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  1. The sprays of water from the floating lightning came faster and brighter. The platform was drenched within the first minute, the water running in the proper downward direction to the lakebed beneath it. Lightning finally touched down on the metal, sending out a ringing tone that rippled through the air with a palpable force. Not actually quite what should have happened. Huh. Deezy though to herself, but following that curiosity wasn't possible because that tone was ringing the clouds, too. The sound was shaking apart those dark tendrils within the water and the clouds themselves seemed to be....shattering, was the only word Deezy could put to it. Next to her, Davian winced again, his eyebrows drawn together in pain. And then lake released. The rushing torrent of water downward wasn't smooth or gentle. The lake slapped against its bed and rose again like a torrential yo-yo. Water sloshed against and over the edges of the lakebed, but the waves were tiny in comparison to what had brought Deezy to the shore. The lake shuddered and rippled back and forth, but after several minutes of grumbling, it finally settle back in - about a foot lower than it's usual depth. Rain came down in torrential sleets, but the clouds left above were rapidly dwindling. Ten minutes later and both the sky and lake were eerily placid. The storm was defeated.
  2. Updated and expanded on rules: Buyer's Remorse about two thirds of the way down the first Rules post and made separate posts for the three different supers alternate/expanded rules. Also, Talents *will* be getting some expanded rules, I just haven't had a chance to really run through them yet. Also: Ryan, Emily, Deezy, Evo, Renata - Get your character sheets in your signatures, please! I don't care if you use the template I threw up, I know the table format is irritating to a number of people. I'll get a non-tabled template thrown up soon. It's super convenient to me to be able to look at what characters are capable of (or not capable of) when crafting scenes/posts. Please do this!
  3. Talent Rules Expansion Inspiration So, in this game there is a pretty small pool of Inspiration and most Gifts cost per use. What I'm going to try first is giving Talents two equal pools: one for powering Gifts and the other for Dramatic Editing. We'll see how that works and adjust again if needed.
  4. Nova Rules Expansion I went through the Kickstarter Manuscript, pulled out all the mechanics I could find and formatted/actually made tables. I also revamped how many of the Mega-Edges work and are discussed. Some powers were also altered, expanded, or created from Mega-Edges that shouldn't have been tied to a Mega-Attribute. I'll be auditing people's character sheets and giving the new XP total. Most people should have XP refunded and if there is any XP debt, it just can sit until enough XP is accrued to cover it. Look for my PMs. The document is linked to this post. Lemme know in Discord or through PM if you can't download it. Divine Right Aberrant 2e.gdoc
  5. The red-head nodded, causing her hanging hair to brush up against Karrie's cheek. Sometime while looking over her shoulder, the girl had inverted herself in the air. "Hmmm...." she mused, then pointed to a ciphered word in Karrie’s journal. “What about that one?” Karrie followed the finger to Kyr1a. “Kyronea?” she said, raising her eyebrow. At the same time, she set the pad of paper aside casually, ‘just happening’ to set it face-down. “What about changing the one to a ‘I’? K-Y-R-I-A?” “Keye-ree-ah?” The woman scrunched her nose. “Keye-reye-ah?” "Old word. Means 'red-headed lemur'." Steve said laconically from where he lay on his bunk, eyes still shut. Karrie swallowed a snort of laughter and said, "Kia-rah?" A mostly empty cup of water was procured from one of the beds' side tables. Still floating upside down, the red-head poured the splash of water down on Steve's forehead, along with the couple of ice cubes that hadn't melted yet. "K-ear-ee-ah?" she asked Karrie, still hovering over the SAS selectee. He flinched as the cold water seeped down over his face and scalp, one ice cube coming to rest on his collar bone while the other disappeared behind his neck. With a sigh, he opened one eye and, plucking the cube from his chest, flicked it at the flying girl. "Kee-ree-ah." he suggested, wiping his face with one hand, before resuming his relaxed pose. One blue eye remained on the floating redhead, however. "You were supposed to yelp," she informed him conspiratorially, as if he was an actor who'd missed his cue. She caught the ice cube and popped it into her mouth, sucking on it thoughtfully. "Keereeah. Kyria. I like it. What do you think, Karrie? Is that good enough for a name?" "I've met people with worse," Karrie said, leaning against the wall behind her bunk and curling her feet under her. It was interesting, that Kyria was worried if it was a 'good enough' name. "Personally, I think my fiancé's name is a little silly, but he's named after a uncle who passed away in childhood, so he's fond of it. Do you like it?" The newly named Kyria shrugged. "You wanted something to call me. It's easy enough to say and it won't get confused with Steve, so....yeah?" "Praise the Lawd." muttered not-Kyria, but the gruff sergeant smiled a little. "It's a pretty name." "It is," Karrie agreed, not mentioning that was very pretty for what was essentially alphabet soup. "So, are we going to talk about ourselves -- as much as we can -- or just sit here--" A beep on the wall brought everyone's attention to the tray next to the door, where the tray shot out with a oversized phone in it. "Ms. Sherman, your supervisor at State requested that you call her." "Thank you," Karrie said, picking up the phone. "May I make personal calls afterwards?"
  6. Late Afternoon, September 21, 2019 Steve, Karrie, and their nameless friend had been given a friendly but insistent escort to the barracks. SAS soldiers had kept the cordoned off from everyone else, much to Itty's loud annoyance. The local HPT team was already there and everyone was ushered through chemical showers, and radiations test, then split up into smaller sealed bubble rooms inside the base's gym. Doctors cycled through in HAZMAT suits taking blood samples and handing out bags with bright pink sets of PHE clothes in them. When they got to Steve, there was a snag in the procedure when needles bent rather than pierce Steve's skin. Pictures were taken. A lot of needles were broken. Some enterprising doctor finally just asked Steve if he could cut him with a scalpel. The soldier bemusedly watched the doctor strain to get the blade to pierce skin, though everyone in the room sighed in relief when a small line of blood finally welled up. They gave him a butterfly needle after that and came to check it every so often to make sure he hadn't healed it out or something equally weird. Several hours after sunrise, the other soldiers were cleared and released. Bubbles consolidated down until Steve, Karrie, and their still unnamed red-headed were together and alone. "We're running more tests and waiting for word from our main office," Terrance, the PHE lead told them matter-of-factly from the other side of the seal. "Once we hear, we'll know what to do next. Right now, there's for it but to wait. I suggest getting some sleep. Let us know if you need more blankets." That had been six hours ago. Afternoon light streamed into the gym from the windows. Lunch had come and gone and not been half enough even though it'd been a double portion for each of them. The red-head not only hadn't slept, she'd refused to even sit on the third bed. She was pacing now, looking anxious and... "I'm bored," she said with a sigh. She hung herself over Steve's shoulders. "Entertain me! Let's go fight another monster. Or play cards. Something."
