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  1. Originally Posted By: RavenshireBut Dave, you gave yourself that badge. SO! It still counts.
  2. Quote:Catalyst is scarred along her back and the back and inside of her legs. her back is covered in polygons formed in to a fibonacci pattern going to 55. Scarred along her back, in the forms of polygons with each polygon ordered via liber abaci going 1 - 55? Is that what you mean? I'm lost on that. Quote:her legs are covered in a fractal. Fractal what? Fractal patterned scars? I can't make heads or tails of this update to the character. Originally Posted By: Hero's SheetElemental Mastery -5 (Weak Nuclear Forces) (-5 Dice Pool, -5 Duration) Weak Nuclear Forces? Is anyone aware of what can be acomplished with such a broad catagory? Does any do their homework before accepting these characters? Have fun Hero, you got quite a bit of godhood out of that deal. Grats.
  3. I've noticed a major majority of the 2009 characters have some listing of their character's sheet posted in the appropriate section. Quite a bit have not been updated for quite sometime, and one is just gibberish of random numbers and words. I was curious, when a fiction is started between two characters why do either participant accept partially updated or not updated at all characters? Would either or any of you accept a partially written post, or a partially written core book and make a game from that? Certainly not, I'm sure. So, I propose a suggestion. Whenever a fiction between you and another character begins, keep a copy of that person's character sheet in note pad on your desktop for the duration of the fiction and hold the character to the sheet they have provided, regardless of what they say they may have (like updating it after the fiction has begun) or can do, if they can't be bothered to update the character then there is no reason you should bother acknowledging that players claims. I know, it may seem rather mean spirited, and I’m okay with that. That’s why I have a badge.
  4. I've always used the 'burning' extra at what ever the statistics were when the wound was inflicted. So if the wound was caused at 0 soak then the burning would bypass the armor on subsequent turns. So, if you had a soak of 20, and AP lowered it to 12, then the 'burning' would effect you with an effective soak of 12 for the continuation of its duration. Others may disagree, but the above has always made logical sense to me. It illustrates grievous injuries that are affecting the character on an internal level or in a manner that armor just wasn't meant to deal with (internal bleeding, something jagged twisting betwen armored plates, incredibly low temtratures counter acting a character made of fire). The list goes on, the point is that armor can be, and should be bypassed from time to time, if it makes sense roll with it, and have fun.
  5. I my Table Top games I've done away with the 5+ successes rule. If a player rolls 53 successes then they may add all 53 successes to their damage pool. It makes for a more lethal game but we've justified it by assuming that when people are dropping down quantum death rays that eventually even the most invulnerable nova is going to get scratched from time to time. Play the game as you see fit. Most importantly have fun with it.
  6. Originally Posted By: Jesse CusterOriginally Posted By: astronomerIf you want to use your Mega-Per dice to aim, you could be aiming for a while. Yeah, but what a shot it will be, when it goes off! Deadshot 30-NP character would get (after 6 rounds of aiming and activating his accuracy enhancement) a total of 17 dice + 3 mega-dice. Someone's day is definitely going to be ruined. Edit: Ooh, I forgot - add another two regular dice for the rifle bonus. 19 + 3 dice pool. Pardon me if I'm not quick to spank off to that dice pool. Regardless of how many dice you roll (20, or 1,000) remember that only 5 of those successes can be carried over for damage. Sadly it's the lamest thing I've seen in a WW game considering novas are capable of 10+ successes with relative ease. Whether you aim or just shoot normally chances are you'll still be carrying over the same number of successes to your damage pool any way.
  7. Sounds like a hoot. However in standing with all the other obscenely long and unpronounceable names I'd have to go with Taumatawhakatangihangakoauauotamateapokaiwhenuakitanatahu and frankly I'm not spelling that out every time. (And yes, that's an actual name for those who don't know.)
  8. <Shakes Magic 8-Ball> "Not likely."
  9. Must have missed that part. Ah, well. Have it then I suppose.
  10. Originally Posted By: Seph OOCBy the way: can it be inferred from this action that the >70% = canon motion passes for this function? You don't think that's jumping the gun a bit? Perhaps it would be wiser to wait and see what is produced prior to accepting everything as canon. As you have it presented there, anything someone writes regardless how off the wall it may be would be considered canon. Need I remind anyone about a certain individual whose temple idea and Denver idea caused such a ruckus, just to name a couple? I would recommend judging each piece on a case by case basis. The last thing I would like to see is White Rat and Catalyst collaborating an idea then seeing every baseline on the planet erupt with a 2nd grade education, and you guys having to deal with that. Just an idea. By all means, continue as you were.
  11. Originally Posted By: EndeavorI just feel I'm being set up for either NCing a storyline I and Long have set up for a while, or killing off Endeavor because of some zealot. Quite frankly I'm getting sick of this, so you guys better pick one or the other because right now I'm just tired of it all. Humor me for just a moment. Endeavor, knowing that Long is married to a sociopath, sleeps with said sociopath's husband, becomes impregnated by said sociopath's husband, and on top of that decides to bear his children. Note all this was done with the player and the character knowing full well what repercussions could result from it. I know you said it was resolved, so I'm not attempting to call you out on any of those failings, I simply think that you have no place to be irritated or complain if anyone related to the story line knocks on Endeavor's door and decides to have it out with her, verbally or physically. Accept the responsibility of the characters actions.
