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  1. "Huh. That's a trip." Valerie nonchalantly said to Darcy explanation with a shrug of her shoulders as she thought about what Darcy described for a moment. "Sounds like you somehow made a pinhole in the veil that hides all this stuff," she made a casual wave of her had at the assembled multitude of divine and supernatural beings, "...and then ripped at the hole making it bigger and bigger until you finally just tore that shit off. Way to take charge of your life." she said as she held out her fist toward Darcy who, after hesitating for a moment, awkwardly bumped it with her own fist. "Uh, thanks." Valerie shook her head and took a sip of the amber hued beer. "Don't sell yourself short. It takes some big ol' ladyballs to be mortal, see a bunch of supernatural stuff, and not just run off in terror, especially when shit's goin' down. Like Austin said though, don't get overconfident or anything, because you are still mortal, but still, that's badass and if you got our back, then we got yours." That was supposing Darcy was just a mortal, of course, and not something that had yet to fully awaken.
  2. Valerie nodded as she slipped the earbuds out. "Yeah. It's fine. Just had to cool off after Horace snuck up on me on the dancefloor and tried to get handsy." she sighed, shaking her head as she looked down at her phone and turned off the music that was still faintly heard emanating from the earbuds. "Iceland was a nice break from him, but since I've got back he seems even more interested." she explained with an eyeroll. "He makes you want to wash any part of you he touches." she added with a disgusted shudder.. "Yeah. Valerie Vaskr" she answered Darcy with nod, almost in passing, another thought occupied her for a moment until as she put away her earbuds and phone until she finally verbalized it. "Hey, Darcy. No offence, but if you're mortal then you should be freaking the fuck out, or at least think your are trippin balls on LSD spiked punch or some shit, at seeing all of..." Valerie motioned at the mansion and the wide variety of non-human beings interaction with partygoers at various levels, "...this, so how are you keeping your shit together like this is just a typical teenage party? I mean, yeah, they are all pretty chill, thanks to the party, but still you should still be losing your shit at the sight and realization of all of this." Valerie brought up her frosty cup of beer to her lips, keeping her gaze on Darcy over the lip of the cup as she took a sip of cold beer, curious as to the girl's answer.
  3. Valerie shook her head and let out a small snort as Horance departed with a wink, trying to dismiss him and the whole incident. To try and put some more distance between herself and Horance, she turned and departed the dancefloor in the opposite direction, bobbing and weaving between the multitude of dancers until she finally made out the other side of the writing mob where she felt a hint of a cool breeze wafting from open French doors that seemed to lead the back yard. Seeking some relief and a change of scenery, Valerie made her way to the back patio where more partygoers lingered. Some were simply talking or making out, be it standing or sitting, and a few more were around a large firepit, probably high, she thought to herself. As she walked past a table she passed and looked down to what looked like some sort of frost imp or something, judging by the faint chill around him and his white and blue attired accented with chainmail. "Hey." she said, causing him to look up from his seat at her. "Hook a girl up." she said, holding out her cup of now warm beer toward him, which drew a confused look for a moment. Then he got it, rolled his eyes said, "Whatever." and tapped her cup causing a small wave of crisp frost to wash over it and part of her hand. "Thanks." she said back, holding up the beer cup in a simple salute and then continued on her way. Valerie sat down on the few, broad steps the led down to the lawn, slipping the back of her pleated skirt under her as she took a seat. She shook her head again, as if trying to toss the thoughts of her encounter with Horace from her head. He had a way of oozing his way into situations and just ruining them for her. He already ruined enough for her, so she wasn't going let him ruin this too. 'Just let it go.' she thought to herself as se opened her small backpack and pulled out her earbuds and phone. She selected a track, picked up her beer and closed her eyes for a few seconds as the track played, finally opening them to take a drink of her beer. The track played out with Valerie bobbing her head to the beat and taking a sip of her beer now and then as she enjoyed the cool, night air and cleared her head. With luck, she would not have to deal with Horace again for the rest of the party, though she doubted her luck could be that good.
