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  1. Sakurako takes off her badge and sets it on the table. "Then if I'm in the wrong, then there is only one recourse at this point. I resign. I doubt a leave of absence would be allowed at this juncture." "I will be removing my personal effects now." Sakurako walks out, disgusted at how everything went down. ooc If this can be resolved that would be great but right now it's at a point either where Sakurako leaves or something happens after the mission is over to straighten things out. Thing is at least I doubt I will enjoy being out of a thread. Also Sakurako will disregard what anyone says to her at this point.
  2. Sakurako glared at Beth. "Really? I'm not moving an inch. For better or worse, Beth you got me. Either this gets cleared up now or when I walk out that door it's for good."
  3. Sakurako stopped in her tracks at the doorway. "Pathetic? This isn't some sort of competetion, Jason. This is your life. Her life, everyone's life every time we go out there in missions like this. And right now I really got a lot of stuff burning in my head. You don't calculate every event in hindsight like I have and it left to one goddamn conclusion, that I couldn't do a thing to save those that were put under MY command. Ricochet was my responsibility, Jason! He made a goddamn stupid choice and all I could do is watch!" "I don't wanna be put into that position again. His life is on MY hands, Jason." She walked over, staring at him. In his seated state she could stare him down eye to eye. "That's not pathetic, that's being human. We got one life to give, and I wanna make that payment have meaning. And not in vain." "Take it what you will, but if we're going to do this we're gonna need all our assets and quite frankly I don't think I'm trusted at the moment with my commentary. But I'm sure there's something I can do here. My idea is still on the table."
  4. Sakurako stood up. "Then I am invoking it." Sakurako said, standing up and leaving the room. "I'm not going to hold you guys back." ooc I don't know how to even answer to that other than walking out. I am willing to stay with the game but with the way that Dragonstorm challenged her that is the answer I think Sakurako would give.
  5. Sakurako hesitated in accepting the summons at first. After feeling like she was used as bait in the Tokyo attack, sitting alone with almost no support except for those who were on board the yacht, only to have to mount an assault she was in no measure to handle, outside of watching her crew blasted asunder because she was useless to even raise a hand... No, the call was out again. She went to the briefing, but she was almost late. Last person in. When she sat in her labcoat and her typical, sporting the scar from the Zil battle, she was starting to wonder if she wouldn't see her next birthday. Looking up at the summary of the mission, it was starting to become clear what they were going to be used for. "So, we barely have time to mourn and we're gonna be getting more coffins?" Sakurako said, gripping the table. "We know what these things are, so what sort of firepower do we even have left? At least conventional weapons are working, thank god." She sighed. "Can we get assistance from the US Air Force? Perhaps we can mark the nest sites for MOAB Bombings or conventional Tomahawk strikes while we take the mobiles. It's the only solution I can think of." She looked down and mumbled... "And like hell I'm gonna be bait."
  6. Oahu - The Ford Island Zone The area of Ford island and the surrounding Pearl Harbor has been conquered by quantum backed nature. Plants with beautiful flowers dangerous to be near as they can expel sharp poison tipped darts, creatures fast and deadly mutated from the animal life of the island, and the very atmosphere charged with quantum energy dangerous to humans. When the zone formed the initial rush of Q-mutated creatures wreaked havoc with the surrounding area, but many died out from the painful and non-beneficial mutations in a matter of a few months. Those that remain are uniquely adapted, and have started breeding... The creatures of the zone are worth entering the zone for, as the plants produce many unexplored chemicals that could be useful for medicine, and animals that are worth studying for simply researching the effects of quantum energy on a life form, or potentially to find ways to adapt against quantum poisoning. The ambient quantum while not dangerous to a Nova can kill a human or horribly mutate them unless they have some means of protection, and a Nova can suffer injury in the form of Aberrations if they run out of quantum energy. Luckily novas can draw from the ambient quantum here, reducing their time needed to recharge by half, although if they somehow ran out of energy before resting they will suffer temporary taint at the rate of 2 temporary per half-hour in the zone while out of juice. If something is developed to protect a human in the zone, a nova can exist there on empty without the taint injury. The zone extends 25 miles from the center of Ford island, with quickly weakening quantum energy starting at 5 miles from Ground-Q. Humans can safely stay 10 miles out from it, and underwater the energy does not reach for some reason.
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  8. Justin, might be a good idea to just take a breather till Tuesday when you can take this on full throttle.IT'll also give Charlotte time to make MO, and others with any last-minute things that need doing.
  9. I think I'll be sticking with Sakurako after all, she's completed and I don't got time for character creation. That and I think I got some hooks in mind I can play from. Oh, and I think I'll go with this for now...
  10. I'd been thinking of something. A flooded earth where sea levels were caused to rise some 800 feet from where they are now through an external force of some kind (I'm thinking caused by loads of comet fragments ending up in earth orbit, depositing a constant stream of water to deposit. After the earth was flooded, whatever caused the multiple comets to be pulverized and depositied on earth also increased the ambient quantum levels, but not as much as a full NDay event, causing people to erupt, but only to have access to body modifications and mega attributes/enhancements. The story would be about people living on a new earth with little land-mass.
  11. Yeah the years do add up. Sitting at a full dozen now.
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