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  1. Jael gave Zac a sharp glance and growled in Russian, <”Why’d you let them give you painkillers?”> <”Because I hurt,”> he snapped back. Rolling her eyes, Jael switched to English and said, “You’re not seeing things. Plan time. He seems to know us, so he probably won’t let Jail-bait there close. Or me, not without a fight. Zac, you’re going to have to shoot him while we distract him. Hot-Stuff, you and I need to go in there and force him to pay attention to us. If you get a shot to take him out, do it. Simple. Questions?”
  2. Jael turned to Sezja. <Stay in here,> she told her ward/friend firmly. <”No, don’t go out there!”> Sejza grabbed her hands, her eyes scared. <”Please don’t leave me here alone!”> Jael gently extracted her hand. <”I have to assess the threat,”> she said firmly, but in truth, that noise excited her. She wanted to hunt it down and find out what it was. Maybe it was something to kill, and if she waited too long, Zac would find it first. <”Lock yourself in the bathroom. I’ll be back soon.”> Sezja raised an eyebrow but slipped into the bathroom, locking the door with a loud snap. Jael smiled to herself as she slipped out of the room and caught up to Dr. Foster. “What is going on?” she asked in English, flipping back to her native language easily. “What is making that sound?”
  3. “Zac.” The word was spoken softly and with no affection. She let it go immediately to focus on the man that Bastion carried. “There were two pilots, two bodyguards, Zac, Sezja, and myself. There should be two more men.” She gave him a shark’s smile. “Be careful, if you insist on playing the hero, seksual'nyy. Be a shame to lose you.” She turned to Sezja and brushed hair out of her eyes. Frowning, she waited for her companion to wake up.
  4. Cool night air, someone carrying her under her back and knees. The smell of smoke mingling with someone’s really bad cologne. People shouting back and forth, fucking Zac being one of them. But no Sezja. Jael opened her eyes without moving any other part of her body. She was being held by a young man, a stranger, who wasn’t paying her any attention. Her hand slipped into her waistband and pulled out a small knife. Dennis barely perceived that she’d moved before he felt the edge of a blade on his throat. He froze, moving only his eyes to look at her. “Put me down. Carefully,” she told him, using the Russian she’d become accustomed to using for the past several years. “I don’t understand,” he squeaked in English. “Put me down, carefully,” she repeated in her native tongue. “Legs first,” she growled when he started to squat. She held his shoulder while she gracefully regained her balance, then used that grip on him to reposition so that he was between her and the other people. “We’re just trying to help!” the kid said, his voice cracking. Rescuers. The plane crashed, she thought just as she saw Sezja, held in someone else’s arms. Another young man, maybe even a teenager. For a second, she thought about continuing to play it hard, but it was probably unnecessary. If they’d wanted her or Sezja dead, they’d already been dead. Removing the knife and tucking it back away, she said, “Didn’t mean to scare you. Thank you for the assistance.” Her former hostage stared at her, speechless and Jael resisted the urge to snap at him. “My friend,” she said, moving toward the other kid holding Sezja. “Is she alive?” “Yeah, she’s breathing,” the kid said nervously. “Uh, why do you have a knife?” “A girl never knows when she might need to defend herself.” Jael gave him a sly smile, even as she put her fingers on Sezja’s pulse. The strong beat eased her worry for her ward and friend. “Have you called for help?” she asked, turning to look at the plane. “Yeah, but I think Bastion’s going to get them all out before anyone else can get here,” the kid who had been holding her said. He spoke with awe, pointing behind her. “Who?” Jael asked, turning just as a tall, well-built young man emerged from the plane, Anton over his shoulder. Anton was a big guy, a mass of fat and muscle that made him a great visual and physical deterrent, but the kid carried him with ease. Oh, my… Jael almost licked her lips at the sight of the beefcake. Instead she asked, “Who’s left in there?”
