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  1. Yes, I'm still playing.
  2. What should have been easily dodged attacks were not, as Chaos was trying to focus on defending against Therion and Ryan. In a moment of hesitation, he was struck by both of Yuuki's attacks, which bound him in vines, letting both Ryan and Therion strike him, the former hitting four times. It was impressive, and any lesser foe would have been blown away and sliced to ribbons. It didn't go that way though. unleashing a blast of magic in a sphere around him, Chaos blew away the vines binding him, sent Therion and Ryan flying, the latter blasted into a tree which splintered into veritable toothpicks afterwards. Ryan was coughing up blood, having not been hit that hard in some time.. "Perhaps I cannot kill you directly with spells, sworddancer, but there's always more than one way to get somebody." Chaos seemed so utterly smug and self-assured with having blasted away the two primary threats. It was then that Vesper chose to unleash her unique power, a blast at the very mind of Chaos itself. She could feel her energy replenish, and Chaos screamed as the shadow creatures faltered momentarily in their battle against the elementals.
  3. Cade's availability Game, Friday- Vignette at the game post-game- likely celebrating at bunnee's with everyone. Saturday morning- Working of Mr. Bannson Saturday Afternoon- free, up for anything Saturday Night- free, up for anything Sunday morning- work for Bannson, Church Sunday Afternoon- Free for anything Sunday night- family movie night maybe.
  4. With Yuuki summoning a dozen earth Elementals to her side, The fight was becoming abit more even, as they began to wrestle with the summoned Chaos beasts. They were fairly equivalent in power, and Vesper still found it quite difficult to try to wrest control of the chaos beasts. Chaos chuckled at the attempt, though his glowing eyes seemed to take an angered glow. "How would you like it if I took your pet from you. All it would take is a simple touch." Just as Therion swung down, Chaos used his other hand to bring up his sword, blocking the blow, but the awkwardness of the defense was enough to prevent him from stapping Therion with it, as the spirit backed away slightly. That flaming hand disgorged a torrent of flame which Ryan intercepted, bisecting the blast with his sword, Laevatein. The defense left the sword glowing. "Enhanced Hellfire. That was always so much fun to deal with." he grumbled as he swung, and found his own strike parried by the sword. "Enchanted sword too. It defends its master." Chaos sat there looking at him. "I see you're very observant, and a veteran fighter. Die." with that a pillar of red flame engulfed Ryan." When there was no scream, Chaos sighed. "i'd hoped for more from him." The bamboo shielding him was gone now, but he stood unscathed, and smiling. "Oh you'll get more, not just from me, but from all of us." Tori was still busy with the rushed repairs to the banshee, hoping to get it in the air to help handle the chaos beasts.
  5. "Lady Rika is not in in any way. She is unaligned, which is a benefit and burden. There are many who could be of benefit to know, but nothing that's going to show that much interest in someone so inexperienced as Rika. That said the nature of her servants is different too. Others are figures of myth and legend. You three, are not." Ryan snorted "Of course." he looked to Elias. "it was just for me, not for anyone else. it was a real pain for my magic using allies, but it did come in real handy." He smiled "So we're alone. That's fine we can keep our heads down and see who comes sniffing around. We make a plan to work together to show them why we merit respect."
