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  1. The twins' jaws dropped as they were faced with the three monster. "Uh, I don't even right now... Summer?" "Not even evening... so not." Summer stuttered. Starsign yelling her commands snapped them both back into the seriousness of the moment and they looked around for the massive hydra beast. They glanced at each other then at Starsign who was already engaged with the mighty beast. "Um, yeah, Autumn spoke up over the clamor of battle. Wh-why are we killing these things? I-I mean... sure you're the hero, been doing this awhile, I get that... but... as heroes, aren't we tasked with preserving life, not stripping it away from creatures who are obviously just as imprisoned as us? They could be pawn in this game too!" Starsign dodged a thunderous bite attack, flying nimbly threw the beast's jaws and coming to a rest not far from the twins, plotting her next attack vector. Her expression was deadpan. "You can't be serious." "Oh, she is," Summer chuckled. Fire interlaced with purple highlights began dancing up her arms. "Try living with her."
  2. "Hmm," Summer tapped her finger tip on the corner of her mouth. "Looks like we have a decision to make here." "Oh, and whatsoever gave you that idea?" Autumn shrugged her arms, still thoroughly miffed about the white skimpy robes that preserved little of her modesty while all of Manhattan was tuned in a watching them. "Was it, oh, I don't know... the three doors sitting right. Here. In front. Of us?" She knife handed in the direction of each door to punctuate her short sentences." "Well, duh." Her sister replied with an accompanying look of self-retardation. Autumn slapped her own forehead. "I swear, I'll bet Crimson Spider doesn't have to deal with this level of idiocy." Times Square... From the massive screens in Times Square almost all of Manhattan was gathered watching the heroes survive the perils of the Arclight Towers. One New York native was crouched along the side of a building, his feet stuck firmly to the glass some twnety stories in the air. The spider themed hero, The Crimson Spider took another bite of his coney dog, his mask halfway raised on his face. While the heroes were doing their thing, he was doing his best out in the world, making sure people didn't go nuts with rioting and looting. To his surprise, things were relatively mellow. He chewed as he looked at phone, inspecting his trending social media accounts when he suddenly heard his name from one of the massive screens. He looked up and smiled. "She's obviously new to the area. Her tourist is showing." Back in the dungeon... Summer approached the third door. "I say we go with 'E'. "Why?" The water aspected heroine approached her sister. "All of these are obviously traps." "Well, yeah, but think about it... 'C' and 'D' are both letters that start off a word that related to male genitals. Which, look at this place," Summer motioned to the entire tower as a whole. "Let's face it, he's obviously dealing with insecurity and shortcoming issues. But 'E'... he probably has some dorky name like, Eugene or Eustace... so, stepping through the other doors are a testament to his manhood, or lack thereof, so they're obviously trapped because has to assert his dominance over us. But the Eugene door is a subtle trip into his fragile boyhood psyche, that little guy who just wanted his daddy to be proud of him... so, not trapped." Completely without words Autumn stood there frozen in pure rapt fascination as to how so much stupidity could be bottled up in such a petite frame like her sisters'. "That's your logic!? Solstice, that is the dumbest thing I have ever heard." Summer crossed her arms and arced her brow. "Well, do you have any better ideas?" "Honestly, no. Let's go." She said hastily and without another word Autumn marched ahead and opened the 'E' door.
  3. "What the hell...?" Summer looked on in absolute confusion and disbelief. "Is she serious right now? We're dead," she said shaking her head. "We are so dead." Autumn just silently nodded. "Yeah. I'm starting to think it might be best if we handled this on our own. Professionals or not, these people are either going to get us, or each other, killed." Summer Solstice offered a low whistle of admiration for the size and scope of the large room. Autumn Solstice looked around and, staying close to her sister, took in the various doors and mumbled a silent headcount to herself. The arclight seemed to be as much of a weapon as it was a power source, perhaps? The building seemed to be running off the stuff, that or the building was weaponized with it. She didn't have enough data to guess what it was or could do, especially since it was apparently some, by Hex's admission, 'god magic'. Autumn pointed to the door the descended slightly down some steps. "Three doors, eight of us. Three-Three-Two should be the teams if we expect to play by his math. Summer and I will take this one."
