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  1. This is Dawn, OOC, and Karrie is my pc for this game. Still working on jaeger designs, but Karrie's famous as an engineer even outside jaeger tech circles. She's known as the engineer who spent a week inside a jaeger, studying it from the inside out (complete with camping supplies and rations). She helped design the Omni series, as well as the fifth generation before that. Her jaeger is called Coyote Ugly.
  2. Karrie wasn’t having deep philosophical revelations. Instead, she was testing the spider that had come back. She still didn’t have the algorithms right; the spider was doing readings itself and sending back the data. Karrie then compared them to each other. And the spider was only right about ninety percent of the time. That wasn’t good enough – not to stake human lives on. ,, A soft ping caught her attention and she looked at another window on the computer. “Dammmmmm-ittttttttt,” she growled, typing away madly as she tried to figure out why the communication node in that square was going out again. She’d been out there three times in the hours since the crisis started, and replaced the node each time. They kept burning out, and she had no idea why. For now, she was just going to take it offline remotely, and deal with it later. She was already tired from hours of endless computations and calculations. She needed a nap, too. ,, The tent flap opened and Karrie turned, then grinned when she saw it was Rob. As he made sure the tent was tied shut, she closed her laptop again and all-but danced over to him, her hug and kiss more enthusiastic now that she wasn’t having to smooch through layers of grime. “Hi, honey, welcome home!” ,, “Where’s my dinner, woman?” Rob asked, picking Karrie up just for the joy of cradling her in his arms. “I’m ready for my choo-choo.” ,, “I believe I promised better than the choo-choo.” Karrie waggled her eyebrows at him as he carried her to the table and claimed a chair. He arranged her on his lap, settling back as she ripped open the nova-quality MRE. Karrie broke off a piece and put it between her lips, her smile coy as she turned to him. Rob grinned and took it from her, their lips brushing in the exchange. So she fed both of them two bars apiece, feeding him with lips and fingers. There were brief kisses, too, moments with the teasing dance had to be temporarily be sated with resolution. For Rob’s last bar, Karrie undid the top of her shirt and let him pluck nuggets of the terrible food out of her cleavage. Never before had someone actually relished the acquisition of a MRE the way that Rob did today. ,, “You have crumbs in your bra,” he murmured as his fingers traced the edge of her bra – and completely accidently pushed a couple of crumbles of MRE into the cup. ,, “You need to get them out, clearly. You can’t let food go to waste.” Karrie giggled happily as he picked her up and carried her to the inflated mattress. Stretching them both out on it, Rob leaned on one elbow while unbuttoning her shirt and flicking both sides open. Karrie wiggled out of it before Rob went hunting for the rest of his dinner. ,, It took a while to find all the crumbs – he got a little distracted by other things Rob found in her bra. By the time he was done, Karrie was half-naked, delightfully disheveled and straddling him. Part of her wondered if Rob was going to ask for more, to ask her to take that final step in the relationship and stop taking things slow. She didn’t think she was ready, or at least, she didn’t want her first time to be here, in a tent, on an air mattress. But if he wanted it, she’d do that for him. ,, Rob gazed at her for a moment before stroking his fingers over her cheek. “You’re beautiful.” It wasn’t the first time he’d told her that and Karrie knew it wasn’t the last. ,, Still, she blushed and deflected the compliment. “You’re prettier,” she told him, tracing the contours of his bare chest. ,, “It’s my eyes. They’re my best feature.” Rob grinned at her, shifting her weight slightly so that she was higher on his torso. ,, Karrie snorted. “They’re just brown. I personally like your brain the best.” ,, “You’re going to keep it in jar if I die first, aren’t you?” His hands rested on her hips, playing with the seams of her underwear. That gentle touch made her shiver. ,, “Until I can’t handle the urge to dissect it anymore.” Karrie planted her palms on his chest and leaned forward, enjoying the way his eyes predictably dropped to her breasts. She didn’t mind at all. “It’d be a shame to never figure out what makes you tick.” ,, “I’m sorry, I forgot what you were saying.” His eyes were locked on her chest and this time Karrie did blush. ,, “White pig!” she scolded, slapping lightly at him. ,, Rob caught her hands and pulled her close. “Mmm-hmm, your white pig.” His kiss didn’t allow for a response; once they were done with that, she was on her back, half-under him. He sighed and touched her cheek again, regretfully murmuring, “We should sleep. I’m tired and you look pretty worn out, too.” ,, “Okay.” Karrie’s sigh was a little regretful, too. “I hope you don’t snore.” ,, “Not as loudly as you.” Rob dodged another teasing slap by getting out of bed long enough to remove the super-pants. His underwear strained to keep the scene from an NC-17 rating as he pulled her close. Together, they drew the blankets and pillows around themselves, then flounced and bounced a little to find that comfortable position together. It was a mark of their mutual exhaustion that both were soon deeply asleep, resting until Karrie’s alarm signaled that their rest-period was over. ,, It was a new day in Mexico City.