  6. Mega Girl's attack actually cracked the armor of the minotaur, succeeding in knocking it flat on't back with a resounding crash, smashing several teeth. Starsign's blast skewers the hydra's torso like a luminous drill, actually severing a head at the root, which cause it to scream out in pain, and before it could do more, Columbian moved in and finally broke the creature's left leg leaving it on its belly. Elastica tore into the Kraken, and found it's skin to be pliant like hers, but nowhere close to as durable. The Astovik sisters continued their own battles, with Autumn trying to freeze the minotaur to the ground, as Summer blasted the hydra burning off the leg that Columbian had broken. Starsign yelled at Columbian "Finish it off Columbian!" and Leaps to Maga-girl placing a hand on her should and filling her with health, even the damage to her cybernetics starting to mend thanks to the Cosmic nature of Starsign's healing power. "Thanks, SS," Alison replied, shooting off to try and finish the job on the monotaur, but despite its massive size the minotaur reacted fast, dodging the powerful metahuman's aerial punch by sitting up. Elastica was busy sinking her claws deeply into the Kraken, drawing a loud keening wail from the beast, but it still had plenty of fight left. Hex, rising to her feet quickly reestablished her defensive barrier, surprised that something could even knock it down to begin with, but undettered, as she launched a firebolt at the hydra. The minotaur rises to it's feet, shattering the ice binding it with it's vastly enhanced muscles,, even as it backhands Autumn, sending her flying away from it, knocked unconscious. Summer succeeds in fireblasting another head from the Hydra, before her sister is sent sprawling and rendered unconscious. Before Columbian can Finish off the Hydra it manages to bite him with two heads in a lightning quick double strike, dropping him to the ground with a scream as his wounds hiss and burn. Psypher is still locked in mental combat with the Kraken, blood now flowing from his ears and nose under his costume, but he was still upright and fighting. The tentacles of the Kraken had wrapped around Elastica, but failed to do any damage, though it was surprisingly strong. "Oh no you don't. If you're hitting anyone, that's me." Mega girl growls, booming at the robot after her missed strike, anger at herself burning in her blood. Mega-girl's attack was truly one of vengeance, as it literally blew out the back of the minotaur's head in an explosion of metal and soft tissue, causing it to fall to the ground, defeated. Elastica's cut deep into the space squid, cutting rugged slashes in the tapestry engulfing. It entangled the tigrish Elastica in its tentacles, but almost like thick water, she oozed out of the grapple. "You cannot stop me," she said in a chipper growl, "And you are strong, but not as strong as me. You will not resist me." The tentacles couldn't stop her, but they might stop her allies. Elastica reached for the base of one tentacle, claws digging deep into its pliant, rubbery flesh, and feet braced against the Stellar Kraken's bulk, she began to pull and tear. Starsign spins at Columbian's scream and rushes back to kneel between him and the hydra one hand touch letting her power flow into him healing the damage from the bites as much as possible, but the poison was another matter entirely. Summer, enraged over the injury to her sister, cut loose with a torrent of flame that seared off another head from the hydra, though one of the remaining two bit deeply into her sending poison coursing through her leaving two hissing wounds and intense burning pain. Hex once again cut loose with a powerful eldricth fireball at the hydra, more than a little happy when it connected. The blast incenerated the second to last head which caused the it to scream in pain. The combined assault of Psypher attacking mentally, and elastica physically starting to rip it apart was enough to bring down the Kraken, which landed wetly on the ground, it's tentacles going limp, and it's body simply laying there, ripped open by Elastica. Unceremoniously, Psypher fell backwards, unconscious, but victorious along with his comrade. Starsign moved to heal Columbian further, channeling more of her power into him, but the damage from the poison wasn't something she could stop, though she was keeping it from killing him. Elastica moved to pounce on the Hydra but didn't quite judge the distance right, overshooting, striking only the air and the ground with her fearsome claws. In an Ironic coincidence, MegaGirl came at the hydra from above but also misjudged, likely thanks to being covered in gore from the minotaur, hitting to the other side of it. Hex however was still there, and before anyone else could be harmed, she unleashed a final