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  1. Well, I ran Aberrant back in the day. And circa 2006-2008 I ran Wild Talents (a better campaign because I had learned a lot about running a Supers game from Aberrant) and now, now I'm stepping back into the Aberrant fold. My problem is I need to go away and rebuild the world. I'm not a person who tolerates sequels for the sake of them, even if players' beg. If I don't have a story you don't have a game. But thanks for the welcomes
  2. Been years since I was here. Scarlock (formerly Coriolis from WAAAY back), and for the first time in...feeling old now...over 15 years I'm starting a new Aberrant game. So naturally I went looking for N Prime. Ended up here. Hello. And ta ta for now.
  3. Well, thats all dandy too. However, there is no OOC mention of him anywhere in the Trinity era, other than as "what has gone before". And as for wanting to leave records? Well, you could be right, though I do spot enough vanity in Mal to believe the opposite when the mood takes me. To each their own. Isn't speculation wonderful?
  4. No, he isn't. Divis isn't a Nova in the same way that Max Mercer isn't a Psion or a Proxy. As Michael Donighal he becomes imbued in the Hammersmith explosion as something...other. Very Nova like but not a Nova. As per TPG his relationship to novas is similar to that of Psiads to Psions. Though far more powerful. And sure, you could stat him up, but why bother? Once you've finished attaching the PG to his character sheet, no one will want to face him. "Sorry GM, just hit me with the book, it will be shorter."
  5. Perhaps. I don't see Mal as some analogy of Milton's Satan though. The fact that the only real mention of him in the Trinity era is the incineration of the United Nations dude surely tells us something though. Why isn't he the leader in the Trinity Era? And sure, there could have been more books and I would have loved to have seen Nexus come out but... Amyway. Thats enough of that (Formerly Coriolis)
  6. Hmmm. All very interesting I'm sure. But please correct me if I am wrong, but surely Mal isn't actually a Nova? Of any style or description. And thus the stats provided for him are rather analogies to the powers an actual nova would possess rather than what they actually are. Thus making it even harder to counter him. And I always read him as not being a Leader at all, let alone a bad one. Wasn't that the whole POINT of the Null Manifesto? My two cent. And no, despite the profile, I'm not a newb, my old account has gone mental so here I am again, formerly known as Coriolis from WAAAY back. Ta ta now.
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