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  1. Originally Posted By: Emerald PanaderoWow! All this thinking and philosophizing. Truth is the province of the Victors. Is that what you call this drivel?
  2. Originally Posted By: PercivaldThe whole species argument is ludicrous, it's like when racist governments justified their actions with theories about how black people were of a different "race". They are. Mud people are a degenerate branch of humanity. Why is that so hard to understand?
  3. Go to Christmas. Kill your family. Kill yourself. You'll have done the world some actual good.
  4. And you people mock me. You sit here and chat with a cannibal and one who encourages cannibalism. Disgusting.
  5. Originally Posted By: MellowOriginally Posted By: AlptraumMine would likely be some self-hating Turkish slut. So, much cooler than you? I have a cat here that I'm going to carve your name into over and over again until it expires.
  6. Originally Posted By: Coyote-Mad ScientistThis will come off as bitchy. That's not my intent. But whyever would you want to turn off your node? Because they are foolish and stupid.
  7. Originally Posted By: Ria RavensbourneOok-ook. Eek-eek. Try not to chatter at your betters mud-whore.
  8. Her sudden transformation caught him by suprise and the wave of pain that tore into him caused him to nearly drop his hold on her sensory input. Only his grim determination to not fail, to keep hold kept him in control. But as he saw death fly from her fingertips and set suprised shoppers ablaze his determination became more focused on staying alive than trying to control what was obviously out of his reach. Every square inch of his body felt like it had been scraped with a razor and dipped into alcohol. His coat smoldered slightly and his vision was blurry, his eyes stinging with heat. He slouched down, hidden more than ever behind the stack of boxes in the alley, as Aura ran into it he created an image of a large truck block the far end and behind her he reduced the number of phantoms he'd littered the plaza with. Hopefully she'd chose the easier path and leave without actually entering the alley. He was afraid of how she might react when she found that it was not actually a throughway, but a dead end that he'd hoped to lure her into. Even if he was capable of unleashing his venom into her he was sure it wouldn't work fast enough. She'd live long enough to burn him to the ground and he'd be damned if some American whore would be the end of him. No, he'd let her go. Yes, he'd let her go. And deep in his mind he prayed that he'd be able to convince himself that's really what happened.
  9. How wonderful. American's weren't bad enough. Now we have filthy monkey's spreading their feces here.
  10. He froze slightly when her eyes met his once he'd found her in the crowd. But her gaze kept going. Of course, he was just some little nobody thanks to his bland aura. He walked a bit and found a good place to finish this up. He hid slightly behind a stack of boxes and watched his prey relax slightly. As he was in the alley he took out his laptop and started a quick search. She was definetely a nova, she was white and she was on the run. The beauty of the OpNet manifested itself in a postive identification with just a few minutes of searching. Aura. How lovely. One of the whores from that disgusting little opsite. He studied the scene and noticed that one of the vendors was watching a little portable television set. He again adjusted Aura's sensory input and turned up the voltage on her nightmare. "Flüchtlingnova AURA ist in Deutschland gesehen worden. Beachten Sie, daß sie als in hohem Grade gefährlich gilt." Aura turned as she heard her name squawk out from a cheap television set and saw what had to be the last straw. While she couldn't speak German she could recognize the international image of the public warning. The simple stark photograph and the tone of voice that screamed out "Danger! This person is scary!". She pulled back involuntarilly and held her breath. The old woman watching the TV looked up at her, likely to ask if she wanted to try on a scarf and then fear and recognition crossed her features. The old woman began to shout, "Kriminell! Rufen Sie die Polizei an!" Others turned and the fear and the shock began to spread. Aura whipped around, looking for somewhere to run. An empty alleyway leading to what looked like a busy street seemed to be the only place empty of pointing and accusing people.
  11. Half a clove? You fucking amatuer. The day I cook with less than three or four full cloves, and I mean big fucking cloves, is the day I staple my dick to my thigh and vote Republican.
  12. Und die Jagd fängt an. As he stood up his quantum flowed out, subduing his presence, graying him out of the social landscape. Unnoticable, inconsequential. He followed her for a few blocks. Practice had taught him that rushing the fear would spoil the hunt. He wondered if she was heading back to her home or if she was walking farther, trying to convince herself that she wasn't in trouble. Of course, that assumed he was correct, that she was running. It did seem likely. Fürchten Sie sich erkannt zu werden? Oder ist es nur die Polizei, die Sie sich sorgen? He decided to experiment and reached out again. Overlapping her view of the world he changed the faces of fellow pedestrians. Where in reality they passed by without a second glance she saw them give her a second look, flashes of what might be recognition.
  13. Alptraum sat in the cafe, as usual, perusing new events on his laptap and people watching. If one could call these whores and pimps 'people'. The rage that swelled up within him filled his mouth with the taste of metal and his ears with the sound of thunder. Filthy immigrants. Half-breeds. Jews. Hardly a decent German among them. Victims and animals, all of them. The question was, when would he finally do something about it. When would he start to cull the heard of animals that stained his beloved country? He wasn't feeling any satisfaction from the depredations done to animals. The screams of a kitten as he pulled it's eyes out didn't give him the same sense of fulfillment. Even if he knew that those idiots on RPG-Post would rage so impotently against his actions. Gott im Himmel. Wenn etwas nicht bald geschieht, gehe ich geisteskrank. Die Wut muß fließen. His hands tightened and his knuckles went white. Who knew what might have happened if he hadn't seen her. She walked into the kaffeehaus and could not have been anymore out of place. Even more so than the shit-skinned animals that crowded the streets. And something about her... Something pinged. Like a sonar touching upon steel in an empty sea. She sang out to him. She was so much more real than anyone else here. It must be fate. She seemed nervouse, he wondered what it was that was making her nervous. Perhaps she was hiding? She had the look about her. Time to see. He took a deep breath and when he exhaled a portion of him misted out, invisible to the human eye and wafted over to her. This part of him slid into her eyes, through her nostrils and penetrated into her, inte her brain, into her mind. He formed a picture of reality and placed it over what her own senses told her. Nothing much changed, the kaffeehaus was still the kaffee house. But as she sat down she saw a police officer walk into view. A large man, officious looking, with a piercing gaze. Wie sie reagiert?
  14. In my own spirit of human goodness I've restrained myself from torturing or killing any cats, dogs, jews or other animals since the earthquake.
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