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  1. Originally Posted By: HeroI get by on donations from the people of LA. Its not a lot, because times are tough, but its heartfelt.Wait, what are your powers again? I could check you up on the op-net I guess, but I'll just ask.
  2. Yep, it's a tough life being a nova. If you can't figure out a way to cash in, you should come see Anna and her crew of suits. I thought up NONE of this on my own. I should point out all that money is Gross, not my Net. There are expenses and Anna takes a cut but it was her idea and her set up and she runs it. Biggest problem with the whole deal is that it's seriously boring. I realize I have to practice my powers, and this is as good a way as any, but I'd go insane if this was all (or most, or even a large part) of what I do.
  3. Originally Posted By: HeroMaybe if you did it for free, but I'm sure that even 5% of your usual fee is still a pretty penny.It averages about a half million a year. Which means 10 mil/year for the straight deal. I say averages because once a week I hold an auction. It's pretty clever, I have to admit I can't take credit. Probably Anna's idea, they've got a web-site somewhere or something. The idea was to limit the demand to something I'm willing and able to handle, which is about 100 years a week. And yeah, I make exceptions for friends, lovers, & other novas. Life isn't fair so I don't have to be either. I suspect I've had a chick or two seduce me just for that purpose and I don't care. Originally Posted By: Emerald PanaderoJosh, how much does it cost to make somebody older? Much older.Below the age of majority Father Time will have to take care of it because I won't. After that... so far no one has ever asked. What did you have in mind?
  4. 20% off is one thing, but 95%? Isn't that like saying while we're all equal, some of us are a lot more equal than others?
  5. Thank you I guess. Partly it's practice, partly it's a good reason for other people to leave me alive (which is always a good thing in the business), and partly it just felt right to let novas line jump. Before I did that I found I was only doing baselines. Hmm... that's a pretty 'Teras' sort of thing to say isn't it?
  6. "Ahem" as in I moonlight making the old and rich into the young and well off. Annoyingly it pays a lot better than my day job. Anyway I have a cut rate deal for novas, one 20th the price I charge baselines. Wives count I guess.
  7. Originally Posted By: SoapI'm happily married and have been for eight years. My eruption was admittedly alarming to both of us at first, but we've overcome greater challenges.Interesting... did erupting change your marriage a lot? Originally Posted By: SoapThere's a good chance I will outlive my wife by many years, yes. That's something I'm just going to have to deal with.*ahem*
  8. Originally Posted By: Emerald PanaderoSeriously! We're all novas. Learn to re-locate yourselves. That's what nodes are for. Why stay someplace that's uncomfortable when you can just imagine a better place and just be there.Agreed. And all this talk about wind and snow leaves me feeling cold. Seriously people, you want to hang out where it's warm and the gals don't wear much.
  9. Culture. I go into an area and kill some guys as an army thing. The guys I'm killing are going to say I'm evil, the guys I'm helping will say the opposite. Evil is things society doesn't like, but there's lots of societies.
  10. Ditto what Lily said. Originally Posted By: Andrew MurphyI think you may have and the telepaths were unwilling to helo at that time. Not willing to stick their necks out for you. *shrug* it's all in the past now. Ah, right, with the Doctor's example they were afraid of Squidward.Well, for their trouble they can have 20 feet of snow.
  11. Originally Posted By: Aesira...there are just so many people and I don't need them hassling me because they know I'm a nova.Learn to enjoy it. There may come a day when I tire of the millions of women who want to climb into bed with me because I'm a nova, or because I can make them young, or because I'm rich. But I can only hope someone puts a spear through me first, because if I'm that crazy it'll need to be done.
  12. Originally Posted By: RavenshireI'm still too young to have an opinion on this, thank God.Me too. I'm too young to be thinking seriously about Marriage.
  13. Mortals can't get every kind of taint, but they can get most or all of the mental ones.
  14. Originally Posted By: AesiraI have no concrete information on how old I was before my eruption.Oh! So basically you might have been a girl and not a woman. And now you have become one. Congradulations I guess. If my logic is correct then that's a clue towards your real age. Maybe you can backtrack from that and get your real name and such.
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