  3. “Weeellll… remember when I had your pants in at my request?” Karrie’s voice was filled with smug bemusement. ,, Rob knew that tone; Karrie was about to divulge a secret. He now had suspicions of course, but it was more fun to let her tell it in her own time and way. “Yes, for repairs which I wasn’t sure it needed at all.” ,, “Oh, did I call them ‘repairs’?” Karrie’s voice was light and flirting; Rob couldn’t know that right now she was helping by increasing the sensitivity on her spider’s detectors. Right now, they could sense that material was organic, but they needed to analyze it first to see if it were human. Those were seconds being wasted while the spider determined if this was a person to be rescued or food-stuff. As she went through various changes she could make, she teasingly continued, “I meant to say ‘upgrades’.” ,, “You know I don’t like it when you upgrade my pants without telling me.” Rob didn’t even sound upset; he couldn’t knowing that whatever Karrie had done she’d done because she cared. ,, “I just thought that in Japan, you nearly let yourself get killed, so when you’re during something like this, you can’t be trusted.” Karrie made a few more tweeks and sent a modified spider out for a test-run. “So your pants now monitor your levels – quantum levels, magnesium levels, iron levels, oxygen intake, your electrolytes – you know, the normal stuff for a girlfriend to keep track of on a computer.” ,, “Uh huh, you’re so normal.” It was clear that Rob was loving it. Not the fact that Karrie was monitoring his health to a level that HIPPA was not being violated but curbstomped and sent home crying to mommy. He loved that she loved him enough to think ahead. ,, “So you’re coming back to central, eating and taking a nap.” Karrie’s voice was not necessarily strict, but it was clear that Rob was going to have to fight her to get his way. ,, “I can stay out a bit longer.” His voice was filled with the need to save people, to bring them out of hell alive. Who would die, buried and alone, while he ate and napped with his girlfriend? ,, “You could, but if you come back now, the recovery time will be maximized.” She paused and her voice became completely serious. “I wouldn’t tell you to come back now if I didn’t think now was the best time, both for you and those you’ll save, shijéi.” ,, Rob was quiet a long moment. She only called him that when she was serious or making out with him. “Someday you’ll tell me what that means.” ,, “Someday,” Karrie agreed, smiling. “But right now, I’m offering a tasteless dinner of MREs and an inflatable air mattress for two. Sound good?”
  4. “Focus on the mile around the epicenter.” With Rob gone, Karrie’s brain shifted from 50% work mode to 99% work mode. Her laptop was already in her hands; as Kei watched, a DSA worker slapped up a folding table as if he’d known Karrie would want it. Another one set up a chair for her, while six more where unrolling a large bundle of white canvas. “By the time you’re done with that, I’ll have the next area mapped out. Don’t wait on me, Kei—get to saving.” ,, In the DSA lab, Karrie was a lone scientist who collaborated with Rob frequently and others rarely. Here, in the field on a disaster mission, she had a small army of assistants, dedicated to supporting her. Their jobs were to do anything they could for her, ensuring that most of Karrie’s focus remained on her work. So as she typed madly at the first of many programs she’d create today, they set up her on-site lab for her, erecting the tent and assembling computers, tables and even an inflatable mattress in the back of the large tent. ,, Within fifteen minutes, Karrie’s lab away from home was set up: a massive computer hummed on one table, already sending designs to the three-dimensional printer. Another computer was processing the program that Karrie was inputting data into with rapid strikes on the keyboard. Behind her, another table held crates of disassembled iSpiders. The three-inch wide machines were spheres with eight multi-jointed legs; the ‘body’ of the tiny device was loaded with sensors and cameras and a powerful wi-fi device. In Japan, they’d crawled through the rubble and scoured it for survivors. They’d done so well in Japan that the DSA had manufactured dozens more for the next disaster. ,, Throughout all the set up and fuss, Coyote remained focused on the computer in front of her, working diligently on the population simulation.
