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  1. Outside the bar, the woman in the uniform stepped closer, and now BB and Firanis could see that she was a psi-stalker - though a far less feral-looking one than most. She was holding up her hands disarmingly. She cocked an eyebrow at BB's antics, then both of her brows shot up upon hearing Firanis mention a Red Rambler. "The Red - oh, wow. Okay, hold on, I'm going to touch the side of my head again, okay? I'm not going to hurt you at all." She then slowly tapped her head again, listening to a voice only she could hear, her eyes unfocused. Then she nodded, tugged at her collar nervously, and started to speak, her voice raised. Inside the bar, Tamika arched one fuzzy eyebrow at Adam. "So, let me get this straight. You think that the curse that was put on me was designed to undo itself? Bloody hell, I wish it were that simple. And if the Federation's mastered time travel then we're all buggered six ways to - we're all in bad shape." Tamika's accent slipped out of the common medley of accents that was common in this part of North America, but she caught herself in time. "No, I just got pulled along with the rest of you cheery folks - " She was interrupted by a voice from outside. "Ah, excuse me? Hi! I know there's at least five of you in there. Listen, I can guarantee if you come out here you won't be harmed. You're probably wondering what's going on, and I can tell you this much: you're completely safe. I have bad news, good news, bad news and then more good news, in that order. If you come out here I'll share it with you all." The message delivered, she turned to BB and Firanis, looking a little flushed. "Whew! Now, I'm going to reach into my pocket and I'm not pulling out a weapon of any kind, all right? I, uh, I have a fruit bar." Off their askance looks, she shrugged. "I'm hungry."
  2. Inside the bar, Tamika's eyes widened, and at first she didn't seem to hear Squidge - but she found herself soon enough, and nodded. "Hi! Hi. Uh. So..." She rubbed the back of her neck, as her tail flicked nervously. "So, here is the thing. I can see the Spectrum - I mean, we all have a different way of describing it and that's how I describe it." Off the blank stares, she winced, and said "A different way of describing how we perceive machinery, I should say. I'm a techno-wizard. Well, here is the thing: I used to be." ----- Outside, Firanis saw what Adam and Kensie saw, that the town was not destroyed so much as preserved; everything kept the way it would be in idealized circumstances. Her Rambler wasn't there, but what she saw instead was an unusual sight; a woman dressed in a strange uniform, who locked eyes with her from across the street. The young woman looked human at a distance, and upon seeing her, tapped the side of her own skull. ----- "See, I ran into one of the Federation's worst - someone who had a real vendetta against techno-wizards, claiming that the industrialization of magical skill was cheapening hard-earned magical training. Which wouldn't be a problem except he was part of Lord Dunscon's unification campaign, with access tot he Federation's most coveted artifacts and spells, and - this is a long and boring story, but he put a curse on me." She looked to the side, looking like she was reliving a raw memory. "Afterwards, everything I built didn't work, I couldn't see the Spectrum, I didn't even register as a mage. And while I was great at turning a pistol into something that shot telekinetic bullets I never seem to do well with regular machinery. So I wound up playing the guitar for my supper and that's how I met GeeGee. And listen, now that that's done, two important things. "First, there's tiny machines in the air - that's what I was looking at. They're not malicious, at least, I don't think they are, but they're in the air. I think they're just generally scrubbing out toxins and pollutants. That's Golden Age tech if not even more advanced. And these aren't conventional. They're techno-wizard machinery, beyond anything I've ever seen. And secondly..." She swallowed thickly, and licked her own nose out of nervous habit. "Secondly, the condition of the curse was that it would negate my magical abilities until a hundred years had passed." ------ The young woman outside held her hands up, disarmingly, and after a few seconds, Firanis heard a computerized voice speak. "Translation spell complete." "Sorry about that, I had to load a translation spell from the Weave into my exocortex." She winced. "You probably don't understand a word of that, if what the sensors say is correct. So - you look lost. Are you lost?"