  5. I am going with Jael for this. The site's favorite sociopath is back. ,, And this is her father: ,,
  6. Jael felt that same sense of alarm – though Sunshine had made his choice clear after she’d tried to dissuade him, she was still worried that he wasn’t thinking clearly. How could he? He’d never known heartbreak and loss, and part of her cringed at the thought that she might teach him about those emotions. Instead, she bent just a little more. “I love you, too,” she simply when the kiss broke. It was, as the truth went, true enough. Sunshine was hers and she’d be damned if she’d drive him away in a fit of morose emo sobbing that would only make both of them miserable. This was going to blow up in her face painfully someday, she was sure, but until then, the sex and companionship was great. Sunshine’s face lit up at her words; he caught her lips in another kiss, his movement so fast that it spun them around the air. “I know,” he told her when he released her so she could breathe. “I know, but it is good to hear you say it.” “Alright, then, I love you,” she told him, grinning at the dazzling smile he gifted to her. “Every golden inch of you.” She began to kiss those golden inches, until he pulled her back up. They had drifted a bit closer to the door and it was then that reality intruded. “Blegh,” Jael said suddenly, stopping her kisses. “I think last night’s Thai is in revolt. We should… do something about that, before Jason’s carpets are ruined.” Despite being the voice of responsibility, Jael was reluctant. So was Sunshine from his expression. “The cleaning crew can get it,” he murmured, kissing her jawline as his hand cupped her ass firmly. “Not until we call them,” Jael added, even as she all-but purred at his caresses. “I want to stay here and blow your brains out a few more times but I’m a guest here and it’s rude to ruin Jason’s carpet and furniture. And the sooner we get it, the sooner the nasty smell is gone.” Sunshine sighed. “All I smell is you,” he said softly. Jael kissed him. “Then for once I wish my nose wasn’t this strong. I'd love to smell only you.”
  7. The heat of a man filling her body was always enjoyable, but this time was different. It was Sunshine; he made everything different for the blonde nova. Her fingers played over his chest, her nails biting in a little. Jael’s motions became more fevered as they both pushed toward their climax. His hard length entered her again and again like a lightning rod, sending sparks of electricity up her spine. When he shuddered and cried her name, Jael felt her own climax rock her body. Her nails dug into his skin, heedless of his potential discomfort. Her body joined his in a long, drawn-out shudder, slowly relaxing in waves of bliss. When the last quiver had passed from her flesh, Jael found herself lying across Sunshine’s chest. He was still panting, though more slowly, each breath an expulsion of the pent-up energy still spiraling over his nerves. Jael lifted her head, her lips parting to say something to him. Her words were cut off by his kiss; desperate and ardent, Sunshine tried to express everything he was feeling in the wake of such wonder. His blonde So-Cal girl replied with equal passion and fervor, slipping a hand under his head to pull him closer. The kiss broke sweetly; Jael became aware that Sunshine was hard again, or perhaps still hard. “Again?” she asked softly, a slow, sexy smile lighting up her face.
  8. The two novas made soft noises as Sunshine completed the moment that had been building with them for a long time. Their kiss was cut short as the glowing man shifted his head to the side, his forehead resting on her shoulder. Jael was beyond happy; Sunshine’s warm length in her body was mind-blowing. It wasn’t just that he was a source of heat or that he was just that good; it was that he was her Sunshine. Jael was filled with an odd sensation – odd for her: tenderness. Her lover was still, quivering over and in her; her could hear his breath rasping in and out. Jael gently petted his hair with atypical patience, knowing how overwhelming these sensations could be to a nova body. His hips moved slightly and his gasp was thunderous in her ear. Turning her head, Jael kissed his cheek lightly. She waited, enjoying the feeling of being so sweetly impaled; her pleasure was amplified by his occasional twitch. And yet she somehow remained patient. Finally, his breathing settled and his head rose. Jael smiled and got one in return as those glorious blue eyes settled on hers. His head dipped down again and those perfect lips pressed to hers. Jael sighed a little in pure bliss; her body tightened around him. Sunshine groaned into her mouth in reply, driving himself back into her with a sure thrust. Jael’s happy noise at his action caused him to repeat his maneuver; the intense feelings that rippled over both of them stopped the inexperienced man short. Jael could see the problem; she’d had the same issue her first time. Unwrapping one leg from his waist, she rocked his body until she was on top. Sunshine’s eyes widened as Jael sat up, her long hair tumbling around her naked form. His hands reached for her breasts and the golden woman bit her lip as his fingers found her nipples. Sunshine was ever an apt pupil, and he proved that again as his fingers teased and tweaked her sensitive buds. Then Jael began to move and Sunshine’s eyes widened. Jael smiled tenderly, watching the excited yet lost expression creep over his face. Her hips worked a steady rhythm, mindful not to push him too hard, too far – not yet. She wanted to draw out this sweet moment, for both of them. My Sunshine… my lover… mine.
