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  1. A draft pdf has been released for Trinity backer.
  2. Philip floated through a sea of stars. Relaxed and peacefull, he let the 'current' take him where it may. He didn't know how long it had been, he didn't care. But a muffled voice echoed in the distance. I said something about hackers in the US. He turned, and there where no stars, just a cityscape burning. The cityscape was a collage of all the places and sights from his trips to the US. He looked down and saw people with bandana's over their faces throwing molitovs at an amalgam of the sites he had worked on for Viktor. In panic, Philip flew down to stop them, but they ignored him. He moved to ristrain one, but flew right through them. He turned to helplessly watch the site burn and saw Viktor's head above the site. Viktor looked at Philip disapointedly. The disapointment crushed Philip. Philip launched himself at the site. Philip woke with a start. He lunged out of his pod screaming "NOOO", and fell flat on his face. Philip lifted his head and looked around. He was lying in a normal room. No fire anywere. He lay there for a moment, coming to his senses. "Viktor!" Philip adjusted his glasses, and logged in to check Viktor's sites, starting in the US. He was totally obliviouse to the pile of debre he was lying in, or the fact that he was lying at all. He didn't notice the expressions on anyones face, or even the paramedic trying to talk to him. He was totally engrossed in the empty space roughly a meter ahead of him, where his virtual displays where sitting. It didn't even occur to him that he wasn't speaking or gesturing to make his glasses work...
  3. Having an alarm set for 2 hours before landing so he could catch up on the news, without worrying about it the whole flight. Since he wasn't up to date with the news, he didn't know that this was just under half an hour after the "podding" was due to hit the UK. In the meantime, he kept himself busy with his "problem" from Viktor. After using every means in the book to check on the sites (and possibly inventing a few new ways), he started building a toolkit of programmes to help him with his job. Anything to keep himself busy. By 4:30gmt, he had a sweet of scripts monitoring every site, and a large but growing collection tools to help trouble shoot every problem he could think of. The list of tools grew more and more bizarre as Philip desperately tried to keep busy.
  4. Philip forwarded his seat details to Viktor. Today was definatly getting strange. After a while, the news struck. Today was now officialy beond strange. Philip closed the news window in the corner of his vision. Until there was something he could do about it (eg just before they land), this strange news would just make him more axious. He redouble his efforts to find out what was wrong with the network, know there was no real problem. He needed to keep busy.
  5. Philip was having trouble distracting himself from the worries of the meteors, but when he got Viktor's email, he cheered up. Here was a problem he could do something about. Philip checked UK (for comparison), then the US's dns. He traced the "network health" all the way to a few of Viktor's sites. Nothing was wrong. Philip felt guilty that he was disipointed not to find a problem. "Victor, had a quick check and couldn't seem to find any problems. I am in the air to, will contact you when I land. Will be in the UK, so not able to go on-site for a while" Philip kept probing for any problems he could find for his customer while waiting for a reply. At least it distracted him from what was happening.
  6. Philip was pondering whether to just fall asleep, or have the free meal. As he was entering the early stages of sleep, he heard hushed worried talking. Having picqued his curiosity, Philip tried to figue out what was going on, waking up in the proccess. After a few moments, it was clear people where reading tablets and phone. Breaking news maybe? Philip slipped on his smart glasses to see what the fuss was about. ISS destroyed? A meteor SHOWER capable of reaching the surface? Capable of "totalling" cars? Sounds like a good time to find somewhere safe, like a shelter or a subway. Hard to find those on an airplane. There was nothing he could do. But they said it would be harmless, that some peaces MAY survive. He decided that until he could actualy do something, just ignore the issue. He started to choose his meal. Nothing looked good with the faint hit of anxiety gnoring away at him, so he just chose a simple pasta (and as always, he steared clear of the alcohol). As he waited for the stewardess to take his order, his mind couldn't help but flit back to the "problem". He didn't really belive that there would be a problem, but his brain insisted he still worry. He moved a news window to the corner of his vision, and started a game.
  7. As Philip waited to board the plane, he could though he saw Viktor briefly turn around ahead of him. He quickly dismissed this thought, as the chances of bumping into him on a random flight was low. It probally looked nothing like him if he saw him close up. As Philip boarded the flight, he though how much he used to love flying. He stopped enjoying it after his second long haul flight. He stowed his carry-on lugage and made himself comfortable. As he waited for the flight to take off, he absentmindedly looked out the window, pondering the lights in the sky. As his mind wandered, he came ever closer to sleep.
  8. I really don't mind, but if I had to choose (ic, not ooc) I would choose the night flight. That said, I would probably just take the first flight (which would be 2000 for a normal day, or 0730 if he ran late (at his previous job))
  9. Assuming we are going down the crystal path, and assuming a YAG is going to be one of them, it wouldn't take long for them to discover. There are plenty of YAGs out there, and all you need is a suitable psion to notice the "resonance". It could be potentially decades before they understand what is happening, but it wouldn't take much to get a generic crystal from its discovery. So, for quite a while, the only crystals available would be "low hanging fruit", things people can already find.
