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  1. Yeah, I should have mentioned that. The caveat is you have to do that before other people reply... Again though, no biggie, we all do it from time to time.
  2. Don't worry, we all do it at some point, some of us multiple times a day. It's fixable. 1. Copy your post. 2. As the Artsmythe account in the lower left hand side of your post will will see three options: 'Quote', 'Edit', and 'Options'. Click options and hide your post. Make sure you've copied it, because once you hide it, only Justin can see it. 3. Paste your post in a new box. (Do not hit 'Submit Reply') 4. In the lower left hand corner of the text box you will see three options again. One will be a drop down box that says 'Artsmythe' the a slider that reads 'Notify me of replies' and a second slider that reads 'Hide'. Go to the drop down and you will see that your name and your alternante account are both listed. Select the name you wish to post under and then verify it's selected, then hit 'Submit Reply'. The post, even though you posted with you Artsmythe account, should be posted as your Doctor Psypher account. Easy-peasy. Most of us usually write our posts as our main accounts, then switch the name to the alternate account right before we actually post it.
  3. "I'd like to remind the both of you," Horatio spoke up, keeping his voice at a polite tone and just low enough to not invite anymore stares than were already being shot their way at the moment. "That this is my place of business, so if this street level manner of addressing myself and my guests is going to continue, then I'd like to save some time and simply escort you to the door now." His voice had a certain majesty to it, like the normal , casual charmer that he was had simply bled away in a red gush if irritation at being cursed at in the middle of his own gala. After a slight pause, he continued. "Ms. DeSombra's running her mouth again, I take it? She does that, it's in her nature. It's an attempt to drive a wedge and given your penchant for childish, emotional outbursts in lew of direct conversation and problem solving, it's obvious she didn't have to try hard." He looked about as irritated as a person could get. "She and I, since she's already decided to play dirty, are, in essence scouting you, Ms. Mason. To be honest, you as well, Ms. Flynn. The 'security guy' too. Now I have guests that I have to attend to, after all I am working tonight, sort of. If you would like to know more, Ms. Mason, than I highly recommend you hide your crazy, compose yourself, and for God's sake exercise some decorum." He adjusted the button on his blazer, making sure it was set the way that was comfortable for him. "It was nice meeting you, Ms. Flynn, officially. As always Ms. Mason, it's been a pleasure speaking you, to the both of you in fact. I'll address your concerns when I have more time, that I promise you. Now, do try and play nice, ladies." He offered them both a polite nod. "If you'll excuse me." With that he separated himself from their company, answering the summons from a raised hand of an unknown guest with a polite smile on his face followed by a hand shake. He'd left the ladies to solve their personal squabbles, and prevent further outbursts that place a detriment to his event.
  4. This happening? If so, someone do something. Last two post is mine, help me out here.
  5. This still happening guys? Everyone's gone silent.
  6. You won't receive requests, Nina. The sad truth is most gamers are lazy and complacent, they won't actually reach out to find out what's going on. They'll sit and monitor the thread, waiting for someone to bait them or the ST into giving up something so they can chime in with something that appears to be interest. Like I just did. Anyway, I'm down for finishing out the threads. I'd pick it up afterwards, but we all know I'm not in a position at the mo' to take on more games.
  7. So, on a serious note... Anyone planning on doing something with this? I'd hate to see it die because people stopped posting.
  8. I'm kidding. Although, as always, I'm waiting to see what the plug/socket ratio is. Last thing I want is an all female team of Superheroes.
  9. I was thinking a powerhouse. Ex pornstar who became endowed with great strength and invulnerability, and a magic 'lasso' in the form of his junk that extends to several hundred feet. 'Pornacles Shagndropolis' reporting for duty!