  9. Jael grinned, her gaze moving from Revenant to Sunshine. “You boys up to playing something?” Her gaze passed around the room, seeking somewhere for them to set up. “Sunshine, if you want, you could get your guitar… we could have some music. Only if you want.” Jael smiled at her boyfriend before turning that smile on Revenant. “And you too. Don’t let me twist your arm into anything you don’t want to do. This is a party, have fun.” “I… uh, Jay? Lookit,” Shelly said, leaning closer to Jael and pointing at something behind Revenant. The blonde nova looked; whatever it was sent her eyebrows rising. “Holy shit,” she whispered, “I think my party just got crashed by a porn star.” More than just their group were turning to stare, as awareness of the woman rippled across the room. It was like when Bombshell and Knockout entered only they had their mostly-sterling reputations. This woman was considered to be a true Jezebel. “Are you going to talk to her?” Shelly hissed. Jael muttered, “I think I should, but all I wanna say are ‘nice shoes, wanna fuck?’” She glanced at Sunshine. “Sorry.” “Understandable,” her boyfriend said, choosing his words with care. “Need me to go with? I’ll do it, even thought she’ll make me look like a hag by comparison,” Shelly offered, like a true BFF. “Deal. Keep me from saying something stupid, ok?” Jael asked. “As much as I ever can,” Shelly said with a grin. “Be right back,” Jael told the two men. “Maybe with a porn star.”
  10. "I do not mind, so long as people don't mind," Jael said. Her eyebrow quirked as she added, "You should find Sunshine... Or catch him as he comes into the room..." She waved as her boyfriend walked in. Her smile slipped a bit as she saw how sober he looked but that passed when their eyes met and he gave her that smile. It was the one she'd go to Hell and back for, gladly. "And play with him. He's got his guitar in our room." Sunshine joined them, putting a casual arm around Jael's waist. "Hey," she said, leaning into him a little. "Hey," he murmured, giving her a kiss on the cheek. His greeting done, those blue eyes turned to Revenant. "Hi, I'm Sunshine." "He plays too," Jael said to Revenant, "in fact, he loves playing and it'd be fun to have some live music here."
  11. Jael had someone she was serious about, but that didn't mean she didn't recognize when a guy thought she was smokin', or that she didn't enjoy the attention. Her grin became a little sultry as she met the guy's weird yellow eyes. Most women would be turned off by that but Jael just found them interesting. "Well, Revenant, welcome to the party, enjoy the food. I'm glad someone new dropped by - I like meeting new people. "Anyway, you know the rules, right?" she went on. "No mention of certain events, don't mess with my family or friends and don't feed or touch Einherjar's ward." "Hey!" Another girl came up and stepped into the conversation, grinning at Jael. She was baseline-cute, with a winning smile and brunette hair. Her outfit was a sleeveless green shirt and a cute denim skirt that stopped just above her knees. Open-toed sandals showed off her green toenails, which matched her fingernails. "Shell!" Jael said with a grin. She gave the girl a one-armed hug, then turned back to Revenant. "This is my friend Shelly. Shelly, this is Revenant." "Uh, hi. Hmm, those are interesting eyes." Shelly's smile was a little forced but she was getting used to novas, slowly. "So do you play or is that a piece to impress the ladies?"
  12. Jael turned to the party with a sigh. Her eyes swept the room, seeking her sister, only to stop when she saw someone she didn’t know. You are no baseline, sir, and I don’t know you. Grinning a little, happily took the excuse to avoid the confrontation her sister for a little longer and sauntered up to him. “Hello,” she said, offering her hand to the man carrying the guitar case. “I’m Jael. I don’t think we’ve had the pleasure of meeting.” At the same time she spoke, her eyes raked up and down him in a frank appraisal of his person.