  7. The city was in shambles. Every building was soaked; debris and bodies littered the streets as she passed. Survivors shouted warnings or questions from rooftops - no one that could be anywhere else was at ground level by this point. The next wave was already barreling down the street. She pulled off into an alley created by one building leaning drunkenly on another. It didn't keep the water from getting to her, but between the armor and the lee of the building, she kept herself on the bike and thankfully uncrushed. Two more waves required sheltering detours before she made it within site of the shore. Lake Eerie was airborn. It roiled and danced with the clouds above it, drooping down to trail along the lake-bed and spitting out city-crushing waves when lightning lit it up from inside. Rain from the storm kept refilling the floating lake. Deezy idly wondered if the waves were somehow going through the water cycle quickly enough to be the rain from the clouds. The whole situation was crazy, so why not? "I would say this is the Apocalypse, but I've never been religious and there isn't a Horseman of flying lakes." The voice startled Deezy; it cut through the sounds of the storm, strong and calm. The man was still walking - well, barefoot limping - towards her. His clothes were drenched and somewhat tattered but clearly an expensive business suit. Blue-hazel eyes were locked on her and despite clearly being battered and injured, he carried himself instinctive surety. "Nice suit," the man said conversationally when he reached her. "I don't suppose you have another?" "You," Dorothy said, "are taking all this remarkably well." She wasn't sure if she was suspicious or admiring, but he seemed nice enough. And she already knew the design for the suit, so why not? The pavement in front of the strange man bubbled and bunched together and then receded leaving another suit similar to her own lying in a shallow bowl-shaped depression. She'd made it bigger than hers, eyeballing his size as best she could. It was the same matte black as her own, with 'KLATTATECH' emblazoned across the front in yellow. "Help yourself!" His eyes did widen at the use of her power, but in the end he just nodded. "Yes. What would be the point in taking it any other way? Panic isn't working out for most of the city." He worked himself into the suit quickly and efficiently, then looked at her and the writhing sea above them. "I don't suppose you can pull it down? It might not solve all the problems, but it would keep it from drowning the shores quite so easily." As if in answer to his affront, the lightning coursed through the mass of water, sending another monstrous wave out - this time to the north instead of over Cleveland. "Otherwise, we should take the bike and leave." She patted the bike. "Go for it. I dunno about pulling it down...but there's gotta be something holding it UP. Or someone." Gazing up at the anomalous aquatic mass, Deezy rubbed her bottom lip consideringly. "You didn't happen to see this start did you? I'm Dorothy, by the way. Folks call me Deezy." She reached out and put a hand on the corner of one of the buildings nearby; a rundown old bar that had by now definitely seen better days. The crumbling brownstone bricks twirled around her hand like cotton candy, and she pulled back out a set of binoculars to try to get a better look at the lake. "Davian," the man said, giving her a curious look as she offered her means of escape. He sat down on the bike, but didn't move yet. "I did see it, actually. I was on a boat for a business meeting. We got tossed back here when the water started running up. If there's someone behind this..." His voice trailed off, his expression pensive. "There was a feeling, just before it began. I cannot quite explain it." A pause. "You seem to be able to control matter, Deezy. Change it. Do you think you could change Eerie? Turn the water into something less destructive?" Deezy bobbed her head slowly at the suggestion, then said, "Teeeeeeeechnically yes, but that'd actually be a really bad idea. Can't really just make it all disappear, you know? That much water turning into air means like..." she laughed suddenly... "a huge explosion, basically! Plus a whole lot of falling, suffocating fish and stuff..." Lowering the binoculars she asked, "The feeling. What was it? Did you feel lighter? Or maybe like you were being pulled?" "There's a lot of energy in a weather system," replies Deezy consideringly. "Disrupting that means releasing even more. Doing that without leveling the city... It's just, this is clearly not a natural phenomenon, so there must be a source. You were on the lake. You didn't see anything that looked like it was making the water go up?" She looked back at Davian. Even as she did though, a thought was percolating through. Her analysis was incomplete. Air was a fluid. The movements of the fluid could be interfered with...requiring it to use more energy to move, slowing it and disrupting it. Could she turn the energy of the storm against itself perhaps? He shook his head, flinching when another wave spilled out from the lake - this time to the west. "No. The storm appeared. There was a crash of lightning, then the water started flowing the wrong way on the lake. By the time the rain started, half the lake was gone." "You twitched just now," Deezy said, eyeing Davian more closely. "Are you okay?" "Not looking forward to the next time it spills on us," he said dryly, nodding at the lake. "If we're out of ideas, then a second bike and getting out of here seems in order." "The water sloshes out," Deezy muses, "then somehow gets back into the air and rains back into the lake. We interrupt that, and the lake runs out of water. But then again, there's lightning inside the lake every time a wave comes out." She shakes her head. "I gotta get up there." Davian gave her a look and started to speak, then pulled himself back. "That seems suicidal, frankly. What about a lightning rod? You could make one on the lakebed and see if you could draw the lightning down." He shrugged, "Otherwise, it seems you can create as you please. Make a plane. Or a stairwell. Hmn. Escalator, perhaps. It's a big lake." "That's just it. I can't counter something I don't understand," said the mechanic as she shook her head. "Something's going on in the center of the lake, and I need...OH!" She snapped a finger. "Drone. Remote feed. Needs to work in air and water, but I think for air it can just have some kind of solid fuel booster...fire it ballistically into the lake, then have it drop that bit off and move it through the water..." As quickly as she talked, strands of matter stretched up from the ground, twining and weaving together, changing in color and shape as the machine she was describing took shape. Then she looked at Davian again. "I'm going to seal myself in a bubble here in a second, so I can set up the controls and monitoring station and keep it safe from water. You want in or out?" He clearly debated for a moment, then shrugged. "In."
  8. The overboard sailors gave him thumbs up, settling the new water-companions on to floating debris as Ryan brought them over. The first one he'd rescued, an older woman with a scar from her ear down her neck, called out, "Yellow squares on the side of the ship. They're rafts, just grab one and toss it here, we can get it open. God bless you!" On the ship, crewmates had scrambled to clear the space under the tower and were now staring at the water arms - an unfortunate pause that cost several of them their place on the ship as the kelptopus flailed out with it's tentacles and swept them out to sea. Ryan could see the woman that had directed him to the lifeboats pushing off from her flotsam perch to swim over to where one of the unlucky sailors had splashed into the ocean. The kelptopus let out a strange howl across the boat - a sound the sailors could recognize was modulated to carry underwater, not through the air. Ryan and Emily both felt a sickening pulse along with the noise. It gave them vertigo: Ryan swerved drunkenly in his flight for a moment and Emily grabbed the rungs of the ladder to keep from falling off. Whatever they were going to do, it needed to be done fast: another few thrashes from the kelptopus and there wouldn't be a boat left to save.