  5. Karrie’s eyebrows rose at Vixen’s remark, trying not to think about the remark and implications. “A long tongue would be handy in many situations,” she said blithely, “but I have work to do. And that work is finding those kids, so you guys just go back to the party and have fun. Horst has saddled Rob and I with this task, so you all hang tight or loose or however you prefer to hang.” ,, Carefully, Karrie started to back away, only to step back forward and hand Vixen her card. Then she used her hand to make the sign for ‘phone’ while mouthing, call me. At the look on Vixen’s face, she added, “No, no… not for that. I hear you’re a scientist—a furry, allergenic scientist—and I like science. It is my thing. My, uh, friend Rob does science hard, too, so you might like to talk to us. Just being friendly and all. Like actually-friendly, not lesbo-friendly.” ,, With a last wave, Karrie headed for the door. Time to get out there, find those kids, get them back here, and find a place to make out with Rob. The night was young, but Karrie wanted to blow through the first three items on the list so she could devote herself to the last items. She had her priorities, after all.
  6. The ground shook beneath Karrie, for the eighth or ninth time today. She closed her eyes and enjoyed the moment, waiting for the trembling stop. After they ceased, Rob floated over her again, his hair brushing her face as he kissed her gently. “How was that?” he asked, his brown eyes twinkling with lust and love and simple contentment. ,, “Pretty good. A bit rough at some points,” Karrie murmured in answer, reaching up to hold his hair back from her face. She loved to play with it, but it did tickle sometimes. ,, “Mmm, I’ll have to work on my control.” Rob smiled as gravity released its hold on them and Karrie left the ground. He put his arms around her as their hair floated out in a halo. ,, Karrie did her part by gripping a handful of his shirt and pulling him to her. “That is why we’re doing this. That and because I wanna kiss you every chance I get.” She grinned just before she kissed him again, savoring the intense connection between them. She’d dreamed of this for so long and even if the reality wasn’t quite the same as her fiction, it was sweeter in its own way. ,, “The kissing is why I like power practice with you,” Rob admitted with a sexy chuckle. That led to another kiss, naturally, even though Rob should have been practicing making micro-quakes. The hope was that his use of the power could create data for scientific research into earthquakes. He could make the localized tremors, but he was refining his control of how he made the earth move. Karrie loved to lie on the ground while her boyfriend shook it up. The excuse was that she could give him a detailed first-hand report on his results; the reality was it was fun and they took frequent breaks to make out. Given that Rob was making earthquakes, they were in a field in rural Maryland, far enough from people that no one would be hurt if something went wrong. The isolation also meant that they probably made out more than they worked. ,, Both of their phones rang and both novas broke their kiss with soft noises of disappointment. “Can we ignore it?” Karrie murmured before she kissed his stupid goatee. ,, Rob held up the phone. “It’s the emergency line.” ,, “Yeah,” Karrie agreed after pulling out her phone and checking the glowing screen. They parted as Rob put them back on their feet and the two answered at the same time. ,, The calls were short and both novas wore grim expressions by the end. Funtime was over, even if Rob did scoop Karrie up in his arms to take her back to headquarters. ,, ,, The two entered the auditorium together, their expressions atypically somber. They quietly found seats near the front. Karrie had a tablet in her lap; she quickly naviageted to the news sites to read about the quake. When Rob leaned close to her, she held the screen so he could read, too. The two novas huddled close and watched the horror unfold.