  13. Jael had her arms around Sunshine’s waist; his were around her shoulders. The blonde nova wasn’t usually the kind of person to go ‘what if’ but this time was different. She was so shaken by the events of the last thirty-six hours that it was easier for dark thoughts to crowd into her mind. The predominant one was: what if the judge had allowed the restraining order? She couldn’t imagine not being able to hug him, to only see him from a distance. Jason’s announcement cut through her reverie and she peered at her friend. “Sounds nice,” she said softly, not breaking her snuggle with Sunshine. They were quiet the rest of the way to the penthouse. Once there, Jason went to call her realtor while Sunshine and Jael went to the couch. They sank into the cushions, Jason’s voice a distant hum of sound. “I need to go see my dad,” Jael said softly. “We’ll go with you,” Sunshine replied immediately. His arms tightened around her gently. “He’ll be alright. We’ll be alright.” “I know,” Jael said though she didn’t feel it at that moment. Instead, she closed her eyes and focused on the feel of her lover in her arms. After a moment, she sighed. “I need to call Mom.” Sunshine reluctantly released her so she could fish out her phone; he smiled as she leaned back against him as she dialed. “Hi, Mom. Yeah, it’s me. I’m fine, I’m out… No, I don’t know what’s next.” She looked up at Sunshine, craning her neck to see. They traded smiles, as only lovers can, and she said the words that she didn’t believe – yet. “But it’s going to be alright, Mom.” Someday, that would be true.
  14. Donna Carver wasn’t happy to see him, as Einherjar had expected. But she was polite and that was enough for now. “I’m glad you could make it,” she said after their names had been exchanged. She wasn’t lying, though the ex-Elite suspected that was more because she knew his daughter wanted him here. Perhaps Robert wasn’t the only one in the family being pampered. “Yes, it’s nice to finally meet so many of Jay’s friends,” Robert replied, only to fall silent as Morri suddenly appeared at Einherjar’s side. “Oh, well, hello there.” “This is Morri,” Einherjar said, glancing across the room to see what she was nervous about. Another Asian had shown up; after a moment, he placed the man as Jael’s friend Paul. “Morri, these are Jael’s parents, Donna and Robert.” Morri, typically, said nothing, merely stared with those red eyes. “Not much of a talker, are you, sweetie?” Robert asked, smiling at her. When she didn’t reply, he looked up at Ein. “Is she alright?” “Morri’s had a rough time and has some issues, serious issues, as a result,” the big nova said softly. “She’s alright but needs special handling and shouldn’t be touched, especially by men.” Donna blinked before he saw the comprehension flood her eyes. “Oh,” she said, looking at Morri with stricken eyes as a hand rose to cover her mouth. “That is terrible. No child-” She cut off. “That nearly happened to our girl,” Robert said, adding, “Jael. She erupted for it, Morri.” He seemed to be determined to talk to her, even if the girl didn’t seem to be all there. “Did the same-” “Her memories are sketchy, and probing into them seems to upset her,” Einherjar advised gently. “Sure, no problem,” he said, nodding. “I understand.” The girl suddenly raised her hand, extending her palm toward him. Her question wasn’t that comprehensible, either. “Uh… I’m not supposed to touch you, right? What do you need, sweetie?” “That’s our signal that everything is okay. She’s asking if you’re alright,” Einherjar said, his voice surprised. “Ford’s our doctor and he tends to the wildlife she brings home, injured. You can touch your palm to hers and tell her you’re okay.” Hesitantly, Robert pressed his old, wrinkled hand to her young one. “I’m okay, Morri. My doctor is fixing me already. But thank you.” -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-“Hey, hot stuff.” Jael turned with a smirk, the voice familiar to her. “Paul, you’re late,” she faux-chided. He was dressed in a simple polo and khaki outfit, his still-damp hair slicked back from his face. “I have to look beautiful for all the ladies,” he told her, grinning. “Food’s not gone, is it?” “Not yet,” she said, waving at the door to the food room. “Cool,” the Japanese-American said, starting for the buffet. At the door, he paused. “Everything going ok?” “Yeah, except my sister trying to pick fights with novas,” Jael sighed. “Ruth seems smarter than that,” Paul replied, choosing his words with care. “You’d think. But apparently, not,” Jael grumbled. “Oh, and the red-eyed girl with Ein shouldn’t be touched. She’s jumpy or something.” “A little young for him, isn’t she?” Paul asked carefully. “I don’t think it’s like that,” Jael said, her frown shifting into a smirk. “But go ask him.” “So he’s found some black kid to adopt?” Paul shook his head. “Bradgelina are rubbing off on everyone, aren’t they?” Jael snorted. “Oh, and Bomb, KO and Kat are here.” She grinned as Paul colored. He’d happened to get drunk again one night and spent about three hours talking about how hot the three women were. Thirty of those minutes had been spent talking about their three-way of epic awesomeness. He’d actually used the words ‘super-epic-awesome’ when describing Bomb’s breasts. It had been perfect fodder for his less-drunk friends. “See if you can get that three-way going. I need to dig up Ruth and slap some sense into her.”
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