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    It is 36ABY and Emperor has been in power for 55 galactic standard years. Believed to be dead after the Battle of Endor, the Emperor fled to a secret Sith world after his broken body was recovered by his loyal Imperial Guardsman. There, on Exogol, using ancient Sith sorcery and alchemy the Dark Lord of the Sith slowly regenerated his shattered body by consuming the life force of millions of galactic citizens. The process took years, and in that time his proxies and Moffs and agents worked behind the scenes running the Empire while their master healed. During the Battle of Endor both Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader were lost. After Vader turned on his Master, he discovered it was too late for his son. The Dark Side energy tore through Luke and Vader both. The father and the son were lost on the second Death Star. In the years that followed, after Leia Organa-Solo established the Jedi Praxeum in secret to battle the emperor’s increasing might in the galaxy, invaders from beyond the known galaxy kept the Empire occupied as a new generation of Jedi were trained. It didn't last long. After the fall of her son, Ben Solo, Leia retreated from the academy and went into self-imposed exile, leaving the Jedi to fend for themselves. In search of training, a young Force-User discovered Leia and restored her hope in both the Force and the Jedi ways. With hope restored to the fading vestiges of the Resistance against the Sith Empire (who were now fully addressing themselves as such), Jedi Master Organa-Solo and her Padawan joined with the Resistance and the Jedi in hiding for one last assault on the Emperor's Sith world of Exegol. The Resistance was decimated. What they discovered there waiting for them was something they could have never prepared themselves for. The Sith armada that was blockading access to the planet made short work of the Resistance fleet. A small contingent of the Jedi that made it to the surface hoped to face off against The Emperor and destroy him once and for all. Sith Troopers led by Dark Side Adepts and Imperial Knights mowed down the Jedi and other Force Users leaving only small number to finally face the Dark Lord, Darth Sidious. Rejuvenated after having feasted on the life force of billions coupled with the despair of the losing battle taking place above him in the orbit of his world, the Dark Lord was nigh unstoppable. No one survived the encounter and the Sith fleet moved on to attack the galaxy at large. That was a year ago. In just the year that has passed since the Resistance was crushed, the Sith fleet has been punishing the galaxy for the actions of those who fought and died trying to win their freedom from The Emperor's oppression. Ambassadors and Senators from all over the galaxy are rallying to the Imperial Senate Chambers (as the Emperor healed the Imperial Senate was reconstituted to assist with control of the various regions) to beg and plead for the Emperor to halt his attacks and bombardments upon the various systems in the Galactic Core to the Mid-Rim worlds. In the Outter Rim, the Empire has cracked down so hard on bombarding space lanes with Interdictor-class Star Destroyers, that the various crime bosses and bounty hunters are finding it almost impossible to eke out a living. So much so that now those living on the fringe have grown to detest the Resistance as much as they do the Empire for stirring up a gundark nest of problems for everyone in the galaxy...

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