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  1. "... in a manner of speaking. She's a scholar and an expert on the Age of Giants. She has connections within the community of other scholars and students of history; she may know where artifacts that are stolen from the people of Xen'Drik are being moved around the city. She's also not strictly truebred khorvar - she's the result of a mingling between a relative of mine and a human. She's family, so: try not to kill her, or insult her too much?" There was movement abovedecks, and Soluzek looked upwards. "They'll be looking for me now. Whatever plan you have of getting into the city: good luck. I hope you find what you're looking for."
  2. Date: Olarunne the 14th Place: Korth, capital of Karrnath Dawn broke, with some reluctance, over the city of Korth. Ana had settled here, in a small dwelling with a draft that didn't bother her as much as it would others, in the hopes of getting to see the Twelve and figuring out what had happened to her dragonmark. However, the Twelve had started out by giving her the runaround, and then something had happened that had made them close their doors. While she waited for them to open, she walked the city. She found herself at the station for the lightning rail, feeling the crackle in the air and the smell of ozone, and the elemental bound within her dragonmark stirred, sensing the departed presence of one of its kind. It didn't communicate in words, so much as in feelings shaped like concepts - difficult to describe to an outsider. Ana felt she'd have to invent a language just to get the basics down. She was about to pass through when she caught a familiar sight: two of the crew of the Harmony, the ship she used to serve on. The captain, Dev, was enjoying some ale and bread with one of the lower decks crewmates, a dreamtouched shifter named Rox who had stark white head hair and fur. Both of them seemed in good spirits... for now. Ana thought back to the circumstances of their parting and wondered if that could last...
  3. It howls as it was struck by (contemplating the void,) thrashing around inside of Adaa's mind. Then it reared back to strike, and then... Then it hit a wall. Adaa had no idea where the wall had come from, or even what the wall was, at first. She touched it with her mind, and realized that it was not so much a wall, as a mind - or a portion of one - interposed between she and the il-mnemos. It felt solid in a way she'd never encountered, not even with her brush against the quori, and then Adaa realize that it wasn't dense - it was just big. It was Venn. Comparing his mind to the others was like comparing an ocean to a river. He had no oversoul - no spirit line preserving a refugee from Dal Quor - and was plainly not a kalashtar. And he was wounded - his psyche scarred and burnt, as if by an attack so terrible she could scarcely contemplate it - which is why she could already feel the il-mnemos sniffing her out again, through the cracks in the wall...
  4. "So not that highly, then." Soluzek nodded. "A story we're told - that I don't believe - is that when the hero Aeren let the People to their new land, the drow refused to come, and many suspected that it was because the planes touched Aerenal differently than Xen'drik, and would require new traditions that not all wished to embrace. "But all of that's lost to time. Even our oldest Deathless aren't that old. Anyways. I ask, because I'm going back to Stormreach. I have a church to manage, after all. But I know someone who will be able to help you better than I could. She's khorvar." Isstia knew the word - it meant "half-elf," a product of an elf and a human's coupling.
  5. The man in the armor frowned. "Possibly? He's a night owl, so he's currently resting. Is it particularly urgent, worth waking him up, or should I get one of his assistants instead?"
  6. Work kicked my ass so hard it landed half a province over. No update tonight - I'll try to get one tomorrow morning!
  7. Faz "Tomorrow afternoon it is. See you then!" A little poking around revealed that Ebeneezer was spending a lot of time at the office for the Special Liaison for the Order of Rekkenmark. Rumors abounded that his coffin had been moved into the station house, but no confirmation was made. It seemed the wisest course of action, because the Order was the one that tended to deal with the more pressing and unusual threats that Karrnath faced... Tobias "Okay. Be careful, Tobias. Anything that can poison an entire field... well, you might be okay, but be careful anyways. With that, Tobias set out towards the guardhouse.
  8. "I hope not, unless they're good ones." She thought for a long moment. "Swimming might work. Or since they'll be docking on the port side, you could hang off the starboard, where their attention won't be focused... "So what exactly have you heard about us? Not the rest of mortalkind out there, but the other People - the elves?"
  9. Through a combination of fear and rage, it avoided Adaa's counterattack, and attacked again with (stillness of the blossoms in fall.)
  10. She nodded. "I won't stop you. After what they did..." She sighed. "Just make sure you get the right people." "You've been picking up Common very well. I'm impressed. So what's your plan? Once we've docked, they're going to start unpacking the ship, and then they're likely as not to figure out you're on board. So waiting until sundown might not be the best option..."
  11. At the mention of the Order's name, one of them straightened up. "All right, okay. Tell you what. The guard house is just down that way..." He rattled off a series of directions. "When you get there, ask for the Special Liason from the Order of Rekkenmark. Three k's in Rekkenmark. If you're not just doing whatever you all do for fun, you can tell it all to them. Aright? Aright." The other one looked as his partner askance. "You're taking this seriously?" "Rather not lose another building to those sons of buttfucked dogs. Yes, I'm taking this seriously." He nodded at Lysa. "That should do you, then?"