  3. The actress playing Magic on stage looked around the room, calling out quietly, and then more loudly: "GeeGee? Where are you?" Then, upon seeing who was left, the person was startled. "I didn't - do - what do you - " She grappled with the prop concealing her face, finally slipping the gas mask of the ley line walker off. She was some kind of d-bee, or a mutant - definitely not human. She was, essentially, a cat girl, with fine brown fur, a small snout, and ears on top of her head. She smoothed the fur on her face back into place, then - a little more composed - tried speaking again. "I'm Tamika. Please, I had nothing to do with whatever - this - is. I'm just a performer, ever since - I'm just a performer. Now where's GeeGee? Where's the rest of the bar? Why's it smell so nice?" Tamika hopped down from the stage - not threateningly, but she leapt down nonetheless. She looked around. "Wait, it's more than a smell. It's almost - as if - " She narrowed her eyes, looking at something in the air in a catlike fashion.
  4. Outside, Trep warmed up to Kensie, as Sy paced behind him. "Born and raised. We're getting out of here first chance we get, though. Don't wanna live and die in the same 40 acres, you know? We figure the army'd be the best way to do it. Ride around in a UAR-1, carry a C20 rifle, you know?" At her blank stare, Trep started to launch into a detailed explanation of Coalition war machinery, with the zeal of a young man getting to explain to a pretty girl the details of a young man's passion. --- Inside, Ianoko regarded Phere with no small amount of fear - it was obvious that Ianoko had concluded that Phere was a psi-stalker, and had no desire to be someone's dinner. As the conversation progressed, her temper flared slightly. "I know it was not those two because their voices were different, and the Coalition doesn't use disguise magic. And that makes it even worse because I have no idea how many there are out there who would do such a thing - or, just as bad, that would stand aside and let it happen. "Do not mistake me. I am happy to have helped with the harvest. I like the people here. But I wound up feeding the ones who attacked me, who looked fully at the work I do and decided that hate would nourish their spirits more readily than food. I can't - " She closed her eyes and held up her hands. "When you say that I am making them dependent on me, that is what they say too. That I'm here to take over and change their way of life. I'm not here to take over. I'm not scouting for the Federation, which they like to say I do when they think I cannot hear. I just farm. I give thanks for a world with six inches of topsoil and rain enough to grow the wondrous plants of your planet. And they will never believe me." She sunk into her chair, then spoke after a long pause. "As for a duffel bag, you can get it at Sy's trading post, in front of the flophouse. Why, are you leaving town as well?" --- On stage, the two performers prepared for mock combat - but then, they both lowered their sticks. Their faces were hidden by the props, but their body language suggested that both were defeated, not by a duel but by dawning understanding. "What does it matter," said Technology. "They're both threats." Magic took a long moment to respond, and then... ... then Phere felt the hairs on the back of her neck stand up, as something - something large, and unfathomable, and most of all, magical made its presence known, like the change in barometric pressure before a storm... ... and outside, Adam felt the sword at his side vibrate with a heat he had not felt in a long time... ... and then suddenly, everything in the bar - and on the street outside - changed. All the buildings were still there. All the seats at the bar, all the tables, were still inside the building. But instead of the general loud state of disarray the bar was in, everything was neat and tidy and quiet. Outside, all of the buildings suddenly looked in much better care - fully restored and freshly painted. There was a paved road down main street. The town's walls, flimsy before, were suddenly massive, to the point no one could see over them. It was raining slightly, and the air smelled clear and sweet instead of the faint metallic tang of pollution. The sword at Adam's side was still warm, and Phere's involuntary sniff of the air was met with a strange sensation - the background magical field that she could make out was both much stronger, and somehow sweeter and more refined, like water that had been cleansed. And then, the six of them noticed one more thing: there was absolutely no one else around them - with the exception of one person, on the stage, her head hung low and holding a stick with a star taped to it. And the performer was also a mage, of some kind - and hadn't registered as such, until a moment ago. "So we both did it," said Magic, dropping the prop stick and finishing the play. Then she paused, and looked up at the four remaining people in the bar - Squidge, Phere, BB and Firanis, her expression unreadable through the gas mask, headwrap and prop lenses. Outside, Adam and Kinsie's quick look around town revealed one thing of note: a plaque in front of Simon's trading post and flophouse, that described it as "Simon's Trading Post and Flophouse, Preserved As It Was in 109 PA."
