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  1. Her target being grappled, even if he managed to avoid the attempt, was unexpected. Tisa had no idea who this slender person was, but the stun ring to their chest from the bounty hunter's blaster made it pretty clear that they were not on good terms. The lanky male was still standing though, and was at least forcing the bounty hunter to divide his attention, giving her the best opening for a shot that she was likely to get. 'Frak it. Enemy of my enemy...' Tisa thought to herself as she squeezed the trigger once more and sent another glowing stun ring down the hall, illuminating the walls for an instant as it passed.
  2. Tisa did not want to admit it, but this was the most alive she had felt in quite a while. The risk, the danger and the thrill of success was exhilarating, almost as good as sex. Well, maybe not almost as good, but it was still up there. She felt a little more of the cool blaster rifle casing against her cheek as she could not help but smile faintly from behind her scope. Her time on Nar Shadda has been boring and frustrating so this was an almost welcome break in the monotony. Her proactive assault had almost worked perfectly, removing two out of three from the fight. It wasn't bad work thus far, though the last one was now dug in like a Rylothian sand flea. She had to be patient and catch him the next time he peeked around his cover to take a shot or hit what little of him he left exposed. Though it might be possible to get him to leave cover willingly, she thought. "Tell you what, come out with your hands up and I promise you'll receive fair treatment." Tisa called down the hall in an almost melodic voice while looking down the scope of her weapon to zero in on the bounty hunter. "But if you shoot up Yim's place, and I have to come in there and get you..." she threatened in a firm, dark tone.
  3. Tisa paused as she took the briefest of moments to consider her situation. Three bounty hunters working together to collect the price on her head was serious. She could take Eion up on his avoid and just avoid the bounty hunters, giving them the slip for now, but that would likely just delay things. 'Be the hammer, not the anvil.' The words of her instructor at the Academy sang in Tisa's head. It taking the initiative now, when the bounty hunters were not expecting it and while she had the advantage would be better than waiting for them to find her later, on their terms. "Thanks for the offer, but I have something to take care of." Tisa said to her unsolicited escort as she slung the blaster rifle from her shoulder, unfolded the stock, set it to stun and charged the weapon. "Whoa! Hey. No problem as long as it's not me you are 'taking care of' with that thing." Eion offered, raising his hands slightly as he took a step back. The beautiful zeltron shot him a smirk and then jogged across to the opposite building, keeping her blaster rifle low. Once the man in the patchwork cloak disappeared into the doorway she brought the weapon up, bracing it to her shoulder and moved toward the doorway as she was taught. And as much as she did not particularly want to start a firefight in the hotel, Yim had been a decent hostess after all, catching them in the hall or stairwell with no cover would be ideal. Tisa stopped beside the doorway, her back resting against the wall for a moment as she took a breath, readied herself, and turned, leaning into the doorway enough to aim down the hall and squeeze the trigger of her blaster rifle, working her way down the hallway from the closest target to the furthest.
  4. The accommodations were a fry cry from what Tisa was used to. She had grown up in comfort and wanted for very little, attended to by servants constantly. Though now, for the first time, she wondered if they were just slightly better treated slaves? Her shoulders slumped at the thought. So many beliefs she had held were no either shattered or, at best, called into question now that she had finally accepted the truth about the Empire. Her paradigm that she thought was so strong, that she believed with all her heart, was held together with idealism. When properly nurtured and reinforced, idealism could be stronger than beskar. But when constantly pushed, tested and bent to make exceptions and excuses, small fractures appear which only grow with time leading to its eventual failure, unless careful attention was taken to mend it, and the Empire was not renown as nurturing. The same was true about leading soldiers, she thought. She was the firm voice of authority for her men preferring to lead through inspiration rather than intimidation. She did not demand respect like so many of her peers did, but rather commanded it with her words and actions, leading from the front rather than commanding in the rear. She had continually earned the respect, trust and loyalty of those under her command, and she figured it was likely a good part of why she was not dead. Tisa shook her head, trying to shake loose the thoughts for now. It was painful to think about and her inner nature as a zeltron was predisposed to avoid such negative thoughts and emotions. She still had work to do though, and the Empire had taught her discipline, and even modesty, at least has much as a zeltron could. The black sheathed zeltron slumped down in the chair at the small table in room. Wear from years, if not decades, of use had turned the chairs proposed offer of comfort into such an illusion that it may as well have had holographic cushions. In a way it was wonderful symbolism for Nar Shadda; pretty displays and a thin veneer of hospitality smeared over the hard reality of the place. As it was, she could easily afford a better room, but a better room meant more attention wanted and un-wanted, and she was trying to lay low. Reaching over the table she picked up her holdout blaster. It was tiny, fitting into the palm of her hand, and looked more like a child's toy that a weapon, but she knew that despite its almost toy-like appearance that it could get the job done, especially at close range. Slowly she slipped a finger through the trigger guard and looked at the weapon tiny in her hand as she thought about her situation. Was this her life now? Constantly on the run from