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  1. Isstia was distracted by the unfamiliar scents and smells of the restaurant/tavern, so she was taken completely by surprise when a voice spoke to her from a few feet behind her. "You're drow. How interesting. You're a long way from where you belong, aren't you?" The voice was a woman's, and it had the particular inflections of an elf... and Isstia knew, deep down, that she'd found her half-drow, and that the woman had the drop on her.
  2. "I've no idea if that's a safe house, or a place with a safe. But I do know the location." Ebeneezer tapped the map with a fingernail. "We can be there within the hour. Unless any of you have other business to wrap up?"
  3. "Well, complainin' with me on your back might have ended in me gettin' dropped. THere's laws against cab drivers doin' that." Penda went inside to grab drinks at the bar, while Isstia followed. The restaurant-slash-tavern was at partial capacity, so Isstia didn't have much trouble blending in as long as she stuck to the shadows. She scanned the room, looking for signs of her target.
  4. "Let's take to the rooftops," says Ebeneezer. "They never check up there. There's a particularly nice gargoyle up that-a-way - not an actual gargoyle, mind, this isn't that part of the city." The group regrouped, atop the building, far enough up that the drop in teperature was felt more acutely by those who still felt the touch of winter. Up there, Ebeneezer opened the lockbox. Inside was a collection of notes that seemed to do with artifice, something to do with a "Ruby Ray," some kind of pocket-sized magical device - though deciphering further would take some effort - and equally important, there was a map with a location inside the city circled. Scrawled on it was one note: "safe."
  5. Penda nodded, and in a few minutes' time, a sky card was hailed. As it ascended, Penda gripped nervously, white-knuckled, onto the seat. "Nervous?" asked the cabbie. "Yeah." "First time?" "Naw, I been nervous lots'a times." Twenty minutes later, the two of them disembarked, Penda paying the cabbie. They walked down the streets towards the Grey Dragon. "So what's the plan, you going to stake the place out?" asked Penda.
  6. There was a thickening of the air, a cloud of mist that reformed into the vampiric form of Ebeneezer. He coughed, self-consciously. "Possibly may not have had a choice. A lot of people returned from the Last War missing parts of themselves, irreplacable by magic for whatever reason. He may have felt it beat not having an arm at all. "Now - " Ebeneezer waved towards the fleeing Eagle Claw. "They're going to come back with reinforcements. Perhaps we should vacate the premises?"
  7. "Worthyworthyworthyyyyyy..." The half-man, half-warforged slurred down and fell into unconsciousness at the impact of Faz' fist. The remaining pilot in the telekinetic bubble took one look at this, and started to flee the scene of the battle.
  8. "That I do," said Penda. "It's up near the top. You wanna climb with me on your back the whole way or should I order up a skycart, heretical magic that it is? Bearin' in mind it's a long way down, an' you might wanna not be tired by the time you get up there."
  9. Barricade fought off the assault, and shook his head at Lysa's rhetoric. "W-w-we s-serve something gr-reater-r than ourse-e-elves. The Emerald Claw is l-li-ife fo-for the wor-orthy - "
  10. "One person, specifically. A half-breed like - " Silvertooth paused, as Penda leaned over the bed. "Like what?" "... like such a fine person such as yourself. She's a half-elf named Beryl Syn. She's a frequent patron of the Grey Dragon. And - there are rumors that when they say she's a half elf, they mean half one kind of elf..." He waved towards Isstia. "...and half your kind of elf. Which, I am given to understand, is fairly rare, and may make this a family affair of yours, no?"
  11. Even though the shock of getting skinned by another bolt, Tobias' aim was true. Alpha steered straight into the jet of flame, and the instruments immediately fused; the telekinetic bubble collapsed, and the Eagle Claw fell to the ground, the pilot frantically trying to right the ship. The second one continued to concentrate on Tobias, but Tobias could tell that he was beginning to lose his nerve... Barricade's artificial arm reconfigured into a nasty looking drill, as he attempted to gore Lysa on it. But it refused to spin up, and Barricade stuttered out a curse of frustration. "W-w-work, you - work, y-y-you - working - work-ki-ing - " And the Terror Claws were either down or fled, so they didn't have a say in the proceedings.
  12. All failures; three Terror Claws are taken out. The fourth one freaks out and runs, so he's out of the fight unless someone decided to chase him. There was a mighty swing, and three soldiers of the Emerald Claw went flying. The fourth watched them go, took one look at Faz, and decided that years of radicalization and training mean jack spit in the face of a giant ogre that could sneeze a human in half. He ran.