  9. As Ski-Mask landed their blow on Zombie Dude, Donald could feel the crack of bone. The zombies around him flailed in pain and anger, reaching out towards him and scraping claws and teeth against skin thankfully tougher than any human could sport. "Fucking asshole!" Zombie Dude screamed, holding his fractured face. "I'm gonna eat you slow for that." At Renata's lack of response, he snapped, "It'll hurt more, dipshit!" The two were circling each other now, Zombie Dude making clumsy dodges from Renata's more practiced and precise punches. He caught site of Donald tangling with the mob of minions. "God dammit, you morons, just kill him already." Like most bullies, he was off his game now that it wasn't an easy victory. Several of the close zombies crumpled after another solid hit from Renata, but when Zombie Dude scrambled up from the floor, his face was bloodied but no longer broken. He grinned, sidestepping again and forcing her to turn with him or expose her side to him. Her hip hit a couch and clawed, strong arms grabbed at her. Zombie Dude was suddenly in front of her, his hands grabbing her face and trying to force her down. Her mind screamed at pain lanced through her. "Mine!" he crowed victoriously. Around Donald, the zombies surged again, their claws now actually scoring on his skin. He felt a bite draw blood and his vision swam for a moment. He felt something rooting around his mind, telling him to just let go and let 'the Master' take control. You're going to die either way, the sickening voice promised. Might as well do it painlessly.
  10. "Careful. If you can't fly, it's quite the drop at this point." The red-head took a moment to look the situation over: the American woman's hands slipping on wet skin and more likely to end up choking the flying man. She shook her head and flew up to his side, her wet zip-up hoodie brushing against him. "You're going to end up choking him. Switch over. Clothes are easier to hold on to." "I'm not sure I can let go of him and not get ripped away by the wind," Karrie said with utter calm. "I need to get to the convoy and stay within 100 meters of the giant." The unspoken can you do that was clear in her voice. "Lay hold of her." If Steve felt any surprise at the sight of a flying red-head in street clothes, well, it was no stranger than giants made of ice or his being able to control the weather. He tried to keep the gust of wind bearing him and the woman aloft even, as he motioned to the red-head, his voice booming above the storm and gale. "Get her to one of the LAV's and tell them that Sergeant Nord said to stay within one hundred meters!" The red-head made a spiral next to them, easily plucking Karrie off Steve's back. Her arms slid seat-belt like around Karrie's torso, her legs criss-crossing to keep Karrie's own from dangling painfully. She chuckled playfully as the two of them sped away. "Y'know, if the storm keeps up, he might end up losing the pants, too. Would be a shame." She lighted down on Itty's LAV, setting Karrie down gently on his lap. Whoever this woman was, she certainly had an impish sense of humor. "Captain Nord says to keep her within a hundred meters of the ice giant." She was already flying again, headed back to the center of the of the storm. She called out over her shoulder, "Personally, he needs to find a hammer and upgrade to prince. He's already fighting a jotun!" Another laugh and she was gone. She met back up with the maligned Colour Sergeant only a moment or two later. "So," she threw a nod towards the rampaging Nordic myth - the icy one - and asked, "Plan?" Steve swore a little as the winds buffeted him, feeling like a kite on a string right now, the rain soaking his pyjama pants and running over his torso's scarred, tanned and tattooed skin. Like a lot of soldiers, especially Marines, he had more than once gotten totally atrocious and visited tattoo parlours in his younger days - the most recent of which had been a few months back when word of his acceptance to SAS selection had come down. Serpents, phoenixes, a small heart with '42 Commando' emblazoned over it, all the usual drunken markers were present. He hadn't had the wings and dagger motif done, because that would have been bad luck at that point, instead getting a large tree with sprawling roots and branches done on his back. It had hurt like a bastard the next day, too. "We see if the strange lass can do something to the giant. Then I'm going to hit it with everything I have." he said, envying the slender girl her effortless flight. "Name's Stevie. I'd shake hands, but I'm not ready to crash land yet." "Aww," the red-head said in Welsh-ish accent, "she's not that strange. Just American." She grinned and laughed again. "No idea who I am, but not really the moment for navel-gazing is it? I think I'll go try and punch it." Fitting word to action, she buzzed off in the direction of their adversary. Karrie slid off of Itty's lap and into the back. "Keep us within range, soldier," she said in a voice to be obeyed. Looking back out at the giant, she stared at it and willed monster to shrink. Nothing happened for a second and she took a deep breath and felt a little deeper at the thing. To her eyes, it was suddenly built of power and lights. "There you are," she murmured, and selected a light. With a smile, she shut it down. "Not on my watch, asshat," she growled as the giant was suddenly man-sized. The red-head blinked as her target was suddenly below her instead of about to be punched by her. She spun in the air from the unspent energy, stopping herself to shout back at Steve. "You're up, your Nordness!" His Nordness also blinked at the now-miniscule (by comparison) icy figure, who seemed to be looking around in confusion at the suddenly-larger world he/she/it was inhabiting. Whatever the American woman had done, this fight had (probably) just gotten a lot easier. They were outside the town, now. The LAV's had turned and begun circling the figure within the 100 metre mark, pouring on fire which the ice-man was still soaking up. Steve looked up at the storm overhead, feeling it's extent and the sheer power being expended up there, and suddenly felt that it was his power. His for the taking, as it were. He reached up as he drifted on the wind currents above the creature below, feeling the energy building above him, gathering it in one hand. Lightning forked, forked again, coming to rest in the soldier's grasp like a flickering, dancing javelin which he gripped firmly, feeling it squirm and struggle, then plunged downwards with it ahead of him. The wind roared, thunder rolled above him as he narrowed his glowing eyes against the lashing rain, forks of lightning dancing along his skin and trailing his descent. When he struck, the whole damned sky struck with him, an ionic charge drawn from both within and without the man who had been plain old Colour Sergeant Stephen Nord. Lightning converged above him in the clouds and struck through him into the monster, the resultant pulse killing everything electrical within a mile, the blast rocking the Land Rovers even as their engines stalled from the EMP. A cloud of smoke and water vapour obscured the strike zone. For a moment, even the storm lulled over the battlefield. A small sound started, like a snap of fingers, spread and multiplied over the area. The mist was freezing solid in the air. Ice pulled to ice, forming spikey balls hanging in the air. Then they exploded. Spikes flew everywhere, some as small as fingers and others large enough to bash through the metal and engine of one of Itty's LAV - rocking it hard lengthwise and sending the occupants scrambling out to avoid being trapped if it tipped. Whatever force had sent the ice out called it back again, reforming the ice-man as they slammed into each other. It howled in rage at the sky, seeking the small warm thing that had dared call the elements down on him. It grew, reaching towards Steve, but couldn't quite seem to reach the