  4. Valerie rolled her eyes and shook her head at Horace's comments about her costume, body, his own color fetishes and even his evaluation of her in general. He had a type of charm, and had developed a special way with words that could drag 'sexy' into 'sleazy', though Valerie was unsure if it was due to some gift from his Ichor or his own innate slime. "And that's a secret that you're never gonna uncover." she pointed out flatly, yet firmly. "Really? 'Cause I would 'uncover' you anytime." he offered, grinning. "..and then cover you with something else." he added with a wiggle of his eyebrows.. "See? Fucking gross, dude." she said as she gave him a small shove, trying to make more space between them. "Damn girl! Can't keep your hands off me, can you?" he teased. "It's okay, we can find an empty room if you are that impatient." A flash of anger washed over Valerie as she balled her free hand into a fist and clinched the beer bottle tighter. Horace had a knack for verbally pushing her buttons. He knew her better than most anybody due to their previous years of friendship, only know he used that knowledge to torment her, and not matter if she admitted it or not, there still was some part of her that cared, no matter how tiny or well buried that part may be. "Damnit Horace! Why do you gotta make everything... Uggggh!" was all she could manage to get out in her frustration, fighting her urge to throw the beer bottle in her hand just for the cathartic satisfaction of breaking something. She then thought to herself and her mother, and what she had said to her that night not long ago. Slowly her fist unclenched and she lifted her hand to her upper chest, resting it there to feel her necklace beneath the crop top as she slowly inhaled and exhaled with her eyes closed. "Damn. Look at those things move." Horace commented at his observation of her chest as she took in the deep breath and let it out. "You're not going to ruin this party for me." she said to him through gritted teeth as she battled internally to control herself. "Ruin it? A little Horace makes everything better." he grinned.
  5. The unbidden exploration of strange hands brought forth a flash of anger in the young Aesir. She was fine with dancing, grinding and even a bit of groping, but her anonymous 'partner' had crossed an unspoken, but generally understood, line when his hands tried to under her top. "What the hell?" she seethed as she spun around to look at her mysterious assailant and saw that it was her former friend, now generally pervy slimeball, Horace Farrow. Her anger subsided ever-so-slightly as a new feeling, that of general revulsion at the realization that it was his hands that had just been on her and had tried to slip under her crop top. "Damnit Horace, keep your hands to yourself." she chastised him as she unconsciously she brushed her hips, sides and bare abs, wiping away some phantasmal filth from where his hands has touched her. "What? Is that how you say 'hi' to an old friend? So glad to see ya! You fill out that uniform good! Seriously. This just made my day." he said as he looked her over from head to toe once more, biting his bottom lip. "So yeah, you never answered. When did you get the ba-dow!?" he asked, miming grasping large, invisible breasts. "When I got away from you." she barked back. "I would ask about you, but you're still just a sac of bones." "So you look at my sac?" he asked with a grin, adjusting himself beneath the costume. Valerie rolled her eyes and sneered in disgust. "You are so gross."
  6. "Yeah, I'm sure I got it. It's cool though, don't sweat the small stuff." the young Aesir said with a grin as she gave Austin a firm slap on the back. "It's a party. Chill. Mingle. Carouse. Just keep an eye out and have some fuuuuun." Valerie gave Austin a few more pats on the back and began to meander in with the rest of the band and others. Once inside Valerie took it all in and it was kind of amazing. All of the mortals and 'non-mortals' intermingling, talking, dancing, dancing making out was a bit of a sigh to behold. Granted, most of the partygoers did not have the benefit of the sight her divine heritage granted her, but even without she she had to imagine it would still be pretty impressive. Valerie scanned the crowd on occasion as she walked around a little, getting her bearing a bit, and nodded to a friend or acquaintance who she's make eye contact with. Eventually she found herself close to a bar area and a 'zombie' on its back upon a table and slightly squirming. Its abdomen was burst open and full of ice and bottles of beer, seemingly weighing it down. For a moment she wondered if the zombie was real or not, but shrugged and pulled an frosty bottle of beer from the ice-filled torso none the less and popped it open with one of the many bottle openers impaled into, and hanging from, various parts of its body. After taking a swig of the amber colored bottle contents Valerie made her way to the dance floor for a bit, dancing with all manner and gender of mortal and non-mortal, friend and stranger alike and without hesitation, joining the writing mass of flesh and color. It was a party, she we a teen who had spent a summer in Iceland, and she was going to enjoy herself some, even if she at least tried to nurse her beer a bit. Se had no idea how much time had passed by the time she exited the dancefloor to take a break. Her beer had warmed, but the bottle, which was still at least somewhat cool, she pressed to her forehead as she closed her eyes, cooling off for a moment as she caught her breath.
  7. Valerie shrugged her bare shoulders at Austin's observation. "Ehh. The only true failure is in not trying." she countered. She could not help but let out a small laugh though at the surprise on Austin's face and in his voice at her choice of costume. "Gotta change things up from time to time man. It can't always be leather and spikes. Okay, well yes, it can be, but it's Halloween, so, you know, why not have some fun? Besides, who says I don't have more pink on?" she added casually with a shrug of her shoulders, planting a teasing mental seed into the minds of anybody paying attention. Valerie nodded and returned greetings in kind as the members of her newfound band greeted and welcomed her, each in their own way, with some of them actually introducing themselves in return until it finally got to Grim, and he went over the objectives for the night. "Sooo... we need to pretty quickly, yet discretely, find this old ewer or pithus or whatever, full of energies of actual Fate, and neutralize it safely somehow before the three ghost witches who are possessing people (one of whom may or may not be possessing the Rhodes girl) can use it for some big bad necromancy ritual that will like sunder the barrier between the land of the living and the dead or some shit, and then get this ally, friend, or whatever to use their relic to somehow send said ghost witches back where they came from, and hopefully recover some old book called the Nekiya for Archie in the process?" Valerie asked recapping what she had picked up so far and counting each point off on a a finger, starting with her thumb. "More or less." Grim answered flatly. "Cool. I got your backs." Valerie replied without hesitation and offered a fist bump to Grim and the rest of the band. "So Step one: Save the World. Step two: Revels?" she mused with a grin on her lips.
