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  1. Witty quits and sarcastic banter were nothing more now but silent, slow breathing as shock took an icy hold over both of the sisters, Autumn for almost having just died and Summer for almost having lost her sister. The sudden, harsh reality of the situation they found themselves in set in as Autumn withheld flying into a panic. They couldn't do anything but stare at each other as they tried to manage a complete breath. "A-are you o-okay?" Summer stuttered through a frightened breath. She still hadn't taken her eyes off her sister and both stood too paralyzed to move. "A-am I okay?" Autumn glared at her sister. Her body shivered and quaked with fear as she tried to form words with the wave of fear and shock that overwhelmed her. "Summer. I almost got sliced into pieces." She still stood, too frightened to move. "Pieces, Summer. Pieces! I'd say I'm pretty god damned far from 'okay'!" The sudden death experience continued to hold them both in stillness for an untold amount of moments while the people sitting at home, powerless and in fear for their future, watched them both try to cope with the gravity of the situation. This mad man was not playing games or pulling punches. He was hell-bent on killing them or the city, or possibly both. A torrential fire burned with Summer. Her hair slowly grew warm until it began to ignite with wisps of ember until it was completely aflame. "No," Summer said through gritted teeth. Her fists clenched at her sides, and her eyes exploded into a purplish flame. "We're not choosing any more doors. No games, no hologram costumes, and certainly no more death traps. You want a piece of us, ass clown, then you come face us! Because we're done playing! Because even if you push whatever mad button you have up there and waste this whole city... all that will be left is you, and us... and then where are you gonna run too, huh? Because when you wipe everything out, jerk-off... we won't be heroes anymore, we'll just be bitches with a vendetta. So get your panties in a knot, psycho. We'll wait."
  2. "What the hell...?" Autumn said slowly with a soft breath as she took in the dank, musty environment. "This is so messed up..." "Wow," Summer laughed with derision. "This is wild. It's like those stupid games you and your nerd friends play to disengage from your study crams." She swept her arms out to the hallway before them. "Behold, the World of Drokcraft..." "Summer, shut up," Autumn cut her off before she had a chance to get started. "Try and focus, okay?" "Okay, okay," she laughed a bit more. "Chill. God." She took a few steps and inhaled with excitement. "Hey! Look on the bright side, at least crazy dude didn't install like, personal hologram projectors or some other weird nerdy crap that put us in silly get ups to support his sick fantasy." The area flickered and environment wavered and pulsed as scenery remained the same but image inducers shifted their costumes. Summer was, in the span of a few moments donned in the fur bikini with scant traces of woven in metal scales but with all the adornments it did very little to preserve her modesty, but there she stood a scant clad barbarian of the dungeon. Autumn found herself in a slinky white and blue silk outfit that, like her sisters', did little to cover her body. Simple golden symbols were sewn into the fabric here and there as she played valiant healer to her sister's warrior pride. Summer quickly cupped her hands over her mouth, more to cover the widening smirk on her face than with shock. Autumn's lips were twisted in rage as her fists balled at her sides when she looked at their new outfits. Her breathing swift and anger burned in her chest. "I hate you so much right now, Summer! UGHHH!"
  3. Ah, okay. I wasn't sure which you were referring to. Thanks.
  4. The twins were rather grateful that the monitor came on when it did. The whole scene was starting lay out just a bit to weird for them. As everyone turned their attention towards the sliding door and Mega-Girl's over confident flight to certain doom, the twins hung back, separating themselves from the main group. Good guys or no, they held the strongest bond as sisters and were more concerned with their own well being than with these complete strangers. "I don't like this," Autumn whispered to her sister. "Columbian shows up he knows tried and true that he's the last of us, right as the door opens? He wants our power profiles on top of that? Summer, this is all kinds of wicked shiesty. Something doesn't feel right." "Dude, this whole group is off kilter," Summer observed. "I don't know, I can't quite place it. From the Doc who didn't say anything aside from padding his intellectual ego, to the way everyone is just so... I don't know, like: 'Hey we're all the heroes and fast friends. We have a city to save, and we're all chummy now'!" She shook her head. "I don't know, I just know I like this about as much as you do, but the city still needs us, let's just keep our guard up." The twins joined the others just as the Doctor was conveying his feelings for Mega-Girls careless impulse to be the first to be squashed. Summer was floating along side her sister who decided to keep her feet planted firmly on the ground. "Doc, calm down," Autumn interjected. "Columbian doesn't lead this group. We were all summoned here and we'll have to find someway to all work together, but getting your hackles raised at him," she gestured to Columbian. "Doesn't resolve issues, it only creates tension." "Besides," Summer shrugged. "If she gets dusted by lasers or the building falls on her, that's kinda her fault. Sometimes it takes pain to make the brain a little smarter. I doubt she would have just flow in there if she didn't feel she could handle something more than we could. Have a little faith."