fireblast, removing the last head, and moments later the rest of the hydra, along with the remains of the other two felled creatures turned to ash and dissipated on unseen winds. In the quiet aftemath, a pillar of blue-white Arclight appeared. Within the pillar was a pedastal with a single red button and a timer that was counting down, with less than an hour remaining. Above it a full body projection of their foe stood, and clapped his hands once. "Very well done heroes, though having three of you unable to continue would normally be horrible, it's a good first effort. I am a man of my word. You have beaten my challenge, and by simply pressing the button, you will release a Counteracting wave that will spare the inhabitants of the city. Until next time brave heroes." with a flourish of his cape, the projection vanished into motes of light, leaving the question of who he was, and if this would really save the city. The issue of questionable time passage was forgotten for now as MG went to check on Autumn. Airway. Breathing. Circulation. Don't move the victim if, say, they got smacked around by a giant robot and might have spinal injuries. Triessa goes to check on her unconscious comrades checking in with the other person who could heal. "How are they doing?" she asks Starsign. Elastica flowed back into her Barbie-esque form, once more wearing a figure-hugging, dark blue bodysuit (or was it just her skin with a different texture?). She joined the others by their fallen comrades. Blank expression shifted into one of concern. She didn't really know how humans fixed themselves other than a vague sense picked up from her once owner. It seemed to involved a lot of laying down or sometimes bedroom athletics with a man. "We might need tot get them to a hospital but we need to shut this down and let the authorities in." came Starsign's reply, followed by Elastica's offer of aid. "Can I help?" Summer knelt by her unconscious sister, as the two male teammates were brought there, as the healers tended the three of them. Triessa stopped to prepare her magic for a curative spell that would remove the poison, knowing they couldn't keep just healing them forever. idly she said quietly "Someone hit that button," she says as she hunkers down to begin. "We need to wrap this up." MegaGirl relinquished her place by Autumn's side soon as Summer arrived, moving to hover next to the proverbial Big Red Button, "So. I'm willing to risk getting zapped pushing the button if no one else has a problem with it." Triessa nods at Mega Girl. "Don't worry. If somethig happens, we've got the tools to keep you alive." With that, MegaGirl hit the button. With the press of the button, the countdown stops, and the pedastal recedes into the floor. A red pulse expands outwards bathing the building, and then the entire city, with no ill effect aside a light tingling sensation. The group of heroes found themselves in the grand lobby before the doors they came in, their comrades gathered there on the floor. Working together they carry them out and no sooner than the door closed, than the entire building began to dissolve into motes of white light, leaving them standing there standing before nothing more than a massive foundation, and before thousands who'd been watching in the square. Their faces were plastered on the screens for a moment longer, and with the roaring cheer of the crowd, the screens went dark. They'd won, the city was safe, for now.
  7. Rika just stared at the other four people, and shook her head. "This can't be real." Ryan sighed, and an actual portal into another world appeared. He reached within and drew forth a sword, and looked at her. "It is Rika. it sucks that you didn't have a choice, and neither did we. Our very best option is to survive and fight to the end so you can have your life back, and we can gone home." "As for us sticking together, I'd suggest Aoi here, partner with Rika, as one of us will not be able to go to some places the same way. Beyond that, I'm betting she can use a Master's crest to summon us to her from anywhere." Lucian nodded. "Yes, and it doesn't even use a crest, it's a simple privelage." Ryan nodded. "Okay, at least that means she can call on us as she needs to then." Lucian nodded. "The ten clans are as I said ten families of magi who have always lived here in Japan. They tend to specialize in their magics but the most powerful use several variety of magic. To become a member, Rika would have to prove blood ties to one of the 10 Clans, marry a member of one of the families, or in special circumstances, be adopted into one of the families." "What would that entail?" "Defeating a large magical threat, and have a member in good standing vouch for you to the family head. They would then decide if you merited admittance, and where in the heirarchy you'd fit."