towering height it had before. A blow from behind sent the creature rocking. Steve's flying counterpart had circled around while it was distracted in its hate for her skymate. The blow was....terrifying. She punched into the creature's head, her fist sinking her arm up to the elbow. She made a pained grunt at the searing cold and yanked back. Karrie pulled against its size again, and once more the giant shrank. But the strain on her face made it clear that she was struggling to keep it at the twelve foot height. Steve yanked a frozen spike from his shoulder, grimacing at the chill that permeated his body from the wound. His sleep-pants in tatters now, and trailing smoke along with his aura of lightning, he soared above the creature's grasp. With his mouth set in a thin line, he reached out to the storm again, noting the heat-haze in some areas. Warm air currents... There was a rushing sound, at first. The clouds overhead stopped roiling and began to turn clockwise, the winds whipping at the hoodie-clad woman's hair and clothing and pressing against the troops in the LAVs. Then the noise took on the thunderous tenor of a giant freight train rolling endlessly overhead as a funnel descended from the clouds to touch down in a circle ten feet across, the monstrous ice man in the center of it. Steve's eyes glowed brighter, the lightning of his aura dancing against the sides of the funnel. The last ragged remnants of his clothing were whipped away, yet the winds did not seem to buffet him at all as they cycloned upwards, drawing the frozen man up with them into the heart of the tornado. "Going to see if he shatters." Stevie yelled back. "Want to help me piledrive him into the ground?" Lightning danced more urgently over his body, his muscles seemed to swell and harden subtly as he clenched his fists, rolling his shoulders. "We hit him hard, smash him against the ground, and then make snowcones." He looked over his shoulder at the girl clinging to him, grinning slightly. "The updraft is about to become a downdraft, so if you want out, now's the time to get out of the funnel." "Oh, you know how first dates go." She laughed and let go, reading herself for the descent, "Just got go with the flow!" His barked laughter was whipped away by the howl of the wind as the cyclone reversed, the wind rushing down from above the two flying demigods and hurtling them down to meet the rising jotun. They hit together, her fists cracking deep into the thing's stomach as Steve's shattered it's chest with a small thunderclap. It roared, grasping at the sergeant's head with it's huge hands, squeezing so hard it made his vision turn red with black spots. But, spitting a curse, he held on to both consciousness and the creature, carrying it with him. Propelled downwards by terrifying winds, the three beings smote the ground with enough force to make the LAV's jump a foot into the air and shatter the nearest windows in the town. The dust, water vapor and mist flew up around a newly formed crater, at the bottom of which now lay the combatants. The ice giant had absorbed the brunt of the impact, it's body fractured into misshapen pieces that the nameless woman and Steve lain amongst. Steve groaned weakly and rolled over, looking up at a much calmer sky, the tornado's terrifying funnel having disappeared. He closed his blue eyes, feeling the rain on his skin. "You there, luv?" he asked, not wanting to raise his head and look for the redhead right now. Even if it was bloody freezing laying here. He heard a groan off to his right and something rude muttered in a foreign language. The pieces began to draw back together as before for Karrie. Steve and his companion could see the ice reforming steadily, and readied themselves for another fight. The first time it had rebuilt itself, Karrie hadn't realized the light she was seeing had a switch. Now, she understood a little better that she could affect that too -- but that wasn't all. Nord-boy's storm. Red-head's flight. Both of them would have to ask her permission to use their power if she decided to make them ask-- Karrie pulled her thoughts from that edge of egomania. They were the thoughts of a power-hungry child, not a grown woman working toward the national interests. I wonder if I'll always fight that temptation, she wondered, reaching toward the light that pulled the giant back together. I wonder why I can be so rational and calm about this? She cut off the regeneration, and the ice splashed to the ground in a rain of melted water. Itty looked at her. "Is it done now?" "Yes," she said. "Care to introduce me to your fellow soldier? Perhaps after he has a pair of pants?" Itty stared down at his own boxer shorts and shrugged, giving her a shit-eating grin. "Nay so impressed with his assets, hm? He'll be crushed." Sans Steve's input, the sky above had roiled for a moment in the aftermath of the cyclone. The rain lifted, though, and the clouds began to drift apart from one another, the pale flicker of stars and moonlight breaking through in patches. The lightning had already given up in exhaustion. For Hereford, the storm had passed.
  11. The frat boy laughed again, his eyes red across the sclera and total black across the iris. He grinned and said in a teasing tone. "No." She could feel a wave of something flow out from him, making her stomach twist and her balance list to the side. She wanted to throw up and her mental grip on his loosened. He fell nimbly to the floor, his knees and ankles bending just a little too much for natural. "Oh, but you'll taste just nice, won't you?" he cooed. "Not like these other snacks - barely any real thoughts between them. No, you're special and I'm going to enjoy myself." Donald threw a particularly insistent bleach-blond ARK brother against one of the windows of the building, sending the zombified boy through the opening with deep scores from the shattered glass. He didn't seem to notice, gathering himself up again in a single-minded lurch and heading back towards the flowing red-head. It did get the zombie master's attention, though. He frowned at the commotion, taking a moment from his stalking of Renata to call out, "To me, little minions! I have a feast and I do not want to be disturbed!" The zombie coeds began shambling back towards the living room, most still taking shots at the bite here or swipe with clawed fingers there, but they no longer chased the fleeing humans. Donald's own dance partners were a little more reluctant to heed the call, but their attacks on him began listing towards the living room anyways. In the living room, Renata found herself in a growing circle of zombies, their master licking his lips like she was prime rib. She felt that wave of energy again, disorienting and just gross, and had to fight down the urge to empty her stomach on the ruined carpet in front of her.
  12. The boy, Dmitri Deezy recalled from the start-of-school mixer the apartment complex had thrown, stared up at the metal in awe. There was a small gathering of people, growing by the moment as others forced out of their homes or businesses made a mad dash for any sense of safety. Next to him, his older sister was staring at the metal, too, but her eyes were more calculating. She looked over at the laughing woman, eyes narrowed. "Can you do more?" "Huh?" Deezy asked through the haze of all the new possibilities in her existence. "Can you do more?" the woman repeated, nearly snapping. "There's a whole city gettin' put under water by the Lake. Can you make more like this?" She motioned at the barrier. "Close to the Lake? On the shore? Walk us there and then get the Lake to stop drownin' us?" Dmitri stepped, "What my rather smart sister is asking, in her own rude way, is can you save Cleveland?" People stared at the mechanic, whispering about relatives and friends and the impossible woman in front of them. They stared and hoped. In the distance, Deezy could hear the grinding crash of another wave headed their way.