  12. Date: Olarune the 6th, 998YK Location: Off the coast of Sharn Dawn broke over the bow of the good ship Springtime Belladonna, and Isstia knew this by the faint tingle of irritation that the sunlight gave her, even down in the cargo hold. She had completed her exercise and training for the moment and was resting, keeping her breathing quiet enough that nothing short of a hound would hear it – and the Springtime Belladonna kept a ship’s cat instead, to deal with rats. The cat never hissed at her, but it never stuck around long enough for Isstia to get to know it well either. It, and Soluzek, were the only two faces she’d seen on her journey. The secret knock at the wooden panels was given, and Soluzek herself made her way into the small stretch of the cargo hold that Isstia had carved out. The female elf wasn’t like her – Soluzek’s skin was pale and a little freckled, and her hair was red with black streaks. She had strange gods – something called the Undying Court – but she had recognized in Isstia a kindred spirit, and had kept her hidden and helped her on her quest. Soluzek sat crosslegged on the floor. She pulled out a small package of jerky. “Here. It’s your favorite. I was saving it for today; it’s the big day. We’re going to be docking at Sharn by the end of the day.” Isstia knew little of Sharn; she knew that it fed ships to and from Stormreach, the city of the pale strangers, and she knew that it was where her quarry had travelled. But what Soluzek had told her still seemed fantastical – buildings the size of small mountains, flying skiffs, people of all races pressed together. All roads led to Sharn, the saying went. Including the roads travelled by the killers of her tribe, and the thieves of the holy totem of Vulkoor.
  13. Tobias "Started far out in the farmlands that feed the city, and it's been a minor problem for over a month that's blooming into a major one. They say the wheat grows crooked - or just doesn't grow at all. I'm not sure which areas. There may be a division of the city guard looking into it, since a food shortage affects us all. Or the distribution centers for House Ghallanda may know more, as well?" Steel Falcon For a moment, the guards looked intimidated. Once they reckoned that Lysa wasn't about to attack, they started to get a little dismissive. "Oh yeah? What's so important, then? You just tell us and we'll pass it along, all right?" Faz "One we'd be most likely to run into would be Ebeneezer, and..." Dr. K frowned. "All else aside, I just would rather avoid talking to him. Beyond who he is, and yes, I know that's bias on my part, but beyond who he is I have heard he has not taken the destruction of Cyre very well." He sighed. "Not that anyone has. Don't think he had family or friends there, though. More that he was having existential troubles grasping an entire nation lying dead and bloated in the sun. "You can talk to him if you want. I understand he's plying his trade as an investigator now."
  14. Nothing to respond to in the JLE #0 thread, so no updates today. See you all Saturday!
  15. As Adaa stumbled towards the door, she struck back against the monster, but it dispersed with the scent of pine needles. Then it reformed, attacking her with (smell of ocean air) and Adaa tried to raise her guard against it - but the smell of the air reminded her too much of her journey and the isolation she felt, and it seized on that, on the fact that she was alone... ... but then the door was thrown over, and Carn - distrustful Carn, scornful Carn - he was the first one through. He locked eyes with her, and grabbed her head gently, and the il-mnemos was deflected just in time. The smell of sea air faded, because she was not alone. "West! Venn! Quickly! It's locked inside her mind." "But our oversouls - " West began. Venn made a grunting sound. "She's got it bottled up. The door's one way. Quickly." Nodding, West began to prepare to add his strength to Carn's. Venn hung back, oddly enough...
  16. I actually have recruited the two players I need, and one of the former players has returned, so we're comfortable where we are. Thanks for the interest! I'll keep you in mind should things change.
  17. The beasts roared, and Adaa could feel its formless nature take on the shape of (smell of honey) as it tried to disperse, attacking her with a hundred tiny nibbles at her core instead of one big one.
  18. Tobias "Well, there is food, but there is also a food shortage. This drives up the price of all food, and that means that the more expired food remains all the poorest can afford." Melv sighed. "It's the way of things. Though... hm." He thought for a moment, then spoke. "Tobias, I'm not sure what's causing the recent food shortage, but my bondmate heard rumors of a supernatural blight - one that has even the Houses Ghallanda and Jorasco scratching their heads. Maybe this is something you can help with?" Faz "If our seedy friend here - " Dr. K smirked thinly at the joke. "... is up to what we think he is, maybe a mix of both. If he's spreading blight among crops, perhaps the distribution centers in Korth for that sort of thing may be a good bet. Or see if there's any stories of tainted crops making their way into the sickbeds of the city?" Steel Falcon Initially, she tried the rail, but once she'd exhausted her reading material Lysa found she could outpace the lightning rail. Still the marker stones that conducted the elemental carriages still made for a nice guiding path. It didn't take her long to make it to Korth, and once she'd touched down, the question of where to go first presented itself.