  7. “Hmmmm… well, he just interrupted a very important meeting to tell Rob and I to get down here and watch the kids.” Karrie rubbed her chin thoughtfully, never a good sign. “I guess that means he wants us to hunt them down like dogs and drag them home.” ,, Before anyone could suggest otherwise, Kei offered her input. “Sooo… he’s not here, waiting for the kid the Big Chief summoned. Isn’t one of the kids a mimic?” Karrie asked, still thinking. “No worries, Rob ‘nd I will find them.” ,, The fox-woman was staring at her, and Karrie stared back, recalling something about a scientist who had gotten the same anime-curse as “the Great Cat Detective”. “Enjoy your night, guys,” she said to the group in general as she walked the short distance to Vixen. “Hi, Mai-Iltsói,” she said in greeting, offering her hand. “I’m Coyote, caught the stare and I just came over to let you know I do not dig hairballs.” Karrie made a sad face. “Sorry, I know… my glory is astounding and it’s hard to realize you’ll never have a piece of it, but I wanted to be upfront and honest.”
  8. There was no fanfare when Karrie and Rob entered the party. There should been klaxons or at least a cautionary buzzer. Instead, there was no warning when the DSA’s most notorious scientists walked into the room. A few people did double-takes, but that was mostly because Karrie was in a skirt, and Rob was in his super-suit, including the camo pants he wore over the tight clothing. It was common knowledge that the handsome earth-mover only wore the suit when required for public relations or dangerous missions. Most of them quickly dismissed it as the first steps of an elaborate prank on the pair’s part. They would have raised more eyebrows had they walked in holding hands, but neither one of them was sure yet how or if they wanted to broadcast their relationship to their coworkers. So while they’d clasped hands on the walk over to the party, they’d released them just outside the door. It was something to decide later, when they had time to figure out their personal rules. Karrie always loved rules, both the ones she would break and the ones she’d obey. Together, the two scanned the room. “Hmm. Problem. I don’t see the kids.” Karrie looked up at Rob. “What about you?” Rob, being a few inches taller, was already craning his head for a few more inches. “All I see is Mt. Connor. Let’s do a circuit.” Karrie wondered if his mention of Connor was intentional or not but she could see him too. “He’s hard to miss,” she agreed casually as they started to circle the room. Seeing Connor reminded her of what she’d seen in him before, but it was different than what she felt for Rob. Her feelings for Connor were needy and desperate; full of doubt and want and fear. She didn’t even realize that wasn’t the way it was supposed to start until Rob showed her. After they’d been around the room once without a sign of the kids, Karrie grumbled, “Time to ask, I think.” She ducked into the crowd, heading straight for Connor. She smiled as she approached, giving off friendly vibes right until she opened her mouth. “Hey, Connor. Hi, Whore of Babylon. Have you guys seen the DSA brat-pack?”
  9. When Horst had left, the two novas contemplated each other for a moment. “I guess you should get dressed.” Though she’d said it casually, her face warmed again. Her hands slipped from his neck to rest against his chest. It was a very nice chest, she noted, wondering if she’d ever stop blushing again. “Hmm. I could wear my suit.” Rob smiled down at her, his arms tightening fractionally around her waist. “Not sure how the pants will look with the shirt and shoes you brought, though.” “Indecent. I know, I designed them that way.” Karrie’s confession was unrepentant. “I could make you underwear.” A faintly alarmed look crossed Rob’s face, and he took a second to give her a light kiss before asking, “Out of what, dare I ask?” “I have that buffalo hide.” Karrie kept a straight face as she tried to increase that alarm. “I could make some underwear… well, it’d be more like a loincloth.” “Thanks, I think I’ll make do with the suit.” Rob kissed her again, another light but thrilling touch of lips. “I may not be able to wear what you brought.” “I only had that stuff so you’d look nicer and get laid.” Karrie kissed his jaw before trailing a line of pecks up to his lips. “That’s not happening tonight.” Some men might have pouted or started the sales pitch to get what they wanted; Rob just smiled as he reached up to brush her hair back from her face. His gentle kiss told her that he understood what she meant and he wasn’t upset about it. Sex wasn’t what he wanted from Karrie—well, not just sex. Just thinking about that made her blush again. She covered by kissing him one more time. “Go get ready, sheep-fucker.” “You know, you’re going to have stop calling me that at some point,” Rob said as he untangled himself and began to walk away from her to dress. “I know, I have to make a man of you sometime.” Karrie grinned despite the heat in her face. Was she ever going to stop blushing? “You’ll get a new nickname then.” It was love, not the one she'd planned, but love anyway.
