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  1. I was looking to create a weapon that is designed entirely to knock folks out. Think a Phaser on Stun, a Zat without the second and third shots, or whatever. I just want a stun ray. Since the easiest way to work things is to develop a Knack that it emulates. Has anyone developed a Psychic Knack which accomplishes some sort of Knockout effect? Any help'd be appreciated.
  2. For Extras, you might want to rule that you can "power stunt" an extra-less use. It's better than flat out ignoring the rule, IMO.
  3. Quote: My freshly made nova can cause himself to have around 70 mega strength for a scene, for example. A claim made on another board. They've shied away from saying how twice, but I'm wondering if this is legit. I cna't think of any way to milk that kind of effect, even temporarily, with starting values.
  4. Quote:Originally posted by Sakurako Hino: I'd have to second Remo Williams. My favorite action movie of the early 80's. Put it in the 1920's, and you'd have a heck of a time! Remo Williams works, especially since it was based in part on the earlier parts of the "Destroyer" Series. Later on, Remo starts doing some things that are incredible even for pulp. (definitely a stalwart). Anyway, I love Remo. And Chiun. Chiun rules.
  5. Quote:Originally posted by Alex Craft: Chicken and the egg. Trinity was written before Aberrant, and it turned out that everything in Trinity didn't jib exactly with what the developers found themselves wanting to do with Aberrant. So they changed/added stuff. Developer. Mr. Blackwelder to be exact. In fact, there were issues with the way he mroe or less "hijacked" Aberrant.
  6. Quote:Originally posted by David 'Dr. Troll' Smith: To be fair, the deck was stacked against Utopia. Taint and Q6 powers might have made the war happen even without Divis. It might have been that Project Pro was simply the least bad idea that was around. If 10,000 novas almost took over the world, then 40,000 novas might have destroyed it.Just another case of farked if you do, farked if you don't.
  7. Quote:Originally posted by Franklin 'Singularity' Alden: Quote:Originally posted by Kane Knight: Imagine, though, Mal (Who has evidently dealt with being considered a "sexual deviant" for being gay) coming down on someone else for their sexuality.According to the level of intelligence he has, he shouldn't be that hypocritical. At least openly. It wouldn't make sense. But since it's WW, who knows. Not only it being White Wolf, but it being Mal. Mal's actions oft seem hypocritical. Although, in fairness, he might lack tolerance for this sort of thing simply because of the conservative comparisons between homosexuality and bestiality. Oft times, in modern debates on same sex marriages, the right brings up statements of "What's next? Marrying your dog?" Mal's very smart, but he's also very passionate. He could be ruled by a kneejerk reaction, I suppose.
  8. Quote:Originally posted by David 'Dr. Troll' Smith: Quote:Kane Knight: You could always tweak it if you want lethality to be different. I don't think making the adds culmulative would break mega stamina, but then I really don't know.It does. M-Stamina 5 => +15/9 soak. That's saying 5 dots of Stamina gives the soak of 4 dots of Armor, on top of everything else. Said character had to have a 5 stamina (Q=4). Stick 5 dots of Eufiber on that, and a forcefield and his soak is above 40. If his enhancement was "Res." and he pays a point of willpower on his forcefield roll then he averages a 50 soak, for 18 nova points. How did he get 4 pts of Quantum total, 5 levels of Mega Stamina, and the 1 level min for Forcefield for only 18 NP?
  9. The difference is Utopia actually had good intents. The problem is, a combination of myopic ideals and paranoia help to screw the pooch. the Teragen don't help, nor do the anti-nova groups.
  10. Orzaiz does seem to get it. the question is what "it" is. Teras mightnot be something that can be summed up in one word. On the other hand, my theory is a little more simplistic than the "we don't know what's going on in his head" argument. The Count gets it. He seems very much to be a model of self government, even if he still pleasures himself with the filthy little unevolved animals. Imagine, though, Mal (Who has evidently dealt with being considered a "sexual deviant" for being gay) coming down on someone else for their sexuality.
  11. Quote:Originally posted by Totem: Possible alien signal gives me hope. To steal (and butcher) a line from Bill Waterson (Calvin and Hobbes), I think the best proof that there's intelligent life out there is that none of it has tried to contact us.
  12. Quote:Originally posted by David 'Dr. Troll' Smith: You do when they are still alive. not necessarily.
  13. So it, what? Breaks down the system as set forth by the XWF? Breaks down the entire Storyteller system?
  14. I think God had that too. And Jesus. Considering the number of people who believe "love thy neighbor" means "Kill the gays, dark skinned, and Jewish..." Sorry, had to do it. You don't need conflicting accounts to draw seperate messages from the same bodies.
  15. Quote:Originally posted by David 'Dr. Troll' Smith: Quote:Kane Knight:It's possible that he is looking at his interactions with man- or Nova-kind as a method of sparking evolution, but largely leaving it up to the people in question. Then why the disappointment? It's obvious he's got how it is supposed to work planned out in his head, but when his followers don't 'mix pollitics and enlightment' correctly, he gets bent out of shape. Why? Well, if he finds people to be going in the "wrong" direction... Like I said, I think he has Megalomania. It leads him to make short sighted conclusion that nudge X will lead people Y into direction Z. Mal is a god. How do you think Gods react to being wrong?
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