  8. Ryan sighed. "How the hell did you even get this to work on me?" Lucian just smiled. "You were much more powerful, and with that unique power, Mr. Cross, you'd have been the most powerful Servant ever. I'm not privy as to how it was done, but your special power has been lessened. Since you've been sent and summoned before, it allowed you to be summoned here, though it has placed some limitations on your power." Ryan nodded, but looked annoyed. "I guess it would." He looked to the others. "Before coming here, i'd developed a particular power that rendered me utterly impervious to magical effects. In a war focused on magical combat, I would be virtually unstoppable. I don't have that immunity anymore though, which will take some adjustment time for me." He looked to Elias. "A friendly spar later would be welcome, to see just how far that immunity was reduced, if you don't mind." Lucian nodded. "I have put in the customary three days grace period, starting from the moment she formally contracted all three of you. No one will attack you, or interfere within that timeframe, though after that, well A non-initiated neophyte who managed to contract three powerful Servants all at once isn't something many will ignore." He looked to Anne, and smiled. "There are three great factions, The Helost Collective, which is mostly based in Europe, focusing on true magic as you would think of it. They have the greatest numbers, and most overall power. The Alaran Alliance, Based in the Americas. Their leader is the third most powerful mage alive, Arthur Dendan. He specializes in Cognitive and lightning magic. The final Faction is the smallest of the three, The Ten Clans. They are ten hereditary mage families here in Asia, based out of Tokyo. you are in the heart of their territory, but they're mostly hands-off, so long as public order is undisturbed. The two most powerful magi are Arnhem Bauer, and Chigusa Manami, and they hold to no affiliation or faction, fighting alone, with a dozen Servants each." Lucian looked at them and sighed. "Honestly, there are more factions, dozens really but most have less than ten members, and barely qualify for the Registry. More than that, there are more unaffiliated Magi than not. Thanks to one of the Primal laws, Magi cannot be compelled by magic to join a faction, but there is something to be said for strength in numbers. Still such strength and security is not without cost, as the factions expect their members obedience and fealty."
  9. Rika was somewhat alarmed when two other students showed up, Ryan was still down, though he was awake and whatever that weird pulse was, she didn't have a clue. As soon as Elias came in, he was in pain, and she made to steady him, and accidentally brushed against Aoi as well. and the pulse rippled out again, which sent them both down like Ryan, in debilitating pain, and Rika herself began to glow. "What's going on?" Soon it was over, and instantly the pain was gone. On the back of her left hand were a trio of marks, a stylized cross, a sword, and a starburst. They shown with a near rainbow-like of light, and then faded. The pain vanished instantly and Ryan opened his eyes. "Holy hell you're a mage." Rika looked at him and cocked her head "What are you talking about? I'm just a student, and magic is not real.." "That isn't true, Miss Ajima. Magic is very real, and now that you have claimed your Servants, you are now involved in the Great War. Mages in this world have fought via proxy Servants for all of humanity's history, and you are a part of it." There was a man in the the doorway of the alcove, that now stood there when he'd been nowhere close before. He had light grey hair but looked somewhat young, with steel-grey eyes. "I am your Observer, Lucian. I will chronicle your battles, and while I cannot directly interfere, I am permitted to tell you the general history of the War, and the factions within. Ryan held up his hand, which was marked with the sword crest, though it had more parts and layers. "Master Seal?" Lucian nodded. "Affirmative. She may command you 3 times to do anything, or use her crest to restore you without fail. A master without crests is no longer a master, so Miss Ajima use them sparingly, as you could still be a target, even without Servants now." "I don't want to fight." She said quietly. "I detest violence of any kind. I just won't do it." Lucian shook his head. "Then you will die. That is the nature of the Great War for Magi. You fight, or die. Victory, or death. There are some Magi who've been in the war for centuries now. Their servants are powerful beyond words. Still it is not all doom and gloom. It is a rule that Elder Magi may not attack neophytes unless they're attacked first. More than that. The number of servants that can be used in a formal duel of Magi is the choice of the younger Mage."
  10. For Ryan Church, who came from a world like this initially, it was just one more reminder that he wasn't home. He'd finally made it back, but now, here he was again, in another world, though this time he had no clue how he was to get back, only some vague sense guiding him here. He was at school, heading to the library. His history teacher had assigned a project, and since he didn't know this world's history, he knew he needed to learn more. As he entered he began to have a headache, and the strange force told him he needed to continue. He made his way to the history section next to the Literature section and fought through the pain to peruse and find a concise account of Oda Nobunaga, the focus of the project he'd chosen. As he was going to the small alcove with chairs and a table, he noticed a young woman already there. She was reading already, and he shrugged. sitting by someone wasn't liable to be an issue, so he quietly made his way to a chair there, and took a seat to start reading. As he cracked open the book, she looked up and smiled. "That's a good one you know. They only used established facts about him, and his life." Her voice resonated with him, and the sense seemed to go haywire. his head was pounding like a drum now, and unfortunately for him, his legs gave out. He fell over into the chair and Rika let out an alarmed cry. She quickly moved to help him up, and when she touched him they both felt a pulse ripple out through reality. Elsewhere, Aoi and Elias Felt the ripple in reality and knew something was up. More than that, they knew they had to get to the school library, immediately.
