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  1. Hmm, guess I should have read this before posting. Looks like I might have to do some editing. So we can get a boat and I could warp into the area of the ocean that we need.
  2. Looking at the map and seeing that it is mostly water in that area, "We could rent a boat first and I could transport that through the portal and then we could recon the rest of the area." Void looks to Nos for approval, "Do we wish to split the team evenly to investigate Denmark and this area here Nos?"
  3. I can understand the whole work thing. Between work and personal life, getting to the computer has been difficult. Heck, even at work its difficult to get some rest.
  4. "Callum .. what if Newton has developed some techonology to augment his node and quantum, it is possible for him to become the chameleon himself."
  5. Void looks with her eyes at The Fool when he mentions Proteus so casually. "If that is what you wish to do." She is grateful that she isnt the mone doing it since digging around for Newton only to have him disappear would raise flags.
  6. Nice fiction indeed Callum. If I could write I would make some fiction for Void, but alas, I am only talented enough to make posts.
  7. Sorry for the late posts. Yesterday didnt let me get online. Spent the day configuring cisco equipment and doing a cut over from older equipment.
  8. Originally Posted By: Callum UallasWho else has dormancy besides me? I have dormancy of 4
  9. "We each have our talents that will brought to the table given whichever situation we find him in. My concern at the moment is locating him." Void begins to read over the background material that was given to everyone via their pda's. "A person who wishes to not be found will usually go one of two directions. Option one, hide in plain sight so that the people you are hiding from pass by you expecting you to be somewhere else. The other option, is to go underground. Having been tainted, and his intelligence amplified by his quantum energies as well as his ego being reshapped, I would suggest that the first option is the more likely." Void begins marking down the known locations that Newton has been seen.
  10. So Ms Baxter is comic relief. That makes me sad. I was thinking she was going to be more like Lady Une from Gundam Wing. The serious zealot of an officer who is solely dedicated to the cause and the leader of the organization. Guess I was way off. But personally I think its great that we can even do it since some of us are in germany, uk, us. To me its a great game and running games can be difficult no matter what and the fact that you can do it on a forum from a different country is great. Job well done Joani. PS. Got the song and thanks.
  11. Looking around to see if anyone else was going to speak up, Void decides to go first, "Are his three associates sub-targets or do we avoid at all costs?"
  12. However, as players we havent been together to long to be ranked as a 'well oiled sniper rifle' .. but we will work on it i am sure.
  13. You know I think the majority of my characters have lived in new york when I play modern time rpgs. However, irl I have never been and only have seen it on the television
  14. Void looks from her left to her right at the other members of their team. To her the target isn’t as much a concern as it is the other three members of his entourage. "I see that the others are concerned about the target itself, however, we also have to consider his '3 like minded' associates. Because no matter how you look at it, 5 verse 1 is a landslide of a battle, however 5 verse 3 is a more of a battle and not so much an assassination. Therefore, what do we know about their patterns? How many times a day do they meet with the target? What are their power structures? Obviously we must have a group of watchers that have gathered all that relevant data."
  15. Originally Posted By: The_FoolJesus Nos! Quote:Regardless of your rank, you will not be put in charge of anything. To do so, makes a mockery of Omega, because your character's judgement is suspect. Had your character been sane, I would have no issues with him leading or advising. Essentially, the mental delusions have cancelled your dots in Backing. Why did you take them anyway, knowing your charater was not all there? First of all you are making statements that aren't true. His delusions do not cancel his backing by any means. You are not in a position to say who is and is not in charge of anything. If you don't like my character just say so openly. In the meantime Joani has assured me that I am one of the highest ranking people in our division and if you are smart you willlisten when the Fool gives tactical advice or warns of a premonition... What you don't know is that his delusions reinforce his indoctrination to the Omega Corperation. As far as they know he is the hand that executes their will. He is to be treated accordingly. Well .. here is my thoughts on Leaders in group RPG. There is always going to be a situation where there is going to be a split opinion or a group of opinions and no one is budging and the game is not moving forward. The designated leader in my games is the person that says .. THIS IS THE PATH THE GROUP IS TAKING .. nuff said. So to me .. we can operate independantly and dependantly but when the game is in a lull because people are not budging .. I wouldnt mind someone going .. Im leader .. and i'll kill you now so that the enemy has to investigate your body so the rest of the team can get out (That was a comment from one of my players years ago. I swear my friends are disturbed but I can only prove it when we rp. I loved it) As for a 4D person, I am down with it. Its different and I may not fully understand or appreciate the fullness of the concept, but if it works for the group .. it will work for me. I wonder what a 4d jagerbomb would taste like?
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