  5. A moving-the-plot-forward post is incoming, so if you have anything you want to get posts, now's the time. If you've got nothing to post before the moving-the-plot-forward post, let me know!
  6. Trep and Sy looked to each other, and Trep gave a bit of a smile and a shrug to Sy's mild headshake, and Trep waves to Kensie. "Hi! I'm, uh, I'm Trep, and this is Sy. Are you new here?" Sy found an interesting flurry of dust to admire across the road, as Trep and Kensie talked. Simon was in the back, filling the order, so he wasn't present to react to the discussion. --- In the bar proper, Ianoko gingerly took Squidge's hand, looked to Phere, and then whispered to Squidge. "I do not know if I'll be staying. I know you want to help, but..." The d'norr looked fearfully at the exit. "If it were just those men who want to be the dead-who-walk, that would be one thing, but they are not the ones who attacked me. I feel that the Coalition will inevitably put down its boot, and when that happens, I'll regret staying. I've heard of troubles back in the Federation, but..." She shook her head. "They can't be as bad as this." --- On stage, Glitter Girl and her companion started the play. The siblings in question met, referring to each other as "Sister." Glitter Girl was a born natural when it came to theatre, but her companion wasn't quite as good, taking a while to warm up. Initially they were polite, but soon it degenerated into argument, the two of them gesticulating with their props. The thrust of the argument of Technology was that Magic opened the rifts, ruptured the weave of space and time, and allowed the unfathomable to roam the Earth. Magic countered that the golden age had built enough nuclear weapons to blow the world up twenty times, and the mass deaths that started the chain reaction that led to the rifts was entirely the fault of those weapons being used when they never, ever should have been. "Everyone lived under the threat of death by laser and robot and armor and bomb." Magic waved the stick around for emphasis, getting into the role with enthusiasm if not much skill. "And now everyone lives under that and the threat of demon, of rift, of spell and psionics," countered Technology. "If humanity knew of you, then they would never have used such weapons. You hid yourself from the golden age. No one knew of the threat you posed." "Whereas everyone knew of the threat you posed," countered Magic. "Which is worse, the threat you live under every day or the one you never see coming?" Technology raised her stick, as did Magic, looking as if they were about to duel - the traditional climax of the play, as one would beat the other in the fight and therefore have won the moral argument.
  7. Sy's spine seemed to dissolve upon facing what suddenly looked like a heavily armed bar, and with a sneer on his face, he rose from his stool. "Beer's lousy anyway." His friend looked to Grep for absolution, and found none, and the two made their way towards the door, muttering to themselves along the way. They exited, walking past the trading post, and while Kensie was new to the ways of the world, Simon had heard enough Coalition propaganda to recognize a phrase or two that was getting repeated. "Kids," snorted Grep. They then returned to Firanis. "Looks like you got enough muscle on your own, but couldn't hurt to ask around, I guess." They then turned to Phere and Squidge. "Ianoko, eh? Well, her favorite food's out of season, but it does grown on Earth soil. She likes peaches. She likes books and works of art, especially religious art. You could ask her. She's in the back - oh, wait." Phere and Squire turned to see Ianoko gathering her things as if to leave. Phere knew instantly that she was a mage, and old instincts briefly stirred. ------ Meanwhile, up on stage, Glitter Girl was taking the stage with another young lady, this one bedecked in a cheap gas mask and with various imitation talismans - clearly meant to be a line walker, in contrast to Glitter Girl's blocky, shiny costume which was meant to evoke the chromatic hues of a Glitter Boy. Glitter Girl was holding the stick with the battery taped on, while her companion had the one with the star. "Hi!" said Glitter Girl, tapping on the mic. "Hi. Welcome. We're going to be performing 'Who Killed The World" for you all. Tips are appreciated and we're glad to have you here. We'll be performing the version that - well, you'll see." ------ Outside, at the trading post, Simon hurried about compiling Adam's list. The slightly high pitched noise he made while he walked indicated an artificial limb of some kind, though he hid it well. Simon could see that all e-clips had their safeties on and all grenades had the fuses removed - whoever Simon was, he was a cautious man, uneager to be shot with his own stock. "I should let you know, Winston moves around a great deal. There was trouble with some bandits over where he was staying last, and I haven't heard from him since. I hope he's alive - or barring that, that whatever you're after is something you can find from what's left behind."