  8. Never in her life did Valerie think she would be going to a party at the Rhodes' place. It looked the entire school was showing up for it too, and somewhere in this sea of costumed revelers she would have to find a select handful, only one of which she somewhat knew. The place was nice though, and the decorations, though maybe not super high-end, were still classic, so there what something to be apricated there. Given what she had only recently learned about herself, and the bigger world out there, Valerie pondered the likelihood of Halloween meaning far, far more than most people would ever consider. She meandered up the driveway, taking in all the atmosphere and decor while idly looking for familiar faces when something caught her eye. Under a couple of cotton 'webbed' trees across from the front door of the house a small group had gathered. A burrito?, a puritan, a slutty 'witch' (if you could call it that), Han Solo, a samurai and a pretty, female Paddington? Wait. No, Mary Poppins from the remake or whatever it was. It was Han Solo that got her attention though, or rather Austin Lange, her lab partner in Biology last year. Gradually she began to recognize some of the others, if only vaguely, and breathed a sigh of relief that she had found them so quickly and easily. As the group talked, hugged, shook hands and greeted each other, Valerie approached. She was somewhat tall, her height only exaggerated by the platforms she wore, pushing her past six feet. She wore white contact lenses, making her gaze unnerving to some, and scanned the other teens, recalling what she knew of each, , mostly by reputation if anything, as her eyes, drifted among them and she drew closer and began to get noticed by some of them. Her cheerleader outfit was sleeveless with a bare midriff and the classic short, pleated skirt and certainly did not hide her curves and rather toned physique, thanks to her Aesir blood. Overall the was black and gray with sparse, hot pink accents and a skull and crossbones with a small, hot pink bow on one side of the skull emblazoned on the top over her breasts. Instead of black, her fingernails were painted a matching hot pink, a color that nobody could ever recall her wearing, but it did compliment the outfit quite well. Various leather, metal and chain bracelets dangled around her wrists adorned spikes and skulls 'charms', if you could call them that. On her feet she wore clunky, black platform wedge heel boots with hot pink laces. Her long, dark hair was 'up' somewhat, partially braided and tied back like she were a black Lagertha. A few strips of matching pom poms could be seen sticking out of the black leather backpack she wore, which was burned and embossed with logos of various metal bands. If asked, she would say she brought the backpack to stash her pom poms when she did not feel like carrying them, when really it was just a way she bring her horn and 'spirit stick' since she was not sure exactly what the plan for the night was. She walked toward the group of teens and as she got near she gave a small, which lift of her head of acknowledgement and greeting. "Valerie?" Austin asked in surprise as he recognized her. "Hey man." she replied, offering Austin a fist bump before looking toward the others and addressing the group in general. "Wassup. I'm Valerie. Valerie Vaskr." she greeted the small group of teens, speaking with her faint, Icelandic accent before continuing. "So, yeah. I was on a trip to see the family back in Iceland and while there my, uh, biological mother decided to come down for a visit and finally meet me, and fill me in on my heritage." she said, thinking back to that night for a brief moment as she lifted a hand to touch the necklaces she wore beneath the outfit, before returning her thoughts to the present. "Anyways, when I got here, back Mr. Syra-, I mean Archie, told me to find you guys, though he was short on details." she explained with a slight shrug of her bare shoulders. "So wassup? We here to party and get fucked up on some bougie bitch's booze, or what?"
