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  1. Penda took out a small sheet of parchement and dipped a quill in an inkwell, then started sketching. "All right. So: the Sharn Museum of Antiquities policy on artifacts from outside of the Five Nations is, ah, kinda a grey area. There's things in here that honestly should never have been brought here, from hundreds of years ago, that we're not even sure where to return them to. But: it's a grey area that gets a whole lot less grey when dealing with peoples that are still alive, such as the drow. A few weeks back I was contacted by some dealers who were trading in that sort of thing. They were offering this..." Penda then showed the drow a sketch of one of the sacred artifacts that was stolen - a small statuette of a drow drider-scorpion, that Isstia recognized instantly because of the missing portion of the left claw. "At least a few hundred years old, and they said 'there was plenty more where that came from.' Now, this was just after I got the send from Solly, so I decided to not say yes and not say no and could I have their contact information? "They said yes, and their dealer frequents a tavern called the Shifty Whistle. Shifter bar. I dunno if they're still there. Do you want to go have a look?"
  2. "Welcome. This is Lysa - " Ebeneezer indicated her. "And Tobias. Tobias, Lysa, my... associate, here, likes to try on new names like others try on clothes, so I'll let them introduce themselves." Ebeneezer took a sip of his drink, then set it down, taking care to keep it on the cork coaster. He waited for introductions to conclude, then spoke again. "As I mentioned, we believe that the Order of the Emerald Claw and the Children of Winter are working together. Droth is the key. Recently, a cell of theirs was discovered and they fled, before burning the building to the ground. Everything was lost, except for a small lockbox - " He pulled a lockbox out from underneath his chair, depositing it carefully on the table. "We haven't been able to get it open. The lock is magecraft and the six sides are reinforced. So I suppose my first question to you is: can any of you get this thing open?"
  3. "Aright, Isstia. C'mon inside. I work late sometimes so they ain't gonna give me a lotta horsepucky if I'm there. I'll let you know what I got for ya." Penda turned around and starting working the keys to the lock. After a moment, the lock gave way, and she re-entered the museum, beckoning for Isstia to follow. Inside was much more hospitable to Isstia's eyes, with so few torches lit, and she saw an eye-opening variety of exhibits and objects of art shrouded. There was an exhibit of a spiked chain similar to hers, though it was dated back to the hobgoblin empire; there was a long-inert aberrant dragonmark, etched on what looked like a cobblestone from the streets outside; there was a painting called Dwarf With Apple that was a dwarf holding an apple. Penda's office wasn't far from the entrance.
  4. The Empty Socket was the first warforged-run bar that anyone had ever seen. The bartender, Squish, was a giant older-model warforged, and the name of the bar was apparent once visitors saw that Squish had an empty eye socket. They (Squish felt neither male nor female gender was appropriate for them) tended bar with the kind of efficiency you saw in warforged, with a list of drinks with very simple names and prices. The new arrivals - and the one staying there - saw that Ebeneezer had arrived not long after sunset, looking healthier in body... though with one empty glass in front of him and with him already nursing another, perhaps not in soul.
  5. As the trio of them walked back to the enclave, West - usually quieter and shy - answered her questions. "To be a kalashtar is to endure, and to preserve. "We embody - and guard - the spirit lines of the refugees of Dal Quor, who felt no kinship with the other quori, and so the first truth of the kalashtar people is that every soul - even those who seem the most monstrous - has the capacity for good. We meditate along the Path of Light, turning the wheel of the age, so that one day Dal Quor will be remade, and the monsters that rule it will be remade as well - into something more noble, we hope." Carn nodded. "However, prayer for something ageless centuries out does little for problems here and now. Usually, in our enclaves, we have little to fear. We have little to steal and so we pass unnoticed, concentrating on our meditations and the preservation of our oversouls. But perhaps..." Carn frowned. "Perhaps in so doing, concerns in the here and now go unanswered."
  6. "Leavin' so soon? Huh. It my breath?" Rox breathed on her palm, and sniffed it. "No, but maybe chew a mint leaf sometime. Lee: once the ship's back in shipshape, I was going to ask. Are you interested in coming back?" Dev put on his more charming of smiles. "We miss you, honest."
  7. Penda Hawn jumped a little in shock at the sight of Isstia, but regained her composure. "Well... well now. Howdy. You're the one Solly told me all 'bout then, huh? What do I call you, then?"
  8. As Venn disappeared into the crowd, West took half a step to pursue, but Carn shook his head. "Whoever that was, I sense that pursuit is poking a nest of hornets best left tranquil." "Understood." West returned to the small group. "Adaa, you have just beaten one of our most feared beasts of legend and saved a man's life at great cost to your own. You may stay with us as long as you wish." Carn bowed his head in respect. "We ask that you respect our ways, even if you don't honor them - but if you do that, you will have haven with us, and any who take issue will find you vouched for by me."