  8. For the sake of visual aids, here's what a typical female d'norr looks like: And a trimadore of neutral or indeterminate gender: Trimadores have a reputation for being good with machines, but their unusual physiology means that most armors and vehicles aren't built for them, deterring many from a more adventuresome lifestyle. D'norr are often called "devil people," but those who know more about them know that they're very empathic and in many cases all but pacifist.
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  12. After the town militia, consisting of a few men and women in the cheapest armor possible and armed with laser rifles about half a step above a flashlight, determined there was no way they could stop either Adam or Kensie in a fight, they waved them through. They were directed to the trading post, which was run out of the flophouse that Simon oversaw. Simon was at the post, currently fidgeting with the refractory prism in some kind of ion weapon. There were not a lot of weapons or armor on the walls - most of what Simon had were dried rations, a stack of books, e-clips in various states of charge, jars of universal composite which was often used to patch armor, and the usual trading essentials. The mining shift changed, and BB was informed that a group of miners were going down to Grep's for a drink. A few of them mentioned live entertainment, which caused BB's audio receptors to perk up, but it was explained that they meant local theatre. Still: booze. At Grep's proper, things were starting to pick up a little. Grep kept their booze relatively cold, a source of constant back-and-forth debate between Grep, who felt that chilling the booze killed the taste, and the town, who felt that the whole point of a cold drink was that it was cold. Currently the town was winning, on this front at least. On the stage, Glitter Girl was setting up what looked to be a minimalist play, and judging by the two props - one, a stick with a star tied to it, and the other a stick with a battery tied to it - it was the one-act play "Who Killed The World." The premise was that two actors would play Magic and Technology, respectively, and each would argue with the other over whose fault it was that the apocalypse had happened. There were many different versions favoring one side or another, and since it was the first performance, no one knew which way the eccentric performer would go. At the bar, the trimadore nodded at Firanis as they provided the twin drinks. "You'd need a T262 actuator, along with a BX-98A adapter, I'd reckon. Suppose both Kingsdale and Whykin would have something like that. I'd recommend Kingsdale, but there's been 'bandit trouble' on that road lately." They made single quote gestures with their fingers at that. "Strange way to refer to Coalition mercenaries, if you ask me - " "No one asked you, monkey boy." The words came from someone else at the bar, a young looking man glaring daggers at the bartender, while his drinking companion froze in mid-sup. Slowly, Grep turned to the man. "Don't call me 'boy.'" "Sorry, sorry. He, uh, we just got back from Whykin, and he talked to a deadboy recruiter - " The man's companion turned to his friend. "Sy, c'mon, this isn't the place - " "Your friend isn't welcome," said Grep, with some firmness to their voice. "And if you're his friend, you aren't either." There was silence for a long moment. Towards the back of the establishment, a d'norr woman - recognizable as Ianoko - slid back into her booth, trying to disappear.