  4. Just so I'm clear, how is Colombian aware he's being met with doubt and suspicion? No one has really voiced any of that besides the twins and they were away from the group whispering it to each other. If it's just a follow up to their whispers, I get that, but the way it's phrased makes it look like he could hear the entire conversation, which is unlikely considering they were intentionally being private with one another.
  5. So we don't end up with a million posts just to walk through a door, please assume that the twins are following along with whatever the party consensus is. They're there to save the city, so they won't be hanging back and doing nothing. I just wanna avoid taking up time with 'they walk through the door', 'they look for clues', and relatively unnecessary actions that should be a given. Unless specifically addressed, assume they're with the party and 'toeing the line'. If it comes to an RP event or an action scene I'll step up for them.
  6. "Heya Doc!" Summer said with a sweet smile as floated about like a bored child ready to do something to get herself in trouble. "I would imagine if the individual, despite their measure of proficiency at invention or martial combat, is still completely human," Autumn posited. "Then they would die like anyone else. In fact, we metahumans do emit a low spectrum diffusion frequencies that does counter minor forms of ionized or electromagnetic radiation. It's how Summer Solstice and I channel and create the energy needed to make our powers function and the same diffusion property that negates certain forms radiation, thermal in our case. As for your magic Hex, I couldn't say. I'm a woman of science, you're a bit out of my purview." "What she's trying to say," Summer chimed up, floating about like a five-foot eight fairy. "Depending on the science involved, it's possible to saturate the air with ionized or electromagnetic radiation, forcing electrons out of atoms which would cause a lot people without hearty staminas, namely metahumans, to get sick and die. The blue glow we're seeing is most likely the Cherenkov effect." Autumn looked at her sister in shock and awe, then smiled proudly. Summer smiled back and offered her a fist. "Bump it." Autumn did and the sisters pulled their fists away in the universal explosive gesture and wiggled their fingers to signify raining down victory.
  7. Crap. A name! They forgot a name! The sisters looked at each other as they shared that thought. A look of awkwardness came over them as they suddenly realized Mega Girl identified herself and they didn't even think of a cool super hero name for themselves... Oops. "Uh, y-yes we did," Autumn approached Mega girl, untucking the letter from the waistline of what seemed to be poorly preserving her modesty. She reached up and presented it to the blonde wonder. "Whomever this is... they know us, our identities I mean. Logically we can surmise that know who our friends and family are." "I'm pretty sure it's because we post it all on social media, I mean really, you haven't taken down photos of your last three boyfriends, sis. It's kinda awkward seeing three relationships on one wall." Summer quipped. She shot her sister a look that screamed 'not now' and looked back to Mega Girl. "Sorry, that's my sister. She's fancies herself a comedian but really is just annoying," she extended her hand up to the floating hero. "I'm-" "Solstice!" Summer blurted out. Trying to keep her sister from blurting out something stupid, like their names and addresses and how to find them on Twattle. "W-we are Solstice. Summer Solstice, she's Autumn Solstice." Summer hovered up like Mega Girl was doing and waited patiently as her sister shook her hand. "Y-yeah," she gave Summer a sideways look. "Solstice. Twins, I'm water to her fire. It's nice to meet you Mega Girl. And before my sister interrupted, my point was: we need to stop this lunatic. Did you see anyone else coming?"
  8. Added pics of Summer and Autumn in 'super hero mode' to their profile. Noir is being cool enough to edit the pics I posted with more elemental of a theme, but for now, it'll suffice as a visual aide.
  9. The game is set in 2019. No one's heard from Horizon, so I'd say scientist is still avail. Hell, Autumn is smarty with a focus in science, that doesn't mean she can be the only one. Banner and Stark were both scientists and them putting their heads together solved many problems. Point being, there is no rule that says you can be a smart guy or a P.I. just because someone else is also. Hell, I see it as an opportunity for the two players to collaborate with each to be of greater assistance to the team as a whole.
