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  1. Am I now? Do you even know what point I am trying to make? Cause I think you last post missed it.
  2. Originally Posted By: RevenantI hate to take PWs side, because all this tribal whining is really getting to me but let me say this Muse. If you are insinuating that your lineage dates back to thos of African decent who were taken as slaves and brought the States to work in cotton fields then you don't have a leg to stand on in this argument. African Americans were at least allowed to live and work. The Native American people (and fuck right off to the fist person that corrects that term because I don't care what the fuck the people want to be called) were slaughtered out right. They were not given even the slightest bit of hope or peace. The settlers who came took and took and took and offered nothing back. Now, am I saying PW is right in all her magnimonious preaching? No. Frankly I'm sick of hearing her sniveling about how her people are so oppressed (it ain't my problem, and it ain't my fault, it all happened long before I was around). But I will agree that as far as fist fucks go, 'The People' did get a pretty good one. Far worse than any slave. And please do not not say that I have done nothing positive for the culture you are so overly fond of. I was at that damn Pow Wow and I paid $6.50 for each beer. At that price I should get my own fuckin' statue put in the Lakota nation a big granite Revenant with a Lakota Chief tearing 50 dollar bills from my ass with a huge grin on his face. $6.50/beer... and I have no love for 'The People'? Kiss my ass. Does one need to draw the lines? The right to live in chains is not better or worse than death. It is death. Oh wait, I can trace my lineage back to the Nakota.
  3. Originally Posted By: Ptesan-WiAnd so it comes to this. Because I recognize that some words do not translate well, I am a narcissist. Because I show pride in my people, I am a racist. I asked you a reasonable question. Are the Nakota also the "The People"? you have not said one way or the other. They were part of the Sioux as you should know. What crimes have the lakota suffered that makes the different from any other tribal culture to have the misfortune of having gold on their land? You speak as if your tribe was the only one to suffer, and that they are different in some way..yet you have yet to name the difference. Nearly every tribal name can be translated into "The People" or "The People of...". So tell me, why should I shed a tear for you when you do not shed tears for the tribes of Africa, or Japan, or even other parts of the "Great Plains"? I can trace my bloodline to people who were bought and sold to harvest cotton. You on the other hand seem to trace you bloodline back to those who can stand on soap boxes and whine about how the world is unfair and the west is so evil.
  4. Muse

    [OpNet] A New Face

    And you are a trite, tired cliche with no redeeming qualities of social import. But I don't think it is nice to go around name calling.
  5. Muse

    [OpNet] A New Face

    Psyche, don't you think it is a bit rash of you to be so quick to judge if people need help or not? After all, you do not know the context of the above statement.
  6. There is the Lakota and Nakota also Dakota..All diffrent tribes.
  7. Muse

    [OpNet] A New Face

    Well, I guess I could say hello..But I would rather only imply that I said hello.So I am not going to just say it.
  8. Wi, if I were to tell you I was part Nakota, would you care? Would it change who I am to you?
  9. Originally Posted By: Ptesan-WiOriginally Posted By: MusePtesan-Wi, would you care to explain to me, who are "the people" and who are not "the people"? Then would you kindly explain to me how they are any less guilty, wrong or evil than any other? "The People" is a literal translation of "Lakota". That said, the term is often extended to include all Native Americans. The truth of the matter is that we are no more or less guilty, wrong or evil than are any other. There is wicowaste (goodness) and wasicu (the greedy) among the People, just as there are among all other races. In war and in peace, the People have done things great and terrible, as have those with whom we have warred. Still, there are things today that tilt the scales and sadden me to my core. The People have been weakened for over a century, and wherever some are weak, there are others - of any skin, of any creed - who would prey upon them. Lands that were promised to us "as long as the grass shall grow" continue to be taken acre by acre, mile by mile, in disregard to treaty so that mineral speculators can line their pockets and drivers can shave another few minutes off their trip, aided by politicians who line their own pockets at our expense. Addiction is rife among the tribes, many of whom are genetically predisposed to alcoholism and other forms of addiction, and those who push these poisons exploit that weakness in our blood. And because the tribes cannot afford many deputies for our tribal sheriffs, criminals have come to see reservations as a place where they can loot and steal - and yes, rape - with little risk. My mate and I have helped to curb this last problem in the Black Hills, but we cannot be everywhere at once, and certainly cannot protect all the reservations. This is why my mate and I are fighting to restore stength to the People. Strength of knowledge, of spirit, of hope... because without these things, the People will remain weak and remain easy prey for the greedy and evil of the world. Be thankful you are not the Ainu. Your tribe was treated just like any other tribal peoples when met by a another "tribe" with a bigger stick. The People, were lied to, cheated and exploited. Hell, I am still waiting for my 40 acres and a donkey. But You know I know even if i got that, it wouldn't pay the debt they have. They can't pay it. You cannot undue the past.
  10. Ptesan-Wi, would you care to explain to me, who are "the people" and who are not "the people"? Then would you kindly explain to me how they are any less guilty, wrong or evil than any other?
  11. Wi, and what of those who are not "The People"? I myself can trace you back to Africa, and myself as well. So are "the People"? Who are not "the People"?
  12. Originally Posted By: TrooperDoes this sort of discussion ever actually lead to anyone coming to a conclusion or changing their mind? Honestly it seems like a bunch of fucking jerking off to me. Just like the bush wars you take part in. You missed the point of me posting.I do not care to change minds one way or the other.I only wanted people to think. Those were my stated goal, and I did not lie. In the end of the day, making people think doesn't end up with blood on my hands.
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