  9. As the group dispersed, Lysa - the Steel Falcon - climbed higher, and hovered in the air above Korth, taking in the sights of the city below. She found her gaze drawn to a pair of smokestacks, from a magewright production facility - tough to tell from this far up, but what they made wasn't what drew her gaze. For a moment in time - and a moment was only how she could quantify it, it being anywhere from half a second to a full ten minutes - the smoke from the smokestack, buffeted by the random whimsy of the winds and the stray heat pockets of the hearth below, formed an intricate, spiraling shape, and... ... maybe it was just her biases, maybe, but she could have sworn, for that moment, it had taken a shape much like a dragonmark. Then the moment passed, and the smoke continued to unfurl, and the pattern was lost in the setting sun of Korth.
  10. Eventually, sun gave up ground to the moons of Eberron, hanging in the sky and refracting moonlight through the ring of Siberys, visible moreso than usual for this time of year, looking like gemstones cast on velvet across the night sky. She emerged from the water, and made her way into Sharn proper - a dizzying assault on the senses to rival that of the sun, even as she stuck to the shadows and the rooftops. There were peoples of all shapes and sizes, even moreso than in Stormreach. It didn't take her long to find her feet, however - the people here had their rituals and their ways of doing things, and within those rituals were the blindspots one came to expect of people - blindspots she slipped into easily. They had music here, and foods, and even their own versions of murals - she passed one of one of the golem-people they called 'warforged,' only this one had wings. (The significance of the wings was lost on her.) She followed the map, and made her way to the Museum, and outside of it spied the halfbreed elf that bore a resemblance to Soluzek, on the front steps, turning the keys in the locks and clearing away a little windswept trash that had collected in at the steps of the building.
  11. Dev took a swig of his drink, then set it back down. "Right now the Harmony is being fitted with a new binding ring - because someone not at this table cracked the last one and it wasn't up to standards any more." "This someone'd be nicknamed 'the Hov,' if you take our meanin'. Link spell with Zee cut out at the wrong time. So while it's bein' fixed, we aimed to travel around to places outside the usual run. Casin' up contacts. Just 'bout done an' gettin' ready to hop on the rail. How 'bout you, then?"
  12. Carn stared down Venn, inches from his face. "I just realized, Venn. I recall you being at all rituals where we would link minds, but I never saw you linking with anyone." "Didn't I? I must have forgotten." "But we were linked just now. I caught a glimpse of you. You don't have an oversoul. You're not kalashtar. What are you?" Venn pursed his lips for a long moment. Then he spoke. "Carn, West: thank you for your hospitality, which I'm going to treat as being at its end, since that's not a question I can answer right now. Adaa: thank you for saving that man's mind. You and I will talk again - soon." Then, unhurriedly, Venn turned around and started walking away, towards the crowded streets of Fairhaven. Carn and West exchanged glances, then looked to Adaa, uncertain of what to do.
  13. "Droth. All right. Once we find him, you can have your time alone with him. All of you - meet up after sunset at the Empty Socket. It's a watering hole on the other side of the city - here, I'll draw you up a map." Ebeneezer withdrew a few scraps of paper that looked not as important as the other heaps on his desk, and drew out a quick map for Tobias and for Lysa. "Try not to get in any trouble between now and then."
  14. She final blow struck true, and she felt it dissolve inside of her mind, streaming away into (freshly cut wood,) (contemplation of the void,) and (purple.) It was gone, and she was triumphant. The kalashtar, and Venn, withdrew from her mind. "Well, now. That worked out splendidly, I'd say. No, no - she's well." Venn waved to the librarian. "She'll be fine. Relax - " Carn and West wouldn't take their eyes off Venn. Carn said, in a low voice, "Outside. Both of you. Now."
  15. At hearing the mention of the name Benjamin Droth, Ebeneezer sat up a little straighter. "Well. There's a name that hasn't been made public. So... hmmm." He stood, and paced for a few moments, just long enough to let those present grow slightly more impatient. Then the vampire spoke. "So I can tell you this much: we suspect, strongly, that your concerns are linked. We believe that the Children of Winter do have a hand in the blights that have struck our fields fallow, and we believe that they are getting substantial support from Emerald Claw cells, and we believe that Benjamin Droth is the key linking all this together. But we aren't yet sure how." "I have an idea of where to start, though. There is someone I plan on meeting and I would like to bring you two along. You look like you can handle yourselves and it wouldn't be the first time we've relied on adventurers. Would you be interested in joining this meeting?"