  10. Like I said already, with some minor modifications, Exalted's social combat system works great for Aberrant.
  11. "Sorry," Horatio smirked charmingly. "I honestly thought you two knew each other. I've seen you in her shop, as well as the Grimson man, whom we mt a moment ago, the guy doing security. I've seen you all there, I'm sorry, I assumed you three actually knew the others." He motioned to her apologetically, "Please, though, I'm curious about you. Or, perhaps I could enlighten you to a few of the faces out and about around here? It may help you feel not so out of place?" "She found me," Brent replied rather suddenly, like he was prepared for the question. "The woman is connected, bro. She had a list of everyone from our old unit when she showed up on my door step. That's right, she came to me. She wanted the best, but only a few of us were could be found, or were still alive." He looked at Mel with a slight measure of disbelief and worry in his expression. "She's loaded. Bruce Wayne and Tony Stark levels of money combined and she barely looks out of her twenties. For a bit I thought she was the evil daughter of even richer parents, but I'm tellin' ya man, she's a shewed business woman. She's no nonsense and takes no prisoners." He raised a finger to Mel, still gripping his whiskey glass as he did. "Nothing illegal, before you ask, at least not yet. I mean, c'mon, we both know how people with that much power and money do business, especially when she employs a private security force like us." Mel looked around and quirked a brow at Brent. "Okay, not these guys. She's looking for the best, and that's us. Together we can find a few of the others and we can make some serious money. These guys? They're here just for this gig. I'm talent scouting, and right now only a few of them are making the cut." "It could be like old times, Top. Just with better pay." [Casey] Casey is still listening in and there's nothing wrong with that, so far neither Maya or Horatio have noticed her. Your contact is working and it may take her some time to compile and send that email. At the moment none of Casey's actions require addressing. Keep snooping or return to the crowds, it's your call (there's no right or wrong answer). Sienna wrapped her arm in Ravi's and tilted her head, trying to see in the colours what he was seeing. "Don't believe I've ever seen you look so serious." Ravi's eyes just remained locked on the painting, he didn't even register her as being there. "Ravi? Hellooo?" The modern Adonis inhaled and blinked a few times to break himself of his reverie. "Sorry," he smiled in a near perfect recovery. "It's lovely, I was just lost in a thought." "It is, though a bit dark for my taste," his date replied. "Oh, I don't know," came an unfamiliar voice. The calm, accented tones introduced themselves into the conversation as if they needed no need for an introduction. "I'm quite a fan of," as they both turned the perfect features of their hostess's raven black hair and red lips greeted them. She was everything Sienna knew she was loosing with time and age. "The dark." Sienna was caught off guard but it was obviousshe immediately knew who she was standing in front of. "R-Ravi," it wasn't often Ravi had seen Sienna flustered, which only piqued his curiosity. "This is Ravenna D'Sombra, she's hosting all of this. Raven, this is my date, Ravi FitzCoventry." "Sienna," the shadow clad woman extended her hand and smiled. "Thank you again for all you've done for this event. As always, your resources have been invaluable, as has your time." "Anything to help a friend," Sienna smiled, and the way she said it, the way her voice faltered, Ravi felt that 'friend' was a loose term from Sienna's point of view. Ravenna smiled and her face contorted and distorted into something that went from gorgeous and angelic to something demonic and predatory. Like an illusion plastered upon the fact, Ravi, for a moment couldn't tell which was the false face. What was more disturbing, no one else seemed to notice. He'd seen that face before. He knew this woman. He'd dreamt of her before. "Mr. FitzCoventry, a pleasure," the evil smirk on her perfectly red lips declared that he would not allow Sienna to keep him for very much longer. "Philanthropy? Investments? Do tell, where did Sienna find you? I may have to start haunting there myself."
  12. 1. Strengths don't raise power levels. Weaknesses can lower a power level, but the rules don't cover raising. However, since three levels of weaknesses lower a power by one level, the you could rule the three strengths increase it. That's up to you. 2. You don't remove aspects from Mastery. If you do, then you haven't really mastered it. However if it's thematically appropriate, then I suppose you could remove facets of Mastery to customize the power more. That's a choice and you shouldn't be awarded any weakness points for that. 3. I wouldn't describe them. They are at a level of beauty/hideousness that our minds don't have words for. 4. The answer for Luck 10 Mastery 3 is completely situational. I might, I might not. Depends on the scenario.
  13. Thor is still one of my favorite characters that Proc played. To this day, years later, I still chuckle about a massively huge Dolph Lungren stuffed in a clown car sized shitty old Yugo hating his immortality and shit life. I wanted that game to kick off so badly... too many (myself included) ended up ghosting on it though...