  13. 3:48 AM Stevie One of the few nights in town, away from the grueling demands of SAS selection, and someone had to go ruin it. He'd been sleeping, for god's sake! Not that the men around him, the barracks building, or the storm outside cared at precisely this moment. The men, at least, were trying to help. But, what do you do for someone that keeps getting struck by lightning? Not like "several times over the course of a life" but "it's been a dozen times in the past thirty seconds and it's not stopping". Itty, so named because he was only five and a half feet tall in a group that averaged out nearly half a foot taller, grabbed his boots, put them on his hands, and shoved Stevie out of bed. He kept shoving him - through two more lightning strikes, go Itty - until the Colour Sergeant was out from under the ragged hole in the roof. Itty's face was peeling from the world's strangest sunburn and the lightning got in two more strikes before finally deciding that Stevie was well and rightly cooked and could be left alone. "Steve! Shit, someone get a defibrillator!" Men scrambled through the room and out into the halls of barracks. There was a first aid station down the hall, and Steve felt cold gel on his chest less than a minute later. That finally got his body to sync up with his mind again. "Dun...Don't do that!" He shoved Itty away from him, sparks flying between the two men and the live machine in Itty's hands. The room let out a collective gasp that immediately broke out into overlapping chatter - amazement, shouting at Steve, several prayers. One guy, a younger man that Steve was pretty sure wasn't going to make it through the full ten weeks, slid down the wall and just stared. Steve ached and every time the thunder rumbled he could feel it in his bones. He stood and stretched, rubbing sore spot on his bared chest. The thunder became regular, rhythmic, and out of sync with the ache in his boned. The barracks began to shudder with the louder rhythm; the men were looking at each other, frowning. "That feels almost like-" "Footsteps," Itty finished for the other soldier. They all poured out of the front doors of the barracks, alert and freaked out at the same time; Steve was given a larger berth in the sprint for outside. Hereford was back-lit by the angry black and purple-red clouds; lightning bursts chased through the storm, giving back as much light as the moon the clouds had blocked, but in random strobes of incandescent heat-light. Rising against that was an immense figure made of cracking ice; two blue orbs looked out from the enormous face as it reached out and put a gigantic fist through the third story of a hotel. People tumbled out, injured and terrified. A sound like glaciers cracking came from the giant - it was laughing. Karrie Busywork assignments annoyed the hell out of her. She understood that someone had to do them and that her supervisor often gave them to her when she'd be otherwise sitting at home just waiting for word that Brady was back and ok, but they still annoyed the hell out of her. She'd checked into the hotel in Hereford in the early morning, napped a few hours, and then headed to the hospital in her guise as one of the Minneford Foundation's more personable auditors. Dr. Vasilakis needed a reminder of who she was, which was exactly how it was supposed to go. Be unassuming. Be nice but not gregarious. That's how you can hold a cover for years without ever being suspected. Brady had been thrilled to get a chance to teach Karrie just a little of his side of the trade. "Jane Doe" was also exactly where she'd left her the last time she'd been in Hereford: laying on a hospital bed, a feeding tube down her throat, and a strict schedule of turning to keep her from getting bed sores. Karrie didn't know the details, but for some reason they weren't allowed to just move the woman to a more private - controlled - facility. It wasn't her job to ask. Getting "Laura's" paperwork from the hospital, so the bogus foundation would continue to pay the coma victim's bills, took up the rest of the afternoon and she busied herself with real paperwork through the evening. She'd made herself go to bed on UK time; she was going to be in Europe for a few weeks and best to get on schedule the first night. She woke up in the early morning frozen in place. Literally. Everything in her room had a sheen of hoarfrost on it and the whole building was shaking. She shivered and the ice on her shattered off, not melting but disappearing. She could hear screams from nearby, less than a handful of rooms down. The building shook again and again, like small earthquakes only a few seconds apart. A loud crash, the ripping of concrete, steel, and wood, reverberated from above her as part of her ceiling was ripped away by an enormous icy fist crashing through the space. She scrambled away as part of the bed and mini-fridge from two stories up crashed down into her space. The fist retreated and the screams got louder. Over it all she heard the icy, grating laughter of the monster that had just killed at least a dozen people. Kyria In the hazy darkness there had always been bits of sounds: a beep here, a low murmur of a voice there, the constant tinny sound of argument or racing cars or other random things. She'd never been able to focus on them and make them more than indistinct noise. She'd wanted to, but it was just so tiring. The screaming finally go her attention. It was so loud and so close and so there. She forced her eyes open for the first time in years, blinking against the dim light and the rush of fresh air over her skin. The room she was in was trashed. A hospital bed lay broken into several pieces below her; monitoring equipment had been thrashed about and littered the rest of the floor. In the doorway was a young orderly, her face frozen in fear and the screams emanating from her. Behind her, she could feel the winds from outside whipping at the broken section of the wall, cold to the point of bitter. She lighted down softly onto the floor, shivering from the open back of her hospital gown. She glanced at the other woman and said in a light, smooth voice that shouldn't have been possible from vocal chords unused for three years, "I'm cold. I need better clothes." The orderly swallowed, cutting off her own screams. "Th-there's street clothes..." She pointed shakily to one of the cabinets under the sink in the room. The red-haired woman nodded and stepped over, pulling out the set of clothes with delicate movements. The orderly blushed and turned away when she slid off the gown and dressed herself. Others were peering into the doorway now, shocked silent by the destruction of the room and the up-and-moving of their long-term patient. The storm outside flickered and flashed angrily, refusing to drop water just yet but in full thundered voice across the city. A strange regularity had entered the cacophony of the storm and it was getting louder. After she'd slipped on the pair of new tennis shoes and secured them in place, she glanced out the ruin of a wall and then back to the people still stuck in the doorway by a mix of fear, awe, and hind-brain gibbering. She quirked a smile at them and shrugged. "Guess I should go see what that is. Sorry about the-" she waved vaguely at the ruined equipment and wall. She stepped backwards out of the hole in the wall and fell upward.
