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  1. I just got this used for 9 bucks. Not bad. Its a little weird to see Aberrant as D&D. I thought it would have been better if D20 Modern rules were used instead of D&D though.
  2. Just FYI: White Wolf's online store has copies of Worldwide Phase I for only $10. I just got mine.
  3. Sort of, Chosen. I started doing my reading and preparing for this game back in December. I've never run the setting and hadn't played in it for 6 or 7 years so I had a lot of remembering to do. I'm picking up what books I can from Ebay and am running into some trouble. I have a lot on PDF but, it helps to have the book at the table. So, I'll keep you all posted and any ideas you wanna throw out is fine with me.
  4. Well, I just got back from running the prolog to my new series. I think the players were happy with the ending. Working 3 eruptions into the same stressful situation was cool. Its set in LA 2 weeks before Slider is murdered. I figured that would give them enough time to get used to each other and their powers before I run the adventure in the Storytellers screen. The rules lawyer in the group is running a gravity controller so he's making sure he gets his quantums worth. I've also got a sea water version of the human torch and a police detective with boost and a lot of megas. I'll post more on this session later and let you know how its going. Its nice to vent after the game to someone thats interested but, not involved. Also, my group could use another player. If you're in the South Jersey area and by that I mean Williamstown/Vineland/Millville area and want to join in, drop me a line. Thanks all.
  5. What about that the clears couldn't see past that certain year. Nothing revealed on that either?
  6. Thats the problem. I don't want to limit the PCs to what they can do. Maybe if there is an underlying tension that if they're exposed, the Directive will come after them...
  7. As I'm reading a lot of material in gearing up for a new campaign I can't help but wonder, how would a low key game like the show "Heroes" work in the Aberrant universe? It may work in the begining but, I have the feeling it will get out of hand quick. Any thoughts?
  8. You should try and get an update to this since all these years have passed. I'd be interested to see if he lets anything out of the bag since the game has been dead for quite a while now. Could you get a hold of him?
  9. Where exactly is Divas Mal's game stats? I thought they were in the Teragen book but, I can't seem to find them anywhere...
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