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  1. "His name is Thomas Crowne," he slides a chip across the table. "Some people want him gone. Stuck his cazzo in the wrong lady and now he needs to pay for it. Unfortunately, everyone answers to someone and the powers that be are telling my employer to leave the man be. So, he can't do it." "But we can," Mycroft politely pointed out. "Esettemente," Mr. Johnson said. "That chip'll provide you with a last known address and a few associates of his that might know where he's hiding. Off him, and we're talking 1,500¥ for each of ya. Agree and I'll slot you the password to the chip."
  2. It didn't taste like it should have, but the Guinness the lady delivered was made a bit more tolerable by the smile she offered him as she dropped it off. He and the Johnson talked about Seattle's chances for the season while going over a little of Mycroft's background. The shrewed dwarf was smart enough to only tell him what needed to be heard to get the job handled and be on his way. The dwarf didn't care for wet work, it wasn't generally the highest tier of accolades a Runner could strive for, but every runner at least once found themselves an assassin of some sort, whether they were ruining a marriage, a life, job, a history... didn't matter. All things died and sometimes God worked too slow. "Boss," the ork interrupted in a deep voice. Mr. Johnson gave a nod and the second runner they'd been waiting for, arrived.
  3. "You're back? That's a new one. They usually just creep me out." She turned about and skipped up the steps like she wasn't in the middle of a gang infested, toxic, hell hole of a city block. "C'mon, we can go inside." She got to the door and pounded on the thick reinforced steel that was definitely an after market addition that did nothing to raise the property value. Several locks and bolts clicked and the muted yellow light from the inside stretched it's way out in to the street banishing a small portion of the Barrens' darkness. A middle-aged, African American man poked his head around and waved Piper and her guests through. Beyond the door was just as Piper described. A hallway of doors that led to apartments, four floors of them. Almost every door they could see was open and the smells of various foods cooking took hold of their senses. Some sort of meat (they dared not guess what), boiled vegetables of some kind, and others they they couldn't make out. Everyone in the hallway poked their heads out of their rooms to see why the main door had opened. It was just as Piper described, these were just ordinary people trapped with no place else to go. The hallway was lit with nothing more that a strong of white Christmas lights with the multicolored ones wrapped in little designs along the walls that seemed to spruce up the place a bit. They were living on barely any power, less food and currently no water. The halls echoed with that awkward sound of arriving in a new home your unfamiliar with and every step seems louder than it is. Following Piper the ladies made their way down the hall and took a left near the stair case that wound it's way up three more floors. Of to the right of the stairs was a door that was wide open to a small janitors closet. Lengthwise across the room a hammock and littered across the floor were a variety of music softs and a matrix games. The walls were littered with AROs of popular bands and trideo action movies. Wires spread out all over the ceiling and floor to the rest of the building it seemed, all originating from a wall junction box in her closet. Everyone still had their heads poked out into the hallway. "Go back inside everybody! They're here to help," she said, waving her arms in a motion to back everyone up into their rooms. "I hope." She silently mumbled. She sat on the steps, and faced the ladies. "There's my room three," she said with a smile, seemingly proud to have her own space, even if it was an old closet. "So, it breaks down like this... the people here built a well, and well," she smiled. "See what I did there?" Everyone just looked at her. "Wow, tough crowd, hoookay, that well was tapped into the municipal pipes here, but about a month ago a few of us got sick. Then a few more. And about a week ago, the water just to smell funky. It can't be the pipes, so it must be the well. Thing is... it's in the basement... and it's creepy down there. Craig, up on two, he think something might be nesting down there so we need you guys to figure out what it could be, blast it to smithereens, so I can fix the well. And I'll give you 900¥ each for it." She looked to Echo cautiously, yet inquisitively. "I do that right? Job, then money... right?" She ticked off the steps on her fingers.