  5. "Girl, these took me like, sixteen hours to make," Summer said in an excited manner. "See me after we save the city, Pixie-Cut and I'll hook you up, city saver's discount and all." Autumn rolled her eyes. "Maybe you should have spent thirty two hours and made us whole costumes." "Haven't you ever seen a marvel on the news?" She asked her sister. "This is how they dress, totally. It distracts the enemy, keeps them off guard," she gave a wry smile and nudged Mega Girl in the side with her elbow. "Besides, if you got, use it, am I right?" With a sigh Autumn approached Hex. "Forgive my sister, Hex, she is an idiot." She turned her attention to Mega Girl, whom she was hoping really wasn't finding any of her sister's antics charming. "No, he didn't say anything about how many we were to expect, but there are already four women here. He obviously has a thing against the fairer sex, a deep seeded desire to inflict harm upon and establish dominance against women." "Eh, he's probably some guy who always plays women online and in his video games because he can't relate mentally or emotionally with his own gender," Summer shrugged. "He probably married his pillow case and she's recently divorced him for someone who showers frequently. So, all we do is find him and take him out and meet a few a bros, get him laid, oh, and throw his creeper ass in jail for like a million consecutive life sentences." She flew into a quick backwards loop and arrived right where she started, holding hands out like a game show gal. "Easy,-peasy."
  6. The twins listened the radio broadcast, being millenials they rarely watched T.V., having Airbuds in their ears almost 24 hours a day. With her arms folded, Summer just listened as she leaned against the wall of their hotel room. Autumn wasn't as calm. She paced back and forth as she listened, nervously nibbling her brightly green polished thumb nail. As the sociopath finished his commentary Autumn continued to pace frantically. Summer pushed off the wall. "Alright, well, let's go." "What?" Autumn paused her pacing and looked at her sister with obvious reservations in her expression. "Summer, this guy... this guy is a lunatic. I-I don't know if this is such a good idea anymore. I mean... a gauntlet in a tower? We've seen SAW, Summer, I know how this movie ends! We're not prepared, we don't have training... Summer this isn't just stopping a mugging or something... w-we should start smaller, way smaller. Kittens in trees, small..." Her raven-haired sibling offered nothing but a caring smile the radiated warmth as she wrapped her sister in a hug. "No," she said softly in her sister's ear. She pulled away and looked her sister in the eyes. "Because kittens in trees don't need us right now, one point four million people-," "One point six six five million-," Autumn corrected her. "Shut up and take my motivational speech, okay?" She smirked. "Those many people do need us. You were right, Sis, this is what we were meant for. To help these people, the world if we can, and this guy," she pointed towards the wall of their room, in the rough direction of the Alphatech Tower. "This guy is off his nut. Any guy who is willing to kill this many people... we gotta stop him." "How?" Autumn retorted, still frustrated. She wasn't a fighter, she was a scientist, a psychology major by interest but a woman who was infatuated with all manner of science. "This guy is a megalomaniac and a narcissist. He wants us to put on a show for him, his ego needs the attention, he needs the audience. If we screw up anywhere, at any point, or don't jump through the right hoops for this guy, he'll kill us, or the whole city! Summer, I can't have a million and a half lives worth of blood on my hands! How do you win against a sicko like that, Summer?" "I don't know," Summer admitted. "See?" She threw up her arms in frustration. "But I know how we don't win. We don't win if we don't bother showing up, Autumn!" Summer shot back. She pointed vigorously at the wall as trace amounts of rage and frustration grew in her as well. "We've been chosen by this guy! He's called us out. We can't back down, if we do, he kills them anyway. So we go, and we play his game, and we figure shit as we go." "As we go?! That's your plan? 