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  1. No problem, that is what I am here for. Personally, I think Exalted 2nd Edition is perfect for a revamp of the Aberrant system. It's dramatic, over the topic fantasiscal violence.
  2. If you are interested you should look at my Aberrant conversion to the Exalted 2nd edition rules. I talk about Passive Defense values and many other rules. Link I have a more up to date edition, but I need to dig it up. if you have anything questions feel free to ask.
  3. The whole system is still being flushed out which has a tremendous impact on it's viability on the whole. I am not for having 2 different moral tracks. Especially if it ends up with the fact that Terants end up having derangements, because the who reason of Teras is to keep from going Insane. I acknowledge that work needs to be done on them.
  4. This is something that a friend and I cooked up in a few hours. It works with a system I used so that morality, and it's tarent alternatives, can be put into the overall system. Just so people understand these alternate morality do not open up until after a Teragen character undergoes their first Chrysalis. Feedback is welcome! Path of the Baseline Morality 10 Selfish Thoughts 9 Minor Selfish Act (withdrawing charity) 8 Injury of Another (accediental or otherwise) 7 Petty Theft (Shoplifting) 6 Grand Theft (burglary) 5 Intentional Mass property Damage (arson) 4 Impassioned Crime (Manslaughter) 3 Planned Crime (Murder) 2 Casual/Callus Crime (Serial Murder) 1 Utter Perversion, Heinous Acts (Mass Murder) Path of the Marvel Morality 10 Failing to display your greatness when an opportunity arises 9 Going a entire day with out displaying or using your powers 8 Needlessly injuring another (accidental or otherwise) 7 Petty Theft (Shoplifting) 6 Grand Theft (burglary) 5 Intentional Mass property Damage (arson) 4 Intentional not using your powers when it would be a better option to do so. 3 Showing weakness or ineptitude. 2 Casual/Callus Crime (Serial Murder) 1 Utter Perversion, Heinous Acts (Mass Murder) For each level above seven the character maintains they receive a cumulative +1 bonus to all Nova Power rolls and Social rolls involving other Novas. Path of the Monster Morality 10 Player Created, with ST approval 9 Player Created, with ST approval 8 Player Created, with ST approval 7 Acknowledging your baseline self or roots.. 6 Maintaining ties to baseline humans. 5 Unintentional mass property damage 4 Failing to show your dominance over humans. 3 Allowing your baseline fears to influence your behavior 2 Failing to control your feral instincts. 1 Allowing a human to get the better of you for any reason. The Path of the Monster is incredibly exacting and personal and this is why the last three levels are based on the individual character's perspective on their evolution rather than a universal dogma. A great canon example of this is Greyon's unwillingness to kill other novas. These high end prohibitions should be fairly exacting and very character defining. For each level above seven the character maintain they receive a cumulative +1 bonus to intimidation checks. Additional, for every dot of mortality they maintain above seven the Monster is considered to have a Willpower rating one higher for all purposes. Path of the Portent Morality 10 Failing to point out another person's flaws 9 Going more than a day with out pushing the limits of your powers. 8 Unwilling to explore the unknown when given the opportunity. 7 Failing to indulge your Virtue/Vice or uphold your Nature. 6 Taking an action whose consequences hamper your own or another's enlightenment. 5 Intentional mass property damage (arson) 4 Impassioned crime (Manslaughter) 3 Acting with out considering the consequences 2 Failing to acknowledge your own flaws 1 Allowing a baseline human to out think you. For each level above seven the character maintains they receive a cumulative +1 bonus to all mental skills.
  5. I would just like to point you to this. http://www.eononline.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=2667
  6. Yup, that is the idea. A dynamo can survive for the short term. Along those line don't forget surviving, temporarily, other extremes with out protective gear. Death Valley, Antarctica, etc. Basically mild environmental protection against extreme temperatures. Granted those things would require higher end (4 to 7) ratings in Mega-stamina. A few times before and during Hulk's exodus to Planet Hulk, he is seen tearing up a Satellite wearing a breathing mask. This means he survives the lack of pressure and cold via being just that damn tough.
  7. Mega-Stamina 7, 8, or 9 - The character can survive pressure loss or gain with out any ill effects. Example: Suddenly being exposed to the vacuum of space or sinking 200 meters to the bottom of the ocean. Yes, this does edge close to adaptability but please note this feat does not keep you alive. A character would still die from lack of oxygen, cold, etc. Example: The hulk goes out into outer space with out any space gear all the time. He either does this via adaptability or high mega-stamina. Since he regenerates very quick, I would suspect it's through high-end mega-stamina.