  4. Shadowrun: 'The Thomas Crowne Affair' The Cutting Edge, Seattle Downtown... The Cutting Edge was a low class bar and strip joint in Seattle's Downtown. The whole place was lit up with AROs and exotic neon lighting as women of all metatypes worked the floor and stage wearing little more than what the Good Lord blessed them with. The music thumped and pounded in Mycroft's ears as he made his way through the crowd, pushing people to the side and weaving through some of the congested areas near the bar. A few polite smiled to the ladies that took an interest in him and he was on his way. He was smart enough to know they didn't want him, just his money. Finding the Ork and the dwarf weren't too difficult. Like the message had said, the Ork was wearing a black 'I [heart] Seattle' t-shirt under a heavy armored jacket. The piece underneath it he wasn't trying to hide very well. His pal, the dwarf, made of the second leg of the security detail for the man he was about to meet. The dwarf was mean looking biker dude with thick arms and a braided grey beard that went almost to his waist. Expecting him, the drawf nodded for Mycroft to pass on by them and into the booth where a short, fat human man who was obviously Italian, greeted him. "Welcome. Welcome." He greeted Myrcoft personably enough in a thick Italian accent. "Waiting on one more, Mr... Mycroft. I'm sure you now how this goes, so in the meantime, may I offer you a drink? Perhaps we can go over your credentials or what passes for small talk." As if on cue a scantly clad, relatively attractive, human woman approached the table and set a drink on the table for Mr. Johnson. "Thank you sweetie, you're a doll. Mr. Mycroft?" He motioned from the lady to Mycroft. She smiled at him. "Heya sweetie. Can I get you anything?"
  5. Shadowrun: 'I Drank What?' It was about two, maybe three blocks away from where Touristville stopped and the real Redmond Barrens began. The Runners had all arrived separetely, making their way to the address on their won terms and maybe it because sun hadn't quite been down too long, or they were just lucky, but they all made it to the building within a few minutes of each other. Horns were blaring towards Touristville, mingled with the screaming and carrying on from a few blocks away echoed almost clearly in the distance. Almost every night was like this out on Touristville. Every well off young kid or wagesalve would hit the strip on the borders of the Barrens to get that extra dose of adventure and excitement pumped back into their lives with the feeling of living on the edge. Yeah, the edge of the edge where the real drek happened. The whole strip was more of a Red Light District for gangs and seedy bars and strip joints. Drugs, prostitution, chips... you name, hell, 'The Strip' had it. 'Regular' patrols by Lone Star kept the tourists relatively safe, some gangs even considered it neutral territory because the businesses all provided protection money so messing up the strip messed up everyone's cash flow. That wasn't good for business no matter how one looked at it. Sure, sometimes someone would go missing or there would be an out of control situation like a bar brawl turning into a gang war... but hey, that's why they came to Touristville, right? To get that real experience? The building was nothign more than a condemned four story tenement that, from the looks of it, was over a century old. The architecture was last century, maybe the 80s? Still it seemed like it would be one of the quint little apartment buildings one might see back on... what was the term? Oh, yeah, Tee Vee, back in the day. The whole place was spray painted and tagged in places that didn't even seem logical (how'd they tag the 4th story corner)? It was riddled with bullets holes, but the brick seemed to still be sturdy. Several scorch marks laced the front of the place so it was either used as a molotov target practice at one point, or magelings were blowing off steam. Every window was boarded up and only the tiniest bit of light could be seen through the tight cracks. The people within obviously were unwelcoming, or living in fear. Echo arrived first, professionally punctual as usual, and came upon an elven girl sitting on the front steps. Echo quickly noticed she was taking no steps to hide the Colt L36 strapped to her thigh. Couldn't blame her, in this neighborhood, bad didn't begin to describe it. She was pale, even for an elf. Like girl hadn't ever seen a lick of sunlight and although one might assume albinism, her stark white hair, she was quick to admit, was a dye job. Jadzia and Red Jenny were not far behind, approaching the building from opposite ends of the street, only to meet at the staircase with a few steps of each other. It wasn't hard for them to guess why they were all here, so in typical Shadowrunner fashion, silence and head nods were exchanged in greeting. "Okay," Piper stood up. "So, uh, hi. I'm Piper, Piper Frost. Everyone around here calls me Rime and I uhh, well, I don't do this sort of thing, like, ever. Bare with me." She carried herself differently than a typical sprawler. She