  19. "Yes! Yes. Karrnath. And yes. I have quite a selection of books on Aundair..." Adaa was only partly paying attention, as on the psychic plane, the thought-eater gathered its strength, and leapt between minds. She felt it land in hers, and felt a shudder of revulsion as it sniffed out the memory she'd carefully offered up... And then the door swung shut behind the creature. It roared with a psychic noise that filled her thoughts, and the battle was on.
  20. "If we knew that, they wouldn't be much of a terror organization. That said: Karrnath's capital, Korth, might be a good place to start. There was a recently uncovered cell there - they fled, burning the building, and the local guards confiscated whatever was left - whatever they could find, anyways. You could try talking to them. Alternately: you could go to the building and see if they missed anything."
  21. The Justice League of Eberron #0 issue is live! Go get 'em, Steel Falcon/Faz/Tobias. Everyone else, including the upcoming new players: regular updates will commence soon.
  22. Time: Early Therendor, 998 YK (the month following Olarune) Places: Karrnath, Breland Steel Falcon "Thanks for meeting me on such short notice... 'Steel Falcon.'" Ezi smiled a bit at the name. "No, no, I'm not making fun! I like it." He hung up his coat at the rack that Lysa kept at the door to her quarters, then took off his hat. "So I have a lead. It's in Karrnath, and I understand if you don't want to leave the country with your legal status all - " He tilted his hand back and forth, then he took a deep breath. "It's about your father. I went off the descriptions of the other people you said were meeting with him and I may have something. One of them fits the description of one Benjamin Droth, a functionary who was caught with his pants down and that blunted his political fortunes, which is how the paper's Karrnath office found him. He is confirmed to still be alive as of the Day of Mourning, so I don't think he was in Cyre. "The thing is, ever since that incident he was rumored - nothing printable, but he was rumored to be mixed up with some more radical elements. He might have a connection to the Order of the Emerald Claw, the disgraced shock troopers and knights of the nation - since they were disowned and went into hiding they've become radicalized too. They're dangerous news, even for someone who fought Xander Troy's prototype warsuit and won. But it's the best lead to finding more about your father that I've found." Tobias Tobias told himself that nothing good was ever easy, and it helped as he and the priests and priestesses worked to establish the Silver Hearth. Korth was an ideal place to start, close to the border as it was and the capital of the nation. But it had taken extensive negotiation to even get a foothold, and even then, it was the Low District. Tobias didn't mind - the Low District was where help was needed most - but it did rankle some of the others. Currently he was using his powers to cure several particularly nasty cases of maggot fever, a disease that often affected the sick of Karrnath - the infestation taking root in the stomach and making it impossible for victims to keep any food down, letting them slowly starve in anticipation of the maggots' next meal. But the maggots were cleansed by the Silver Flame, and they were day in and day out the mightiest army Tobias had faced. As he tended to the victims of each in turn, one of the priests entered - a young half-elf man named Melv, who was steadfastly faithful but who tended to drink too much. He surveyed those Tobias was tending too, and shook his head. "Horrible. It's spread by bread that's been on the shelf too long. I wish they didn't eat it - no, I wish they didn't have to eat it. But I can't blame them." Faz Faz stepped off the platform of the lightning rail, the air still thick with the lightning elemental's discharge. He watched as other passengers fought to keep themselves from being stung by static lightning. Dr. K stepped out behind him, muttering as he adjusted his collar. "I swear that the damn elementals do that on purpose. Yes, I'm aware that they're little more than roaring bundles of instinct when bound to these things, let a man be mad at something. All right, let's see..." The doctor toted his bags further away from the platform. "Faz, do keep an eye out for pickpockets? I would rather not lose my identification papers while stranded in a strange land where they probably still collect corpses for the army. Now, ah yes, here we go." Dr. K unfolded a piece of paper that had a carefully illustrated picture of a halfling, dressed in leaves and bark, with a seed replacing one eye and an expression that spoke of the lack of mirth one found on a halfling's face only when House Jorasco informed you your coin purse was empty. "Well, he won't be hard to find. Where to?"
  23. "The history of Khorvaire! My, you might have to narrow it down a bit. We have books on Cyre, on Aundair, on Thrane and Breland..." He made a face at the last name, and Adaa felt a flicker of loss. Like so many others, the librarian had lost someone in the war. "And of course, there's... it's on the tip of my tongue. The one with the... oh, what is it called..." Inside of the man's mind, the il-mnemos stopped in the middle of eroding the foundations of memories of a favorite book - a gothic romance from one of Karnnath's cherished authors - and it turned its attentions to her. She could feel the beast's equivalent of feelers looking for her.
  24. Said this in chat, but yeah - go for it. Updates shortly for everyone!
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