  14. 11:48 PM Deezy The crash of lightning and thunder wasn't what woke her up - it was the sound of water shattering the glass of her bedroom window. It poured in like it had a will of its own, soaking everything. The apartment building shuddered and groaned under the assault. She heard shouts and screams as another wave battered against the steel and concrete, and that's what really woke her up. It was a wave. Lake Eerie wasn't that close and she wasn't on the first floor. Outside, she could hear the rising wail of the tornado sirens start up, warning people to get to safety. Inside, water sloshed again and she heard panicked tromping along both the inside stairwells and the emergency escape. "Keep going!" A young woman's voice rang out in panic. Another voice, a man's, called back, "There's someone in here! The glass is broken, we can't leave her here! What if the water comes again?" A loam-skinned man around her age poked his head in her broken window, clearly clinging to the window-frame. "C'mon, get up! The Lake's going nuts and we have to get to higher ground!" "The roof would've been higher!" the woman's voice snapped out in the night, only a little louder than the thunder crashing through the area. The young man rolled his eyes and slipped inside her room, clad in boxers and hastily thrown on shoes, dripping water as he made his way over in sweeping steps meant to move broken glass and wood out of the way. Over his shoulder he called out, "And trapped us up there! Prolly get us knocked off and dead from that." To Deezy, who's wits were finally catching up and realizing this wasn't some weird nightmare, he said, "Grab the sheet if you're not decent, but we've gotta go." Outside the window, Deezy could see another massive wave slamming it's way towards them.
  15. For the 1.x threads, even if you decide to go mechanics over cinematics, consider the Infinite Quantum Pool in effect. You guys just can't run out of juice right now.
  16. 8:48 PM Eva Eva held onto her companion's arm in just the way that she was supposed to, but a tremor of nervousness was still travelling up and down her spine. Rick Felman was by far the richest client she'd had so far - or at least the one that had spent the most money on her. They'd spent a week coming to terms over the evening - he'd wanted her to come with him to Mexico for an evening of socializing and networking and she was nervous about travelling out of the country with a man she'd only barely met, even for work. Especially for work. His money was good, his business checked out and he didn't have any arrests or even tabloid articles about anger issues or the other red flags she checked for when taking on a new client. So, here she was, just on the other side of the US-Mexican border in a small town called Sasabe. It seemed an odd place for an international business meeting, but once she saw the decked out private club, she understood. This was, most of all, a private and unassuming place for the meeting, where everyone there had been shipped in from somewhere just for the event and no one would think to look for such a meeting. Well, hopefully it's just business and not the start of a rich group serial killing spree or something. Despite her mental misgivings, she had to admit that the place was beautiful. The small complex of buildings looked like a converted missionary from the outside, but the insides were modern chic and sumptuous. The attendees didn't disappoint as well: they were young, beautiful, and clearly rich. She didn't recognize anyone specifically, but these weren't the circles she'd run in for years now. Rick smiled down at her, his mop of shaggy blond hair framing his face attractively. "Nervous?" Thunder rolled outside as if to punctuate his question. She opened her mouth to give a coy and clever response, but the ceiling exploded upwards instead. Plaster, glass, and wiring rained down on the two dozen in the room as lightning flashed erratically in the sky above. Eva let out a startled yelp; Rick was already pulling her to one of the tables and pushing her underneath. When she looked around she could see that everyone else was likewise taking cover, with a quickness of response and not at all the screaming one would expect from such a crowd. The assortment of small arms suddenly appearing was honestly a little more disconcerting than the explosion. "Stay here," Rick said in a firm command. "What is going on out there?" The question was snapped out, but not at her. She could see from his expression and moment of stillness that he was listening to someone. "LIARS!" The shout came from a ways above her. Eva snuck out from the table just in time to see someone - a man in a tattered suit, one shoe kicked off - floating nearly fifty feet off the ground. His face was flushed with orange-white glowing veins and his hair had transformed into living flame that licked furiously at his head. "ALL OF YOU! LIARS AND DECEIVERS! YOU MUST BE PURGED FROM THE WORLD TO MAKE IT PURE!" One of the women two tables down leaned out and called to flying man, "Grant! Stop-" Her she clawed at her throat as her words cut off, turning red and then blue. Her body slumped to the ground; a blast of something pushed her away from the table and into the far wall with a sickening crack. Gunfire rang out. Rick had disappeared. For several long, loud moments, Eva froze. She came to to the feel of metal pressed into her hands and a strong, warm hand on her shoulder. The metal was a high-powered sniper rifle and the hand was Rick's. "I need you to get around behind him," Rick was saying in a voice way too business-like for the insanity surrounding them. "He's knocking off the bullets in front of him but maybe you can kill him if he doesn't see it coming. I know you can make the shot, Eva." All of the sudden, "Rick Felman" was transparent to her. That wasn't his name. He wasn't a business man. He was trained. Someone you didn't want to meet in a dark alley and someone that knew all the right things to get you to do whatever he wanted. Everyone in the room showed that same training, that same response instead of retreat to this moment of utter chaos. "Rick" was using all that training at the moment to keep his mind on the insane emergency on hand and not have his hands all over her. He was also quite clearly terrified.
  17. 11:48 PM Evo Alpha Rho Kappa threw the best parties. The members were almost universally well-monied, well-connected, and that particularly helpful blend of bored co-ed and disaffected degenerate. The Dean wasn't going to shut down the parties when he remembered them himself and when it might affect how much their parents donate to the school. So: booze, co-eds looking for a good time and to impress the ARK boys, and pretty loose regulations on other "recreationals". Donald wasn't a member, but his lineage and trust fund meant he always got a personal invite. The music was loud and even at nearly midnight no one was winding down yet. Lightning burst against the clouds outside - it'd been a clear day, but weather? right. Thunder followed quickly after and Donald fell the faint wave of pressure that meant it had be close. That might also have been Allison Cartwright pressing up against him while dancing on the patio, though, too. Not a lot of skill or natural dexterity, but the tall girl had enthusiasm. "It's gonna rain," she said in a tipsy purr. "I can feel it. Why don't we go somewhere inside? My sorority house is just down the street." Donald opened his mouth to say something clever when laughter - loud, deep, utterly insane laughter - burst out from the ARK mansion. He glanced back into the house to see people looking around wildly and heading for exits. That is, those that weren't biting other people. Renata ARK threw the worst parties, Renata thought darkly as she walked the perimeter of the over-sized testosterone factory called a chapter house. She'd been hearing bad things for a while about the fraternity and the clear favoritism by the college only set her further on edge. The boys could get away with everything short of murder so long as it wasn't caught on tape. And given the lawyers they could call on, maybe even then. She was in camouflage tonight: a school shirt and dark pants, just enough school spirit that no one thought she was too out of place, but non-sexy enough that she'd been avoided for the easier targets of the night. A telescoping baton on her key-ring that looked like a travel pill bottle (seriously, you could find anything online) kept her nice and armed, and a solo cup of Monster and soda was keeping her awake. Picking apart who was willing drunken partners of the night and if anyone actually needed a rescue wasn't easy, but she'd been ancy in her room earlier in the night and being out and about at least helped with that. She'd felt the clouds roll in, quick and ominous and covering up the moon, but the lightning and thunder still made her start. Her head was pounding and the second flash of lighting - the one that was pink and green and orange instead of white-blue - nearly blinded her when it struck the tree only a few feet from her. It didn't even register that she hadn't heard anything with it, no crackle of charring bark, no displacement of air and energy. She rubbed her eyes and her temples. A girl screamed in the house. That snapped her head up and sent her running for the front door when the booming laughter of something inescapably evil rolled over her from inside. She rushed into the front hall in time to see one of the more bimbo-blond party-goers lean into an ARK boy and bite down on his collar bone.