  12. Quote:For starters, it isn't 'Minority Report' because we're not dealing with individuals, we're dealing with social groups, governing bodies, militaries, etc. You're talking psychology, we're talking sociology. So for starters, there are no "individual" rights to be considered, here. We're talking about influencing large groups, something that when it's done by corporations or activist groups is called "lobbying" and is perfectly legal. My humblest apologies, I'm under this crazy assumption that organizations are comprised individuals whose leadership guides and motivates the members of that organization. Again, sorry, my bad. Quote:You seem to have made some pretty interesting leaps in logic, so I'm going to correct you. Such a group, if formed, would notice a trend, predict the likelihood of a particular event, and contact the parties they see as providing the greater service to the world. If such a group doesn't want help, that's their problem. Nothing inherent to the group says that they have to pull the strings for the entire world; the idea is to offer people who have the best chance of making the world better the opportunity to capitalize on the help of a nova think tank. If they opt to refuse that help, fuck 'em. You can't stop all problems, and there's no sense in trying to help someone who doesn't want it. So your second and third paragraphs pretty much fall flat. Now that you've taken the time thoroughly explain exactly what you meant by your first post in this thread, you're right it does make sense. Damn, ya got me. Quote:Effectively, what I'm reading from you is that you chafe at the idea of a group of novas with that much investment and influence in baseline social, political, business, and military trends. Good. You should chafe at it because it is a fucking scary idea. Good thing we're the good guys. Doesn't bother me in the slightest. No matter what you posted, what you said, faxed, e-mailed, or whatever the case may be those nova wouldn't scare any of my characters in the slightest. They would only have the power to sway my PCs in the manner I allowed them too. If that means they have no jurisdiction to predict anything involving my PCs then so be it, all you could do about is accept it. Quote:You know, Dave, I'm tempted to just say "Yeah, that's pretty much it, you can't do shit about it, suck it" and leave it at that, because it's become so very, very hard for me to take your criticisms seriously. It's like you've become a cartoon of a sane and rational person. It's shit like this from people like you that really makes it a waste of my fucking time to post here. So fuck you guys, fuck your forums. I don't need the goddamn headache. Again I was under the assumption this was a place where I voice my opinions, criticisms, complaints, approvals, compliments and what not. So I did. You may notice the "Sounds exciting" part there on the end? Yeah, well, that's because it did. It's an interesting idea to juggle the world and see if you don't slip on a peel and watch how it was pulled off sounded interesting. Now fuck it, I could give a shit less. About you, your characters, your plans, this whole goddamn place. I can be mocked and ridiculed any time or place, why should I take shit from pixels on a screen? I have better shit to do.
  13. Originally Posted By: Seph OOCThe proposed group is an active force rather than a reactive one, using data accumulated from various global theatres to mathematically predict various global shifts and to take preemptive action to steady or derail those shifts before they happen. Sounds like Minority Report. Guess the future and strip away an individual's, city's, or nation's right to freely make their own choice to A) screw up, or not screw up. So you call up nations and tell them that if A,B, and C happen problems will occur. If said nation doesn't listen you take measures to make sure things end up the way you want it too. What happens if they tell you to piss off? Let me guess... you guys do it anyways and somehow no one every realizes they've been manipulated and you guys are never caught. Because essentially what you're discussing is a form of Robinhood Terrorism. Sounds exciting.
  14. Oh for fucks sake, come on guys n' gals. Just say "Yes: the idea seems sound." or "No I think the idea can dance on my piss clams while rubbing sand on my assy nipples". It's a game, quit with all the analytical bull shit and just give it the laugh, or the nod. Personally I think that by 2017 there would have been enough Native American's erupted to get the Indian Nations back on their feet as an established and respected culture. While by no means are they a super power I'm sure by now that those statistics have dropped significantly. I don't need anything to back it up with or anything to prove me right or wrong. I base my assumptions on things like novas are changing the world. Antaeus can teraform a dead country but some other nova can't lower the crime/rape rate against Native American women? I find it doubtful. That's not to say it doesn't happen, but I don't think by 2017 it would be any worse than it is now, perhaps it might have decreased as Native Americans erupted (like Waki) and "policed" their own lands. Face it, knowing there is a nova who will kill you if you touch one of their woman (and who can prolly find you) is a great crime deterrent. However, as a neutral party ATM, I would be willing to concede what the majority decides here.
  15. Dave ST


    I'm really sorry to waste everyone's time like that, I really am. I certainly didn't plan on takin' off like this it just happened. I just gotta get away from this place for a bit. Casual posts are cool but actually 'playing' right now just isn't something I can do, I can honestly say that I'm just not having any fun with it anymore. What's done is done and cannot be undone.
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