'Wing it'? Oh, sure Summer, we'll just 'wing it' and surely nothing bad will come from it." Autumns frustration rose to a peak as her reckless sister's plan made no logical sense to her. "We can't just guess with a guy like this. A million people deserve more than just us 'winging it'!" "Autumn, you are the smartest, most noble and kindest soul I know," Summer calmed and held her sister. "You're scared. I'm scared too. But if anyone can figure this out, it's you. I'll provide the witty commentary and rough up anyone who gets in our way. But still, those people need us. Whether we're ready or not, whether we like it not, we have over a million people who need us to get our shit together and go kick a little narcissistic ass." She stepped back once more and looked at her. "So, come on Regulator. Mount up." Autumn smiled a weak smile, wiping a few tears of frustration from her cheek. Then she underwent a metamorphosis. Her skin rippled, like each individual skin cell she possessed was flipping, like a coin from head to tails. Her normally alabaster skin rippled and 'flipped' cell to a deep shade of orange, like the earthly color of clay. Her red hair with orange and yellow highlights (like the colors of autumn leaves) grew in length and fell far below her waist and her vividly green eyes thrummed with power and illuminated into a faint glow. "Thanks, Summer." Summer had already done the same, her eyes a vibrant purple, a color that she'd adopted after the incident that bestowed up the sisters their powers. Her raven hair with purple highlights grew to the same length as her twins'. "Yeah, yeah, suit up. The sentimentality will kill me before the Big Bad does..." Ten minutes later, the twin heroes soared through the sky. Well, Summer soared, Autumn frantically wobbled about from side to side like a girl who had not quite figured out how her flight power actually worked. Her arms wobbled and she swerved back and forth, completely off balance. At the main entrance of AlphaTech Tower Summer Solstice slammed into the ground with a solid landing in heroic Supergirl fashion. Autumn slowly coasted to street level, landing with a hurried stride that made her run forward several steps and she almost lost her balance and stumbled to the ground. "Flying sucks." She fumed, mildly irritated that Summer had taken to it so easily. Her sister laughed. "Whatevs, this flying is legit. So, I got fire, you got water, we both got flight... so that's wind... where's the earth power?" "No clue," she walked to her sister, looking around for these other so called other 'heroes'. If they were as green as the twins, she didn't hold out much hop for their survival. "For now, let's focus on this and wait for these other heroes. We don't know if this guy wants us in all at once or as we arrive, so let's just hold tight and pray someone knows who this clown is. And seriously, Summer, you couldn't make us whole costumes?" "Budget cuts, sis. I made them out of what you bought. Had to work with what I had..." She smirked.
  7. I only rolled my Atts. Everything else I just picked after I ended up rolling an aquatic psion character with nothing but movement powers that didn't make a lick of sense. I tried the random thing two more times and each time the power selection was just abysmal so I picked based on what made sense for the character theme. I did roll for the level of the power, which is how I ended up with a Flight of 3, I'd prefer they were a little faster in the air, but it works out since they just got their abilities. Point being: instead of rolling, present Justin with a sound and legit set of powers and I'm sure he'll work with you.
  8. Hey, guys, you may have noticed that I'm posting with the twins as if they were one character instead of two. It saves me time and sanity. If you read them both in the same post, the account I post with largely irrelevant. At the moment I'm just alternating between Summer and Autumn, as they're almost always together. Point being, just because I posted with Summer doesn't mean you have to reply to Summer... just reply and I'll have one or the other reply. Just talk to them and ignore the account I post with. The exception being, obviously, that if the twins are separated I'll post with their proper personas. So if Starsign and Summer Solstice are out clubbing while Autumn Solstice and Columbian are in the lab doing research on an alien terror, I'll post separately to avoid confusion.
