the book, as well as picking your background bonuses, but no extra bennies. Other than that, everyone is a first level character. If someone wants to start as a Grey Warden, that is possible but needs a discussion with me about the character since they will be beginning with stat boosts.
  14. ....well, you would be in the game.....but I don't think you would like the party's intentions...... I will say at this point that I'm going to go with the Inquisition as the character's at least suggested point of contact. While I'm fine with some characters being new to the organization, Skyhold (the Inquisition's headquarters) is going to be the base of operations for the group. You can be a for-hire mercenary, an ardent supporter of the Inquisition, someone seeking shelter within the Inquisition from other woes, or a person assigned from another organization (Wardens, various monarchies, or a more nefarious criminal organization) to work with the Inquisition. For those that don't know the setting, I'll be putting up a lexicon and brief history guide as soon as I can. For now, the Inquisition is a politically neutral military organization that sprang up after a magical calamity occurred that threatened the world. The calamity has been ended, but as the description of the game says, Thedas is in pretty shit shape still and the Inquisitor (head of the Inquisition) is moving the focus of the Inquisition from saving the world from evil to saving the world from itself.
  15. Okay, so apparently we have five new people, maybe six, coming to the site to play the Dragon Age game. YAY! In that light, I'm going to make it a free for all for number of players, and make groups for GM-run storylines. It'd be wonderful to have such a large influx of new players, so I'm going to alter the game to "GM storylines with an area for sandbox socializing around the plots". So.....demi-semi-open world?
  16. Hey guys! I'm getting this set up, though it'll be a bit of a slow process. What's everyone thinking of playing? There's only three classes, so don't worry so much about the mechanics/classes as about backgrounds and rp stuff. For those new to the Dragon Age setting, I'll have a thread on setting when I get a chance to write it up around the kids (or c/p from the wiki ). Feel free to talk!
  17. "I do run every day," she said more sharply than she intended. She sighed and reigned her tone back in, but did add, "And school has been out for weeks. I just needed to be out of the house - away from my parents and Lona. She's just so...." She motioned with her hands, as if trying to wave away her aggravation with the other teen. "Crazy Lona, at this point." "Also, if Monsanto or whoever owns them now was just looking for slaves, at least the farmers would have something to do. Instead, they get pushed out and the agribussiness bus in underpaid works and use drones to keep an eye on the crops. And don't get me started on the genemodding - it's criminally negligent and stupidly dangerous and...." She put her hands over her face to stop the rant. "Sorry, Papa's a geneticist and not a greedy corporate schill, so he gets wound up on the issue. He's been hired to do wildlife and crop studies several times. Once you're done with the puff piece on the fair, he'd probably be willing to do an interview." She glanced down at her salad, poking at it without much appetite, then admitted softly. "I'm bored."
  18. Sorry, tired brain is tired late at night. And 9 p.m. is now late at night for me, good God I'm old. Nina - Will do! Sorry if I was causing stress.
  19. Clara Wright - Vitakinetic if that's still available. Otherwise....I'll have to look about more. The original idea for her was quantikinetic. ETA: I think I can do Electrokinesis just fine, too. So, if Vivi's doing Vita, I can do Electro.
  20. Yeah, sorry, I've been going off the prompts in the book and it just isn't translating well from a book written for tabletop and a PBP. I'll look over the next plot point and figure out if I want to try to continue and "translate" or if doing that is going to end up being as much/more work than running something homebrew.
  21. Sorry, been in pain and then sick. Is no one going to talk to Lacy at all? I can just go ahead and start the next plot point, but the game is going to be fairly thin if we just jump from combat to combat.
  22. The creatures (the ones left) seemed to finally understand that the Hellbore was not the easy meal they had hoped for. They slithered out of the cavern through a small opening at the base of one of the walls; the sound of their many many legs clicking along the stone as they retreated. Doc Haggerty waves from inside the Hellbore, but doesn't even exit the machine before motioning for the group to head back to camp and firing up the infernal device again. Miners that had fled drift back from the campfire, either gathering up the insect bits to burn or patching the wall up to make sure no more come back for a second try. The sound of the Hellbore drilling through the stone begins again and the Wasatch crew settles back into work. Charley Bill and his posse return as well; most go straight to bed, while a few are limped over to the sawbones in the camp. Hellstromme's guards take up their position at the caboose again. Lacy manages to catch one of the miners on burn duty, making quick sketches of the creatures before they're cremated. Once done, he brings a last pot of hot coffee around to the gunslingers, his notepad in hand. "So, that was exciting. What exactly happened?"
  23. I am sick, so it'll likely be a day or two before I feel up to moving the game along. Sorry for the delay.
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