  13. It’s mid afternoon, towards the end of August, in Prince’s Landing, and all was not well. The town has two major means of trade; mining, assisted somewhat with the town’s exoskeleton, a worn-down patched-together not-fit-for-combat suit from the bad times after the coming of the Rifts. It ran on jury-rigged e-clips and would probably disintegrate if you stared at it for too long, but it could break rocks and lift them, and that was enough to get the local zinc vein mined without back breaking labor from the other miners, who mostly ran the less dangerous parts of the job. Except presently it wasn’t enough – the left hip actuator was out and it had been officially deemed unsafe after the last miner to use it had suffered injury. It was currently up on a rack in the foreman’s house in town, and the foreman – a human named William Marks – stared at it a lot before heading off to work, as the town debated who to ask for help: the more open and tolerant Kingsdale that was finding its political fortunes on the wane with consolidation of Coalition strength in the region, or the more prosperous Whykin, which was putting a lot more skulls on its armed forces lately. The other major means of trade was agriculture. Barley was a boring thing to farm, but it paid the bills – and was assisted by the local hedge mage, a demonic-looking woman called Ianoko. She knew one spell expertly, and it was a spell that blessed fertilizer. It was an inglorious spell compared to shooting lightning or fire, but it helped the town immensely. But recently she was attacked on the street by assailants unknown, the one eyewitness saying that they wore makeshift skull masks and shouted phrases like “you’re not pulling your weight” and “go back to your home planet.” Ianoko is expected to fully heal, but as someone who is pacifist even for a d’norr, she was badly shaken by the incident and there’s rumors that she’s considering taking their advice and moving back to the small town in the Federation of Magic that she was born in. Regardless, it’s true that she’s scared to go outside alone. She lives in a modest house on the far end of down, the interior full of strange knickknacks that are nonmagical but of spiritual significance. Finally, in the local watering hole, where they serve surprisingly good beer made from the local crop of barley, some newcomers have drifted in and out of the town. But there’s two regulars: the bartender Grep, a trimadore of nonbinary gender who is a very good listener and answers to “they” and “them,” and a young woman whose stage name is Glitter Girl and dresses in what she calls “Golden Age glam rock” style, and who is always trying to put on some kind of show to lift spirits… … fairly unsuccessfully, since everyone in the town knows things are bad. The local tavern is adjacent to the local flophouse, which is run by a fairly easygoing older man, named Simon - no last name known - who cooks breakfast for everyone staying there. He's not a great cook, but the food is included in lodging, at least, and he's pleasant enough to be around. He gets nervous around weaponry and open displays of psionic or magical power, though, and the hitch in his step combined with the strictness of his routine lead people to believe that he's an ex-military man who has no desire to ever see another firefight up close.
  14. Thanks for the character posts, all. I have two rumors and need four more - again, one true rumor and one false rumor per "group," so I can pass them around and get us all started!
  15. Here's the official OOC thread for the game! Now, what I'd like from folks, for easy categorization, is to post your characters in their own individual threads, to make things easier to track.
  16. I pretty much have every character in background if not in terms of full mechanics, so we should be good to go shortly. I just need a couple of things: First, let me know if you're just entering the town now, or have been there for a little while, so I know how to intro you. Secondly, the six of you seem to be divided up neatly into three pairs, so I'd like each pair to work out, then send to me, two rumors - one true rumor and one false rumor. These'll then be sent to the other two groups as prior foreknowledge (or misinformation) about your characters. Obviously tell me which rumors are false and which are true, but other players will have to work that out in-game. I'll have a forum for us shortly. Thanks!
  17. Also, upon further reflection, I've decided that the temporary hindrances thing I was considering is unnecessary - everyone seems to have done a great job of creating hard-luck heroes on the back foot on their own, and I've got every confidence that you'll be good at playing them as such in the game proper.
  18. Thanks for your patience, all - the end of the year is always a weird time for me, and doubly so this year since I'm wrapping up my job. Max, overall looks good - I'm not 100% sure that a TW weapon is available via MARS Fortune & Glory, but I don't see why you wouldn't have it - though you might have a good story for why a forbidden weapon wound up in the hands of a Coalition member of Psi-Bat. Kensie, B, Phere, all looks good. Dave, I might need a few more details - a bit more background (where does he come from, where did he get the sword, who're his enemies, etc) and I think if you're taking the Mystic background you get more psi-powers. Asarasa, did you have anything for the character you were considering?
  19. Edited the OP to more fully flesh out where you're all starting, as well as the current state of play in Rifts North America.
