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  1. Dealer's choice. When you're Star Fleet it doesn't matter who or what is in the way of the mission.
  2. Ah! I misunderstood what she was saying. Thanks for the clarification on the Borg. I'm wasn't going to go with a Borg or Borg-ish character for my first go at the system but I could see where the developers might include it in chargen. There were a lot of Federation (and Romulan, and Klingon, and...) citizens assimilated by the Borg in the Alpha and Beta quadrants. The Borg wouldn't assimilate then pull all the new collective members back into the Delta quadrant so eventually there would be people liberated from the collectives that would try to get on with their lives but still have remnants of their Borg experience. Some of them would be Star Fleet or young enough to go on to Star Fleet when older.
  3. Hi Noir. Embarrassingly, when I first read your reply on my phone I thought it was from Nina. Sorry about that. So why engineering rather than medical? On a small ship it wouldn't seem to be terribly unusual for the medical officer to be a lieutenant so someone with a background advantage might be selected for the posting despite being young. And some of the life events look like they'd give a medical depth a lot of normal path doctors wouldn't have. Being a ship's counselor would be an easier medical alternative but its just not the same. For everyone and along more general lines; I notice Borg show up in the chargen system. Are there any examples of this outside of 7 of 9 from Voyager?
  4. Okay. that was interesting reading. Still digesting the rules but if no one minds I'd like to try creating the ship surgeon / chief MO.
  5. That sounds great. Saw the PM and I'll get a chance to take a look at the material in just a bit. Thanks!
  6. If the young officer option were chosen how would that work with the assignments given in the list? These assignments definitely appear to be senior staff and wouldn't seem to be open to a junior officer without some really serious Voyager-esque shenanigans going on. Why the question? Because I'm not familiar with the game system and don't have the books ergo being an ensign would probably be a good fit.
  7. Originally Posted By: Ptesan-WiIt is time for the People to awaken, and for the Earth to be reborn. Your calendar may be a little wonky. Give or take a century.
  8. This is just creepy. I'm glad I never went into the T2M game.
  9. It seems to me it would be easier to pave the future for every one than for just a group. I may be missing some of the details here. I'm English. I do not feel guilt about American history.
  10. Originally Posted By: Muse That humans are uniquely rational, intellectual, spiritual, self aware, creative, conscientious, moral or godlike seems to be a myth-- And article or faith to which we cling in defiance of the evidence. People have the ability to be these things. They can also ignore all of this. People can be like animals. They can be blind to what follows their choices. That doesn't make the good things a myth. It does mean it is not the whole story of being human. Being a nova doesn't change that either. Being a nova means we can soar higher further and faster. It also means we can fall lower and more quickly.
  11. Hello. I apologize for intruding. Truly I do. Yet there is something I thought to add to the conversation. A bit less than two months past I was a baseline. The world where I lived grew a tiny bit brighter each day. I don't think many went to their beds hungry. Not all of the families of my friends owned an op terminal but all knew how to use mine. I know wicked things happened in that world. Sometimes to people I knew. What strikes me as I read these posts is that world does not seem to be the world most of you live in. Most still do not go abed hungry, own op terminals and wickedness is still there. But in the world everyone writes about there is a sense of conflict. Sometimes even a sense of war. This is strange to me. I look around the world where I live today as a nova and it is a little different than my world of two months past. But I don't see the war.
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