  8. Sleep. well, on average, the human body needs about 4 hours of rest for biological processing and about another 2-4 hours for mental recovery. A human can go with out sleep for 3 day before detrimental effects take their toil. With this in mind, mega-attributes typical provide benefits that grow exponential as they go up in levels. Mega-stamina 1 states, in the base rule book, that a nova "can go weeks without sleep." The only other part that mentions sleep is in the Adaptability enhancement, which states that a nova does not need to sleep while the enhancement is active. If you want to tackle the sleep issue, you need to create a system for sleeping and the effect it has on a characters that don't get sleep. I would suggest that every day a person goes with out sleep they need to make a Endurance check at standard difficulty. The difficulty goes up by +1 per additional day with out sleep. If they fail the roll the character incurs a -1 on all skill and attribute based rolls until they have a least slept for 6-8 hours. This recovering sleep will only remove one -1 penalty, so a character will need to sleep more to recover if they have more than one -1 penalty. If the character continues to push themselves after failing the sleep check, then they must continue rolling for sleep checks as usual, with the sleep dep. penalty. When the character has accrued a number of sleep dep. penalties greater than the character's stamina + mega-stamina, then they fall over unconscious due to exhaustion. Since novas have Endurance 3 and generally good staminas, they can easily push themselves for a few days with out worry. Mega-stamina's primary benefit, when it comes to sleep, should be increasing the interval between sleep checks. Mega-stamina 1: The character only needs to make a sleep check once every 2 days with out sleep. Mega-stamina 2: The character only needs to make a sleep check once every 4 days with out sleep. Mega-stamina 3: The character only needs to make a sleep check once every 6 days with out sleep. ....and so on. This means a Mega-stamina 3 characters could easily go 3-4 weeks with out sleep by lowering the difficulty of the sleep checks to a standard difficulty. Not too shabby. Food: This has always been a funny thing for me. High end athletes have to consume large amounts of calories to stay in shape, but they also have systems that are incredibly efficient. I would agree that the higher the character's mega-stamina the less the dynamo needs to eat. Though it is not as dramatic of a curve when compared to sleeping. This is because as the character increases his/her mega-stamina they will have to use up more energy to support their heightened power. [side benefit: They wouldn't have to go to the bathroom as much ::biggrin ] I would assume that your standard, nonmega-stamina, nova needs around 3 to 4 thousand calories a day to stay in good shape. A downside to a high demand of calories is that you would die of starvation faster. So a nova would starve in about 2 weeks or less if they went with out food. Most humans can go 3 weeks with out eating anything. Mega-stamina 1: The character needs only to consume about 500 less calories than a typical nova per day. Mega-stamina 2: The character needs only to consume about 1000 less calories than a typical nova per day. Mega-stamina 3: The character needs only to consume about 1500 less calories than a typical nova per day. Mega-stamina 3 is where a dynamo needs only to eat about as much as a normal human to survive. The higher levels would allow a nova to survive longer on less. Mega-Stamina 4: The character needs only to consume about 2000 less calories than a typical nova per day, minimum of 1000 calories. The character can go a month with out food Mega- Stamina 5: The character needs only to consume about 3000 less calories than a typical nova per day, minimum of 500 calories. The character can go a month and a half with out food. At mega-stamina 5 the efficiency curve would cap out and 6+ would just dramatically extend how long the nova could survive with out food. This way it doesn't totally eliminate some basic biological functions, but always give a benefit nor does it step on the toes of enhancements that would eliminate such functions.
  9. Then we are getting into the idea of what humans understand about quantum laws and their flexibility. That really is up to the individual ST running their aberrant game. Concerning mages: Are we talking old WoD mages, then you are partially correct. NWoD mage is less about willpower and paradigm, as more about understand how supernal laws work and interaction with the fallen world. Though there is a measure of willpower that is needed. I don't want to derail the main topic any more than already we have, so I would like to go back to that. As you have already stated, looking at the different virulence/potency of diseases and poisons is a good way to gauge where their immunity should lie in the mega-stamina chart. Lets not forget about more mundane drugs (like Cocaine, Depressants, etc.) At a certain point those things become completely impotent as the dynamo's body metabolizes/neutralize them. Then there are higher end, specialized drugs that would harder to resist. (Red 7, Soma, and Mox).
  10. Is not making the physical laws doing what you want, breaking them? Novas go against the "flow" of natural laws, either by increasing, decreasing, or redirecting them. Novas are not mages because it not a matter of willpower. It a matter of understanding and psychology. This is why the Teragen have a leg up, they understand about a fraction more than others of how the human mind interacts with quantum forces.
  11. Apart of Nova Power, as I have read them, is that your physiology and personal limitations are what define your powers. A quantum user literally breaks physical laws in order to accomplish what they want. It is a strong underlining theme that the only thing that limits a Nova is their own mind. Thus subconscious desires will be brought to the for front of what a nova would be able to do. Oh, based on cannon. I could totally see a 6+ dynamo being immune to the sterility drug. That is another thought for high end dynamos, being able to control your own sperm count or menstrual periods. You could go as far as saying that they can control when they do and do not get pregnant. This, of course, would happen around the 5 or better range.
  12. I am of the opinion that "Immunity to Nova Sterility Drugs" Should be at Stamina 4+ or higher, most likely no higher than Mega 5. The reason for this is as a person's immune system becomes more efficient, the more "aware" it is of alterations and things that alter the "self" function. Plus we are talking about psychological - quantum interactions and a human being subconscious would demand that reproduction be available, even if we consciously were unaware that we could not reproduce.
  13. Are powers that are taken as dots of Bodymorph stack with existing powers. Example, Joe has Armor 3. Joe picks up one level of the Bodymorph (metal) power and takes a level of Armor. Do those two instances of Armor stack with each other?
  14. I think what would be more appropriate is an "Mega-Attribute" Mastery. Now, before people scream that it would be too powerful. You would need to come up with a new way of doing mastery for mega-attributes. Here is a basic idea. Mega- Attribute Mastery Requisite: Quantum 6, at least level 3 in the Attribute. - 7,8, and 9s count as 3 successes - 10's count as 4 successes - Enhancements tied to this mega-attribute have their durations and effect doubled. - The Mega-attribute with this Mastery has an experience point cost of [current rating] x7. So on and so froth for Mastery 2 and 3. It's an idea.
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