one grimy planet to the next, constantly looking over her shoulder, unable to ever go home again. Slamming the small blaster on the table, she pushed herself to her feet and mentally chastised herself. Now was not a time for self-pity, as if there ever were such a time she thought. She had to focus on her objective and find a way off this planet. Seeing the price on her head in the cantina just a short time ago only reaffirmed that. With a resigned sigh Tisa collected her things from the table, checking the small blaster out of habit, and slid each object back into their various pockets in and under her poncho. She walked to the small mirror in the room and checked her lines, making sure nobe of the concealed items were obvious before taking a moment to fix her hair. Looking good certainly did not hurt when trying to book passage, or negotiating price. She leaned closer to the mirror, meeting her own gaze, looking into her eyes for... something. She was not sure what it was exactly, but it wasn't there anymore, at least not that she could see. Her gaze drifted down and she took a deep breath, blinking away some tears she could feel trying to form. She exhaled and shook it off. Grabbing her rifle from the corner she slung it over a shoulder under her poncho and then stepped out of her room, securing the door behind her, for what it was worth. She made her way down the narrow hall and past a new arrival checking in and stepped outside. Tisa pulled her hood up, mostly in an attempt at anonymity, but also to protect from the faint drizzle that was falling, causing the streets to light up with blurry, multi-colored hues of the bright holo-signage flanking it for as far as the eye could see, each one offering different diversions and delights of mind, palate and flesh. It was all so over-the-top gaudy to her that she imagined the only one could live here for anything length would be to numb the senses from the various, unrelenting onslaughts. "If I am going to be here much longer, getting a little numb might do me some good." she thought aloud in a soft mutter. Giving her hood another tug, she walked down the street, going a different direction from where she had come before, her experience in law enforcement reminding her to not settle into a pattern and to take side streets and double back to look for anybody following her. +----------------+----------------+ "You got any pickled rankweed?" the pink-skinned beauty asked as she looked over the various jars, tubs and bins of the multitude of plants and herbs that hung off of and surrounded the small kiosk. "Dasso? So ta-nee waja wos-ka." the proprietor, some species that was un-familiar to Tisa who was sitting on a stool, responded in a language she did not know or even reconize. "Basic?" she asked with a semi-frustrated sigh. The shopkeep slapped a smallish, disk shaped droid with two small arms that hovered beside him, knocking it halfway to the ground before the replusors brought it back up to eye level. *Bzzzzt* "Really? I get f-fe-few inquiries about t-th-tha-that." the semi-functional droid, apparently cobbled together from spare parts, translated with a stutter. "If you do have some, then I'll take whatever you got. Whole leaves too, if you got'em." she told him, consciously trying to to speak less properly, dropping a very small stack of credits on the counter. The proprietor pointed to a synthleather pouch behind the counter at the other side of the kiosk, which the droid zippered over to fetch with its tiny, metallic arms. "Keep the change." Tisa said as she grabbed the pouch and slipped it under her poncho. "Saan pichalay." the alien responded. "Uh yeah. You too." she said over her shoulder as she stepped back out into the night. +----------------+----------------+ Tisa's shapely form, sheathed in black, slipped into the small, open booth. It was one of a handful that lined a side room, reducing the noise and smells from the rest of the cantina at least somewhat and meaning a few less people, while still giving a decent view into the cantina proper. She pulled out the pouch and opened it, inspecting the contents, and picked out a few errant bits from among the shredded plant and withdrew one of the handful of whole leaves and sprinkled some of the shreds only the leave before rolling it up. She brought the small bundle to her lips and gave the exposed edge of the leaf a lick as she heard a voice, causing her to look toward it. "I could watch you lick that all night." said the human male who was standing, with some effort, at her booth. "Are you a ship captain?" she asked. "Huh? No. Wh-" "Then shove off, laser brain." she groaned and slipped the small bundle between her lips without even looking at the human anymore. "Hey! I thought you zel-" was all the retort he managed before he was cut off by a slap on his shoulder. "Ya know Lok, that askavarian girl was eyeing you earlier. I think she is about to settle up, so you better go seal the deal before she's gone." said a rather lithe mirialan male. "Oh. Okay! Thanks." the human said and then walked off with a bit of s stumble. Tisa watched him for a moment and then glanced up to the mirialan. "Thanks." she said out of the corner of mouth as she began to check her pockets. Finally realizing the small, but vital item she had forgotten to purchase she closed her eyes and slammed the back of her head into the back of the booth. A flash of warth near her face caused her eyes to flash open, spotting the small, open flame emanating from the tiny metal cylinder in the mirialan's hand. "Thanks again." she said with a near sigh and leaned forward, igniting the end of her cigarette. She took a small drag and exhaled a small puff of fragrant, intoxicating blue smoke. "Forget about it." the mirialan said , flashing what was best described as a roguish smile. He extinguished the flame and sat the firestick down on the table, letting it stand on its end. "And don't mind Lok. He's just had a bit too much." he explained, looking in the direction the other man had walked away, which was met with a bit of a shrug from the pink skinned woman. "I'm Eion by the way." he added. "Tisa." she replied, slipping the smoldering cigarette from her mouth between to fingers and letting out a long, wisp of blue smoke.