  10. "The Soho 54?" Summer quirked a brow at the towering building in front of them. The Manhattan traffic did it's best to make as much noise as possible as she tried to speak, without actualy moving a single inch. "This place is a dive. You can not be serious." "We're on a limited budget," Autumn replied haughtily. "It's bad enough we had to ask Dad for money, and even worse we had to lie to him about a 'class trip'. It's three and a half star accommodations, that's not so bad." "Like I said," the raven haired attitude of the twins rolled her eyes and sighed. "Dive." "Three minutes' walk from Canal St. Station, Twenty-three minutes' walk from One World Trade Center and fifteen minutes' walk from Washington Square Park," smiled the leafy hued redhead at her negative counterpart as she read the details from her smartphone. "We're not far from a lot of things to see, try and embrace the opportunity we find ourselves in, Summer. We're in Manhattan, c'mon, try and have a little fun!" "Yeah, sure... before some maniac comes by and blows it all to hell," Summer's monotone of sarcasm was not lost on her sister. "Your idea sis. You said we're here to save this place, so, let's not flitter about sight seeing and posting selfies on Instablab or Twattle. I followed you here to save New York, and hear that juicy story... so c'mon, quit screwing around. We need costumes." "Wait, what?" Autumn shook her head. "Y-you're right, I'll give you that, we are here on serious business, but we what?" "Costumes. Autumn it's one thing to want to do good in the world, but we can't just show up to eco meetings and green clubs, with these powers, you're right, we can make a difference. But we can't just be Two Broke Girls... that show's been done and neither of us can fill out a shirt like Kat Dennings. Fact is, we need to be something he people can see and relate to. We need to be role models we need to be... icons. As Marvels, we can stand out and be heard where Summer and Autumn could not. Hence, costumes. Something that sells our brand." Skeptically Autumn raised a brow, but sighed eventually in defeat. "Summer, we both know this is just a reason for you to dress like a tramp, like you do every Halloween." "Okay, point the first," Summer had a quick reply, knowing this is where her sister would choose to strike. "Halloween's sole purpose as a holiday is so we, lovely women everywhere, can dress like sluts for one evening and not be judged. It's a fact, ask my friend Nadya, she'll totes back me on that. Point the second, it's not about trampy or slutty, it's about fact. Name one marvel, hero or villain, that doesn't have an outfit of some sort to look fly as hell in, hmm? Go ahead, I'll wait." She crossed her arms, putting all her weight on one leg with a critically analyzing lean while she chewed her lip, waiting for- "Okay, fine, you have a point." Autumn shrugged in defeat. Victory. "Let's get checked in and we'll go get the stuff we'll need, there's gotta be a fabric shop around here or something," She shook her head in disbelief of what she was agreeing to. "I'm designing them, both of them. No arguments." "Fine, I'm a better seamstress anyway. You draw them up and you can help me put them all together. We'll need some resin too, I saw this awesome YouTube video for cosplaying and making costumes... we're gonna look so bad ass." The squee of excitement in Summer's tone didn't do much to make her sister feel at ease. "Oh, yay," Autumn monotone and roll of the eyes set the man the counter off balance as she delivered a smile that was unintentionally impolite. "Astovik. We have a reservation."
  11. "Sadly, no." Autumn offered dryly. "As much as I hate to admit it, my sister and I have very little options. We're not looking to cause any trouble for anyone, but as she said, if trouble comes to our doorstep, we'll not hesitate to show the trouble makers who is higher on the food chain. We wouldn't ask you to do anything more than what you are doing now. If your goal is to simply help humanity then that's your business, Daniel's as well. I believe this is where Daniel seems to take offense: we're not saying your choices are poor ones, or that they're the wrong choices. We're simply saying that the logic is flawed to an extreme. The translation of Daniel's concept is a simple one: 'while my species is hunted down and slaughtered, I will run away and hide'. My sister's translation seems to have struck a chord with him, and rightfully so, it's a harsh appraisal." ,, Autumn sipped her cocoa, her eyes were all that peered from the rim of her mug. We Astoviks tend to be honest, but crass. those unaccustomed to honesty tend to hear only insults and bullying. Let them hear what they wish, I say. The truth remains unchanged."