  14. "Eh," Dracian shrugged, still feeling well and good hung over from earlier. "It's for the best. Stealing a boat is easy, stealing a crew? That would take way too long." The ship was a cog, a merchant ship with a single mast. The Look-Far possessed both a fore and stern castle with a single deck. This was a larger model with a mast length of 80 feet and a beam of 26 feet. Between the merchant and his crew there were nearly ten men to distract and or kill if they were to commandeer it, but thankfully at the late hour they were either well into their cups save for a few who were still attempting to unload and sort all manner of crates or wrapped bushels of cargo. Several were on the ship while a few kept rotating from the pier to the ship to unload the cargo while the vessels Captain of the vessel stood on the dock arguing with a local dock official or fellow merchant. Neither looked like they's missed a meal in quite some time. Stealing a ship was not the wisest plan, but like most things from Dracian's point of view: it wasn't wrong if there were no witnesses. A distant scream caught the trio's attention as two scantly clad women were pulled up from the hold. They both looked like they'd only endured minor mistreatment, but they were young and certainly attractive. Two of the Captain's crew drug them don the ramp to the pier and thrust them at the feet of the large man the Captain had been arguing with. It was easy to see they were being offered up as some sort of a bribe.
  15. "On occasion," she folded her arms on the table and relaxed a bit. She knew the menu by heart, having tried just about everything on it at least once since her arrival in Salem years ago. Like most all the other Scions she was a product of foster care or shifting between relatives in the states or, the absolute worst, being completely abandoned to live on the streets and survive the Titanspawn on their own. To say being a Scion was a messed up life for a kid was putting it mildly. Since most Titanspawn would hunt down Scions when they were powerless, before their visitation, to have so many in Salem made it a bastion against those who would hunt them. Yokiko had managed to find a good home, filled with good people who raised her on proper Japanese virtues. "He fancies himself our 'second'. Eric's 'yes man' is all he is. Be it me or Mercedes or Bridgette, he is a little pervert and is always finding excuses to touch us or stare at us. I don't care for him, but I do not fault him. This is not an easy life, we have not had it easy, any of us. We all have our issues, so I try not to fault him for his. I did not choose to be with my current Bandmates, my father was quite clear in his orders to join with them, help them, and to always differ to the leadership. So, that's what I do." Darcy approached the table a bit flustered and her ponytail already looking like it had been readjusted and frazzled and readjusted about twelve times. She sighed and smiled in a great heave of relaxed breath. "Okay," she looked to the two of them. "Sorry guys, again it's been crazy today." She wobbled her pen between the two of them, arching a brow. "So, is this like... a thing, or like... a thing? You two." The Daughter of the Tides laughed. She liked Darcy, regardless of which side Scions were on she was always as friendly as possible. "This is lunch, coffee and possibly a movie. Issun saki wa yami." "I don't know what that means," Darcy laughed. Yokiko laughed softly. "I know." The two ordered and to help Darcy a bit, Austin went to the counter and ordered their coffees directly while their food was being prepared. By the time he'd sat back down with her she was tapping away on her phone, which she put face down on the table as he set her cup on the table. She thanked him and after a sip she spoke. "Why me, Austin? You have very little to interesting the girls at school and suddenly you are interested in me? Homecoming, now this?" Her eyes narrowed as she sipped her coffee again. "And 'because I like you' is not an answer."
  16. The bell above the door to The Drip chimed as the couple walked in. The coffee shop was always crowded and it seemed Yokiko loved that about the little place. It was a melting pot of American culture and her expression seemed to light up the moment they stepped in and the scent of freshly brewed coffee hit them and the sounds and bustle of the weekend lunch rush. "Hey guys!" Darci said with a bubbly tone and bright smile as passed them up with her arms full of plates. Dane sat upon the stage, which the Drip had unofficially given him free reign of, since the young man enjoyed singing and playing so much they couldn't pry him away if they tried, plus the the patrons absolutely adored the young musician so him playing on a relaxing Saturday afternoon only helped business. When he saw the young couple he shot Austin a wink and smile and began strumming on his guitar a simple, relaxing melody. "Sit anywhere, guys, I'll be with as soon as I can. Meg called off this morning so it's only me," she apologized and wandered off back to the kitchen. As They maneuvered though the crowd, past the booths, a hand snapped out and caught Yokiko's wrist. "Kiko," asked Horace Farrow who was sitting with Aaron enjoying coffee and a bit of lunch themselves. He gave Austin an unapproving glare, as well as one could manage through one eye. "What're you doing here with this loser? Eric doesn't want us distracting ourselves with the shit heel brigade." Aaron chuckled silently at Austin's expense. As always they started trouble where retaliation would be good and public. The young Scion pulled her wrist away with a twist of her hand (or wrist, Austin couldn't tell the motion was so practiced and swift) she had Horace's own hand, or at least his pinky finger. She squeezed it closed on itself and he winced in agony as she leaned down and silently warned him. "Touch me again Horace, and you will be left for crows. Just because we are Bandmates doesn't mean we are friends. If Eric has issue with my company, let him take it up with me." With a jerk of her wrist, she let him go and kept walking to an empty booth. As they sat, she took a moment to straighten her hair, letting it all fall down one side of her shoulder. With an awkward smile she spoke as Austin was taking his seat. "I am sorry you had to see that. Horace is a, how you say? A handful? He and I are not on friendly terms and is always trying to irritate me and the others in some manner or another."