  16. "Hope not. I'm piss at hunting. As for where to find here, here." Soluzek handed Isstia a map of Sharn, which came on multiple pages to denote the multiple levels of the city, and with a set of instructions on how to navigate to a place called the Sharn Museum of Antiquities. "Her name is Penda Hawn. She's not much in a fight but no one knows this world better than her. Good luck. And Isstia? Stormreach is nothing compared to Sharn. It's a rough town if you don't know where you're going. You look like you can handle yourself, but be careful, okay?"
  17. "Ana!" Dev brightened at meeting her. He stood up and gave her a hug. "Of all the place...! Rox, did you see?" "The twist of manifested patterns becomes snarled and jumbled, difficult to make out. Smoke from a campfire versus smoke from a forest fire. Much at once. Too much. Is the fire one that warms or one that burns?" "Ah, ignore her. She's having one of her little spells..." Rox suddenly smiled. "Spells? Naw. Just yankin' the anchor. Ana, you ol' so-an'-so, you have a seat an' catch up! We were just enjoyin' a little food before the big trip home."
  18. "All right, one at a time. One at a time. You." He pointed at Lysa. "Words like 'Emerald Claw' are thrown around far too lightly nowadays. People see them around every corner and down every sewer grate. I hear tell warforged aren't prone to exaggeration so that's why I'm going to let you speak directly to me and not my assistant. "And you - " He pointed at Tobias. "I've heard about you folks from Thrane, handing out bread with one hand and getting ready to convert the unfaithful with the other, and the word's spreading around that they're running out of the former due to some magical famine affecting crop yields." He sat back, and took a moment to read the documents Marvin had deposited on his desk. "Children of Winter, you say? Hmm." He clucked his tongue, sniffed the air, then paused, then leaned forwards. "Marvin, thank you, I will take it under advisement. Tobias, and what's your name, or designation I suppose to use warforged terminology: tell me what you know. And I want you to stay in this room as you do the telling, because I have a feeling your concerns may be linked."
  19. Welcome!There is a dice roller in the chat room, long as you have a witness. Right now the chat requires you to set up a separate login. Then you type "/d XdY+Z" with no quotes, where X is the number of dice, Y is the type, and Z is the modifier. For example, "/d 1d20+1" rolls 1 d20 and adds 1. For a more permanent rolling solution, I use Coyotecode, found here. To create a click-to-open spoiler box, click the button that's an eye, next to the bullet points in the text box: Also, the quote marks button creates quotable text bars that always stay open, that I typically use to host OOC comments I want to ensure people read. Welcome to the Justice League of Eberron!
  20. Before too long, someone in an official-looking uniform came out, and beckoned for the three of them to follow. Assuming they did, they were escorted into a gloomy room with no natural light. There were chairs arrayed before a very messy desk, and a pale, weary man sitting behind it. He regarded them all. "My name is Ebeneezer. I'm Special Liason to the Order of Rekkenmark. Forgive me if I look tired, but I'm usually not out and about in daylight on account of not wanting to explode like a jar of alchemist's fire that's gone bad. I understand you all have an array of concerns to bring to my attention, however?"
  21. The astral equivalent of vital fluids, each evoking the scent of a stroll through the marketplace around dinnertime, emenated from its psychic wounds. It thrashed about, and Adaa felt, more than heard, the thoughts of Venn - or whatever Venn was. BE BRAVE, ADAA. BE STRONG. IT WILL NOT EAT ANOTHER CHILDHOOD MEMORY; IT WILL NOT CONSUME ONE MORE THOUGHT OF A LOVED ONE LOST TO POINTLESS WAR. I AM NOT SKILLED ENOUGH IN PSYCHIC COMBAT TO DEFEAT IT, BUT YOU ARE. YOU CAN STOP IT. YOU CAN SAVE THEM. Then the creature locked onto her, and attacked, reduced to little more than blind fury...
  22. At Tobias' inquiry, the guard that had just finished talking to a tall, unusually designed warforged turned to him. "Seems to be a popular gentleman today - well, gentlebeing, I suppose. Tell you what, you wait over there with the other one waiting to see him and I'll see what I can do to get one of his assistants out here."
  23. "... in a manner of speaking. She's a scholar and an expert on the Age of Giants. She has connections within the community of other scholars and students of history; she may know where artifacts that are stolen from the people of Xen'Drik are being moved around the city. She's also not strictly truebred khorvar - she's the result of a mingling between a relative of mine and a human. She's family, so: try not to kill her, or insult her too much?" There was movement abovedecks, and Soluzek looked upwards. "They'll be looking for me now. Whatever plan you have of getting into the city: good luck. I hope you find what you're looking for."
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