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  1. Thank you, everyone. I'll poke around on here, and on the other site that was mentioned. Jeff/Dozer
  2. Hello, everyone. I hope this missive finds everyone doing relatively well. I recently was combing through my hard drive, and came across my aberrant character sheets and books. That took me down a deep dark hole in memory lane. In that hole, i finally remembered about the fun i used to have here. I would like to be able to get involved in games on here again. Also, is there a chat for the site anymore? I tried to hit the chat button, and it brings up discord, but there is nothing there. Hope everything is fine. Jeff/Dozer
  3. I'm going with a sniper-type build. Ranged DPS. And no, I'm not going with a melee weapon that can also do ranged. I have two separate weapons.
  4. It's not settings. When you are in the master account, at the very top of the screen, next to the envelope icon is a drop down. That's where your subaccounts are listed.
  5. Dozer

    Jeff OOC

    OOC pics of myself.
  6. Hunter: The Reckoning... Since there is so few of them, I see maybe one team of hunters and a few solos for all of Paris. The team would be diverse in terms of Creeds. They would be based out of a small warehouse in the outskirts. They would try to maintain mortal lives for the most part, unless they decided to give up everything for this war.
  7. "Excuse me, but do you know of any mines nearby where we may be able to find the ironbloom mushrooms? I think that would be the quickest one to find. Do you know what those three items look like? If so, can we see a picture or description?" Cynewulf looked around the shop. "Who would know about the oldest tree in the forest? This is a lumber town, so would there be records? And is there any way to determine how this Blackscour got in the well?"
  8. Got a question for the Mods/STs. Would you allow a changeling with Dual kiths, one from his seeming, one from another seeming?
  9. I'm in. Dwarven Cleric of Desna reporting for Duty.
  10. Actually, i'm looking to play a vampiric professor, who has a phD in comparative religion, with a focus on funeral rites. If you are playing a student, who would have been in one of his day classes before he got embraced or in one of his online or night courses he started teaching after his embrace, please let me know, so we can work out ties. Or if you can think up interesting ideas for ties that would work, let me know too.
  11. Sarah, I'm looking at creating a vampire for this game. Contact me if you'd be interested in seeing about possible ties.
  12. Originally Posted By: Bombshell Selecting the just vacated Totentanz - one of her favourites, she preferred the quick characters - while the others decided, Jason leaned back on one hand and gave Dozer a small wave. "Hey, Dozer! That was a good fight you had with Andy. How you've been since the VCCE, big guy?" Dozer sighed, "Thanks. It's been less than stellar. But i didn't come here to bring everyone down. What's this game that everyone's playing? I've been out of touch for a little while and i've never been into video games much." He grins and sits down behind Ryusei, watching how they play with interest.
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