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  1. Jamie's eyes flickered open. "Are. You. Serious." She stared at Morri in blank disbelief. "If you want to take your life into your own hands, fine, whatever. But I'm not helping you." She sat up, crossing her arms obstinately, and glared back into Morri's red eyes with all she was worth.
  2. Jamie, who'd been comfortably snuggled against Ren, scowled at Kazuo and closed her eyes. "We're not the Super Friends," she mumbled. "I'm not 'porting anybody into something like that. It'd be suicide." And maybe if everyone stopped talking about it she could get to work in pretending it wasn't happening at all.
  3. Jamie shivered, closing her eyes and leaning back into Ren. She was suddenly and acutely aroused. "It's menthol," she mumbled bonelessly. She wanted...what did she want? She didn't know. Maybe that was for the best. No, wait, she did know. She turned, catching Ren's mouth in a sudden, needy kiss, scooting closer to him till she was all but in his lap.
  4. When he turned around, he saw Jamie had sat up and lit a cigarette. One leg was swinging off the bed and the other was propped up. Her hair was mussed beautifully, and her shirt was a bit wrinkled, and all in all she looked like the thing she needed most of all was a good shag. But Ren knew better than to try that again. Hopefully. Maybe. She took a drag. "That sucks," she said hoarsely. "Not gonna cost you too much more, is it?" She made a 'come hither' motion with her head. She missed having something warm to lay next to.
  5. Jamie smiled. She was feeling quite warm, and a little drunk, which was perhaps why she said what she did. "Pfft. Everybody here's having a blast. We needn't bother them." She grinned. "So. Your place or mine?" A deliberate pause, and a wink at Ren. "To stop by for swimming things, I mean."
  6. "I could," Jamie said dubiously. "I'll have to nip us up to our rooms to grab some swimming things, though. And will the indoor pool be open? Or warm?" In all her time at the school, she hadn't once gone to the pool, barely acknowledging its existence. Now she thought that a mistake. Swimming might be quite nice. Swimming with Ren....Mmm. That would be even better. And what was the worry, again? He'd grabbed her ass or something? It didn't seem like such a big deal now. She took another great swallow of Baileys, and all her worries flew away like chastened birds.
  7. Jamie grinned slyly, though she felt like her heart was about to bounce out of her chest. "That would necessitate you getting up," she said lightly. "But yeah, I am kinda hungry." She seemed content to lay there for the moment, gazing up at him with an unreadable look in her brilliant green eyes. "What kinda pizza do you like?" she asked. "Because I favour Supreme."
  8. She danced with Ren, relaxing a bit in his arms. This 'date' thing was too damn stressful. And suddenly her earlobe was under attack, and it felt - rather nice, actually. She thought she could do with some more of that. And then... Jamie blinked. "Uh...what? A swim? Where?" She had no idea what Ren was playing at. The lake was frozen. Was he planning on mindfucking her again? She rolled her eyes. "A swim would be great, if, you know, we had some warm water to swim in. And I don't think we do."
  9. Jamie wasn't sure about the pretty words, but it didn't matter. Ren was kissing her and not trying to play with her nipples and that was all that mattered. She kissed him back, just as tenderly, if with significantly less experience. She kicked off her shoes as she did so, reaching one hand out aimlessly to steady herself against his shoulder. His tongue snaked out to meet hers, and she played that game, thrilling at the way he tasted and the lure of doing what she had previously only imagined. And until Ren tried some other trick, she was content to lock lips and pretend that was all he wanted from her.
  10. A relieved, foolish grin spread over Jamie's face. "Good," she said quietly, but she meant it. She stood up on her toes and gave Ren an affectionate kiss on the cheek, not bothering to tame her hair. She rather liked it better like that, anyway. "Thank you for being a gentleman," she told him, and took another drink of the Bailey's. She was growing quite fond of the stuff. A voice in the back of her head (and God, did those voices ever shut up?) told her that maybe the Bailey's-consumption was something she should watch more carefully, but she ignored it, as she usually did.
  11. Jamie obediently sat, gazing at Ren anxiously and biting her lip. "I mean," she said hurriedly, "that's a bit much for a second date, don't you think?" It sounded lame, even to her; after all, she was the one who suggested heading up here. But she'd just wanted to make out, not...let him fondle her like that. A voice in the back of her mind whispered that she was setting arbitrary limits, and should just leave now before she ended up letting him....No. That would be dumb. She liked Ren. And it wasn't an arbitrary limit, she just wasn't comfortable with it.
  12. Jamie immediately broke the kiss, pushing Ren away with a gasp. Ren had some kind of hurt/astonished look on his face, she noticed out of the corner of her eye, but most of her attention was taken up fumbling with her bra. For a moment, Ren saw a slice of boob, but then her shirt fell back down and obscured the now-orderly bra from view. Jamie slumped against the wall, breathing hard and looking at the floor. When she thought she had regained some equilibrium she simply said (still a little breathlessly), "I don't want to do that."
  13. Jamie's nervousness warred with her desire and her desire won. She moaned as Ren began nipping at her neck, her own hands cradling his head, sliding over his shoulders, before she pulled him up and kissed him forcefully on the mouth. His cool hand slid up her side and suddenly she had a new dilemma. Over the bra, she decided, and made no move to dislodge his grip.
  14. Jamie, meanwhile, had shucked off her sweater vest and rolled up the sleeves of her plaid shirt. "So," she echoed, meeting Ren's eyes. She moved forward a pace, brushing against him timidly. Slowly her hands snaked out, wrapping around his shoulders. And she closed her eyes and kissed him, deeply, hoping she wasn't making a mistake.
  15. Jamie took in the expensive mess that was Ren's dorm and grinned. Just like a boy. She turned back to him, still smiling. "Nice place you have here," she said mildly, making to lean against the wall, feigning nonchalance. "No roommate?" Inside, she was coiled tight, tense as a piano wire.
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