  9. Scion Profile: Valerie Vaskr Birth Name: Valerie Vaskr Nick Names: Val Aliases: None Occupation: High School Student Legal Status: Citizen of the United States. Minor. Marital Status: Single. Known Relatives: Jón Vaskr (father), Gunnar Vaskr (half-brother), Anna Egilsson (aunt), Daníel & Eva Vaskr (Grandparents, adopted) Age: 16 Sex: Female Ethnic Background: Ethopian/Scandanavian Nationality: American (Naturalized) Height: 5’8” Weight: 150 lbs Eye Color: Hazel Hair Color: Dark Brown Handedness: Right Distinguishing Marks: None General Appearance: Valerie is an attractive young woman who is tall for her age, with a well-toned frame that is generally hidden under screen printed T's of various metal bands, and her studded leather jacket. Ripped jeans or occasionally even tight leather pants (when not at school) sheath her legs with sturdy boots on her feet. She is biracial with long, dark flowing hair with often has various braided patterns mixed into it, though the right side of her head is usually shaved. She has several pierced in each ear, though they are far from excessive, along with a ring through her right nostril while deep, dark purple or occasionally black lipstick graces her lips. Valerie's usually has a smokey eye makeup and often wears various colored contacts which can can make her often piercing gaze seem even more so. Personality: Valerie is a bit of a outcast and loner, though she does sometime hang out with other metalheads or around the art department. She is often found listening to metal and occasional rap, which sketching in a small sketch journal she keeps in her jacket pocket. Whatever she is sketching in it, only her closest friends know. Around Salem High she has gained a bit of a reputation as a girl even the boys don't want to mess with (with the exception of Eric and some of his band). She especially does not like bullies, which also puts her at odds with Eric's band at times, and as such she has seen the inside of the counselor's, vice principal's and principal's office more than a few times due to fights, but generally seems to skate with relatively minor punishments since usually convinces the faculty that they were just "roughhousing". When somebody does put for the time and effort to contend with the rather impressive emotional walls she has erected around herself, they find she is a fiercely loyal and steadfast, friend at their side. Interests: Though she has certainly learned an appreciation of food, she did not inherit her father's passion for crafting it. Instead of being in the kitchen, Valerie is often either sketching various clothing ideas, from leather jackets to flowing gowns, or is in the small, spare room that she has managed to convince her dad to allow her to outfit as a small sewing/leatherworking shop (leatherworking always came easily to her). It is here that she crafts jackets, pants, and even handbags and other things, ranging from studded and tough to sleek and stylish, that she sells to small boutiques for some extra cash. On the weekends she helps teach a women's self defense class at a local gym, which along with helping with cleaning, it her part of a deal she worked out for some free training and sparring on the side. She enjoys training, but love to teach and encourage others, especially women, to stand up for, and protect, themselves. Background: Sheet and Stuff: Name: Valerie Vaskr Nature: Bravo Calling: Modern Valkrie Pantheon: Aesir Patron: Freya Attributes: Physical: Strength ●●●, Dexterity ●●●, Stamina ●●● Epic: Epic Strength ● (Hurl to the Horizon), Epic Dexterity ● (Cat’s Grace), Epic Stamina ● (Damage Conversion) Social: Charisma ●●●●, Manipulation ●●●, Appearance ●●●● Epic: Epic Charisma ● (Never Say Die), Epic Appearance ● (Lasting Impression) Mental: Perception ●●●, Intelligence ●●, Wits ●● Epic: None Abilities: Animal Ken, Art (sketching) ●●●, Athletics ●●, Awareness ●●, Brawl ●●, Command ●●, Control, Craft (Leatherworking) ●●●, Empathy ●●●, Fortitude, Integrity ●●●, Investigation, Larceny, Marksmanship, Medicine, Melee ●●●, Occult, Politics, Presence ●●●, Science, Stealth, Survival ●●, Thrown ●● Birthrights: Lesser Brisingamen (Fertility, Health) ●● A copy of Freya's Brisingamen necklace, said to be the most beautiful piece of jewelry ever made. Valerie does not remove it easily or often, though she will conceal it. War Horn (War) ● A metal reinforced war horn carved from a trophy taken from some great beast. Shield of World Tree ●● (+2DV, Collapsible) A leather and metal bracelet with the symbol of Yggdrasil in its mundane guise, but can transform to a shield said to be as unbreakable the limbs of Yggdrasil itself. Valkyrie’s Spear ●●●●● (Collapsible) A gift from Freya, the commander of the Valkyries herself. The spear can take on a mundane guise as a finely engraved, wooden baton. Boons: Fertility: (Green Thumb ●) Health: (Assess Health ●) War: (Blessing of Bravery ●, Battle Cry ●●) Jotunblut: (No Ranks, yet) Aesir Virtues: Courage ●●●, Endurance ●●, Expression ●, Loyalty ●●● Willpower: ●●●●● Legend: ●●● Legend Points: 9 Join Battle: 4 Soak: 4B/3L/1A Health Levels: 0/0/0/-1/-1/-3/Incap Dodge DV: 5 (7) Attacks: Clinch: Accuracy 5[1], Damage 4B[1], Parry DV —, Speed 6, P Unarmed, Heavy: Accuracy 4[1], Damage 7B[7], Parry DV 2 (4), Speed 5 Unarmed, Light: Accuracy 6[1], Damage 4L[1], Parry DV 4 (6), Speed 4 Valkyrie Spear: Accuracy 10[1], Damage 8L[1], Parry DV 5 (7), Speed 5
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