  12. "That sounds like a brilliant plan, Curtis." Autumn complimented him with nothing more than words, sipping her cocoa. "But to have to be forced to hide yourself away from the world, living in fear and obscurity, having to recreate your life and surround yourself with lies just exist. Does that not illicit some sort of reaction from you? Your plan, as thought out as it may be, it's not better than Daniels'. We are beings of infinite potential, of limitless possibilities, and yet you two would simply relegate yourselves to being nothing more than common slaves for the very people who hunt down and murder your people. Curtis, you'd invest your time and energy into improving their lives, while ours were still worthless to them." ,, "Can you not see the inherent flaw in your logic?" Autumn looked to Curtis, her gaze locked on his and it felt like she could see right through him. "We are on the cusp of a new world order. The world is evolving and the humans are not longer on the top of the food chain. To help them better their way of life while they're hunting and extinguishing our kind is about as intelligent as the lion protecting the gazelle on the plains from other predators until the lion foolishly allows its self to starve to death. I commend you, both, honestly, I do. A simple life of peace and quite is truly what all of us want, but those are not the times we live it. What you both describe it comparable to just putting a gun your fellow mutants heads, and pulling the trigger. I will step forward and help this world when I'm fairly treated like I'm a part of it. If human rights do not apply to me or mine then nor do their laws. We should not be bound by their rules, bound by their laws, and certainly not be helping them develop a prosperous society in which they can expedite the process of eradicating our kind."
  13. "So, you were a natural prodigy?" Autumn asked, resting her side on the arm rest of the couch. "Well, I may have misjudged you then, I had assumed your intellect was a side effect of your gifts. The majority of our kind who find themselves blessed with superior attributes often fall prey to the fact that they don't come with instructions. Idiot savants are not uncommon among our kind, people who think that because they're brilliant now that they can in some way be useful. More often than not they're still morons with expanded synaptic pathways that are still just running on the fumes of the idiot they were before they evolved." ,, "Oh, please Autumn, tell us how you really feel." Summer chimed up with a sarcastic roll of the eyes. ,, "Anyways," Autumn's tone dismissed her sisters sarcasm. "It's impressive that you continued to press forward despite the obstacles your peers placed in your path. I can feel your pain, Curtis, truly. It's easy to tell which of us is the intellectual one. I spend most of my free time doing Summer's homework while she spends her free time doing everything but her homework. It's a shame too, because she's brilliant." It was obvious that the familial bond between the sisters was strong, they honestly did seem to have that bond common among siblings. Each sister was her own person and despite the differences, they looked out for the other. "I've a question for the two of you, honestly. There's a world out there doesn't want you. You have no rights, getting a job will be close to impossible unless it's the private sector which will barely pay you what your abilities are worth, when your time here is up how do you plan on carving out a future for yourself?"
  14. With a quiet click, the door on the far side of the kitchen area shut and Autumn walked over to the couches, pleased to find a cup of cocoa waiting for her. She tapped the button on the top of her iPhone and walked around, finally sitting across from Summer and near Curtis. "My apologies. I had some business to attend to at the last moment." ,, She was dressed just like Summer, save that her sweater and boots were white. The guys were starting to notice the motif: Summer had fire power and so she chose reds (maroon, red-orange, etc) and blacks. Autumn, being a cold mutant prefered ice blues, whites, etc. Thankfully it served as a fine way to tell them apart, because without the color difference the girls were identical. She crossed her legs, trading her phone for the cup of cocoa on the table, and sat back, taking a sip and relishing for a moment in it's flavor. "My siste rmakes an excellent point, Daniel." Hotstreak amazed that she didn't take the opportunity to insult him. "We've been here an equal amount of time and know very little, if anything about one another. Since it appears my sister has taken some bizarre interest in you for God only knows what reason," There is was, he just needed to wait a few moments longer. "We may as well get acquainted. So, please, gentleman, tell us about yourselves." ,, "For example, Curtis," Autumn asked as she raised the mug back to her lips for a short sip. "When did you realize you were bored with the moronic masses and choose to distance yourself from their idiocy?"
  15. "Tone, inflection, body language. All these things allow another to read who we are and what we're really trying to say underneath what we've already said. You practically wear you insecurities and complexes on your sleeve." Her tone, of course was simple and droned out the words with no sign of emotion. "You will find I keep my cards closer to my chest, Curtis. Let's not mince words, simply put you don't trust me and I, likewise, don't trust you. That's not to say we can not be civil with one another." "I offer you the same invitation my sister has offered Daniel. Join us for some cocoa and we can have ourselves a conversation to, what's the phrase? 'Clear the air'?" She tilted her head slightly and her eyes were like emotionless orbs peering into him (but man, were they pretty eyes...). "Well?"
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