  10. As for psi enhancer gauntlet, I would say YAG might be good http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yttrium_aluminium_garnet To tune a crystal, the shape may have to be modified (or whatever they do to quartz to tune it for watches) Will give you more when I wake up. (1:38am at the moment)
  11. If we switch psitech to be crystal based rather than organic, what are we to do with the biokinetic technique to "assimilate" bioware?
  12. I think Osprey OOC's idea of crystals is great. It can also accelerate psitech significantly (if that is what we and/or Rorx want). Once someone notices a psionic echo (a clear mayby? finding there own signiture in the area while dowsing maybe?) coming from a crystal, the research will take off. Maybe the crystalline lattice needs to be grown for the specific signature. Currently, some crystals oscillate when provided power (used in watches and computers), so providing them power could reinforce a psi pattern (as darksol-aeternium said) making it cheaper. Maybe an enemy getting hold of your device would find the crystal next to useless except for use AGAINST you (eg draining power from the crystal makes that mode a little harder). There also could be a crystal that dampens the local psi field. Not a problem with just a couple, but go over tolerance.... These crystals could be used to power novel devices (and generate lasers off course). So if it was "formatted", it would have a custom grown crystal, otherwise it has a less useful generic crystal.
  13. Suitable avatar? http://www.gadgets-reviews.com/uimg_new/5b/valentine-gifts-470-204439-1201418098.jpg
  14. In regards to alternates new cost, I have just one thing to say: WOHO!!!! I am almost finished with the crunchy side of my character (just final revue and polish). What format do you want the character? I currently have it as a cost focused text document, so I will have to translate it anyway. PS. WOO
  15. EM shield covers the user (if I remember correctly), while force barrier hovers in front of (or behind or beside etc). They protect from different things, so I see no reason for them to not overlap. I have my doubts about things like mind scan allowing you to teleport TO a person, but it should give you a good lock on that person (if you roll high enough). My question would be how do you target ranged interface (electromanipulation I think) through transmit (same mode). If you need to know about a device first, how well would dowsing work?
  16. What books are ok? are we using alternate modes?
  17. I am SOOO into this. While I would prefer #1, #2 would be great also. If I was allowed to play, I would have to have a non-crucial role, as I have a habit of disappearing from games (a feedback loop of anxiety (eg late for a post) making me later to post (rinse repeat until I disappear from this site for a year or two )) Would disappearing make me a photokinetic? Nina: post 12 said you can be a porter only if you meet the minimum requirements (6 will and 6 psi if Rorx remembers correctly, will look it up) Rorx: I don't recall "unlocked" char creation rules. Do we make a normal psi and add more points in the new powers? I would like to make a character even if I can't play. Edit: page 57 (which is page 59 in my pdf, go figure) optional rule sets it at will 7, psi 6.
  18. I now believe I understand what I did wrong. I know you don't belive me, there is nothing I can do in that reguard. Please don't punish other players for my mistake.
  19. I am interested, but I have had a bad run with RPGPost games (on my side, you guys are great). I do not want to play it that means someone else is excluded. I have yet to play a game for more that a few posts. If this means you would prefer me not to play even if there is room, that's ok to.
  20. I would like to thank everyone for being warm and inviting, and putting so much effort into my custom power. The custom power that you guys fixed for me is still a little dangerous, and given the above I would prefer not to play test it in CN (Though may be fun to play with in another game at a later date). I am going to try to be as dedicated to this game as I can, but until I can prove to myself that I can make a positive ongoing contribution, I would prefer not to have a vote (ESPECIALY a tie breaker). BTW, I will be away from my notes for a couple of days.
  21. *32767 re-attaches Robbies arms and apologises* After doing the math with Long, I am pulling my request for this power (10dice+5mega rolled 15 sux==75np==overkill)
  22. That is unsettling. I would prefer not to have it at all if we can't "stop his arms". In my instance of the power, I was thinking it was only things he could build. IE read and understood the blue-prints, taken it appart etc Also, with the dice penalty, would it be flat (eg 1 per existing invention) or expenential? would it be per scene, or only while they exist?
  23. That is weaker than what I had in mind, but MUCH cleaner. What would happen with q-minimum? Would it use your quantum? Would it be shareable? Again, that is a nice, clean suggestion. Thanks.
  24. Quantum contruct allows you to "make" quantum powers at 1 success per 5 nova points. I want a power to allow my character to create gadets "matter creation" style, and q-construct seems to fit. Firstly, I would like to change manipulation to intelligence, as it is a device, not a creature. Also, I was thinking of stripping the ability for it to make multiple at a time, strip it of it's ability to act on its own and require that I have seen a blueprint of the device I am mimicing (functional copy, not good enough to fool someone into thinking its the original). Surtr suggested the weaknesses: 3pt object only, 2pt must be wielded. What do you guys think?
  25. Good to see you aren't hurt to bad Fox. I have been pondering a character, but I have a habit of dissapearing. If I join and that happens, I may have to be NPCd
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