  9. "Ooookay, super creepy." Summer turned the letter over in her hands and sniffed it one more time. Yup, roaring bonfire. "Y'know I once had a guy spray a note to me back in high school? Drakkar Noir." "Rob Williams, I remember. Super creepy." Autumn said from the other room with a raised voice so her sister could hear her. She kept appearing and disappearing from sight as she walk this way and that across the open doorway. Her first trip she was carrying a bag. The next a bundle of clothes, then a series of cosmetics and a hair dryer along with some toiletries. "You still dated him too. I warned you. Super creepy." "Uh, yeah, I was fifteen, he was sixteen and an amazing kisser I might add. Still can't believe he dumped me for a senior." She stared off in a contemplative reverie as her face scrunched up in disgust. Her sister constantly passing by the doorway however, quickly caught her attention. "Um, dear sister of mine? What are you doing?" As she walked into the room she saw her twin packing her bags. Folding her arms, she leaned in the door frame. "I'm packing for New York," Autumn said with a tone that sounded like it needed to amended with a 'duh'. "If the city is going to die in three days, we need to be there to stop it." Summer's eye widened like she just took a long suck on a sour lemon. "Wow. Woah, woah, woah. No, Autumn, absolutely not. Some weirdo sends us a letter and you're ready to just fly off to meet them in a city he claims is going to die? They have professionals to handle this sort of stuff! The Crimson Spider, he handles all those New York things, or the Incredible Quatro... those guys too. Let them do their thing. We have midterms rapidly approaching." "I have midterms, first of all. As I have done your last two, while you were out partying-" Summer pointed at her defensively. "Hey, I invited you, don't use that against me-" "Not arguing with you," Autumn raised her hand to cut her off. "The point is, Summer, that we were given these abilities for a reason." "Yeah, some ass hat made eco-friendly goop that just happened to give us Mother Earth powers, the reason was poor safety standards. He's lucky we didn't sue, Dad woulda shredded him in court." "Summer! Shut. Up." Autumn raised her voice over her sister's and her twin arced her head back in sudden surprise. "Christ. Stop with the jokes and avoiding the issues! We can both hear it and see it. The world doesn't look the same does it? We can hear the planet, Summer. It's hurting and it needs our help. People need our help. Cleaner energy, less resource consumption, and yes, stopping a baddie from leveling New York City is on that list too! You're freaked out, I get that, believe me, I am too." "It was science, Autumn, not magic. We can't magically hear the pains of the world and cries of the whales simply because some dude almost killed us, wake up." "Science, magic, what's the difference? Whatever happened our perceptions are unlocked now and we have a duty to help the world and it's people onto a better path. I-I don't know Summer, call it intuition, fear, confusion... but..." "You hear the voice too?" Summer said softly. Autumn nodded. "Yeah. Summer, if we're both hearing it, it's not just a figment. We can't just sit around here and do nothing with these gifts, because if you're hearing the same thing I am-" "The world is pretty pissed with mankind as a whole, yeah, I've been getting that vibe." The raven haired sister sighed, thinking about their options. "We care, we're responsible, we've always wanted to make the world better," Autumn approached her sister and gently grasped her shoulders, smiling at her for encouragement. "We've all the traits for pure heroes. We can help, I know it." "Um, I've not been pure since freshman homecoming, and you and Kyle? Senior prom? Yeah, he told everyone, so we are by far not the purest choices for saving the world." "Jesus, Summer! It's current year, not the days of the Aztecs! I meant of heart. We have pure hearts and pure intentions. We're! The! Good! Guys!" She shook her head, rubbing the bridge of her nose. "Besides, there's no such things as virgins anymore, and Kyle didn't tell everyone, I did. On accident... and I no, I don't wanna talk about it." "Wait, what? No, no, I wanna hear this, what happened?" She asked with a wry grin. "Come to New York, help me with this, and if we survive I'll spill. Kyle, the prom, that night, and how everyone found out. Deal?" Autumn folded her arms and glared at her sister. "I'll get my bag." Summer said gingerly. "Oh, uhh, how are we getting to New York? I have forty dollars to my name, and you have a hundred and twenty seven to yours." "How do you know how much money have?" Autumn asked. "Because it was a hundred and sixty seven this morning, where do you think I got the forty bucks from?" Summer dove into the closet to avoid the barrage of pillows and random clothes that were thrown her way as her sister levied a volley curses at her. Twenty minutes later... Autumn dialed the number on her phone as Summer nursed bloody nose from a 'accidental' wedge heel being cast in her direction as the two fought over privacy (for the millionth time in twenty years). The small apartment they stayed in looked like a small bomb went off that designed to only target and toss clothes everywhere. It would take them weeks to sort it all out if they didn't have their own particular style. Despite Autumn's naturally quiet demeanor, no one could push her rage buttons like her sister could and all out spats and tantrums among the twins far from uncommon. When the person on the other side picked up Autumn immediately perked right up and took in a deep breath. As she slowly exhaled she smiled her best Cameron Diaz smile. "Hi, Daddy? It's Autumn. Um, Summer and I need a favor..."