  20. One thing that might be tripping Dave up is that the character creation system for the Rifts version of Savage Worlds is contained in the Tomorrow Legion Player's Guide, which uses templates (i.e. character classes.) The way it works is that you select a class/template, select a race, then distribute 5 points in stats and 15 in skills unless your template says differently. There are more details on page 11 of the Tomorrow Legion Player's Guide, which you can snag here. The closest to "champion with sword and pseudo-mystical powers" is the cyber-knight; there's also the Mystic, which covers the magic side of things even if it's a less melee-ish character.
  21. The Premise: The war is over, and the wrong side won. Tolkeen, a bastion of magical theory and learning, where mystic practicioners, other-dimensional refugees, misfits and malcontents could live in peace, was forced into warfare with the human supremacist Coalition States, who had recently begun expanding after years of consolodating their gains and delving into Golden Age technological stores to upgrade their weapons and robots. The people of Tolkeen knew what occupation would mean for an empire founded on the notion of the eradication of anything that didn't fit the Coalition's narrow definition of sentient life, so they used every means available to protect themselves, including long-forbidden magics involving blood sacrifice and pacts with ancient demons. They told themselves it would be worth it when the Coalition was driven back, that the metaphorical (and sometimes literal) genies could be put back in the bottle. It wasn't enough. The Coalition was battered, but ultimately triumphant. Tolkeen was razed. The monsters it summoned now roam free; the people clinging to it for stability are scattered and being hunted by the Coalition. The cyber-knights have been shattered, with a significant number having joined the Tolkeen war effort and having lost their way; no one has seen or heard about their founder, or his closest associates, in many months. Even more troubling, Lord Dunscon - self-proclaimed ruler of the Federation of Magic - has begun a campaign of consolidation of his own, seeking to unite the cities of the Federation of Magic under his own tyrannical rule, pointing out that if the only alternative is destruction by the expansionist Coalition States, his rule will at least allow free cities such as Dweomer and Stormspire to exist - even if it is the rule of a man whose chief criticism of Tolkeen was that it was too soft. Some people joke that the second apocalypse is upon us. But it's a joke no one laughs at. Those outside the borders of the Federation and the Coalition wonder if they'll be next, and what, if anything, can be done about it. Those within said borders who don't toe the party line are wondering where they can go. Everything in North America is in flux, and no one knows what will come out the other side. The Setting: A sizable settlement called Prince's Landing, chiefly an argicultural and mining town. The primary crop is barley, and the local stout is noteworthy; the primary mining export is a vein of zinc which is often used in the maintenance of advanced technology. Limited robotics are used to mine, and the local hedge mage has helped ensure that harvests are reliable. It's a relatively small town, and like most small towns in the world of Rifts, can't affort to be overtly picky about who stays there - many don't have the power to resist powerful forces such as pilots with their own power armor suits, or mages with a reasonable grasp of spellcraft, and as long as people are willing to work or have credits to spend, people tend to live and let live. There is reasonably close proximity to a ley line, but it's a weak ley line and it hasn't caused any trouble in living memory. However, Prince's Landing is sandwiched in between the two Coalition states of Missouri and El Dorado, and to the east is the Federation of Magic. Furthermore, their two major trading partners - the city-states of Kingsdale and Whykin - are on opposite sides of "the Coalition issue," with Kingsdale a more tolerant city and with Whykin more fully embracing the Coalition ambassadors that come calling. The current mayor of Prince's Landing favors Kingsdale, but without any support from any other major powers, the Coalition could decide to wipe them both off the map with ease - and many people in Prince's Landing are in favor of taking Whykin's side, with hate crime incidents on the rise. The d-bees and freethinking scholars and radicals in the region are all waiting to hear a metaphorical pin fly out of a possibly literal grenade. Your Characters: I'm looking for four to six players who can post relatively often and work well enough together. This is a cooperative game, though you need not know each other at game start; you could have met in the war (as mercenaries employed by either side, or even on opposite sides.) The Tomorrow Legion is going to factor in at some point, though all anyone's heard at this point are rumors, if that. You've wound up in town and are trying