was articulate and obviously educated. And obviously out of place. "So, um, thanks first of all. I appreciate it. So, we managed to scrape enough to pay you guys, but it's not a lot. The people inside are not gangers or chip heads or addicts... they're just, outcasts. Good people with nowhere to go in a world that doesn't want them anymore, or doesn't care." "Anyway," she expressed herself with her hands and communicated clearly. This girl was definitely not in the Barrens by choice. She seemed to perky, to excited... too nice. "So, the tennants and I managed to scrape up, with the three of you, about 900¥ each. Oh!" She swiftly reached to the mall of her back and before her hand madeit that far the three women had their hands on sidearms. She froze like a deer in headlights. "Woah! Woahwoahwoah... it's not like that... just... getting..." She lifted a small plastic card that shimmered to life an ARO that orbited the card announcing an advertisement for Stuffer Shack. "...and a 40¥ gift card for Stuffer Shack? This guy, Cooky, who was crushing on me gave it to me as a present, said he stole it from this touristy guy he guy he mugged and wanted me to have it. Which I guess is sort of romantic, but he was kind of a creeper so I didn't use it..."
  6. The one in the rules thread (which I used) and the one you just posted are different. Which are we using?
  7. Anatoly... Please get with me before you post your character.
  8. >>>>>[I wouldn't waste your time darlin'. Not even a Johnson for that job.]<<<<< - Doc Hollah >>>>>[I posted it. There are some people on hard times and we're stealing as much as we can from the grid already to stay afloat. The people here can barely pay their protection money to the local gangs, let alone hire professional runners to help them go after whatever is sullying the water supply here. It's not much, but everyone has chipped in what they could. Please?]<<<<< -Piper >>>>>[This ain't no charity here, little on-]<<<<< Connection terminated... >>>>>[I don't know how you did that, but you do it again and we're going to have the kind of sit down no one likes to have with me. You're new, consider that you're only warning.]<<<<< -Bull >>>>>[I'm sorry. Trog D'ore is a jerk.]<<<<< -Piper >>>>>[I don't know. I kind of like her, Bull.]<<<<< -DevGurl
  9. >>>>>[It's a hit. Apparently this Crowne guy was sleeping with the Boss's son's Fiance... I dunno. The Johnson in respectable enough. He's small time, not alot of nuyen to be made by making him a full time gig, but, if you want some scratch to blow through for a weekend, hit him up. The work is quick and usually pretty easy.]<<<<< - Cat O' Nine >>>>>[Small time crime family business (I won't say which). If you're gonna do it, do it right, and be respectful. These guys are big on respect.]<<<<< - π Zano >>>>>[Wow, a hit over an affair? Doesn't that seem... excessive?]<<<<< -Kia >>>>>[You should see what they did to her.]<<<<< -Trog D'ore
  10. Welcome to the game's start! Currently side fictions and karma are worth... Side Fic: 1 Karma. Karma: 800¥
  11. House Rules, knickknacks and paddywhacks all go here. You'll also find some interesting stuff lying about. You'll notice that it's locked. Because you don't need to post here. There is an OOC thread to handle all of the questions and concerns. House Rules- Regeneration does not add the Body Attribute. Only what is rolled is healed. (BOD + Hits = Full Health nearly 100% of the time, that's not fair to other players.) This ability is also pending. If it's too OPed even with this clause, it will be further reduced in potency. Positive Qualities 'only available at character creation' may still be purchased. You have to get with me first. Thugs are only packing 4 (Orks have 5, Elves have 3 because fuck em') health levels and do not get a chance to dodge. As long as you hit them, you can move on to damage. They still may resist with Armor, however. Trolls do not follow this rule. They are always the biggest and baddest mo'fos in the room. The Troll Clause also applies to 'bosses' like Lieutenants (earn that money!). You have skills for a reason. Stick to what you know. Skills default for a reason, to allow you to know a certain amount. Just because your Logic is 6 don't assume you know everything... roll the appropriate dice, see what your attribute tells you. Skills in 5E got to 12, but language skills are a bit different. Once your Language Skill reaches 7 you may change your rating in it to 'N', making you a fluent speaker of that language (no more rolls). At your option, should you choose to raise a the Language Skill to 12, you can. Once it reaches 12 you are considered to so fluent wit the language that you speak like a native speaker, accents and pronunciations are perfect. More pending... Shadowrun Etiquette (or, how to communicate) - "Text Here" - This is what you said. "More text here." - That was an emphasis. Text Here - This is what you thought (no quotes). Meaning mind reading spells/powers might hear you. >>>[Text Here]<<< - This is what you said through the Matrix via commlink, email, text, etc... it's electronic.