  18. 5:38 PM Ryan The storm had blown up out of nowhere and it wasn't just wind and water. Lightning lanced through the air around him, the plane shuddering as air pressure and wind currents danced in angry whorls. The instruments in the cockpit had gone out several seconds before the actual storm nearly just appeared around him - not a great help and certainly a little unnerving. He hadn't lost the engines, but the power kept flickering for no apparent reason and that was starting to raise his heart rate. Over the middle of the Pacific, a water landing wasn't really one you could walk away from, not even if you made it down to the ocean in one piece. The storm seemed to pulse again. It'd done that several times over the minute or so that he'd been fighting winds and ducking lightning clusters. His whole body ached with the pulse this time and the bright flash that followed after only made sense when he realized he could feel rushing air and a tingle along his hands and hair. The plane had been hit and the screech of metal, along with the hard drag on the controls, told him that he shouldn't worry about the cargo anymore - it was gone already. Lightning struck again, feeling decidedly personal in its attack on his plane. The cockpit thrummed with the energy and split open beneath him, the metal curling back with a sheen of blue light around it. That's not right, he thought to himself as his chair began to rip itself apart as the light moved up towards it. His hind-brain grabbed control of motor functions and unbuckled him from the falling furniture. It didn't exactly improve the situation, but at least he wasn't grabbed by the light and torn limb from limb himself. He fell, feeling the thin air rush past him and knowing he'd pass out from lack of oxygen before he'd actually hit the sea and die of anything else. A glint of white on the water caught his eye. A ship, his mind informed him while also playing a reel of the highlights of his life in expectation of adding the final frame. It took a moment to realize the speck was getting larger than it should. It'd been closer to the horizon and should have slipped over it as he fell closer to the water, but instead it was steadily resolving itself into a twin-stacked white and blue NOAA vessel. That was beneath him. He'd somehow fallen sideways. He stared at the ship, his mind caught in the weirdness of the moment. It'd stopped growing. He was still a hundred feet or so above it. He'd stopped moving. There was an honest-to-go sea monster attacking it. And he was still a hundred feet above it, hanging in mid-air. Emily The Hi'ialakai had just crossed the international date line and it'd been a pretty good day, all in all. They'd been bringing in a range of sea creatures onto the ship to chip and install the new mini-cameras they'd just gotten, then release back out into the wild (usually after a free meal for the indignity). The research would help them understand what climate change and changing fishing patterns were doing to the Pacific wildlife. They'd dropped a couple of sensor-bots too, intending to come back after a year and pick them up. Emily was in the computer lab, sending out pings in a rather bored fashion to the 'bots and noting how long it took them to ping back. Necessary grunt work to make sure they'd made it to the depth they were supposed to float along at and hadn't already gotten eaten by a whale or something. There was a betting pool already on how many of the bots would be in the area, in one piece, or what they'd be in by the time they came back for them. She had a few dollars in the "used as a play toy by a pod of dolphins" bin. It usually paid out. The storm alarms blared across the speakers, startling her almost off her chair. She rolled her eyes at her own antics and resettled herself. A storm, great. She didn't get seasick, but there were some new civilian recruits that apparently hadn't worked that out of their system before signing up for a life out on the water. Everyone suffered for it. She sent out her next ping, waiting the 12 seconds it should have taken to get back to her. There was an odd whirring sound instead and after a moment she realized it was the CPU cycling up like crazy. The program she used hadn't frozen, but it was stuck counting up the data it was receiving from the probe - it should have been about 4 bytes of data and it was already past 26 kilobytes. And climbing quickly. The computer gave out a sad whine after another few seconds and then died. Emily blinked and frowned. She tried to reboot the computer, but in the moments of silence that followed she began to hear other sounds from the ship: the sounds of ripping metal and screams. Something was terribly wrong.