  11. I have not forgotten this game, simply put things on hold. Saturday 8-31 at 6pm EST we will get together in the IC discord chat and finish this fight then
  12. For Anne Mistral, life was largely hell. Coming from a world of incredible technology, This world was boring, banal, and mundane. Topping it off she was young, which meant she had to be in school, and she was stuck here, at least that's what she'd thought. She knew of Keys, Gates and how they worked, and among all the abilities she'd gained, one was to sense when a key near. This was useful and had lead her to Tokyo Jindai High School. For Eilos Apollon It was somewhat different. Having come from a world of myth and magic, he was in a strange world with no real common ground, aside from the existence of magic. Using his own mystical power, he'd forged himself a quiet life as a student, a residual effect of being summoned here. With no way to go home, he settled in, only to be guided by a mystical force to Tokyo Jindai high school. Here he knew there was someone who could help him go home. Ryan Church was a survivor. Having lived the last six years of his life across half a dozen worlds, he was only slightly irked at being summoned to this one. It was always like this, the summoning, always in the middle of things with damn little information to go on. He quickly found that he'd been provided a life as was normal when summoned, something he never really got, but went with it. The now eighteen year old man letting out a grunt of annoyance when he saw he was once again a highschool student. "Dammit, just once, I'd rather not have to go to some sort of school. Still he knew that the way to move on was there at the school, that was how this always worked, so he set about preparing himself. That was a month ago. In that time the Trio of "students" had taken to attending classes, all the while searching out their ticket home. It was only natural that the three of them found each other, as they did all stand out in their own way. After that they began to work together, hunting for who or whatever it was that would let them go back home. In the Library, Rika Ajima sat doing what she loved most, reading. As the president of the Literature club, she thought the written word the turning point of mankind's history. She studied extensively, and was ranked among the top students at the entire school. Her Literature club however was among the smallest clubs, and in danger of being shut down. More than that as of late she'd had some strange pains, and visions of other worlds, like dreams, but they were impossibly vivid. Something within her lurked, coiled tightly, but it shifted ever so slightly, and the words she read as she began her newest book seemed to resonate with her. "Our Story begins...."
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  14. More waves of chaos beasts came through, exhausting the Grand Imperial Army, Even the use of the now 3 Great Crests was only just enough to survive the final waves. Tori and the Banshee were completely down, unable to continue fighting due to immense damage. Indeed, Izona, her own magical reserves nearly depleted, was tending to her in the castle, as Thunder rumbled across the sky. What descended from the sky looked like a man with a jet black cape and impeccable attire one might expect of a noble. When his feet touched the ground, he opened his eyes, and fifteen thousand soldiers died insantly. His eyes were solid black rimmed with glowing red energy, and he carried a sword in one hand, a wicked looking saber of incredible quality. With little choice, Yuuki, Ryan, and Vesper were called to battle him, as normal troops perished. Ryan frowned, as he drew his primary sword, Laevatein, and looked to his comrades. "This has got to be Chaos itself" True enough due to learning magic, the pair could feel a sort of connection, Vesper in particular. Ryan was absolutely right, and a deep rumbling voice answered. "I will not allow them to create that accursed crest, and you outsiders will not stop me." black flames wreathed Chaos' left hand, as he walked toward them, and Ryan scowled. "He's got no openings at all."
