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  1. Hmmm this enhancement kinda of steps on Enhnaced Mobility's toes, granted it is a bit different.
  2. Oh! I almost forgot. I did try to email them at the address listed & couldn't get it to them. I don't think the address exists anymore.
  3. Hey folks, I am part of the group developing the fan version of Cult of Personality. I need to know if anyone knows Scott Kearney? Or anyone from the old NovaNet site (NovaNet) ? I need to get their permission to include an enhancement posted there. Can anyone help?
  4. OK let's be honest here, we to clarify terms a bit. Any game, story, tv show, movie, radio drama, etc. that protrays superhuman beings acting in a superhuman way could be called superheroic. However, the term that has become common usage for what people think of when it comes to the genre (i.e. superheroes in the vein of Superman) is Four Color. Aberrant is not a Four Color world. Morality in Aberrant is not as simple as in the Four Color type of setting. The big good guys (i.e. Utopia) really aren't that good & the big bad guys (i.e. the Teragen) aren't bad. Most nova's do not fight crime or become supervillians, they get real jobs. Even elites have more in common with modern mercenaries then they do Batman. grant they do wear masks but their profession can hardly be called superheroic. Individuals may break the mold, but being a mercenary is dirty business. Now as to the board game I have never played it. As to the canon in general, it is a guide not a straight jacket. Lastly as to making world breaking tech, according to the rules of the game you can do that. However it only works for you & really is no different then a quantum power & there are plenty of novas with worldbreaking powers out there.
  5. Basically I would adapt the three archtypes to a fantsy midnset. Daredevils are human heroes, mesmerists are wizards/mystics/prophets, & stalwarts are playable fantasy races. I would allow cross feat buying at an extra cost & with background justification.
  6. Firstly, love all the stuff. If I weren't working 60+ hours a week as a server these days I would sure be contributing & commenting more. Something I have been wondering about that hasn't really been covered all that much is the awe factor. What I mean that a nova with Mega-Charisma or Appearence is so overwhelming as to leave baselines a little dazed. Also I think something should be mentioned about how a little misused Mega-social attribute can go along a way. For instance if a nova shows off his mega-socialness too much people won't even approach them. I mean didn't ever know a girl too pretty to talk if your a guy. Also, incredibly charasmatic leaders often find it hard to really connect with all those people in awe in them.
  7. LOL I use Adventure for just about anything except Aeon Continuum games. I have run Star Wars (boy I really need to post that conversion). Pulp Fantasy & others. Although converting it to other settings does take a little work , I think it is one of the most versatile games I know. Anything cinematic really works well with it.
  8. LOL I want more of everything LOL Also, Adventure could really use rules for supernatural stuff, although you can do a lot with gadget & weird science.
  9. I don't if this fits or not ,but here is something........ New Mega-Ugly Enhancement..... Creeepy as Hell Some Mega-Ugly Nova stick out in a crowd because of their extreme appearence; however others do for some undefinable quality. This enhancement reflects those types of novas. There is something almost undefinable about the character that attracts negative attention & creeps observers out. Individuals find their eyes constantly drawn to the character & themselves revilled for some reason. The Mega-Ugly in this case may look completely normal, but there is just something about them that is aweful creepy. Quantum researchers theorize that these type of novas somehow tap the fear centers of the brain to consistantly produce a sensation of unease in anyone viewing them. System: The nova with this enhancement be cause observers to feel an extreme creepyness at his or her mere appearence. People will constantly stare at them. Consequently anyone within sight range of the nova receive a +1 difficulty to any task other then staring & being creeped out by the nova. The victims may resist with a Willpower roll (which includes a +1 difficulty per point of the Nova's Mega- Ugliness). This effect last 1 scene & cost 1 quantum to activate. What do you all think?
  10. Bahamut, You got the storyline almost right.... 1) Antediluvians(sp?) wake up 2) Chaos ensues & most vampires get eaten 3) Cain wakes up 4) Cain eats the 3rd gens 5) Mages realize he awake & turn him into a lawnchair Sorry old inside Mage joke ::devilangel
  11. Yeah I said that over at Rpgnet under TheDivineCynic which has become my new favorite screename. Wow I was quoted ::biggrin I actually think the Continuum will benefit D20 personally. Now as whether the Continuum D20 will suck, the more I think about it the more I take the wait & see attitude. Adventure D20 will have to do a lot to impress me. This is because I am far more impressed by Adventure's system then the setting. I am very impressed by the setting mind you. I love to convert to Adventure. Also, be prepared folks Continuum D20 will prolly shatter your assumptions. A lot can be reworked. After all as classes go they can be really basic & less problematic, look a D20 Modern.
  12. This might be ok & remember I said MIGHT....... After all with M&M & BESM D20 the D20 system has been shown to be able to be reworked quite throughly & become fairly decent. Just because a game says D20 these days doesn't mean it isn't anything like D&D. Now as far as Adventure goes so major tweaking has got to be done to pull that one off. Just have to wait & see. Now that was my nice rational side talking, My gut says it will suck frankly. However, if it has some decent stuff in it. I will just import it back to Storyteller.
  13. I must fall in the trapped by the real world section too. I have been thinking about the project though. One thing that keeps poping into me brain is that it should include something on how Mega-Social attributes compliment other Mega-Stats, Nova powers, etc. Not so much as new rules but more discusion like that is in the PG. Also, is there an enhancement that makes the nova seem above reproach (ie holy, innocent etc.) or seem like the ultimate expert in what the nova is talking about (ie someone who seems so qualified &/or knowledgable that it is hard to question them). I can write them up, but I just wanted to see if someone had done them already.
  14. I love the show. Raven has to be my favorite character. Starfire is kewl too. LOL the girls definitley outshine the bots in that series IMHO.
  15. LOL if they put out the Mega-Social books maybe all of working on the social one could get a job LOL. Seriously, this is possibly good news, but I am cautious, you never know. If it does happen EON deserves credit for helping to keep a cohesive dedicated fanbase.
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