  17. Just as with the Dance Yokiko answered the door and stepped out onto the front porch. Austin could hear some talking going on inside, probably between her 'parents' and her. He didn't quite make it out, but when she opened the door and peeked her head in enough to say 'Okay, I will.' Then, 'A friend from school.' Followed up with a, 'I will. Don't worry. I have my phone.' She finally closed the door for good and turned and looked at him, slightly flushed. "Sorry, my family can be a bit over protective." Her accent was still thick proving her time in the states had been short. It was a wet autumn afternoon and it smelled like Halloween. Damp leaves and freshly fallen rain filled the air of the small Salem neighborhood. Everything was wet and a slight drizzle swept in on the breeze. Yokiko was in a pair of black jeans and a deep, ocean blue sweater that seemed a little too big on her and of course her thick leather gym bag which Austin knew contained her sword and who knew what else. "Thank you again for inviting me," she offered him a smile as she waved her long hair back behind her ear. Her sweater seemed to tighten at the cuff of wrist, keeping it from sliding back and forth across her arms. "And for the dance as well. I had a great evening. I heard about Niles Horne and what he did. You did a brave thing for your friend, Nadya. To think we were so close to her yesterday at the boutique and I never realized she was ensorcelled. It shows how little my social circle is." She seemed a bit embarrassed. "I don't have many friends."
  18. Bonus Episode: "The Dance!" Basic Award: 4 points Total- Nadya: 5 (+1 for excessive use of 'Todd') Rachel: 4 Austin: 4 Grim: 4 Fisher: 4 Laurie: 4 Nadya - For being the STs puppet and being a good sport throughout the 'mind control' gig Nadya has learned the Epic Appearance Knack 'Perfect Actor' from the Demigod book. Episode 4: 'Quit Yer Witchin'!' is coming soon! (Get your Halloween costumes ready!)
  19. See? These are the things I need to know. Okay, it breaks down like this: some Titanspawn will leave behind trophies. A trophy and a relic are not the same thing. For example, when you defeat a nemean creature its hide is the trophy, the clothing that can be made is the relic. You can't just wrap the skin around yourself and be protected, it needs to be made into something that can provide you with protection. As for the relics themselves, the finished product is what it is. That means you don't get to pick and choose any powers that go into it, it's not like when you make relics at character creation. For example hollowing out the tusks of a nemean boar might grant the players with a drinking 'horn' that, once stoppered, keeps any liquid placed within it chilled and fresh indefinitely (great for etir). The frozen heart of a powerful Yuki-Onna might grant a player access to the Frost purview. Everything is decided by the ST to help the players get access to the things they want/need to put their characters on the path they want to be on, without over awarding them with powerful objects that throw the game off balance. One it's a relic, unless it's a consumable one, it's generally indestructible, but can still be lost. Forging relics is an art that only a few legendary creatures can do, players generally can't unless it fits the theme of their divine parent (like a Scion of Hephaestus), or they actively seek to learn the knowledge on their own, and even then it takes a lot of training and ST permission. To clear it up now, I generally do not allow PCs to make relics from trophies because they have a tendency to bother me into wanting to customize them and add all sorts of OP garbage like ranged aggro damage that not soakable and shit like that. As recompense for not allowing players to make relics, I generally always have some sort of critter or caper in mind that will allow them to benefit from the spoils of the war their fighting in. Until trophies are processed into relics they don't do much with some exceptions, like giant's blood is pretty much ready to drink right out of the container, powdering horns is also pretty easy, but you need to know this sort of stuff. I don't recommend powdering and drinking everything you guys stumble across.