  12. New jobs are available. Let me know here which one you're interested it in this thread (remember the other thread is IC so you can use it to gain some intel... IC). Note I didn't list pay... some jobs pay more than others, obviosly. As per standard Shadowrun, a Runnner kicks over a decent, good paying run once every few months... until that score comes along they have to make the ends meet... at least until you get some Cred built up. I have a system for calculating the cost of runs based on rep and credibility (and notoriety). Meaning some people might have to work harder to keep their bills paid until they get some credibility under them. Some of you might have burn some Karma for a windfall, we've all done it (and if you haven't, your GMs were really nice to you). There will be a Check and Balances thread posted later. In that thread will be the monthly rewards for trading karma for cash, like the market itself, it fluctuates. It will also list how much Karma will be awarded for side fictions to which rules will also be posted for. By 'rules', I mean some criteria for posting a fic with the means of getting a reward. You can't just go to the stuffer shack and then go home and watch the trideo and claim a point of karma. Sorry, chummer. I will be reading them, and will be assessing if enemies, or repercussions need to result from the fics. So don't go blowing up BTL parlors and thinking that just because you did something good no one will be pissed at you for it. Also. This is Shadowrun. Check your moral compass at the door. You can be a good person and still be a criminal, but no one likes the people that preach about what's right and wrong all the damn time. People will try, at some point, to kill your character. I recommend your character kills them first. This isn't a game about good and evil, law and chaos... it's about criminals doing criminal shit.
  13. ...Welcome back to Jackpoint... ...Accessing services... You have new jobs available... >>>>>[The Thomas Crowne Affair - Find this guy an end him! Type: Wetwork. Interested? <Yes/No>]<<<<< >>>>>[What We Do In The Shadows - Just need some stuff delivered. No questions asked. Type: Courier. Interested? <Yes/No>]<<<<< >>>>>[I Drank What? - Having some trouble with our water supply. Type: Extermination(?) Interested? <Yes/No>]<<<<< Please keep in mind that Jackpoint is only an intermediary. Good luck out there.
  14. I'm most likely going to start this Sunday night or Monday night. Do keep in mind I'm about 9-12 hours ahead of some of you, at the moment.
  15. >>>>>[Everett, Seattle – A body was discovered on the shores of Pigeon Creek Beach late Tuesday morning. Lone Star officers offered a statement saying that the body was that of an unidentified human female. The cause of death was exsanguination and the body was mutilated, authorities said, with the eyes and hands removed. At this time there are no suspects but the crime does match the M.O. Seen previously in murders that have taken place in recent months. Two bodies were discovered on the fringes of Redmond where the rich and elite like to 'slum' it. One victim was scalped while the second was missing her lips and heart. All the victims to date have been females. While this is currently under investigation Lone Star does not suspect paranormal foul play. More as this story develops...]<<<<< -Scoops (--:--:--/----)
  16. Sex that doesn't bother me afterward? Where do I sign up? So, this may come as a strange thought, but work with me here... If you can't reach me in chat you can... here's where it gets weird... post your questions here and I can answer them.
