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  1. I use the word frequently myself, in the company of my black friends. As George Carlin said, it's all about context.
  2. So, here's the deal. I've been dealing with depression for a long ass time. A few months ago, in September, it got really, really bad, and I was pretty fucking miserable. I considered taking my own life, and since then I've sort of been bouncing around, trying to get my shit together and figure out how to deal with it, because I'm pretty sure ignoring it would not be good. So I'm seeing a psychiatrist, haven't yet found a therapist, but I'm on drugs. They aren't fun, and so far I haven't noticed an improvement, but I just upped my dosage so maybe they'll kick in soon. But as my psychiatrist predicted, I continue to be suicidal. So, I may be going away for a few days or weeks or whatever, to an in patient clinic. I'm not sure what they could do for me that a psychiatrist and a therapist couldn't, except watch me, but that's pretty big on its own. So don't expect me around as much, if I go through with this. That's all I have to say, really. Later.
  3. Tissue Sculpt Level: 2 Quantum Minimum: 2 Dice Pool: Stamina + Tissue Sculpt Range: Self Area: NA Duration: Maintenance Effect: Character can make minor changes to his body structure. Multiple Actions: Yes Description: Tissue Sculpt power is similar to Shapeshift, but there are several major differences. The character can only alter a single body part at a time, and the potential changes a character can make to her body is not limited to a specific shape. For example, a character can turn her arm and hand into a tentacle, pincer, or flesh and bone sword. Potentially, the character could assume another form by making enough changes to her body, but doing so is time consuming and inefficient. At any time, the nova can undo any use of Tissue Sculpt on herself; the tissue simply "snaps" back into place when the character wills it. The character rolls Stamina + Tissue Sculpting. Each success gives her one of the following Body Alteration powers for any one part of the body: Tendril, Spines, Webbed Feet/Hands, and Patagia. Successes can also convert to a dot in any of the following (for a specific part of the body): Claws, Armor, and the Flexibility enhancement (see Mega-Dexterity). If a character rolls five successes while using this power, he can (for example) gain Claws 1 for both his hands, Armor 1 on his torso, and two Patagia. It takes at least one turn to create the change, and drastic changes can take several minutes. The character cannot change her mass, she can only alter what is there. The character can also stretch and mold her skin at will, which can either aid her in disguise or give her a horrific visage. The character gains her Tissue Sculpt level as automatic successes when making disguise rolls (see pages 237-238), though again, she cannot change her mass. Using Tissue Sculpt to enact these changes can't be done immediately, and often takes hours of nipping and tucking in front of a mirror. Assume such use of Tissue Sculpt requires an initial quantum point expenditure of 2, and costs 2 nova points to maintain per hour. Extras: (1) The nova can make immediate changes to her body. (2) Character can mold others' bodies with this power. (Can we say "Nova-cissitude?") If a subject attempts to resist this power, Stamina + Tissue Sculpting or Shapeshift is rolled, with each success canceling one of the user's successes. Tissue Sculpt can be used to undo changes made by others, though a nova can't fix changes made to others without this extra. Changes made via Tissue Sculpt are only temporary, and the subject's body returns to normal once the nova stops paying the maintenance cost.
  4. I wasn't that excited about it, but, I saw it cuz some friends were going. And it was pretty fun. It's nothing you haven't seen before in terms of plot or theme, the plot isn't bad, it's just...you pretty much know the whole plot from the trailer. The science is not bad, although the earth-like biology is kinda messed up. Most impressively, it's almost not racist. In particular it has this really cool subversion of the white-dude-saves-all-the-colored-folks pattern in films, which is really subtle and really well done. And of course, it's virtually awesome.
  5. If this turns into an open world game I'd be there in a snap. *slows his roll* The question does arise, however: why not use M&M? I personally don't like d20. Aberrant would be more comfortable for me, but I think I am in the minority in that regard. M&M has a lot of good points and you admit that this really is more to the Mutants and Masterminds side of things than the Aberrant side. I want to know more about backgrounds. Is there some overarching theme? Does everybody have a 'node'? Or can backgrounds be wildly different, as in...I think it is Joani's game? Can one guy have fallen in a vat of toxic waste and another be a 3000-year-old alien from Planet Trogdor? Your post seems to imply that this is possible, but I'm wondering if you or anyone else has a 'meta-explanation' in mind. Personally, I could live without one. How four-colour? Ultimate is not Golden Age. How much camp is too much?
  6. Just a note: somebody needs Aegis of the Hearth. My character has pretty low Vim as he stands, but if nobody else is willing I guess I can rearrange XP and give it to him.
  7. Character concept is a guy with Undine blood. Mother was travelling at sea and had a...night-time visitor. That was the end of any possibility of marriage for Mum, so she gave him to a sister and entered a convent. The sister was largely indifferent to our protagonist's existence, and was glad enough when a passing magus recognized his Gift. The mage in question was too young and intrepid to take an apprentice but a Merinita magus was found who was willing enough. He knows the area around the Covenant pretty well, which is probably one reason why he was chosen by House Merinita to revitalize it. Slight specialization in water magics, but he's also interested in the possibilities of Imaginem. There. Rough outline for you, and keeping in mind I'm pretty starved for sleep right now. Faerie type characters: i can haz background ties?
  8. It really depends where you are. At this time, the Inquisition is so far from the massive collective White Wolf portrays it as that it isn't even funny. This is not 21st Century United States. It is actually possible to cover a good distance of Europe without anybody giving a fuck about you. Now, cities are different. Interaction is different. Jews, at least, can move semi-freely in some areas, even if they can't hold public office. Think of it like the South shortly after Reconstruction, with some places being harsher or more violent than others. In 1290 the Jews were actually completely expelled from England and wouldn't be back (except for the secret Jews) for hundreds of years. For other religions the rules are different. It's probably best to just pretend to be Catholic.
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