  10. Summer and Autumn Astovik Name: Summer and Autumn Astovik (identical twins) Moniker: 'Solstice' (individually) or 'Equinox' (when combined) Origin: Transformation Gender: Female (hence 'sisters') Ethnicity: Caucasian, with typical pumpkin spice latte white girl problems. Age: 20/20 Hair: Black/Reddish-Orange Eyes: Purple/Vibrant Green - Height: 5'8" - Build: Athletic - Weight: 130lbs./126lbs. Manner: (Summer) Friendly and outgoing. (Autumn) Fun-loving but logical. Value Who: Family [Her sister (both), Father - Mortimer Astovik] Value What: Friendship / Love Attitude: People are endless sources of wonder. Birthplace: Los Angeles, California Status: Filthy Stinking Rich (Well, dad is.) Appearance: The Astovik twins are very rare identical twins. In fact, only their nuclear DNA can tell them apart. Unlike a lot of twins, however, the sisters have spent their entire lives changing their appearance and taking steps to not look the same. Their natural hair color is a deep auburn (don't tell them I told you that). Today, Summer's hair is deep, jet black (the color of soot) while Autumn wears hers as a vibrant shade of reddish orange (the color of Autumn leaves). Background: The Astovik sisters are the daughters of a very affluent senator from California. Before he was a senator he was a very successful philanthropist and made a massive fortune in Silicone Valley trading and deals. As a result the sisters were raised without a single need or want in a lavish life of entitlement. One would think that this would bring to very spoiled, very mean girls into the world but instead they are the exact opposite. Their father is likely one of the only honest politicians on the planet and he raised his daughters to be honest and hard working as well. When it was time for them to head off to college they refused their father's assistance and insisted that he allow them to make their own way. As a result he generously helps them out with college on their birthday and a few holidays as long as they remain employed and keep their grades up. Summer is a passionate extrovert who is out going, flirty and fun if a bit cocky and head strong. Autumn is a quiet introvert who enjoys education, reading and intellectual pursuits. Both are friendly and fun-loving individuals although Summer is more the 'party girl' who is generally dragging sister along for the ride. Their constant clash in personalities generally lead the two to being in constant arguments and fights as Autumn is generally trying to keep the two afloat while Summer is partying and enjoying her college years. Powers: Summer controls fire while Autumn controls water. They use their powers in a variety of ways from blasting enemies outright to even shaping various weapons and protections from the elements. Each of the sisters is also able to fly and possesses an increased resistance to harm (damage seems to 'flow' around their bodies like things may pass through flames or water without disrupting the fire or the river).
  11. ,, "Dude, chill, we're just talking, Jesus Christ. Don't get so worked up." Summer stifled a laugh. It was obvious that Daniel was way more worked up that she was about this stuff. "I really don't care what you do with your life Danny, but like the saying goes, if you're not part of the solution, you're part of the problem. They're hunting us like we're sport and killing us like we're not even people and you'r esolution is to just go and fish in Louisiana? I mean, seriously you have no clue how pussified that sounds. What would you do if they gunned down Diana on the street or took her away to a lab? Would you go fishing then? No, you wouldn't. You just don't care about anything but yourself and Diana, and that's cool, but guys like you tend to be the first people to get pissed off when you bang on someone's door in the middle of the night needing help and we tell you that we'd love to help you save Diana, but we don't wanna escalate the issue so we're going fishing instead." ,, Summer sat back and inhaled, relaxing as she sighed with her thought. "What do I see us doing? Honestly, I don't know. We can't manage the family business with our father because we're not actual citizens and can't be employed, so that's a tough one. I would like to work with a Mutants Right group." The teenage angst was pallatable. Summer was suffering from the same issues every woman her age went through: she was too young to be taken seriously by anyone but more than mature enough to make her way in life. "I know this sounds bitchy, and a slight bit crazy, but if if a robot comes after me, you better believe I'm going to fry the son of a bitch, then hunt down the bastard that sent it after me and fry him too. I'll keep Autumn and me safe no matte rwhat, and when the dust settles we'll visit you out on your lake or stream or wherever you fishing people use as an excuse to drink beer in a boat."