  20. Justin. Dude. We all know Austin likes Yokiko, you don't have to specify that he's not taking her out just use her for information. If you'd like to do it 'on screen' then by all means, start a thread. You don't need my permission to write side fics as Modern Mythology has an open invitation for Free Writing. While it does say that your side fics can't have anything to do with the current story, there are exceptions (like coming to me and doing something as simple as asking me if it's cool). Possible Side Stories- -What if Darth Vader was evil because he was looking for love in Alderaan places? Dane tackles the tough questions plaguing today's youth. -What's Laurie been up to with Eric? How come you guys haven't seen a whole lot of her lately? -Yokiko and Austin go on a date where Austin will not take her out just to get information from her because he really likes her. -Grim meet and greet! Everyone, come meet Grim and have him stay for a Band meeting or something. Get him up to speed! -What if Google was deleted and we couldn't Google what happened to Google... a Dane introspective. -So, Nadya... still has all your trophies from the Spear-Finger battle guys. She gonna do anything with them? -What's Rachel/Taryn's home life like after Vidar's visit? What did he tell them that he couldn't share with Rachel? At anytime you wanna try writing something out, go for it. If you want me to give you a hand, simply ask. If you guys want all the little side stories to happen 'off screen' and you just hash out details in the chat room, that's cool too, I know a lot of us are short on time. You tell me what you want to do and how you wanna handle it. Justin, if you wanna do the date 'on screen', get it started, I'll gladly write for Yokiko.
  21. [Maya] Horatio laughed. "Those art history classes probably over qualify you, or at least grant you more credibility that a majority of the people here tonight. I'd offer you a job, but it Ms. D'Sombra already head hunted you." His eyes panned her frame with an almost predatory appraisal. "Shame, that." "So," He quickly changed the topic. "I've a few minutes of free time before I have to get back to all of," he waved one hand about. "This madness. Tell me a bit about yourself, how do you know Ms. Mason? You two seemed to share a look of familiarity back there. Friends? Enemies? Frenemies? Any restraining orders between you two I should know about?" He was joking and it was obvious in his tone. He'd already gotten off on the wrong foot with her and was now trying as he might to repair some of that damage. [Mel] "Mel, everything rubs you the wrong way," Brent mused. "She pays amazingly well, and c'mon, let's both address the elephant in the room... none of our brass ever looked as good as her. She might be cut throat, man, but at least she's easy on the eyes." "But, yes, please do think about it, bro. I need someone out here I can trust," he motioned to a few of the detail. "Look at these jack holes. They're either out of shape, roid ragers, or they have a record a mile long. I need people with some moral fiber, some bac bone, some..." "Professionalism?" Mel helped him out. "Exactly," he punctuated with a swing of his champagne.
  22. The Dance was a bonus thread. It had nothing to do with the plot aside from introduce the witches. Marius is no further ahead or behind you guys than when the thread started. It might seem that way, but that's how storytelling goes, you have to ham up the little things to keep the group racing towards a goal. The Dane was nothing more than an angsty cash grab for drama, bond forming and information gathering. I mentioned it at the beginning of The Dance, but I'll reiterate it again: there was no possible way to win or lose during the bonus episode. You guys are still on track for season. Laurie - I'll need you to roll me a Charisma + Empathy and lemme know how many successes you get.
  23. Unless you guys honestly want to go through with it all, Grim can introduced over the weekend (The Dance was on a Friday). The next chapter will begin either on the following Monday after the dance or about a week later on Halloween. Either way, the next chapter will be Halloween parties and witchly angst and heroics (and drama, all that drama). This is the place to ask 'hey, what's up with so-and-so'. If you don't ask, I assume you either don't care (and there is nothing wring with that), or you're just waiting for it come up in the story later. Also, GM freebie... two of you are 'dating' members of the opposite Band... now would be a good time to see if you can get a little information out of them as to what's going on in Salem.
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