to figure out what to do next - or a way to do what you want to do next, if only you could catch a break. To create a character in the Savage Worlds version of Rifts, you'll probably need the Savage Worlds rules and the Tomorrow Legion Player's Guide. Character creation starts on page 11 on the Player's Guide. You can select a template from the following choices: Combat Cyborg: Heavy combat man-machine, greatly enhanced by cybernetics. Crazy: Psionically enhanced supersoldier, mentally unstable but able to take great advantage of it. Cyber-Knight: Part holy warrior, part psionic martial artist with an energy sword, and all kinds of trouble for enemies using tech weapons. Glitter Boy: Owner of the ultimate powered armor and personal ranged weapon, though with drawbacks in terms of mobility and side effects. Juicer: Born to die, a live-fast, fight-hard super soldier with the ability to burn her life force for truly heroic moments. M.A.R.S.: The mercenaries, adventurers, rogues, and scholars of Rifts who have less raw power but more experience and variety. Burster: Raw, awesome firepower. A super powerful pyrokinetic for a world gone mad. Mind Melter: A true master of psionic power, employing unparalleled telepathic and telekinetic abilities. Ley Line Walker: Master of magic, they can interface with ley lines effortlessly for nearly unlimited power. Mystic: Combines faith-driven magic with psionic power, intertwining two Arcane Backgrounds with a spirituality others do not comprehend. Techno-Wizard: The ultimate gadgeteer, combining arcane science with an innate talent for tools and machines. Flame Wind Dragon Hatchling: A newborn dragon seeking its place in the world. Yes, a dragon. In addition, the various races - humans, mutants, d-bees and aliens - are available. Custom races are potentially available upon request, and even if you're human, no one says you have to be a human born on this Earth - or from this time, since rifts that bend time are not unheard of. There are two house rules I've added, one at character generation and one at character advancement. The latter is that that buying a new skill no longer consumes one entire advance; instead, it's treated like buying a single skill point in an existing skill, so you can buy a new skill and raise another. This is to encourage people to branch out into new skills should they realize they forgot to acquire a useful one or that there's a critical skill no one in the group's covered. The at-character generation rule is this: at the start of the game, your character is down and out and not at their best, the circumstances of which I'll work out with individual players (though I'll take suggestions.) This is a temporary drawback and should be gone by the end of the first adventure. Examples include being a rookie cyber-knight who's unable to yet summon their psi-sword; a glitter boy whose bracing system for the boom gun is miscalibrated, rendering it unable to fire; a magic or psychic who encounters something bad every time they use their powers, a dragon that for some reason can't remember how one of their instintive abilities works, and so forth. I'll work with you to find one you want to roleplay through - the idea being that life has temporarily set you on the back foot, and the first adventure features you in part getting your footing back. If you have questions or comments, let me know!
  22. "Bunks, right. Hold on - " Sunshine waves them along, munching as she went. She looked confident, but not fully so, as she led them along. "So first things first, the decontamination suite is good, but this is an interplanetary ship and bugs are gonna happen. If you find any bedbugs in your cot, let us know and we'll tie it to the hull. Couple of hours at absolute zero out in the Suck oughta kill any bedbugs, and anything the Suck doesn't kill is probably gonna give us bigger problems than an itchy mattress. Around this way - wait, this way - " Sunshine looked momentarily confused, following the signs to the living space. "Sorry, spend most of my time on the bridge. Where you all going to be stationed, then?"
  23. Any game where I get to shoot post-apocalyptic neo-Nazis is therefore: good.
  24. I've been putting off this post for a while now, but I can't really any more. For a while now, the fun of running JLE has gone out of the game for me, and I kept going in the hopes that it would return. But it hasn't, and after some consideration, I've decided to shutter the game. I considered putting it on hold, but honestly: the chance of a game that's gone on hold coming back is so small it seems wrong to hold out false promise. I'm glad for the times we've had, and I'm sorry that we won't be having more of them for the foreseeable future. I especially have to apologize to KahlessNestor, who came over to this site from another one and who sadly hasn't seen the other side of their intro thread. I may run something else and I may not, but I'm glad for everyone who took a chance on my weird idea for a game and stuck around. Thanks again.
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