  12. "Oh, you're certainly naive and idealistic," Summer said matter of factly. It was obvious she was trying to hold in the urge to just shake him like a young child. It was like Peter Pan had scooped him and took him to his own private imaginary world and he no longer existed in the reality that everyone else called 'Earth'. "No, worst case scenario for you is that you're drug to a lab and locked in a cell where you'll never see the light of day again until the humans can figure out a use for you. Branded and collared and a slave to the citizens because, in case you've forgotten Daniel, we have no rights. Or did not hear about the giant exterminator robots they build to wipe out the mutant 'problem'." ,, She shook her head in absolute disbelief, picking up and sipping her cocoa as an excuse to shut herself up and give herself time to think. "You're not interested in me, and now I can see why. You and Glacia are perfect for each other, you're both absolutely clueless. You're surrounded by an aura of heat Daniel, heat, and your master plan is to go to Louisiana, one of the hottest states there is, and be a Sports Guide? I'm sure the clientele will line up for miles in a hundred and five degree weather to stand next to a guy who is a hundred and five degrees... in the shade. You'll be idealistic and impoverished to boot." ,, Setting her mug down she switched which legs she had crossed and continued. "I'm not trying to but your balls Daniel, but I wonder if you ever think before you speak, if altruistic simply because you think it's the cool thing to be, or if your simply just to much of a coward to actually stand up and fight for what you believe in. All mutants like you ever say is 'I wanna help', yet if given a chance you always find some moral reason or lame excuse or you just have to wash your hair that evening. The night at Dante's proved it. You could have helped the mutant cause by hearing us out, but you let your altruistic self-righteousness get in the way before you even heard what we had to say. There's already been a line drawn in the sand, Danny. Eventually you'll either need to stand up and be a man, or get trampled underfoot by the rest of us who actually have goals, ideals, and a clue. Or you could stay here at the school your whole life, I'm sure Drumm would protect you while the rest of us are out being immoral and evil for the sake of our continued existence." ,, "It's a good thing you're pretty." She giggled. This was the Summer people knew, brutally honest and not holding anything back to spare his feelings. "It's really all you have going for you."
  13. Summer massaged the bridge of her nose for a second, shaking her head slowly. "Danny, sweetie, I meant tell me about you. The person that is Daniel Allard. Honey, I know you don't necessarily like mine and Autumns pro-mutant mindset, but you've slipped into the way of thinking that the humans follow. When someone asks you about you as a person, you immediately default to talks of your x-gene and powers you have. That's exactly how the humans perceive us. We're not people, we're just things who can do stuff. We're people to, darlin', and I'm looking to get to know Daniel, not Hotstreak. You don't see my sister and I walking around asking everyone to call us the Solstice Sisters, do you?" She quipped with a pleasant enough smile on her face to show that she wasn't trying to chastise him, just open his mind a little. "You were orphaned and adopted, then what? Your family, the good times, the bad times... dude, you're a mutant who can throw fire, me too... and there's a million others like us out there. I know the mutant Daniel, I was looking to get to know the man." ,, You think on that while I answer your question, kay?" Summer sipped her cocoa, leaned back on the couch and glared at her sister evilly, like she was think up the meanest things she could say about her. "Having a twin is complicated. People say there's a bond between twins, and while Autumn and I both think it's all a load of crap, we both agree that for some reason we hate being apart for too long." She giggled and covered her mouth as she swallowed some hot cocoa. Leaning in she tapped Daniel's knee with the excitement of a story forming in her mind. "Oh, god... Autumn do you remember when we had separate summer vacations? I spent the summer in Italy with mom and Autumn had to with our father to Asia. They though we were spending too much time together, and oh my god, Daniel let me tell you something... Autumn was balling her eyes out at the airport. Tears everywhere." Summer laughed at the memory, Autumn's glare at Daniel was almost a dare for him to follow suit... ,, "As I recall, Dear Sister," Autumn kept glaring at Daniel, in case he got any ideas about enjoying himself. "You cried for three days after vacation was over. Every ten minutes I had to hear about how happy you were so see me and how much you missed me." ,, Still laughing, Summer nodded. "She's right. I was sobbing for days." Switching which leg she had crossed, she continued after she got more comfortable. "I love my sister and I've no shame in sharing that. We're inseparable," She gave Daniel a wink. "Well, almost inseparable." ,, "There are some perks. I mean we're literally identical. Same color eyes, weight, height, voice, everything." She chuckled again and continued. "We've switched and gone to separate classes, dodged appointments, hell, even swapped a date once which Autumn still owes me for, by the way. Sure, we get into our fights and spats, my god when we were younger they were brutal, hair pulling, brawling, screaming... eh, now we just take a few days to cool off."