  10. When Rob disappeared into the shower, Karrie slumped onto a work stool. With a groan, she folded her arms on the table and dropped her head on them. “What have I done?” she whispered to the treated tabletop, her brain whirling a million miles an hour. She could keep up with that kind of speed, but the emotional turmoil was a different story. Rob loved her. She’d known that, but not how he’d loved her. On the surface, it shouldn’t make a difference. Rob’s feelings were Rob’s business, and intellectually, she knew that until he chose to tell her, it was his problem. But he was her best friend. Wasn’t he obligated to share this with her? “I asked him!” Karrie’s head snapped up as she stared through the wall at the running shower. “I flat out asked him and he totally side-stepped the question! That rat!” As she probed her memory, she realized he’d already told her: “You are a real woman: down to earth, brilliant, funny as hell and able to turn a vacuum cleaner into a WMD. You are seven shades of awesome, Karrie Dineh.” Nervous energy poured into her system and Karrie hopped to her feet, pacing in the room. “He should have told me!” she hissed, getting angry with him as she remembered how he’d said nothing while she’d gone on and on about Connor— Karrie stopped in mid-stomp, her anger melting away. “Oh, Rob, you’re an idiot.” He’d smiled and encouraged and damn-near pushed her into Connor’s arms, all the while wanting her himself. He’d read her fictions, listened to her moon over Connor; he’d taken all that crap and smiled the whole time. She was biting her thumbnail. With a grimace, she stopped, staring at the mauled nail. She’d worked hard to grow them out for the party, and here she’d just shortened one. Grumbling to herself, she went to her desk and dug out her clippers. In truth, she was so out of sorts that by the time she had all the nails the same length again, she had decimated them down to a sliver of white. The shower shut off and Karrie leapt to her feet, pacing again. It seemed to take forever for Rob to come back out, and when he did, Karrie stopped, staring. That hot, razor-sharp feeling of need was gone, but only the sharp edges of desire. Rob was handsome; he always had been and she could see that now. He was no Connor, but he didn’t need to be. The perfume had permanently removed the friend-goggles; it was like she was seeing the real Rob, every part of him, for the first time. “You’re wearing just a towel.” She didn’t really hear his questions; she was beyond that. “You’re half-naked, we just made out and you come out of the shower in a towel.” “I cleaned my clothes just in case. You brought me more.” “Yes, I brought you pants, a shirt, socks and nice shoes.” Karrie blushed hotly as she crossed her arms. Her anger surged and she frowned at him. “I didn’t realize you’d take a shower and need underwear. You shouldn’t be running around without underwear, Rob.” Rob stared at her before he spoke. “Karrie, you’re not mad about the underwear. What’s wrong?” “I’m pissed because my best friend chose to keep something from me, and let me hurt him over and over, every day.” Karrie walked up to him, sorrow and anger fighting to be the dominant expression. “I’m socially blind, Rob! You were my social-eye dog. You just let me walk off a curb into a bus!” Rob started to speak but Karrie cut him off. “Nuh-uh, not done! I’m pissed at you. You should have told me. Yeah, it’d be awkward, but do you know how shitty I feel about all the stuff I said and did in front of you that had to hurt? Do you know how much it hurts to know that I basically stabbed you in the heart, over and over?” “Karrie-” Rob reached up to touch her face; his thumb came away wet with a tear. “You thought you were being some kind of martyr, didn’t you?” Karrie shook her head, slapping at her eyes. “Selfish jerk! And all the while, you were smiling your little smug ‘look at me suffering so much for her’ smile, and you probably enjoyed the burn in a sick way.” “I wouldn’t—” “I trust you. Completely. You’re my best friend in the whole world.” Karrie scowled as Rob flinched a little. “Stop that. I wanted so much for Connor to become my funny, sexy best friend so I could marry him and have my happily ever after that I didn’t realize I already had the heart of guy I was looking for.” Rob blinked. “Can you say that again? I don’t think I heard you right.” “No. First, I have a theory to test.” Karrie grabbed Rob’s head and pulled it down for a kiss. His wet hair brushed against her face as she pressed her lips to his. Time to see if the lightning from before was from Rob or from the Margarita.