  19. Psionics Rules Expansion Primary, Favored, Neutral, and Inferior Aptitudes There are different rules for Psions in this game. A psion has a Primary Aptitude, two Favored Aptitudes, two Inferior Aptitudes, and rest are neutral. Primary Aptitude: Confers extra inherent power. May be bought up to 7 dots. Costs 5 XP per dot from 1-5 and 10 XP per dot at 6 & 7. Favored Aptitudes: Maybe bought up to Highest Primary Mode - 2. Costs 7 XP per dot. Neutral Aptitudes: May be bought up to HPM - 4 and costs 10 XP per dot. Inferior Aptitudes: May only buy 1 dot for 15 XP. This effectively caps Favored Aptitudes at 5 and neutral ones at 3, but only after your character has invested well in at least one of the Primary Modes. Psionic dysfunction is still a thing, and applies within each Aptitude. To get the effects of combining multiple Aptitudes, you still need multiple psions and each only counts for providing their Primary Aptitude. With the opening up of psionic Aptitudes to more than just Primary and Auxiliary, I wanted to add a bit more spice to the inherent powers while also holding something in reserve for people's Primary Aptitudes. So, here we go and we'll see from play if this is overpowered, otherwise highly unbalanced, or just fine. The power listed under Primary Aptitude Power is only gained if the Aptitude is your character's Primary. The Mode Powers are gained when you take a dot in said mode. Please feel free to offer suggestions or alternatives, this is a new system and I sorta tried to be all over in the mechanics with stuff so we can see what's super-effective and what's fluff at best. Biokinesis Primary Aptitude Power: Biosense Adaptation (Bruiser: Add a Bruised injury level.) Transmogrify (Form Mastery) Psychomorphing (Gain two dots of Physical Edges that you can move around in play once per scene.) Clairsentience Primary Aptitude Power: That Creepy Feeling: From the combination of noetic sensitivity and the development of the various Clairsentient Mode’s, a natural clear intuitively feels noetic connections to those observing her. Whether organic or mechanic in nature, when someone’s watching a clear in real time, the clear can feel it. Psychometry (The Sight) Psycholocation (Extended Attunement) Psychocognition (One with the Force: the character gains one “surprise round” in each combat that reflects her regularly reading just a few seconds into the future.) Electrokinesis Primary Aptitude Power: Burst Electromanipulation (E.T. is Me: The character can focus the EM energies from his body to make some part of his flesh glow. The light is not a coherent laser and is no more powerful than torchlight, but you don’t need to remember batteries or lug about bundles of wood to make it through the dungeon.) Photokinesis (Sense Spectrum) Technokinesis (Check the Plug: The Electrokinetic can spend a point of psi to power a machine as if it were plugged into the appropriate power source. As machines and their power consumption vary wildly, it is left to the SG how long one Psi point lasts. A rule of thumb might be powering a laptop to type in a word program for ten minutes, or powering a hefty computer running multiple programs and using an internet connection for Techno Mode dots rounds per Psi point.) Psychokinesis Primary Aptitude Power: Distant Touch Thermokinesis (Thermometer: The psychokinetic is always aware of the precise temperature of their environment or whatever they’re touching. It would take time to learn how to perfectly translate it to the Celsius, Farenheit, or Kelvin table, but once they knew the feeling of each degree on those tables they could do so flawlessly.) Telekinesis (Nudge) Perikinesis (Teflon: The psychokinetic can exert a miniscule amount of Psi to slough off dirt, make-up and other small irritants from his skin or clothes - essentially, he can “bathe” himself and “wash” his clothing with a small psionic effort. Often psychokinetics do this subconsciously, giving them a continuously immaculate look even in the midst of battle or directly after.) Quantakinesis Primary Aptitude Power: Subquantum Sense Energetics (Gimme: The quantakinetic may absorb the energy in the area to grant himself one Psi point. He may only do this once per scene and the effect is highly noticeable as the area drops in temperature, brightness, and otherwise diminishes all forms of energy in the area at the moment of transfer.) Fundamentals (Psi Cloak) Transmutation (Trademark: The quantakinetic can invest a small amount of Psi onto an object to mark an object as theirs. They may only have one such object marked at a time, but it counts as always having a psionic connection to the character and can be tracked anywhere. This doesn’t provide him insight into the object as Meloecular Scanning would, it’s simply a marked object now noetically tied to the quantakinetic.) Telepathy Primary Aptitude Power: Mindscan Rapport (Demur: Understanding the emotions of others and how to manipulate them gives the telepath insight into his own psyche. Any attempts to emotionally manipulate him suffers a -1 Complication, as they are both aware of and have greater control of their emotional state.) Mindshare (Mindspeak) Psychbending (Gain the Detached Psionic Edge) Teleportation Primary Aptitude Power: Spatial Sense Translocation (Home Base: You have one intimately well-known location you can always teleport to. This location can change, but only after time and effort on the teleporter’s side. Home Base needs to be, well, home territory for them.) Transmassion (Spatial Integrity) Transportal (Pickpoket: The teleportal may make small portals, no larger than the palm of a hand at most, to stick fingers through or just have small objects fall into. Only Small sized objects or smaller may move through, the portal ends must be in Close range of each other, and the Pickpocket portal only stays open for one round. Pickpocket costs no Psi to activate, but each use allows those near-by to make a Wits+Composure roll to notice the Pickpocket.) Vitakinesis Primary Aptitude Power: Kirlian Eye Iatrosis (Calm and Centered: Due to the nature of Iatrosis healing, the vitakinetic always has one Enhancement to resist mental or physical battering.) Augendis (Knit) Algesis (A vitakinetic focused on harming can see the weak spots in a living organism. They gain one Enhancement when attacking a person or creature they have touched before for non-psionic attacks.)
  20. Two updates to the character sheet template: Aspirations listed at the top so I can reference them and create opportunities for your character to resolve them, and just above the XP log, a place to record your dots in Paths. Please don't put the actual description/mechanics of the Path here. That can be something you put in your character submission PM thread for reference. I'll eventually get a Paths thread so people can look over paths they might be interested in. I'll update the Society Paths and new Role paths we'll end up getting through the course of play there.
  21. Alrighty! I have a character thread template up. You don't have to use the table template, it is a bit finicky. I just was archive delving and came across some old sheets and remembered how much I liked the look of them. I do have a few rules about character sheets, though: They need to have a running total XP log like what I have on Kyria. If you're not using the table template, please use numbers or the large dots, not asterisks. It screws with my eyes. Uh, actually, that it so far! Let's see those beautiful characters!
  22. Template Picture(s) Here Legal Name: Alias: Eruption: Allegiance/Affiliations: Appearance: Not just physical appearance, but how the character moves and dresses. Temperament: Snapshot of personality here to help others know how to describe your character in posts. Known Powers: Powers you've used in public or described to the public. History: The history that is known or easily discoverable about your character. Think of it as a Wikipedia entry. Special Knowledge: What wouldn't be in a public wiki but things that those with particular allegiances or social contacts could find out about your character. Nova Templates: Psion Templates:
  23. Oh! Feel free to also talk to me if you need/want something particular for your character that's not well covered or requires tweaks of the mechanics. For example: Kyria is going to have been in a coma right up until things go sideways. She's a Jane Doe, so Paths for her a weird. I'm making one "Amnesiac Coma Jane Doe" Path for her and giving her three dots in it instead of the (for the start of game) one dot in Origin, one dot in Role, and and one extra to go in either. Another example might be if your character really does have a Society Path you'd like to start with - say you want to have them work for a clandestine organization with aiming that they will evolve into our version of the Directive. Or part of a cult that will set the stage for the rise of a Teragen-esque group. I'm really very open and the Storypath system makes this kind of modular mucking about both easy and already internally well balanced. The only things truly completely off limits are anything that relies upon having a supernatural template. Just wanted to throw this out there for anyone it might help in character creation.
  24. I don't remember Evo off the top of my head, but Ein is a soldier type with Viking theme. Genesis is a super-science brainy type. One of my characters is going to be a reboot of Kyria, my first character on the site. She'll have been in a coma and wake with amnesia - making her a nova that doesn't remember being a baseline. I haven't gotten her statted out at all yet, nor decided if she'll still be a telepath. Kinda leaning 'no' right now. I'm still debating the other two characters. I don't really have an interest in playing a Talent, they're just not my thing. And I'm getting to play a Psion in WS, so I'll probably end up with two or three novas. I'm absolutely down for making characters and character ties for people. I'm also totally up for designing NPCs for people as background ties and game hooks. Just hit me up here or in Discord if you'd like collaboration!
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