  14. The Academy had only been open for classes for three days when the 14 year old Astovik sisters got into a Team Edward/Team Jacob brawl that nearly burned down an entire dorm. Blasts of arctic cold and super heated currents of air tore through the halls and into the neighboring rooms (which at the time were unoccupied, thankfully) while the teenage girls argued over which one of the super natural heartthrobs truly deserved Bella. It was because of this spat that the sisters were given lodgings in the dorm farthest from any learning centers but closest to the administration building. What the sisters (and other students), didn't know or didn't realize is that it allowed the faculty to keep a closer eye on the two and keep them separated from less violent students. Considering the bullying nature of the twins' no one really took any issue with them having their own little dorm with hall the other 'dangerous' students. Their dorm room, truth be told, was more like four rooms with a single door. The walls were knocked down and in the area where two of the rooms should have been there was simply a large living area. Contemporary furniture, a one hundred and sixty inch plasma screen was mounted directly across from the entrance centered between the two windows that illuminated the area with the sun's natural light. Their furniture was a comfortable couch that formed a horse shoe in front of the large screen and a large square coffee table made entirely of ornate glass. The most notable thing however, was not the large screen or the incredibly expensive furniture. Everything seemed to have a color scheme, it was either red, or white, even the plastic framing around the television was red, set upon a wall that was white. The carpet was white, yet the couch was red. The area rug in front of the couches was red and the ornate glass table that rest upon it was frosted, giving it a white appearance. It was like they lived in a giant candy cane. "Daniel!" Summer smiled brightly and a scent of spiced apples filled their senses. She looked just as she did earlier, not bothering to dress up for the occasion. Simple, faded blue designer denim that was a house payment to most people, a red sweater that hung loosely on her frame with a neckline that teased and simple red designer boots with a modest heel. Of course she touched up her make-up a little, but it was no big surprise considering how vain rich folk seemed to be. The mirthful joy and smile slowly fell from her features when she noticed Curtis. "Plus one... right. Forgot." With a wave of her hand she opened the door up fully and stepped aside to allow the men entry. Curtis could tell Summer wasn't to please he was here, and Curtis didn't care much in the slightest. "Please," she said, her tone still devoid of any caring after having seen Curtis. "Come on in, have a seat." She stood behind Daniel and took his coat, politely hanging it on the coat rack next to the entrance. She patted Curtis on the back and walked past him, casually taking the time to mention that the coat rack was right behind him, and to help himself. Daniel smirks and shrugged at Curtis, enjoying his few moments of special treatment. All the junior genius could manage was a roll of the eyes and simply hang his coat up. She moved over to a small kitchen area, and although the dorms weren't equipped with appliance hook ups, the sisters had a sink and some counter space on which a few simple appliances like a microwave, a slow cooker and heating plate could be used. At the moment that's precisely what was in use, a large heating plate with a pot of something that smelled delicious. "Hope you guys like this," she said taking the pot off for a moment and stirring it with a wooden spoon. "Autumn is really good at making sweet stuff like hot cocoa and candy and stuff. Me? Not so much. Actual meals is my thing, deserts I fail epically at." ,, She motioned to the gentleman again, who were still standing near the door, unsure of what do to next. In a dorm that looked like a candy cane and delicious hot cocoa and spiced apples on the air Curtis was starting to wonder which of them was Hanzel and which was Gretel. "Guys, seriously, sit. Get comfy, Autumn will be out in a second, she's on the phone. I'll bring it out to ya." ,, With a tap of a remote cirrus radio began filling the area with commercial free soft rock, loud enough to be background noise in case there were any uncomfortable silences. A few moments later a tray of cocoa rest on the coffee table. Curtis and Daniel sat on the middle couch, Summer sat on the left couch, close to Daniel, with her legs crossed. "So, Dan, I think you and I have been here the same amount of time and we've never actually talked. So, tell me about you. It'll be a good ice breaker."
  15. "Oh, ignore her." Summer said, with a bit of a pout. "It's just Autumn being Autumn. Look, I'm her sister and she gives me the same grief. C'mon it's not like you don't know what being around an Ice Queen is like. My sister is like a snow cone with bitch flavoring, you'll get used to her, besides, she'll quit once she warms up to you." "Maybe." Came the monotone drone of Autumn's retort, bleeding over into her and Daniel's conversation. Dismissively the warm mutant grasped her escort's arm tighter, cuddling a bit closer. "So, come by our dorm, enjoy some hot cocoa with us and we'll talk. Y'know get to know each other finally and all of that. Kay?"
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