  11. Kissing Connor had been fun and electrifying and made her body tingle everywhere. Kissing Rob was utterly different. His lips pushed lightning down her spine and sent arcs of pleasure over her skin. The weirdness of kissing her best friend lasted less than a second before the delight of kissing her best friend took over her senses. The pheromones in the perfume had left her almost dizzy; Rob’s kiss finished upsetting her vertigo, leaving her struggling to think. Well, to think anything other than, How the hell can he kiss better than Connor? It wasn’t fair to compare them, but Karrie’s experience with men was so limited that she was basically dealing in binary: Rob or Connor, Connor or Rob. The question was which one was the one and which was the zero? The crazy romantic in her didn’t know the answer, and the self-obsessed scientist didn’t have a clue. But there was a tiny part of Karrie that acknowledged reality. Karrie didn’t listen to it much; it was a downer. In one notable example, it insisted that further attempts to get Connor was a waste of both her time and his patience and so had been largely ignored. To affect change, that part of her waited for a moment of revelation, when it could slip in and administer a dose of reality. As Karrie struggled with the impossibility that Rob was better than Connor at kissing, it slapped a virtual sticky note on her forehead: Because your emotional connection with one is based on subterfuge, fantasy and fanfics, while you already love the other one. Then that rational bit of her was sure to add, And Rob is the latter, by the way. Their kiss ended and she stared at him, holding tight to his neck. Karrie’s world was rocked to the core as she finally, totally, really got the memo the universe had been trying to deliver for years. Now that the first connection had been dragged into the light of her awareness, the rest of them clicked: the little signals Connor had given her, Horst’s careful words, her mother’s advice on dating and most of all, every little thing Rob had done for her. It was quite a list, because he’d done everything for her. Anything she’d asked him to do, he’d done with a smile—or helped her refine her plan into something even more awesome. When she allowed her brain to connect the dots, the pieces all fell into place. Rob lov- “Karrie… what was in that perfume?” For a second, she didn’t have a clue what he meant. The revelations she’d uncovered in the depths of her mind had knocked all other thoughts out of her head. When it rushed back in, she flinched, just a little. Ohshit. There was no way to spin this into something Rob was going to like but Karrie had to try. “I can explain.” “Mmmhmm. Please do while I nibble your neck.” Rob matched action to words, leaving her gasping at the quicksilver jolts of pleasure his lips and teeth caused. It took a second to relearn the process of speaking while under the assault of her body experiencing a make-out session. Karrie opened her mouth, but with her newfound awareness, she found that everything she had to say was hollow and lame. “Okay, I can’t explain. Not really.” “Try.” Rob’s voice was soft and coaxing, and his warm breath across her neck made her shiver. Karrie sighed and rested her forehead on his shoulder. “Pheromones.” Rob stopped mid-nibble, his breath blowing out of his nose in a tickling sigh. “To get Connor.” “That was the original plan.” Karrie’s confession caused Rob to lift his head, and her heart sank at the look on his face. It was a sober and sad look, like she’d given him a gift and taken it away. Even Karrie could figure out what he was thinking. “Original plan,” she repeated. “So what’s the plan now?” Rob asked her, his dark eyes becoming intrigued, even as that sad look remained. Karrie swallowed hard before she made a move that was bold, for her. She released the death-grip on his neck to run a finger along the line of his jaw and trace the edge of his stupid goatee. “I thought,” she murmured in a shy voice, “that you might kiss me a few more times.”