  15. The second hit from Mega Girl staggered the Minotaur, which was abit surprising, but it's return swing caught the shield and split it in half, not to mention sending her crashing into the ground. (3 damage again from the impact, which left a large crater) As Starsign answered Hex that her power wasn't fire, the hydra slammed its tail into her knocking her to the ground from where she was (3 damage) and forcing her to release it's heads. Quickly working it out, Autumn used her powers to form ice around the feet of the Minotaur, keeping it in place as Summer launched a firery blast at the hydra, which hissed in pain as one of its five heads was severed. The Hydra lashed out at Hex and Starsign again, the bites missing, but the tail sweep slammed into Hex as the beast spun around, and hit mightily, smashing aside her defensive shield to send her flying (2 damage) Columbian continued his assault on the hydra, going after the same leg again, hearing a satisfying crunch as bones broke roughly. The Kraken was successfully blinded by the tapestry, but that did nothing to stop its attack against Derek. The Psionic assault was easily the strongest he'd ever been hit with (4 damage) and giving him a pounding headache.
  16. Theo nodded, the only one who would be present were Ryan ad Tori. In the end, Both the Empire and Kingdom surrendered to Theo, including their crests. This would effectively make him Emperor. The corronation would take place in Fontaine, home of the Mage association and Capital of the Empire. That night, The lord of the Kingdom would propose to the Empress, which she accepted. Once theo was crowned, the Grand Crest would be formed, and Chaos stripped from the world, Theo planned to Abdicate and place the two of them as his successors. Ryan smiled at the plan, as it would neatly complete their tasks. The next day they prepared to set out, and that night saw it all nearly undone, as a Cabal of mages sought to assasinate All three main noble leaders. Ryan was on hand to stop it, but none of them were prepared for what happened at the stroke of midnight. The stars of the world began to wink out, and a crack of blood red light opened in the sky. dozens of chaosbeasts descended and wreaked havoc amidst the Grand imperial army, but were fought off.
  17. I'd vote for Legends
  18. With Starsign making their battleplan, the team of heroes sprung into action, with her own attempts to grapple two of the heads of the Hydra. She had them but only just barely, the creature hissing violently. Summer and Autumn were there on the ground still, with Autumn questioning why they were so quick to jump on the attack. Elastica quickly moved to engage the Stellar Kraken, even as she transformed. The transformation made the creature blink it's massive eyes, and it lashed out with two tentacles, which moved out much faster than should have been possible, only just managing to dodge the attacks thanks to her catlike agility. Seemingly all at once the rest of the field exploded into action, as Mega Girl flew towards the minotaur with her improvised shield. The impact against its golden chest seemed to make the whole area reverberate like a gong being struck. There was abit of light damage, but if anything it only made it mad. As she bounced back from the strike the axe moved toward her, striking her full force with the flat of the axe, the power of the impact causing her pain and knocking her over a hundred yards through the air. (after toughness, Mega girl takes 3 stamina damage) Doc Psypher launched his psychic assault on the Stellar Kraken, and it blinked, and then nothing. The attack seemingly had no effect, as he felt a tough mental barrier of some sort. Hex's eldritch blast did hit the preocupied hydra, and indeed it's hide wasn't so tough as the Minotaurs, as the smoke rising from it's chest was clear indication it had been harmed, but even though Starsign was holding two of heads that left several more to lunge at Hex. They didn't connect, having misjudged the distance but where their fangs hit the ground left hissing and bubbling puddles. Their venom was highly corrossive, and would cause serious injury. Columbian not to be outdone, was quick to dash in close with his own weapons, delivering mighty blows to the left leg of the hydra, drawing forth a hissing roar from it. He'd hurt it, obviously seeking to impeded it's mobility. (we are up for Round 2)
  19. Theo was glad Yuuki had done what she did, and failed to get the princess. the efforts of the two otherworlders managed to break the back of the Imperial army. He had already said they would seek no Reparations for the battle, as they'd inflicted far more casualties than they took. He expected the Imperial Envoy to arrive soon, and It was Ryan who moved to back up Vesper. "You did what you had to do Yuuki. I know it was hard, that this was never what you expected. this is what we have to do sometimes now, and I'll be honest, Vesper's correct you killed alot of them, but you save every one of ours soldiers who is still alive." Just then the doors opened admitting another soldier. "Lord Cornaro, Another army approaches from the East. It's the Andvisian Army." Theo looked abit concerned, but motioned for the soldier to continue. "They wish to parley with You and the Empress." Siluca smiled "At last, that work you and Tori did bears fruit, Ryan." Ryan chuckled, and Tori simply remained silent. The Wyverns and dragons of the Empire were impressive, but The two Elder Black dragons that She and Ryan slew when they attacked the Kingdom and Andvise had earned them alot of good will. While the creatures were very resistant to damage, and immune to magic, Ryan's sword, Ascalon ignored their defenses. The power could be channeled through the Banshee, thanks to the copilot seat, and thus they'd slain them. Theo nodded. "Very well, Tell them we expect the Imperial envoy soon, and that once we hammer out a time to meet, we will let them know." The Kingdom's army was nearly 180 thousand, and they were fresh. Caught between the two, Theo's forces would be destroyed if they couldn't hammer out a bargain.