  13. "Ah. Them. All right." The shifter looked at the ceiling, lost in thought. "All right, so: introductions. I'm known as Silvertooth - " He grinned, showing why, as several of his teeth were replaced with silver fillings. "And I am a middleman for artifacts from Xen'Drix. I match up buyers with sellers, and vice versa. "My job means I try not to ask too many questions about where they come from, but I have one hard rule: no magic. What happened was that I found out that a buyer that I'd been coordinating with through a third party was circumventing that rule by assembling artifacts that had little to no innate magical power on their own, but that combined, could be a different story. Besides being illegal... well. There are things on Xen'Drik you don't want mad at you. Such as - " He gestured vaguely towards Isstia. "They caught wind that I was thinking of going to the Sharn city guard - I wasn't, but the rumor was enough for them to try and do me in. My name is mud in the grey market antiquities world now and the second I get out of this bed I am heading out of this rathole of a city. Xen'drik's not worth the trouble. Your people can keep it."
  14. Steel Falcon dropped on Barricade with the force of a small keg of alchemist's fire, and Barricade raised his metal arm. The impact shook through the street, rattling windows and shaking dust loose... ... and Barricade was unharmed, locked in melee combat with Lysa. He was still on the ropes, but not down yet.
  15. The telekinetic attack bubble was wreathed in more flames, and now the apparatus that held it all together was starting to smoke visibly. "B! This one's trouble! I need backup!" shouted the pilot. Reluctantly, the second pilot swung its bolter back around, and they fired in unison at Tobias. Downstairs, the Terror Claws chose to panic - one of them, anyways, diving under a table in fear. The other three took their swipes at Faz. Finally, Barricade yelled in frustration, sounding like a phonograph skipping in place. His arm reconfigured into a bolter, firing a shot at the Steel Falcon...
  16. "Yeah, you do. This city ain't nomadic - it's where it is 'cause it's located on a manifest zone, which is how they build the towers so tall an' have sky carriages in the first place. So we live differently. Not better - just differently. The world's a huge place an' you'll see a lot of places even weirder'n Sharn." At a signalling from one of the Jorasco halflings, the two of them were informed that the shifter was taking visitors. After Penda settled up the tab, they proceeded. The wounds had mostly closed, leaving nasty looking scars, and the shifter was still weak, but conscious. He rolled his head to look at Isstia. "I understand I have you to thank, for me being alive."
  17. "I suppose you wouldn't know about this, but there was a war recently. It was so huge, everyone called it the Last War as a warnin'. Everyone had a part in it, even if they didn't fight. We all gave some, an' some gave all. That's why you see so many sick in there. "Those people in there, a lot of them can be treated by the halflings, and their Mark of Healing - an' the fact that many halflings have that mark is how they contribute. But even if that wasn't so, abandonin' them - after they have given so much of what they got to give - is wrong. It's wrong. They may not be ready to fight, but in Breland - in Khorvaire, period - you don't have to fight to have value. You can work in a clinic like this. You can open a tavern. You can operate one of the sky coaches that let people around here fly between the towers. "And even if you can't do that, or any of a hundred other things? They would be worth the effort, if for no other reason than because having them around to remind us - forcefully, if necessary - of the cost of war helps make sure we think twice before getting in another one. And that goes for everyone. Even if you never fought and came by being lame of leg some other way, you still are important. People matter - to me, anyways. "It ain't a universal ideal, as you probably figured out, or else we wouldn't be at this building right now. But enough people believe in it, that this buildin' is here in the first place."
  18. Faz-as-an-ogre swung a mighty fist, sending two of them flying, one all the way down the bar, drinks dunking on him as he went. The other four looked as one to their flying comrades, then looked as one to the one that sent them flying. "Okay," said one of them. "This could be bad."
  19. Barricade's arm click-clacked and rotated as he reversed the grab, then as Steel Falcon reversed the reversal, he slipped free. "You zzzt you're good. I'll grant yy-y-ou-u that-t." Despite his bluster, Barricade looked in bad shape.
  20. Max, can I get a post with your action in JLE #0? Or is it in your post, and I'm just not seeing it?
  21. The telekinetic apparatus was wreathed in flames, and while the pilot twists and avoided the worst of it, some of the supernatural heat had made it through the bubble and into the controls. "Alpha!" called out the unwounded one. "Barricade is in trouble! I'm covering him!" "But - he - dammit, Beta - " Alpha, the one that Tobias had wounded, stayed to attack Tobias, while Beta turned his bolts on Steel Falcon. Meanwhile, Barricade staggered to his feet, sizing up the warforged in front of him. "Nice shot. Let's see if you can fight with your eyes fused into glass - " The omni-weapon that made up his arm reconfigured, and fired what looked like a magical flare at the Steel Falcon, There was a blinding flash of light... Finally, the Terror Claws manage to jockey for position a bit more, and the newly shapeshifted Faz finds himself facing down four attackers, not just three. It didn't do any good, as they found their attacks surprisingly difficult to land, on such a large target... Steel Falcon, you have the initiative. What is your action?
  22. Steel Falcon wound up, connecting with Barricade squarely on his golematically-enhanced chin, sending him flying up end over end and sending him crashing to the ground in a heap of dust. The enhancements in his body made telling signs of stress failure and fatigue as he struggled to stand back up.
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