  12. Karrie had been watching Rob’s reaction when she walked into the room, and it was most gratifying. The look that had crossed his face was one she would pay real money to see on Connor’s— Her brain sidetracked that thought immediately, before it took root and went somewhere bad. Some part of her was uneasy with the look, another part was confused by that faction-of-a-second look of mixed desire and surprise and there was a third part that had noticed his look and liked it. Karrie was both pleased and unsettled by her reaction to his reaction and she felt on suddenly unsteady ground. “So I did good work—oh, my god! What is that?!” Few things could sidetrack Karrie faster than a new shiny, and Rob’s crystal certainly qualified as both. Without waiting for an answer, Karrie tossed her purse onto a desk and walked over to the worktable, her eyes wide. “Rob is that…?” “Yep.” His smile was somewhat smug as he moved to her side. “By the power of Grayskull.” The whisper was as reverent as a prayer. The native woman glanced up at him, able to tear her eyes away for a second. “And you made it?” “Yeeeep.” This time, he was positively superior as he found another cracker and applied more cheez whiz, then offered it to her. Karrie took it and ate it without removing her gaze. Rob made himself another cracker and they studied the matrix in companionable silence. Finally, Rob said, “Are we going tonight?” “What? Oh, yeah.” Karrie tore her eyes away and took a good look at him. “But not like that, you aren’t. C’mon.” She grabbed his free hand and dragged him toward the door, diverting only long enough to grab the straps of her purse. “Karrie, this is what I wear to all the parties.” Rob didn’t whine, but his voice was petulant. “It’s tradition. If I wore something nice, Horst would actually have a heart attack and die. For the good of the DSA, I can’t dress up.” “Bullshit. I owe you for the convention.” Karrie’s voice was tinged with embarrassment as she pulled him back to her workarea. “I know what it means when you pick up a chick, and I interrupted that.” “You needed a friend.” Rob’s voice was careful, as if he wasn’t sure what to make of a self-aware Karrie. “Yeah, but I didn’t have much consideration for you.” Karrie looked over her shoulder at him, looking apologetic. “I mean, it was bad enough that it took me six weeks after to realize what I’d done. And I know I haven’t been around. So I want to make it up to you. So you’re going to look nice, and I’m going to get you laid.” “Oh, please,” Rob begged as she punched in the code to her lab, “please do not help me with that. I prefer for someone with better social graces to help me, no offense.” “I’ll just follow your lead, be your wingman.” Karrie pushed open the door and drew him into the room. “Knock contenders to your chosen lady-sheep aside with a shove of my birthin’ hips.” She grinned and shoved her purse at him. “Hold this while I get your clothing.” As Rob automatically grabbed the purse being pushed at him, Karrie hustled over to a cabinet and opened it, pulling down the clothes hanging on an inner hook. “I picked something hot out for you to wear,” Karrie said, holding up the shirt and looking at it to make sure it was as nice as she remembered. It was blue, and the slacks were black; she had shoes and socks for him, too. “Your perfume is leaking.” “Hmm?” Karrie lifted her eyes to Rob, distracted by her thoughts of clothing and not immediately grasping what he’d said. Thoughts of perfume were knocked out of her skull when she laid eyes on Rob, who was showing her his oil-wet fingers. The smell of sandalwood filled her senses, making her head reel. The pheromones ripped the friend-goggles she always wore around Rob and showed her a sexual being. And Rob wasn’t just a sexual being, he was a really hot guy. Karrie’s eyes widened and she whispered, “Oh, fuck me!”