  20. The soldiers quickly retreated, and yuuki released her hold, revealing the carnage beneath. So many dead soldiers and horses. They'd be days just stripping the bodies of anything useful. It was so much to bear for the young priestess, her efforts had turned the tide of battle, and killed thousands. A small cadre of soldiers formed around her, shielding her from view of the others, and they would do so all the way to the castle, once she was ready to move. ---------------------------------------- Ryan shook his head. "I don't really know, but I don't think they'll fight it out." Izona nodded. "It will be some time before I can cast such a grand spell again. We definitely won, as to surrender, that will be decided at the negotiation table, not the battlefield. They don't have the supplies to keep fighting, and their leadership is in shambles thanks to your effort. Beaten, leaderless, and low on supplies, with shattered morale, there's no leader who'd taken an army in that state into battle." "The point was to make continuing militarily far too expensive for them to consider, and we've done that. " The trip back to the castle was made in silence where they met up with Yuuki, and were shown into Theo's audience hall. The young lord embraced each of them in turn, thanking them. "Without your support, we would never have triumphed here. Please rest tonight, you have more than earned it."
  21. Episode 63: Interview with “Marvelous” Mike Tomasek In which Matthew, Dixie, and Eddy interview Mike Tomasek, one of our newest writers and developers, about his RPG experiences and current projects! Dramatic introductionsFriday the 13th sound effectsWhy do they call Mike “Hollywood”?Slowed down reversed babies crying as ghost sound effectsBears are dangerous, so Spartan kick themMike’s favorite bear is not a bearDinosaurs are a myth! (some of them)How did Mike get into roleplaying?Transitioning from playing games to writing games – getting over the hump of fearMike’s improvement as a writerGood advice for new writersGeist: The Sin-Eaters is fantastic and here’s a wonderful synopsis of itYou can’t say “you can’t play”Consequences for dark actions in RPGsMike’s work on Chicago by NightThe Church of Caine / The Cainite HeresyMike’s favorite ghost dinosaurThe moon is hauntedA rapid wind-up! Links: Geist: The Sin-Eaters 2nd Edition: https://geist2e.backerkit.com/hosted_preorders Mummy: The Curse: https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/111598/Mummy-The-Curse V5 Chicago by Night: https://www.backerkit.com/projects/200664283/chicago-by-night-for-vampire-the-masquerade-5th-ed You can’t say “you can’t play”: https://www.amazon.co.uk/You-Cant-Say-Play/dp/0674965906 Mike’s website: https://www.mftomasek.com Friday the 13th (franchise): https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Friday_the_13th_(franchise) The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Legend_of_Zelda:_Majora%27s_Mask
  22. I'm going to move things along for us all, as it seems some are losing interest. I do have new players waiting to join, so with that in mind, I hope you'll all understand. Enter the Dungeon The Twins, shaken by the trap, but inspired by the whispered faith of their father, strengthened their resolve and chose the door Marked C. when nothing came out and a path forward was revealed, it was Autumn that put it together. "It was a musical puzzle, based on the number of sharps in the particular musical keys. This hammered home how close they'd come the first time, as they'd chosen the worst possible door upfront. The next two hours were spent in mmore puzzle rooms, deadly fantasy traps, though The firepit did nothing to Summer, and the icy Blast trap Autumn was able to tank. Working together they overcame the dungeon's traps by relying on their bond as sisters. Finally they came to a large golden door, and together, pushed it open, the world going white. Office Space The minotaurs did nothing, surprisingly. In the end, they'd simply said goodbye politely, and moved on. After their previous agression, it was disconcerting, but revealed that behaviors that followed those which were acceptable in the modern office workplace would keep them from being attacked. It didn't solve the labyrinth for them, and that took the longest, finally finding their way to the door marked "Management" Pushing it open with all three at once, the world went white. Ascending