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Status Updates posted by Charlotte

  1. Appropriate onomatopoeia for the Transformers noise: "vru-chu-chuh-cha-chak," "tsche-che-che-che-tsche," "wokka flocka flame."

    1. Justin OOC

      Justin OOC

      do I need to post links from the movie again?

    2. Nina


      go ahead it will make you happy :)

    3. Sailor OOC

      Sailor OOC

      Totally using "Wocka Flocka Flame"

  2. The beast of finals has been slain. Free time is mine again.

  3. I have found a dance electro remix of Yakety Sax, so the perfect Shadowrun music has been found.

    1. Youko Inoue

      Youko Inoue

      So Pink Mowhawk it pops blimps flying overhead!

    2. Youko Inoue

      Youko Inoue

      So Pink Mowhawk it pops blimps flying overhead!

  4. I've got a new name for a little while. Hi.

  5. Failed one test. Probably gonna fail another. On the upside, I should be back to regular time here again, soon.

  6. I'm going to try my best to pull it out with my courses, so I'm heading into the isocubes for a month. I will try and check in with regularity on the two games I'm in, but feel free to remind me via PM if I fall behind. Otherwise, see you all soon enough.

  7. The bad news is that I did only okay on a test I thought I'd aced. The good news is that I know what needs to be cut from my life in order to focus on school. The other bad news is that unfortunately, No Exit is one of those things. Update in the OOC thread.

  8. In the spirit of Damon's last update: the Justice League as a D&D party. http://www.sillof.com/C-DungeonLeague.htm Courtesy of Patton Oswalt's Twitter machine.

  9. Update: credit card's been cancelled and the $400 that someone in Costa Rica now has, has been disputed... annnnnd, it's the first day of class, so sorry, everyone, this might take a little while yet.

    1. Dawn OOC

      Dawn OOC

      Mike, as always, real life comes first. We'll be ready when you're able to focus on fun again. :)

  10. My credit card has been suspended, my credit card information may have been stolen, my work phone cuts out randomly and my cell gets terrible reception in this building. I will try and get on top of things in No Exit today but it looks like an uphill climb.

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    2. Sunstar


      Oooh Jesus man. That sucks. Hopefully you can get this sorted out

    3. Dawn OOC

      Dawn OOC

      I hope today's better than yesterday was, Mike.

    4. Gabe OOC

      Gabe OOC

      Good luck Mike. May the sky fall on the heads of those who did you wrong.

  11. This is a Kickstarter project I'm backing that I think deserves a little more attention. http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/benatural/be-natural-the-untold-story-of-alice-guy-blache/

    1. z017


      It got funded! Yay!

  12. The kind of day where you wonder if you didn't just straight up end a sixteen year old friendship without really trying. Holy fuck did I blow it.

    1. Gabe OOC

      Gabe OOC

      Sorry to hear. What happened?

    2. SalmonMax


      If you're talking about what I think you are, don't worry too much. It's not as serious as you're afraid it is.

    3. Sunstar


      Sorry to hear that dude

  13. Russia is well-known for its impossible water and existentialist woe.

  14. Going to be taking a break from the chatroom for a while, folks. If you need me, PM me here or hit me up elsewhere.

  15. You can check out any time you like. But you can never leave.

  16. the Order is forever

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