  13. Shortly before the DSA Christmas Party Karrie had code-named it the Margarita. First, she loved the drinks, when she was already drunk. Second, she didn’t want to type its real name in her computer. She knew that Horst did spy on her projects. He considered it to be a preventive measure to the Apocalypse. Karrie considered it to be both an annoyance and a challenge. So “Project Get Connor Back” needed a code name. Nervously, Karrie applied her lip stick; not too much, just an accent. Too much make up would make her look whore-y, and from the text messages Inga was sending her, the whores were thick at the party already. Karrie needed to stand out, to be different. She needed to get Connor to realize that while she had fucked up, she was the better choice than Ms. Mega-Lips and the woman you could actually be allergic to. Besides, she’d done her fucking research on Ms. Mega-Lips, and she knew that girl was the Queen of Whores. She was practically the Whore of Babylon, and only the fact that the Anti-Christ hadn’t arrived saved Ms. Muse from being humped to death by Satan. Karrie had a few opinions about Ms. Muse. Those opinions had formed after learning that the woman was spending a lot of time with Connor; the research she’d done had only backed her opinions. After she had it on, Karrie decided it was too garish. Grumbling to herself, she pulled off some toilet paper and removed it. She did a quick check of her outfit again; the black skirt, silky red blouse and black boots were all clean, unwrinkled and lint-brushed. She could have whored it up; she was taking the high road. She was dressed. That left only The Perfume. Karrie held up the test tube, peering at the amber liquid inside the vial. Months of research, experimentation and resources had gone into making The Perfume. Karrie had fretted and worried that it wouldn’t be ready in time for the party, but the monkeys she’d tested it on had fucked for six hours before collapsing of exhaustion. It was as ready as it got. “This is it.” She looked at her eyes in the mirror. “This is the night I get Connor back.” Her stomach curled in anticipation and delight as she considered that in just a few hours, she could have the man of her dreams. Pulling the cap loose, Karrie used an eyedropper to collect a few drops of the perfume. The smell of her favorite scent, sandalwood, filled the air. It was an unusual choice for perfumes, but she’d needed an oil base and this smell calmed her. The scent masked the super-pheromones that she’d infused into the oil, pheromones that would be activated when warmed to body temperature. Something nagged at her, and Karrie stopped before application, peering at herself in the mirror. Something wasn’t right. Rather than assume that her conscious was warning her against trying to manipulate people by effectively drugging them, Karrie’s mind focused on what if it didn’t work. What if it has the opposite effect? What if it made her sick or she broke out in a rash? She’d have to test it. Karrie dragged the glass rod across both sides of her neck, then dipped it again and applied more of The Perfume to her wrist. She was supposed to meet Rob before the party to plan hijinks; she’d ask his opinion. Feeling as nervous as a girl at prom, Karrie capped the vial and slipped it into her purse. The night was almost electric with anticipation and hope for her, and she went to Rob’s lab with an eager smile. The Perfume Innovation 3 Mega-Appearance[12 xp] 1 Enhancement: Seductive Looks [3 xp] 1 Enhancement: Blind Bewitchment (Scent) [3 xp] Quantum 3, Quantum Pool 21 Die-pool: Perception + Awareness Damage: N/A Cost: 10 NP/18 xp
  14. Karrie cringed in his arms, and Rob knew the answer. Oh, he didn’t know the details, but if Karrie had goofed so badly socially that she knew she was at fault, then it had been really bad. He knew that Connor couldn’t do anything to make her cringe. Connor could eat babies and Karrie would probably find a way to rationalize it. She didn’t want to say it. The young woman knew she’d fucked up in such a horrible way. Rob was the only person that Karrie would have admitted this too; he was the only person she could admit this to. It took another ten minutes for Karrie to find her voice and start to speak. “We saw a movie and had dinner… then I invited him to my room.” Rob tensed slightly as Karrie leaned against him, her fingers twinning and releasing over and over. “We were talking… and I told him I wanted him, and how special he was, and then…” She peered up at him, her expression baffled. “He asked about you.” Rob felt his eyebrows rise. “What about me?” “He said he thought we were a couple, back when we all met, and I explained we were just friends.” Unaware of the knife she’d just once again stabbed into her friend’s heart, she whimpered, “Then I told him he was perfect and… I fucked up. I got frustrated because he kept insisting that he was just a normal person and it wasn’t like it was supposed to be and I think I might have gone too fast. I told him how I felt about him. “Then he said he didn’t…” Karrie’s voice cracked. “He said he wasn’t…” She couldn’t finish. “He left and said it wasn’t going… to work.” Her fists balled tightly. “And it wouldn’t be fair to me. I just couldn’t talk… I couldn’t tell him that it wasn’t fair of him to just walk away like that, he barely gave me a chance…” She started to cry again.
  15. I think that the problem with IE is that it has too many possibilities and too little to hook people in. IE has been much more successful as the placeholder for OW games, to be honest.
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