  5. Name: Tisa Jedun Type: Former Imperial Officer Species: Zeltron Gender: Female Age: 25 Height: 5'10" Weight: 150 lbs Physical Description: Tisa is, like most Zeltrons, rather attractive and fit with blue hair and striking pink skin (which shifts to red when she is angry). Though most Zeltrons favor revealing or minimal clothing, Tisa has taken on more subdued attire as of late due to her mood and desire for less attention, usually consisting of a skintight, neck to toe, black body glove (she is still Zeltron after all) with a medium length gray poncho over it. Personality: Tisa had an air of exuberance and confident authority about her as an idealistic imperial officer. That once bright, inner light has been dimmed, at least for the moment, replaced with a sullen aura around her as she struggles with the realities the Empire and what she did in the name of it. She has not smiled, at least not sincerely, for some time now, and avoids rather than welcomes attention, despite her inner nature as a Zeltron. History: Born to an affluent, noble family, Tisa grew up wanting for very little. From an early age she was exposed to Imperial propaganda about being a force for peace and order and bought into it with all her heart as passionate Zeltrons are wont to do. When she came of age she elected to attended the Imperial Academy, with her family ensuring she would be an officer. In the field though, she was exposed to the truth of the Empire, its callousness and brutality. She began to make excuses to justify what she saw and the orders that came down the chain of command. At first she used her own discretion on how to carry out certain orders in a way she felt was more fitting to the Empire she believed in, but her superiors quashed that pretty quick. Eventually she could not longer justify the brutality of the Empire and the ever-growing list of, at best, questionable orders she had been given and carried out. It was just too much of a and exercise in mental gymnastics and a stretch of ethics to keep trying to justify it anymore. Accepting the truth about the evil of the Empire meant accepting what she had done in the name of that evil, and so her life all came down like a house of cards. The final straw came during an op where she ignored orders so as to save civilians, only for another officer to acknowledge the orders without hesitation. No longer able to stand it, Tisa drew her weapon, wounding the other officer and several troopers that came to his defense. In the firefight she was badly wounded herself, and were it not for the interventions of some of the surviving locals she would have died from either her injuries or been executed by the Empire. Having seen her turn on her superiors, they hid her and tended to her wounds. Tisa knew she could not stay with them for long though, as her very presence would mean the execution of those shielded her were she to be discovered. So once she had recovered enough, Tisa thanked her saviors and fled to the relative safety of Hutt space, ending up on Nar Shadda. Once there, she relaxed somewhat, and with her eyes now free of the idealism she once had, was confronted with the guilt of the horrible things she had done in the name of the Empire. Quote: "The Empire broke my heart, but opened my eyes." Dexterity 3D Blaster 5D, Blaster Artillery, Dodge, Grenade 4D, Melee Combat 4D, Running, Vehicle Blasters Knowledge 3D Bureaucracy, Intimidation, Law Enforcement 4D, Streetwise, Survival, Tactics 5D, Value, Willpower 4D Mechanical 2D Beast Riding, Communications 3D, Repulsorlift Operation, Sensors Perception 5D Bargain, Command 6D, Con, Forgery, Hide, Intimidation, Investigation, Persuasion, Search 6D, Sneak Strength 3D Brawling 4D, Climbing/Jumping, Stamina 4D Technical 2D Blaster Repair, First Aid Advantages: Noble Birth (−1D) Disadvantages: Wanted for a Crime (+2D), Androssi Syndrome (Migraine Headaches) (+2D) Equipment: Hooded poncho, body glove (+1 vs energy, +1 to Survival and Stamina in harsh environments, blast vest (+1 vs energy, +1D vs physical), holdout blaster (3D), blaster rifle (5D), knife (Str +1D) macrobinoculars, comlink, backpack Special Abilities: Empathy: Zeltron feel other people’s emotions as if they were their own. Therefore, they receive a -1D penalty to ALL rolls when in the presence of anyone projecting strong negative emotions. Pheromones: Zeltron can project their emotions, and this gives them a +1D bonus to influencing others through the use of the bargain, command, con, or persuasion skills. Entertainers: Due to their talents as entertainers, Zeltron gain a +1D bonus to any skill rolls involving acting, playing musical instruments, singing, or other forms of entertainment. Initiative Bonus: Zeltron can react to people quickly due to their ability to sense emotion, and thus they gain a +1 pip bonus to initiative rolls. Move: 10 Force-Sensitive: No Force Points: 1 Dark Side Points: 0 Character Points: 5 Wound Status: Stun: ☐☐, Wounded: ☐☐, Incapacitated ☐, Mortally Wounded ☐
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