Eternity The trek up the stairs took them through the corona of a star, to the Event Horizon of a black Hole, and through various nebulae, seeing the wonder of the cosmos, and experiencing the dangers. Working together they stayed with each other, protecting those who needed it and recording it all via Psypher's suit. Finally they reached the top of stairs, a great Golden door. Even with her Strength, Mega Girl couldn't open alone, but when all three placed a hand on it, they were able to open it with ease. The world went white. All Together Now After the brilliant flash, the heroes found them in a massive arena, the stands were empty but they heard the roar of a crowd, louder and larger than any ever before. Before them were three great creatures. One was a Golden minotaur, armed with twin axes. it stood over twenty feet tall. The Second creature was a Hydra, it's green and black scales seeming to shimmer in the light of the stars above. The final creature looked like a Squid, though not nearly as large. It's body was black, and dotted with tiny dots of luminescense, and the Starsign identified it as A Juvenile Stellar Kraken, known for powerful psionic attacks. Those who had warning or sensory powers active were warned of the incredible danger, as even as a juvenile, the ten armed Kraken was a massive threat, evidenced as it took to the sky. The Minotaur was physically powerful, and the Hydra's fangs were poisonous in the extreme. this wouldn't be an easy fight. "Well well, you all finally made it through the Tower. Congratulations are in order I suppose. Nearly two hundred million people have been watching this whole broadcast. It's been a total success thus far, but I wonder, can you all go the distance?" Their host's masked face appeared over the arena, easily twenty feet tall. "So here's your final challenge, defeat these three champions, and you will save the city, fail here, and as I promised, New York City dies." (time to roll initiative, and declare your first actions everyone)
  23. Okay Dave, I do have more planned for the twins,and hopefully I'll set the stage better in the next one.
  24. Enter the Dungeon With them doing nothing, it was the people who began to react, and it began with a simple trickle. They could hear the people calling them cowards, two girls playing at being heroes. The token hotties that every super team seemed to have. The comments weren't flattering in the slightest. It became a torrent, an assault on their ears, there was no escape from, All the negativity, that they were failing the city, and even the other heroes who'd been called, after all their bravado. Still underneath all that invective and bile, there was one voice, a man's voice, that sounded all to familiar. "I believe in you." The voice was their father's, but it couldn't be, he didn't know about their powers. Still they could somehow both feel that it was his voice, the silent strength that had always been present for them. Office Space The choice to go left was made and the three heroes took that path, and after going a dozen feet, the path backwards was blocked. None had seen it, or felt it, but by chance Columbian turned, and saw there was no longer a path open behind them, and he mentioned it to the others. "Looks like this was the right path. One way or another, we can't go back." They continued on, alert and aware for magical traps, but there were none, until they came to another room, this one had three men, all seated at their desks, typing away, and as one, they looked up. "Can I help you?" they spoke as one, though their voices were not the same. One was deep rumbling voice, another, a dull monotone one, and the last was high pitched, sounding as if it had inhaled alot of helium. Ascending Eternity Continuing onward, The trio intercepted two more Meteors by working together, though now the last volley had been 6 of them. By chance, Mega Girl looked down and noticed there were only two steps below them now. Clearly going back wasn't meant to be an option. As they took the next step, the space around them seemed to change, as it began to grow noticeably warm. The reason made itself apparent, As they ascended the stairs, they drew closer and closer to brilliant yellow star. They didn't have any further meteor swarms to contend with, but now it seemed that their environment could indeed change.
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