  17. Now that you've essentially done up a profile profile for yourself in the character thread, underneath the spoiler box of your character sheet write a small blurb about your character. Everything under the box is OOC so we don't need 91 paragraphs describing Red Jenny's boobs or the way her hips sashay when she walks. 2 or 3 paragraphs that best describe WTF is going on with that PC. If you need an example, I'll add one to Chunin's later.
  18. Shadowrun 5e Character and NPC Template Birth Name: Aliases: Birth Date: Nationality: Metatype: Gender: Height: Weight: Hair: Eyes: Distinguishing Physical Features & Appearance: Something here. Here And here. Until you run out of things to say... Psychological Profile: Same thing here And here... And here... Motivation: What motivates you? More than one thing? How deep. Three? No way... Current Residence: Where do you live, duh. Life Style: What's your current lifestyle (and what does it cost you in ¥/month) Street Cred: Notoriety: Public Awareness: Attributes- Body | Agility | Reaction | Strength | Charisma | Intuition | Logic | Willpower | Edge | Essence | Magic Limits: Physical | Mental | Social | Astral Positive Qualities: Negative Qualities: Skills- (I could not have made this any easier for you...) Skill Groups: Acting, Athletics, Biotech, Close Combat, Conjuring, Cracking, Electronics, Enchanting, Engineering, Firearms, Influence, Outdoors, Sorcery, Stealth Combat Active: Archery, Automatics, Blades, Clubs, Heavy Weapons, Longarms, Pistols, Throwing Weapons, Unarmed Combat Physical Active: Animal Handling, Disguise, Diving, Escape Artist, Flight, Free-Fall, Gymnastics, Palming, Perception, Running, Sneaking, Survival, Swimming, Tracking Social Active: Con, Etiquette Impersonation, Instruction, Intimidation, Leadership, Negotiation, Performance Magical Active: Alchemy, Artificing, Assensing, Astral Combat, Banishing, Binding, Counterspelling, Disenchanting, Ritual Spellcasting, Spellcasting, Summoning Pseudo-Magical Active: Arcana Resonance Active: Compiling, Decompiling, Registering Technical Active: Aeronautics Mechanic, Armorer, Artisan, Automotive Mechanic, Biotechnology, Chemistery, Computer, Cybercombat, Cybertechnology, Demolitions, Electronic Warfare, First Aid, Forgery, Hacking, Hardware, Industrial Mechanic, Locksmith, Medicine, Nautical Mechanic, Navigation, Software Vehicle Active: Gunnery, Pilot Aerospace, Pilot Aircraft, Pilot Walker, Pilot Watercraft Knowledge Skills: Language Skills: Martial Arts: Initiation/Submersion: Spells/Complex Forms: Spirits/Sprites: Adept Powers- Cyberware & Bioware- Gear- Weapons: (Name) | Damage | AP | Accuracy | Reach (Name) | Damage | AP | Accuracy | Dice Pool | Mode | Ammo | RC Armor: Street Gear: Vehicles & Drones- (Name) - Handling: | Accel: | Speed: | Pilot: | Body: | Armor: | Seats: | Sensor: Karma & Nuyen- Karma: Nuyen: 00,000¥ Relationships- Contacts: Enemies: Pets:
  19. For clarification, ladies and ladies... I'm not against special snowflake characters, I just feel that not everyone needs to be one (or they aren't special).
  20. If you don't know what Jackpoint is... you're in the wrong game.
  21. Prime Runners go here. So if you're not here, well, n'uff said.
  22. So, I don't have to run a full-scale game, but I want to write, so I propose doing a 'game' of Shadowrun. Most of you know the premise... it's Shadowrun. This forum allows for group runs as well as solo runs where you don't always have a partner at your back (so shoot straight). One angle that is commonly forgotten with Shadowrun is that it can be a very plot driven game. It's not supposed to be a game about doing jobs and buying gear, those are means to an end. It's about the life of the character you play and how they make enemies, buy friends and smile as everything and everyone betrays them and the bullets start flying. People are broke, dirty, crooked, and everyone is looking out for themselves... even you. Trust is worth more than a luxurious lifestyle and a fancy new side arm and you have to somehow eke out a living in the darkest shadows of the worst sprawls the world has to offer. You do what other won't so you can one day live like others can't. Ready? The People (Books Allowed): Core Rule Book (I use the 2nd printing) Bullets and Bandages (The Biotech Book) Chrome Flesh (Augmentation Book) Data Trails (Core Matrix Book) Kill Code (Advanced Matrix Book) Street Grimoire (Core Magic Book) Forbidden Arcana (Advanced Magic Book) Run & Gun (Core Combat Book) Street Lethal (Advanced Combat Book) Run Faster (Core Player Book) Rigger 5.0 (Core Rigger Book) Build method is Priority with Standard rules. 25 Karma, 12 max availability ratings, and 10 Karma spent on Nuyen maximum. Metahuman Variants are permitted but you will be held to the standards of that variant. If everyone plays a variant, then I will simply strip them away from everyone and you will just play your base metatype (elf, troll, ork). That might sound unfair, but when one opens the gates to diversity everyone suddenly wants to play a special snowflake. When everyone strives to be special I try and do my part to remind them... they're not. And no centaurs. Period. No recreating anime characters, comic book characters, movie personalities or your favorite T.V. show hero. This isn't Arrow, or Trigun, or Wanted. While the game mimics high-octane action movies and their accompanying scenes, you are not those people in my setting. Make something interesting and relatively unique (we all know originality is dead, so I'm cutting you some slack). I understand that there may be overlap with film and literature we're all familiar with, but the essence of the character should be yours. The Setting will be Seattle to start. I'll accept anyone interested in joining, but I will not do a run with more than 3-5 characters at a time so some of you might not be able to pay the rent all the time. Good. Welcome to life in the shadows. Ask. I know you have them.
  23. For clarification, here is the teleportation conversation. I'm such meany... it's so obvious how cruel I am... Mala: Hey, I had an idea to help with party unity. I was going to switch out one of Clara's Favored Aptitudes from Vitakinesis since it doesn't fit her well and there's at least three other people with it (including two with it as primary). I was thinking of giving her Teleportation and talking with Nina about making it erratic and out of her control. This would create a good situation for her to need Devin's help. That would help her get over her animosity (and have to swallow her pride quite a bit) and give Devin an additional way to show the group that he really is both trying to help and not the jerk he's been before. Does that sound interesting to you? Dave: Nope. You already have Quanta. Teleportation is Devin's thing, to the point where it's the the only power he has or will have. Frankly, Clara already has Quantakinesis, despite it only supposed to be owned by a single player (Cora) who called it in the begining. Quanta and teleportation are the two 'special snowflake' powers, you already have one, personally, I don't think you need both. Instead of stealing my powerset to make amends, just make amends. If Clara can't do that, then fine, at this point I'm pretty much treating her like she's invisible anyway. He and Marissa have packed thier bags and I've let Nina know as such. If you don't want people leaving or separating from the group, quit kicking them out. Mala: Wow. Um, I was trying to be nice. I'm fine not having teleportation and Nina is the one that said to send her three power choices ignoring any previous "called" ones. So that's what I did. The idea was just one way to try to mend fences between the characters to save Nina a headache she specifically didn't want to deal with. Chill the eff out. Dave: That was my nice. Mala: Then you suck at it. Dave: I stated a complete, honest opinion. I did it without name calling or cussing. It's not sugar coated, but laid bare for easy interpretation. Mala: That's not 'nice'. But whatever, dude. I'm not invested enough in you to care at this point. Dave: Fair enough.
  24. Easy peasy. Mala - TLDR. No arguing, no debating, no talking, no negotiating. It's done.
  25. I knew exactly where you were going with him. You knew where the twins were headed. Because we talked and we both said 'cool, let's see how this plays out'. Not really a courtesy I recall getting from anyone else though...
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